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Jean-Phillipe Charles, Weapon XIII
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Quote-open “I am a living hall of mirrors. I am a stealth fighter. I am super-soldier generation thirteen. They say mutant monsters will come to steal the World and kill all my friends. But they shouldn't have made me so smart, or I might have believed them." Quote-close

They say Fantomex is the greatest thief of Europe, maybe the whole world. A rogue with a heart of gold, he steals from the rich to give it to the poor. Although occasionally he keeps some small trophies of little value. But we forgive him because he is also heroic, stylish and has a charming French accent. Also, he flies in a wondrous flying saucer he built himself.

Unfortunately, there is barely a sliver of truth in the above statements.

Fantomex is Weapon XIII, a super-soldier created by a rogue branch of the Weapon Plus project. The result of half a million years of guided mutant evolution to obtain the perfect infiltrator-assassin. But he has fled Weapon Plus determined to become his own man.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Supersoldier: 3-6

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Senses: 3, Misdirection: 8, No Scent, Regeneration: 4

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 7, Advanced Tech: 4, Combat: 7, Medicine: 5, Thievery: 8

Abilities: Gear

E.V.A.: 6, Handguns: 3, Mask: 9

Advantages: Adaptation, Hard to Stop, Stolen Valuables

Flaws: Hunted, Kleptomaniac, Mpd

Languages: Arabic, Atlantean, Cantonese, English, Esperanto, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish


Attribute: Supersoldier (3-6)

Fantomex is the product of mad science gone too far. His hyper-evolved humanoid body has been enhanced by symbiotic systems, redundant organs and a techno-organic nanite repair system. Then he was submitted to a grueling training regime that forced him to hone his physical and mental skills to its limits.

As a consequence, although he appears human, he is much faster, tougher and stronger than a normal human. He can lift a ton (strength 4), run at 50 mph (speed 1), has super-human reflexes and agility (dexterity 5) and take tremendous amounts of punishment and keep going (toughness 3). His senses are extremely sharp, and oriented to 'read' body language to the point of he seems almost telepathic (perception 6). He has three different, autonomous brains, which he can use to multi-task or group-think, making him quicker and smarter than a normal human (intellect 4) and his mind has been toughened by genetic tinkering and training to the point he... broke his conditioning and fled Weapon Plus (willpower 6). Oops.

Gear: E.V.A. (6)

One day, when Fantomex was a teenager, he coughed out a small ball of technorganic matter, the size of a sparrow egg. The World's scientists studied and fed the weird organism, and came to the conclusion that it was Charlie Cluster 7's fourth brain, unexpectedly given a completely autonomous existence.

The organism grew and grew, and after a few years it became a fairy large 'flying saucer', able to space travel, some degree of shape-shifting, regeneration and linked to Fantomex.

E.V.A. is somewhat sentient, but not fully intelligent (at least not yet). It is a small organic spaceship, able to carry 6 comfortably (and some more if really needed). It usually takes the shape of a flying saucer with thin, insect legs. Fantomex can control it mentally, even can share its senses, although it requires most of his attention and it is better done from the inside of the ship.

On its own, it behaves like a very well trained pet, able to follow fairly detailed instructions, although not very good making its own decisions. It is invisible to radar and can use a rudimentary version of Fantomex illusions to make itself hard to see to normal people. Flight speed is 6, and it is space-worthy to the point to be able to reach other planets (but not hyperspatial flight). Other stats would be Toughness 6, Strength 6, Dexterity 3 and Regeneration 4. It can shapeshift slowly, forming seats inside, opening doors and windows, etc. It can also attack with strong bio-electric discharges (at about rank 6 intensity).

When Fantomex is injured, E.V.A. can share the pain if it is close enough (about 100 yards), giving him a very high pain threshold and resistance to shock. But if E.V.A. is injured, Fantomex feels it too, which can be crippling. Fantomex can block E.V.A. off by switching to a backup nervous system, but if he does, he loses much of his extraordinary agility and his senses are dulled (and he can only see in black and white).

