Cera Kesh
Emerald Empress

Emerald Empress

Some villains are motivated by broad, sweeping visions of making the world in their own image. Some by perceived injustice. Others still by some notion that they have a divine right to rule. Cera Kesh is motivated by none of these desires; her motivation is far more simple. Revenge.

Humiliated and shamed during a Legion of Superheroes tryout, Cera Kesh was left broken and devastated by the mockery of her former idols. This made her the perfect vessel for The Emerald Eye of Ekron, which saw in her great potential for the anger and fury which it so desires.

The Emerald Empress is poised to use this opportunity for one simple purpose: The destruction of the League of Superheroes, and to use the awesome power of the Eye to grant her prestige and riches far beyond her wildest dreams. Very little of the old Cera Kesh remains. Now, there is only the Emerald Empress!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Eye Power: 8, Eye Will: 7, Good Eye: 4

Abilities: Power

Eye Beam: 9, Eye Control: 8, Eye Desire: 10, Eye Flicker, Eye Fly: 4, Eye Move: 1

Abilities: Skill

Brass Eye: 3

Advantages: Eye Eternal Stars in My Eyes

Flaws: Eye For An Eye, Eye Knows, Eye of Vision, Eye Spy, Go For the Eye, Mystery Eye?!

Languages: English


Attribute: Eye Power (8)

Fully empowered by the Emerald Eye of Ekron, The Emerald Empress' strength and toughness are truly awe-inspiring. Capable of shrugging off blows from some of the toughest beings in the universe, and throwing those same beings around like rag dolls. She has to maintain her concentration on this level of strength to keep it up, though, and if she is using her other powers excessively they are likely to lower.

Attribute: Eye Will (7)

The Emerald Empress is already possessed by the Eye, and so attempts to penetrate her mind have to contend with the iron will of the ancient superweapon, as well as her own natural stubbornness. She is unshakeably convinced of her own power, with the Eye, and attempts to attack her mind are difficult to get through. Please note that this only applies to direct assaults; attempts to deceive or confound her, or which play to her natural arrogance, tend to have a far easier time getting through.

Attribute: Good Eye (4)

The Emerald Eye is, well, an eye. It feeds back sensory data to the Empress, though it must keep her in its sights to give her full access to its powers. She is far more astute than an average person, though she rarely bothers to give her full attention to anything other than her own awesome appearance.

Power: Eye Beam (9)

The Emerald Eye of Ekron is one of the most powerful weapons ever created. The Eye is capable of truly devastating destruction, limited only by the anger and hate within the heart of its wielder. Cera has a lot of hate. A very great amount of hate indeed. The energy that the Eye unleashes can range from kinetic, stunning blasts to incinerating radiation which sears flesh from bones.

Power: Eye Control (8)

Consent: Consent is required for any uses of illusion or mind control on PCs.

The Emerald Eye of Ekron is able to deceive even reality itself! The illusions cast by the Eye effect anyone who looks at them, and can fool even hardened minds. Practically anything is possible within the Eye's grasp, and it is even possible- through long-term conditioning - to control and rewrite minds.

Power: Eye Desire (10)

The Emerald Eye is able to create constructs and walls of force in a way similar to a Green Lantern Power Ring - indeed, some whisper that the Eye was one of the originals created by the Guardians of the Galaxy, and that its power comes from a dead god. Whatever the truth of this, the fact is that the Emerald Empress can forge constructs strong enough to match - and even best - some of the greatest of the Green Lanterns. Her power is on a smaller scale, though. The Emerald Eye can only create things within its line of sight, and cannot reach the city-wide or higher scales that some others muster.

Power: Eye Flicker

The Emerald Eye of Ekron can teleport its holder to any place that they have been before - though doing so is draining, and takes a lot out of the wielder if the distance is more than a few miles. It also takes a few seconds to charge up, allowing people time to get in a few parting shots.

Power: Eye Fly (4)

The Eye enables Cera to maintain a casual flight speed of approximately 1000 MPH within atmosphere. Outside of atmosphere, Cera can travel in space freely - though that is rarely relevant.

