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CeCe Beck
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Quote-open I think I could do a lot of good with these powers! Quote-close

When CeCe Beck speaks the magic words "Captain Marvel", she's transformed from a schoolgirl into the 90th century's mightiest mortal!

Armed with the powers granted to her by an ancient wizard, as well as an endlessly sunny nature and the desire to make the world a better place, she fights alongside her friends in the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Courage of Achilles: 8, Flight: 7, Power of Zeus: 8, Speed of Mercury: 6, Stamina of Atlas: 8, Strength of Hercules: 10, Transformation, Wisdom of Solomon: 8


Flaws: Alter Ego, Enemies, Eternium, Out of Time, Pollyanna, Power Sharing

Languages: English and Interlac


Power: Courage of Achilles (8)

Even in the face of threats to the entire galaxy, Thunder has the strength of will to persevere -- mental fortitude that also aids her in resisting mental attack.

Power: Flight (7)

In addition to her superhuman speed, the power of Mercury also allows Thunder to fly at hypersonic speeds. Outside of an atmosphere, she can reach sufficient velocity for interstellar travel.

Power: Power of Zeus (8)

Range: The lightning bolt has melee range only; it strikes wherever Thunder was when she spoke the words.

Limitation: Using the lightning bolt as a weapon is risky; if Thunder fails to move out of the way in time, or is pushed into the way of the bolt by someone faster than she is, she will be transformed into her unpowered alter ego just as if she had done so willingly. (The reverse also applies, if she attempts to use it as a weapon while in unpowered form.)

Along with resistance to spells and magical attacks, the lightning called down by CeCe's magic words (see "Transformation") can heal her from injuries or transport her to the Rock of Eternity. It can also serve as a weapon, dealing damage to opponents as if it were a rank 4 magical attack.

Power: Speed of Mercury (6)

Able to move, think, and react many times faster than an ordinary human, she can run from New York to San Francisco in about twenty minutes at full speed.

Power: Stamina of Atlas (8)

Thunder has no need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and can survive unaided in the vacuum of space or the depths of the ocean. Along with virtually limitless endurance, she is impervious to most non-nuclear weapons and can withstand all but the most powerful assaults without suffering serious injury.

Power: Strength of Hercules (10)

Thunder possesses vast superhuman strength, on a par with that of Kryptonians or Daxamites. Lifting airplanes or tying a knot in a titanium bar don't even register as challenges for her.

Power: Transformation

CeCe Beck can instantly transform herself into Thunder by speaking the words "Captain Marvel" aloud; doing so grants her access to all of her other Powers, and transforms her street clothes into her costume. Speaking the words again reverses the transformation. Each transformation is accompanied by a bolt of magical lightning that comes down from above to strike her (see 'Power of Zeus'). Whatever clothes or accessories she's wearing when she transforms are stored extradimensionally; this process will also repair damage to her costume (though not her street clothes). Her Legion Flight Ring is not affected by the transformation, and can be used in either form.

Power: Wisdom of Solomon (8)

Limitation: Solomon's Wisdom can only assist Thunder with problems whose solutions are relatively timeless. Sizing up someone's moral character, throwing a punch, or solving math problems are easy, but this power is of no help when programming a computer or piloting a plane.

Aside from her physical powers, Thunder has exceptional photographic recall, great mental acuity, and superhuman perception, insight, and judgment. She has access to comprehensive knowledge in many areas, including basic sciences, most human languages, and more.



Flaw: Alter Ego

While Thunder possesses vast superhuman powers, CeCe Beck is an ordinary 90th-century girl. If tricked into saying her magic words while in superpowered form, she loses all her powers until she can say them again; conversely, if her unpowered form is prevented from saying the words, she has no access to her powers.

Flaw: Enemies

While Thunder doesn't know much about the Marvel Family of this era, the fact that she wears the distinctive costume of the Captain is enough to draw the ire of diverse supervillains from Black Adam and Doctor Sivana to Captain Nazi and Sabbac, among others.

Flaw: Eternium

When the Rock of Eternity was shattered in the 30th century, the presence of its fragments caused Thunder to lose her powers and become weak and nauseous. Were someone to break off a piece of the Rock in the present day, it would have a similar effect on her.

Flaw: Out of Time

Thunder hails from an alien planet in the far future, and things in the 20th century very often don't work the way she expects them to. She has trouble dealing with any situation requiring extensive knowledge of the present day.

Flaw: Pollyanna

CeCe invariably believes the best about people and is confident that things will turn out right, even in the face of considerable evidence to the contrary.

Flaw: Power Sharing

Thunder draws her powers from the same sources as Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior, and these powers are shared among whichever of the three may be active at any given time. As a result, Thunder may sometimes be unable to exert herself at full strength if one or more of the others are also active -- down to a minimum of one-third the capability of her listed stats when all three are exerting themselves at the same time. This effect does not seem to be entirely consistent, and is usually portrayed as most noticeable when one or more of the power users are in physical proximity to one another.


In the year 9000 A. D., the planet Binderaan is governed by a sophisticated civilization that has made science its religion, and demands unquestioning allegience in exchange for comfortable and safe lives. When a band of malcontents fired a mysterious "magic" weapon at one of the planet's enforcement robots, young Cece Beck was caught up in its effect and transported to the Rock of Eternity, where an ancient wizard bestowed on her the power to speak his name -- "Captain Marvel!" -- and be imbued with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

After defeating the villain responsible for her parents' deaths, Cece returned to Binderaan to help the rebels and the ruling Science Council live in peace with one another. But her peaceful life was not to last, as she was pulled back in time by Uncle Dudley and Tawky Tawny in an attempt to find a future Captain Marvel to help out the injured 20th century versions. Unfortunately, things went south, and rather than the 20th, she wound up in the /30th/ century when a group of terrorists blew up the Rock of Eternity.

After assisting the Legion of Super-Heroes in defeating the terrorists of the Objective Order, Thunder was offered membership and gladly accepted, working to help reassemble the broken pieces of the Rock while joining the Legion on their adventures. She eventually succeeded in doing so, despite the machinations of the Rimborian dictator Lord Pernisus, but, shortly thereafter, elected to leave the Legion in the wake of an invasion by an alien race called the Blight. Instead of returning to her home century as she expected, however, she found herself still further displaced in time and space -- or, more precisely, in Hypertime, bringing her to a 20th century that is a strange amalgam of her own past and others she knows nothing of.


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    The Legion of Super-Heroes

    CeCe is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (post-Zero Hour version).


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