If E.V.A. is close enough, Fantomex can also use it to boost his illusions powers.

Gear: Handguns (3)

Fantomex carries a couple custom-made heavy handguns made of advanced ceramics and plastic. The guns can shot a variety of ammo, and Fantomex used to have 'anti-mutant' bullets, adamantium bullets, poison bullets, etc, etc. That was several skirmishes with Weapon Plus agents ago. Now he usually loads them up with regular armor-piercing bullets or special ceramic bullets E.V.A. creates for him. He has no way to replace the more exotic kinds of ammo, but he would love to get his hands on some of those. Some day he will return to the World just to steal a ton of bullets.

Gear: Mask (9)

Fantomex mask include certain ceramics and circuitry built with E.V.A.'s help that block telepathic scanning very effectively. As long as the mask is on, his mind can't be read, and is barely detected by telepaths. He doesn't remove the mask not even for sleep.

Power: Enhanced Senses (3)

Fatomex senses are very acute and likely somewhat into the superhuman range. He can see in the near infrared and ultra-violet spectrum and therefore has excellent night vision and is able to see in a limited way even in total darkness. His hearing extends into frequency ranges outside the human reach.

Fantomex brains are specifically wired to figure out and read body language. He instinctively uses what he reads to devise more effective illusions, but he is also very good at figuring out the moods and emotions of others.

Power: Misdirection (8)

Fantomex main super-human power is his ability to deceive and lie. His power is both subtle and complex, and combines psychic illusion with a hypnotic voice, the ability to read language and emotions of the target and respond with the right words and gestures to make them relax, open to suggestion and lower their defenses. Ideally, against a single target, after talking to the victim during a few minutes, and with E.V.A. close, boosting his power, he can pretty much trap a target into a fantasy universe where the impossible is normal and easy to accept by the victim. Moreover the illusion will sneak through virtually any mental defense, even someone like Xavier might fall prey of Fantomex tricks if caught by surprise.

In less ideal circumstances, he is less formidable, but still able to pull some good tricks.

Against a large group of targets, with little preparation, Fantomex is still able to hide his presence, becoming nearly invisible, make small objects 'vanish', make people look the wrong direction, etc. But people with psychic defenses, sharp senses, strong will or very wary might still be able to spot him. In these general situations power operates at about rank 4).

Against a smaller group, when he can spend a few seconds reading body language and studying adversaries, he can craft some good illusions, which become more and more realistic the more time he has and the more the enemies listen to his words. In this case his power operates at level 5, going to 6 after a minute or so.

Against a single target is when he is most dangerous. Fighting a duel with Fantomex, and soon the adversary will barely know where is up and where is down. Worse is just talking with him casually, letting him taunt or banter for a while. Likely nothing of what the victim remembers later will be true. In this case he starts with power at 6, but it can go to 8 if Fantomex is given enough time to dig his deceiving claws deep enough.

If E.V.A is within a hundred yards, add 1 to the power strength, as the flying saucer acts as an amplifier (although the power won't go over 8 without pushing).

Being an alien or a robot with an inorganic brain does not keep a victim completely safe against Fantomex. As long as there is a mind there, he can attack it. His triple brain will seek and exploit weaknesses in mind-shields and technological barriers and he can sneak through almost any defense with unnerving ability. Skilled psychics with strong mental defenses, having a weird mental structure, being deaf or being extremely wary of him, do all help to slow or even stop his misdirection ability, but canonly he was able to get through very strong and skilled telepaths so there are very few people is really safe from him.

(OOC consent applies to everything, but particularly to this misdirection power that can make a mess out people - talk to me if you think our characters are going to end up in conflict so we can come up with something fun and not disruptive).

Power: No Scent

Fantomex has no discernible scent humans or animals can detect. His chemistry is somewhat strange and his skin, sweat, breath or blood carries no substances that can be detected by other living beings.

