Charles Francis Xavier
Professor X
Early to Mid 60's
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Professor X

Quote-open "Violence and destruction always seem to come so easily to even the best among us. But together, we can find a better way."

"A new generation of mutants is emerging, that much is certain. They will be called freaks. Genetic monstrosities...but they are emerging in the inner cities, in the suburbs, in the deserts and the jungles. And when they emerge, they will need teachers, people who can help them overcome their anger and show them how to use their strange gifts responsibly. They will need us."

"This is all it takes, really. Two hands clasped in fellowship, pledging to build something better."

"Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, does not mean they're lost forever."

"I'm looking for hope."

For decades, Charles Xavier has been on the forefront of the mutant rights and activism movements. He is seen as one of the grandfathers, and has gained great respect for both himself and his cause by never wavering in his calls for peaceful mutant/human relations, understanding, and working together for a harmonious coexistence. Secretly, he has been preparing for the day when humans would rise against mutants, as well as the militant and evil mutants would rise back, or against their own kind. He formed the X-Men to train, and be ready to deal with those exact situations.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Astral Projection: 10, Polyglot: 10, Psionicist: 10, X-Gene Location: 5-10

Abilities: Skill

Diplomacy: 6, Educated: 8, Keen Eyed: 5, Unwavering: 8

Advantages: Father Figure, Respected, The Mansion, Wealth

Flaws: Enemies, Parapalegic, Visionary

Languages: English


Power: Astral Projection (10)

Xavier can project himself into the Astral Plane. He needs a great deal of concentration to do this, and once done, his body goes into a sleep-like or meditative state. His astral self is free to move about the plane in ways he is unable with his physical body. His astral form is incorporeal and can go through solid surfaces, and travels without hindrance of range or speed. He is invisible in this form unless he projects the image of himself into a target's mind. Note: While in this state, Charles is prone and unaware of his immediate physical surroundings, rendering him defenseless to physical attacks.

Power: Polyglot (10)

Another unique gift that comes with the level of control that someone like Charles has, is the ability to mentally 'translate' when his mind is linked to another who might not happen to speak English. This can be done both ways, without much intrusion at all, so that the target also 'hears' Xavier in their native tongue, thus giving him the appearance of being able to speak any language encountered.

Power: Psionicist (10)

Charles is one of the most powerful psionicists on the planet. The powers he has are, pound for pound, god-like when considered as a total package. What Charles can do is as follows:

Telepathy: Charles can use Telepathy unaided within 250 miles with ease, on a continental level with effort, and global with strain. When using Cerebro, this shifts upwards, and with strain has an effective range beyond the planet, beyond the moon. The area of affect is 1-10 minds with ease, 20-40 minds with effort, and 50-100 with strain. Cerebro increases this as well but unless he's using Cerebro he can only be minimally effective with greater range and numbers. His telepathy is very sensitive, to the point that when the astral plane is affected he is affected as well, and the greater the affect the higher the chance that he could be made unconscious or go into a coma.

Psychic Link: Charles can link himself to other minds. They can be short term or long term, but he has to consciously keep them active. The more minds he is linked with, the weaker the link is in strength. He can maintain this link with multiple minds across the country easily, though it is more difficult if he's not familiar with the minds he's linking to.

Mind Reader: Charles can read a specific mind, or a group of them. The more he concentrates on a single mind, the more information he's able to learn through thoughts, emotions, and memories. If he's working on a group, he can glean a profile of minds he's connected to. Likewise, if a mind is unshielded or voluntary, he can accomplish this with ease.

Psionic Defenses: Having spent decades honing his own mind to keep from reaching out to others on its own, and shielding his own from entry, even in a resting state Charles is the most formidably defended mind on the planet. When he's consciously defending, his mind is impenetrable. This is both to keep his own mind from attempted psychic attacks, but keeps his own mind from accidentally overhearing everyone's mind he comes into contact with and thus overwhelming him.

