Up and coming heroine!

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe


Nothing to fear here. Unless you're a criminal. Because if you are, you're getting some DARK VENGEANCE!!!

A lot of people might see Charlie as a wannabe. A crazy with delusions of grandeur. Possibly a goofball who's completely out of touch with reality. But she's not. She's just ambitious... and enthusiastic. And maybe a little too happy-go-lucky. And maybe her powers are a little mismatched. But focusing on your faults is no way to be come the greatest heroine ever!!!

So watch out villains. Because there's a new heroine in town. And she's bringin' some DARK VENGEANCE !!!


Abilities: Power

Enhanced Strength: 3, Non-Detection (tech): 4, Self-Healing: 7, Teleportation: 10

Abilities: Skill

Street Smarts(ish): 2 Vigilantism: 2

Advantages: Super-Knowledgeable Unencumbered

Flaws: Dark Past, Poor, Spaz

Languages: English


Power: Enhanced Strength (3)

Charlie is stronger than she looks. She's not exactly the Hulk. Or even Spider-man. But she's stronger than the average person, her strength somewhere around the strongest non-superpowered humans (though her super-strength is completely based around her powers). Think somewhere around Captain America's super-strength.

Power: Non-Detection (tech) (4)

When Charlie is trying to stay hidden, she can't be detected by technology, so long as they don't lock onto her directly. To clarify, when she's not hiding, she's just as visible to machines as she is to anyone else. But when she's trying to sneak around, she becomes almost impossible for machines to see or hear. Androids and thinking machines (because they can think and have the ability to focus their attention) are resistant to this ability because they can "lock on" to her. Humans are not affected at all by this power.

Power: Self-Healing (7)

As a beneficial side-effect of her teleportation power, when Charlie teleports, she dissipates and then reconstitutes herself, her body returning to a default state. What this means is that when she's wounded, she can teleport and in doing so, she can heal her wounds. This can range from cuts and bruises to serious wounds like gunshots, third degree burns and even loss of limbs. Because nobody can survive teleporting along with her, she's unfortunately unable to heal anyone else with this power.

Power: Teleportation (10)

Charlie has the ability to instantly transport herself from one destination to another (she refers to it as "bouncing", but it's clear what it is). While not particularly trained in the use of her teleportation, she has an impressive amount of accuracy, able to land within a foot or two of where she wants to every time. This power can be used repeatedly, though she usually needs a moment to reorient herself if bouncing multiple times in succession and she wants to end up in a specific location.

At the current time, she seems to have very little in regards to limitations when compared to other teleporting. When teleporting, she can choose any location on the planet that isn't protected against teleportation (she's yet to try teleporting off of the planet, but even that could be within her limits). The truly unique part to her power however, is that she's able to teleport to places blindly, able to reach locations that she only has vague descriptions of (say from photo or from someone vaguely describing it over the phone).

The only significant drawback to this power is that when teleporting, she is not able to teleport any living things with her. For whatever reason, when attempting to take any other living things with her when teleporting, the strain is too much, instantly killing anyone she's attempted to take with her in the past. As a result, she doesn't take others with her when teleporting.

Skill: Street Smarts(ish) (2)

Charlie has been living on her own for a while. She knows what it's like on the streets. She's gotten by. That said, just because she understands how things work, it doesn't mean she blends in. In fact, she sticks out like a sore thumb. But she does understand how things work on the street.

Skill: Vigilantism (2)

While she might not be an expert at actually stopping crimes, she's done a lot of planning. Most of it was about costumes and battle cries, but she's gotten used to knowing where to look for crime and how to deal with it.


Advantage: Super-Knowledgeable

Charlie might not know a lot of superheroes, but she knows a lot about them. She's a super-superfan and she reads the wikis. She might not know the private things about them, but she keeps herself constantly aware of major events and knows the names and powers of most of the heroes (and villains) that have been publicly covered.

Advantage: Unencumbered

When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose. It's not a great advantage, but Charlie has few friends and no family. She owns virtually no property and there's nothing keeping her in any one place or from doing almost anything (aside from her own morals).


Flaw: Dark Past

Charlie is running from her past. The irony is totally lost on her, but the heroes that she likes the most (the ones with dark shadowy pasts) are the ones with the most in common with her (at least from a backstory perspective) and it's the thing she's most afraid of. She's never actually dealt with the loss of her family and when it catches up with her, it's going to hurt.

Flaw: Poor

Even before her family died in a fire, Charlie didn't have a lot of resources. But with no home, no family, no money, and no options, she's got even less. Right now, she's living moment to moment. She helps herself to what she needs when she needs something (and never more than that!). It's tough being an up and coming vigilante with morals but no means.

Flaw: Spaz

Charlie is... awkward. She can't help but let her super-fan status shine though. This can make any super-people around her uncomfortable. Thankfully, she's delusional enough to imagine that she fits in and that everyone thinks the same way that she does. When taken well, this comes off as immaturity. When taken wrong, it's unsettling.


Charlie was born in the worst area of New York (not quite as bad as Gotham, but not exactly a great place to live). Her parents had problems from the get-go and by the time Charlie was 2, her father had already run out on them, leaving Charlie and her mother to their own devices. So Charlie had to grow up with only one overworked and overprotective parent.

It wasn't an easy life and Charlie always hoped that she'd find a way out of her poverty-stricken, underprivileged environment and when she first started to notice her powers around 7-years old, she knew that she had her out. It was like dreaming of being a musical superstar, except she'd get to actually help people. Her mother however was concerned that there would be repercussions and so she was forbidden from using her powers around others.

Still, there wasn't a lot stopping her from day-dreaming of what would eventually happen. So she planned. And waited. Unfortunately, living in a bad part of town meant unsafe living conditions and one night, there was a fire in her apartment building. When the fire broke out, there was no way to use her powers to save her mother. She'd known enough about her powers at the time that she knew if she took anyone living with her when she teleported, they'd never survive the trip. So she needed to leave her mother behind as her home and family were washed away in a night.

Since then, she's been on the street, trying to stay off of anyone's radar (not a challenge for someone who can teleport away on a whim). She's just been trying to get by on her own, doing her best, and now she's decided that she's spent too much time in the shadows and it's time to finally start her career.


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