Power: Regeneration (4)

Among the additions Fantomex already unnatural biology there are techno-ogranic nanites living in his blood, supporting his already accelerating healing capabilities. Thanks to the nanites, Fantomex heals about twenty times faster than normal. He can increase his healing process by entering in a trance state where his brains actively direct the nanites to repair his body, and also enhance it by submerging himself into water or some other fluid the nanites can use as nutrients and building blocks. This is considered 'pushing' his power and requires him to be resting.

Since the nanites are attuned to his unique biology, they do nothing to anyone else (although they would work on a clone).

Skill: Acrobatics (7)

Already physically superior to the best human athletes, Fantomex has received much training into the art of moving quickly and into unlikely places in unpredictable ways. He is also good in vanishing tricks and escapism, which when backed by his misdirection powers often make people think he can teleport.

Skill: Advanced Tech (4)

Fantomex is familiar with the technology of the World, which in many regards was more advanced than mainstream. He knows, for instance, how to program, repair and operate advanced computers, cloning tanks, hi-tech weapon systems and weird lab equipment.

Skill: Combat (7)

Fantomex is an excellent marksman and hand-to-hand combatant who has trained intensively for years in the World combat simulators. His ability to read body language, and superior speed and strength make him more than a mach for the finest human martial artists.

Skill: Medicine (5)

Fantomex knows the basics of medicine, from first aid to some surgery, which he is able even to perform on himself (quite necessary, since his biology is too strange for normal human doctors). He is a good guy to have around after a battle.

Skill: Thievery (8)

Although he was created and trained to be an assassin, now Fantomex is not particularly interested in killing people. Instead, since he escaped the World, he has put his infiltration training into use to make real the myth of the unstoppable masked thief. He is a master of stealth, breaking and entering, avoiding security systems, picking pockets and sleight of hand.


Advantage: Adaptation

Fantomex was trained to be a social chameleon, able to gain the trust of anyone and infiltrate any organization. He can do that, although he prefers to be 'himself' most of the time. (And 'himself' can be a hell of annoying guy).

But he is very good at blending and socializing when he wants. He can speak several languages without accent, and can read most people like open books, quickly understanding what they expect and what they want. He could be a master manipulator if he wanted. Yet most people do not realize this because he goes around being an arrogant jerk and wisecracking with French accent as he has discovered that it is particularly irritating to enemies when he is fighting.

Advantage: Hard to Stop

Fantomex has redundant organs, a nanite swarm in his blood helping him to heal and a symbiotic spaceship that can use as a pain-killer. This means he is far tougher to stun or kill than a normal human. He can go on after being shot or stabbed repeatedly and having important bones broken. Even a bullet in his brain will barely hinder him, since he has 3 brains. For that matter, having his mind blasted by a psychic attack just brings a second mind online.

Advantage: Stolen Valuables

Truth is Fantomex is a very good thief, and also smart with his cash. After nearly two years of pulling heists (wherever he can avoid the hunters from Weapon Plus for more than a week) he has a few fat bank accounts. It is good thing, since he likes to live among luxury. He spends a fortune in whims every other day, but he usually steals more than enough to make it up.


Flaw: Hunted

Fantomex might well be the only subject that has ever escaped a Weapon Plus project with the bulk of his memories intact. This is, for some secretive, powerful, would-be kingmakers and weapon dealers, utterly unacceptable. It also makes Fantomex one of the most wanted men in the world, with a large bounty for his head (ostensibly because he is a thief).

Flaw: Kleptomaniac

With his upbringing, it is surprising Fantomex is not a complete psychopath. He was created to be a murderer, trained as an assassin with a roguish facade and barely allowed to socialize with anyone (and certainly not with anyone normal). He learned from the real world from books and computers, and embraced his 'charming rogue' role as a way of escaping a horrendous reality of constant brainwashing, merciless training, cruel experiments and inhuman handlers.