Psionic Attack: He can use his abilities in an offensive fashion, using his psyche to last out at others. This is a very controlled attack which can range from a distraction or mild headache, including inducing unconsciousness up to and including permanent disability, a vegetative state, or death at the more extreme spectrum of this power.

Manipulation: This power allows Charles to directly control and affect the mind of a target or multiple targets. This affects what the mind is able to sense, think, feel, and do. He can place the mind within a construct of his own design, inducing sensory hallucinations. Intricate for a small group, or quite simple for a larger one, or perhaps just sending a simple, single word command.

Power: X-Gene Location (5-10)

Part of Charles' mutation is the ability to find others like himself. He is unable to deduce the latent or manifested ability of a mutant, but he can use this power to detect the presence of the X-Gene, manifested or not. Cerebro allows him to use this on a global scale while without it, Charles is limited to line of sight. Using Cerebro boosts this power from 5 unaided to 10.

Skill: Diplomacy (6)

Due to Charles' years being involved with activism and Mutant rights, he has learned how to speak and get his points across to those who would oppose him. More often than not, he's successful in at least getting opponents to consider his point of view if not outright changing their minds. This is how he's been able to reach out to virtually anyone listening to him.

Skill: Educated (8)

Charles is an extremely well educated man. Such so, that he is qualified to teach a number of subjects on a college level. Though he is more than qualified to teach hard scientific subjects, he prefers social studies, humanities, literature, philosophy and ethics.

Skill: Keen Eyed (5)

Charles is a very perceptive man, and this perception is bolstered by his inherent psychic abilities. Together, a person's reactions and deduce their real meaning or see something in his surroundings that most others might've missed. This is invaluable when dealing with people, or if someone is attempting to get the drop on the Professor.

Skill: Unwavering (8)

Charles' psionic abilities, coupled with his life's experiences have honed him into a man whose willpower is unbreakable. No matter what happens to him or those around him, it's unable to force him to even waver from the goals he's set for himself and his cause. He's seen fellow mutants beaten and killed, fellow mutants clash in a life or death struggle, and has put those he cares about most at risk numerous times, all in the name of the cause for mutantkind. None of it would he do different, and he would do it all again.


Advantage: Father Figure

There are many who have been with Charles since the beginning of the Institute. There are others who have only been with Charles a few months. In any case, Charles has become a father figure to most of them. If not, then certainly a confidant. One to whom the students and faculty can come to and talk about things they may not even discuss among themselves. This has created an atmosphere of those within the Institute being fiercely protective of the Professor, and Xavier being fiercely protective of those in his charge. Even the teachers, former students themselves, are still seen by him as they were when they were students. Having fostered their friendship and loyalty. It also means that he usually does not travel without an escort, even against his protestations. Resultingly, it's very difficult to sneak up or ambush the Professor in public, psionic powers notwithstanding.

Advantage: Respected

Charles has gained worldwide respect for both himself and his cause. This respect has made him many friends in very high places. He is personal friends with many distinguished heads of state, diplomats, fellow activists, and high level government officials on a global scale. These are people that he can call on personally for a help or assistance with something and very rarely would he be denied. If the situation calls for it, they would rally around him at a moments notice either lending words, their name, or their presence to aid him.

Advantage: The Mansion

Charles' mansion and estate are his outright, and he has sole control over what is and isn't done there. When land near and around the mansion becomes available, he makes a play to purchase it to further add to the footprint and the privacy afforded to the mansion itself. He will never be homeless, destitute, or not have a place for him and his students and faculty to go. The Mansion is more than just a luxurious place to live: It's also a fortress. It's defensively capable with a wide detection net to provide early warning in advance of those who'd trespass on the grounds, as well as deter them from further intrusion. The interior of the mansion itself is meant to lead those unfamiliar with it into a veritable maze designed to confusion and disorient. The lower levels are intended for the X-Men's use only. Fully equipped medical and science labs, gymnasium, situation room, all continually outfitted with the latest and most high tech equipment. The last two levels contain the Danger Room, where any and all scenarios can be re-created with increasing levels of life-like threats. The deepest sub level holds Cerebro, Xavier's supercomputer. It functions as the central computing core of the entire school, controlling most every system. It's main purpose, however, is to enhance Charles' psionic abilities so that he may find multiple mutants across a nearly global scale. If needed, it can also boost his other mutant abilities. It takes a certain level of power to effectively use, and if the user isn't powerful enough it can be powerful enough to render the wearer into a comatose state for indeterminate amount of time.