Power: Eye Move (1)

Cera Kesh has a natural - if exceedingly weak - telekinetic ability. Even without the Eye, she has the ability to ... move things! Slowly! And very uncertainly! Truly this is her most fearsome power.

Skill: Brass Eye (3)

Cera is very far from being a great combatant. However, she's picked up enough skills in her conflicts over the years to be able to fight decently. Mostly, she relies on overwhelming strength and force gifted from the Eye to see her through fights, though. Without that, she's really not much to worry about.


Advantage: Eye Eternal

The Emerald Eye of Ekron is invulnerable. Although breaking the Eye is possible, it will rapidly reform even if its constituent parts are scattered around. If The Eye is ever truly threatened - such as by a genuinely Godlike power - it is likely to flee rather than remain with the unfortunate Empress.

Advantage: Stars in My Eyes

The Emerald Eye of Ekron provides full life support. So long as the Empress is protected by it, she can exist practically anywhere without fear, including the furthest reaches of space.


Flaw: Eye For An Eye

The Emerald Empress holds many grudges, but none greater than that against the League of Superheroes. She wants nothing more than to destroy them all! Shatter their hopes and dreams, and show them what it is like to be humiliated by a power infinitely greater than their own! This ambition burns hot in her, and can lead her to take insane risks even with her impressive abilities.

Flaw: Eye Knows

The Emerald Eye of Ekron looks into the mind of its host, and augments their deepest and darkest qualities. Cera Kesh is the only host the Eye has ever had who completely and wholeheartedly accepts her fate, and so is the only one who does not constantly fight with the Eye. However, so long as the Eye maintains its hold on her, she can never let go of even the smallest slight.

Flaw: Eye of Vision

The Emerald Eye of Ekron has few limits; the same is not true for those who wield it. Using the power of the Eye, especially in its full form, is draining for Cera. The more power she calls on, the more likely it is she will be overwhelmed and need to retreat or risk collapsing unconscious from fatigue. The limits of the Eye's power are linked to the levels of hate, spite and anger that flow through the girl, though, and those reserves run very deep.

Flaw: Eye Spy

The Emerald Eye, despite being a giant eyeball, is in fact quite easy to 'trick'. It rarely picks up on tricks and traps, and if it is unable to perceive its 'Host', the Emerald Empress loses access to the Eye's powers, and only has what she is able to store in herself. This usually drops her abilities down to a 6, and after a few minutes of heated combat, even those will abandon her.

Flaw: Go For the Eye

Although the Emerald Eye of Ekron is, to all intents and purposes, invulnerable, it is still the Empress' weakest point. If the Eye is shattered by intense force, she only has access to the power that she absorbed from it before it is broken - which drops all her abilities to a 6. It will usually reform in between 3 and 5 rounds depending on how badly it was damaged.

Furthermore, when the Eye is damaged, Cera feels an echo of the pain and will usually collapse for at least one round; more if the force used was truly excessive.

Flaw: Mystery Eye?!

For reasons unknown, The Emerald Eye of Ekron reacts badly to kryptonite. Green kryptonite, in particular, causes it to feel 'sick', which it helpfully passes on to its host. Whilst this is not life threatening on its own, the Eye's powers will weaken considerably the longer it is exposed to the alien mineral.


Cera Kesh was a naive young girl who harbored a very minor telekinetic ability. During her youth, she grew up idolizing the Legion of Superheroes, and wanted nothing more than to one day join their ranks. She even developed a crush on some of the members, and dearly wanted to get to know them as more than merely friends. It took her a long while to gather the courage to apply to the Legion...

And when she did, she was mercilessly mocked. Her abilities were dreadful, and she was - in the words of the man she loved - fat. Fat fatty fat fat fat. Told to go 'play join the dots on (her) FACE!' In front of thousands of people, she was utterly humiliated.

Wherever she went after that, people laughed and pointed. How ridiculous that an ugly girl would think she could be a superhero! She wanted nothing more than the power to claim revenge. And, that desire was strong enough to summon the attention of the ancient Eye of Ekron. A weapon of such intense potency that it had been lost for aeons.

The Eye gave her the power she desired, and with it, a new body. Now, she seeks to bring the Legion low, and crush under her heel all those condescending and beautiful heroes who think they are so much better than everyone else!


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