He didn't escape completely well, though. Fantomex is a kleptomaniac, he steals compulsively and can't control himself. Most of the time he can resist the temptation, yielding to the urge by stealing of people he doesn't know, the wealthy, criminals and sometimes museums. But he gets very anxious and dangerous if he goes without stealing anything for too long.

Flaw: Mpd

Fantomex has 3 brains in one body. All the brains are fully functional and could exist independently if they had their own bodies. The work well together, since they are so deeply linked and they share the same memories. But with the years they have diverged somewhat in their worldview. If one of the brains is knocked out of line, Fantomex behavior often changes radically.

Brain 1 (Fantomex) is the one that think most alike as 'normal' Fantomex. It is hedonistic, bold, thrill seeking, somewhat egoistical and a professional responsibility avoider. It seems dominant because the other two brains often have conflicted impulses and it picks the middle-ground.

Brain 2 (Cluster) houses Fantomex more altruistic and diplomatic impulses. It pushes Fantomex to get involved into good causes and to make friends. It is also easygoing and would prefer to avoid conflicts or talk its way out of them.

Brain 3 (Weapon XIII) seems to care the most about survival, and tries to keep away from people and everything secret about Fantomex, as well as kill everyone that is a threat or potential threat as soon as possible. It is also intensely possessive-obsessive, not particularly greedy, but definitely sociopathic.


During the Second World War the US government secretly initiated the Project Weapon Plus to develop super-soldiers for the army. Although the initial project managed to create just one super-soldier, it was such an amazing soldier that Weapon Plus received an increased budget and continued experimenting during the following years. When the US entered the war, scientists from Canada and UK joined the project.

Weapon Plus expanded, grew, and hid better to avoid the attention of the Nazis (and later the KGB) and went on and on. The Cold War brought more resources, a larger budget, and the expertise of scientists of more allied countries. Super-soldiers and super-spies were in high demand, and Weapon Plus offered good ones.

But as the agency expanded, diversified and split in factions, some sections pretty much went out of control. As decades passed, large chunks of Weapon Plus fell out of radar, became independent, often in the hands of criminals. One of them ended up as an out-of-time invisible fortress somewhere near London. This is place is called 'the World'.

A giant lab where time-dilatation equipment barely understood by the mad genius that used it, allowed the rapid evolution of sealed environments devoted only to the creation of biological super-weapons. Under the control of a mutant-hating direction, the World initiated a project to design of a group of super mutant-hunters. The idea was to create a small team of powerful agents, and pass them as super-heroes, while they secretly hunted down and killed any dangerous mutant the agency identified. With targets such as Magneto and Wolverine in mind, Weapon Plus spared no expense.

Cluster Charlie was the section of the project dedicated to create the team's infiltrator-assassin. Drawing from early 20th century pulp action heroes (to appeal the older generation) as well as Saturday morning cartoons (to make him popular among young people) Fantomex was to be a mysterious and charming rogue, an acrobatic fighter, spy and thief for justice. His real mission would be infiltration and assassination of targets where brute force would be inadvisable. Long before Fantomex escaped the World, Weapon Plus had already started to spread rumors about the existence of this mysterious hero-thief.

Subject 7 of the cluster was the best among the survivors of the lot. So he received the Fantomex training, had a nanite healing system installed and was then put in suspended animation for later activation. However, Charlie Cluster 7 had his own ideas. At some point during his training, he broke his conditioning, used his powers of misdirection to manipulate his handlers into believing he was under control, and eventually botching a simple security operation, which led to his release as well as the release of some other Weapon Plus subjects.

Free, Fantomex happily embraced the life of the gentleman-thief/charming rogue, even taking the more human name Jean-Philippe Charles. Obviously, Weapon Plus' leadership was pretty unhappy with his happiness. They wanted their assassin back, properly brainwashed, to be a little good super-soldier. They have been in his trail ever since he escaped, and offered a huge reward to his return (preferably alive, but dead is okay too). After a few too close encounters, Fantomex is seriously considering seeking the alliance of the very people he was created to murder.


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