Advantage: Wealth

Charles has amassed almost unlimited resources both due to his family's estate and his own private investment strategy. With it, he is able to facilitate all aspects of the Institute and the X-Men. He's also able to make large contributions to key mutant rights organizations.


Flaw: Enemies

Not everyone is fond of Xavier. There are a great number of people who don't like the message and vision he wishes to spread to the world, both baseline human and mutant alike. These people wouldn't hesitate to harm, further cripple, or outright kill Xavier if given he chance. Being the face of a cause indeed has its disadvantages.

Flaw: Paraplegic

Charles is a paraplegic. Confined to a wheelchair, he is limited in where he can go and what he can do. He needs to know if where he is going is disabled-friendly, which isn't always a lock, even in this day and age though it's more prevalent than the past. Transportation is a little easier than it is for most, but still requires at the very least a wheelchair lift and tie downs. At most, it requires those things, plus a specially outfitted drivers seat with break and acceleration controls set up on the steering wheel where he can use his hands. The group transport vehicles for the school are outfitted so he can travel, as well as vehicles for personal use are outfitted for various levels of use by the Professor.

Flaw: Visionary

Charles is so committed to his cause of mutant and human co-existence that he is willing to sacrifice other principles to see his goal of peace and harmony of the world's citizens achieved. This often leaves him at odds with his other beliefs, and takes a great deal of will and conviction to continually keep them balanced against each other.


Charles Francis Xavier is the son of wealthy nuclear researcher, Dr. Brian Xavier, and his wife Sharon Xavier-Marko. After his father died, Xavier's mother married Dr. Kurt Marko. Kurt favoured Xavier over his own son Cain, which led to him bullying Charles.

Xavier's telepathic powers emerged when he was around ten years of age. As he grew older, he learned to control his powers.

As an adult was drafted into the army and sent to Asia during the Korean War, with Cain. It is here that Cain becomes the Juggernaut after finding the mystical Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.

After meeting a young Ororo Munroe in Cairo Egypt, Xavier attempted to make mental contact with her but discovered the evil mutant Amahl Farouk, aka the Shadow King. This encounter spurs Xavier to protect humanity from evil mutants.

Later on Xavier meets a man calling himself Erik Magnus Lehnsherr in Haifa, Israel, whom Xavier befriends. They eventually reveal their powers to another, and unfortunately realise that views on mutant-human relations were incompatible, forcing them to part ways.

Whilst in a town in the Himalayas, Xavier meets Lucifer, an alien. Xavier foils the alien's plans for aiding his races attempted invasion of Earth. In retaliation Lucifer cripples Xavier's legs by dropping a huge stone block on him.

On an island off the coast of Scotland, Muir Island, Xavier teams up with Dr. Karl Lykos and Dr. Moria MacTaggert at a Mutant Research Centre. Moria and Xavier, during this time, discuss the idea of founding a school for mutants.

Later on Xavier finds other young mutants to enrol in his "School for Gifted Youngsters". The first of his students become the first X-Men. Over the years Xavier has become like a father figure to many mutants who have received his teachings. This means that Xavier has many allies who would protect him at all costs. As well as meaning that there is often a least one escort with him.

Xavier has also become more of a prominent figure as an activist fighting for mutant rights, and as a renowned leading specialist in mutant genetics, and psychic powers. And to this day he continues to train young mutants at his school; eventually recruiting them into the X-men, if he finds them capable.


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