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Chocolette is a magic-wielding young woman from another universe. More or less human, she has conditional immortal for as long as her quest remains unfinished. That quest is to seek out and claim various historical artifacts and ancient items that -- while not necessarily having monetary value -- are magically invaluable for her particular brand of mysticism. Each one belonged to a historical figure of note on Earth who had a parallel self in HER universe who was a legendary hero or villain. By obtaining these treasures she can summon the spirits of the legendary heroes and villains of her world, increasing her own power and increasing her chances of being able to complete her mysterious quest... One that requires an army of the most legendary and powerful figures to stand a chance of success.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5

Abilities: Power

Immortal: 9 Summoning: 1

Abilities: Skill

Magic Knowledge: 4

Abilities: Gear

Book of the Eye: 2

Advantages: Aggroa, Ariata

Flaws: Legend Quest, New Summons, Preparations, Rivals, Sight

Languages: English


Attribute: Intellect (3)

While not the brightest, Chocolette is still in the "gifted" range of intelligence.

Attribute: Willpower (5)

Both due to her personality and her training, Chocolette has increased willpower from her courage and determination. This can help with defending against mental and magical assaults, but it's more about resisting emotions that might hinder concentration or weaken her determination -- both of which are vital components of summoning magic.

Gear: Book of the Eye (2)

Chocolette is in possession of a magical book that glows when it detects a resonance glyph within its sensing range, making her aware of the glyph's presence -- though not necessarily its location. The glow becomes brighter the closer Chocolette is to the glyph, but the glow can not be seen by other people unless they are touching the book, or touching Chocolette while SHE touches the book. Other than this automatic sensing, the book is filled with an infinite number of pages of text that is mostly history, philosophy, and poetry, all in the form of riddles and stories that must be researched and investigated and thought about to find clues as to the location of other resonance glyphs. While just happening upon one is possible, it is very unlikely. Sensing range is 1 mile (Distance 2).

Power: Immortal (9)

Limitation: Magic, magic weapons, magic beings, and direct psychic attacks (such as telepathic assaults) all have full effectiveness and do not heal any faster than for a normal human.

Chocolette has conditional immortality for as long as the Legend Quest remains incomplete. She can still be injured, get sick, and die, but she does not age, her body restores its energy levels (stamina, etc.) quickly, and wounds inflicted by mundane causes, mundane weapons, and mundane beings heal very quickly. Enough concentrated damage, even from mundane (as in non-magical) sources, can kill her regardless of her healing powers, and injuries that would be instantly lethal to a normal human are still lethal to Chocolette. If her head gets cut off or her heart stabbed through or she is vaporized by an atom bomb or she simply gets a bullet put in her brain, she is as dead as anyone else. But injuries that aren't immediately lethal will heal visibly in short order.

Power: Summoning (1)

Limitation: Chocolette can not maintain a summoned being while unconscious or asleep. If she is killed her summons turn back into spirits and await someone else finding a suitable relic to use as a catalyst for summoning (if such even exists).

Summoning magic in Chocolette's world is different from the "human magic" of her world, in that it is "cast" like a spell. It achieves an immediate result when the spell is completed, with clearly supernatural effects on the environment while it is being cast. She can only summon one of the Legendary Heroes or Legendary Villains she has obtained a resonance glyph for. Nothing she has not specifically completed the ritual to obtain the services of can be called upon, and all things she has contracted with are listed as Advantages. Presently she can only summon one Legendary Hero or Legendary Villain at a time. It is potentially possible to summon more than one at a time, but it would require significantly more personal power and experience to attempt this, and even more to be able to do it without a massive drain of physical energy.

Skill: Magic Knowledge (4)

Chocolette has been instructed in the magic of her world, which is more scholarly than on many other worlds. The only spells that can be woven are those related to summoning or the magic used by the summoned beings themselves. Human magic is accomplished through scientific practices, employing chemistry, devices that rely upon physical properties and laws, and mathematical formulas. Chocolette has a reasonable degree of knowledge and experience with such "Science of the Magi" (or "Magi-Sci"), and has a good understanding of how magic works in general, even on other worlds. Specifics may be beyond her though, and she can not cast spells the way others may be able to on Earth. With appropriate time to prepare she can achieve feats that are more or less identical to the magic spells and rituals used by Earthly mages at the level of a Journeyman Sorcerer. They are still fairly basic, employing manipulation of force and chemical properties, rather than esoteric or stereotypical arcanery (to create a fireball she would need the appropriate chemical compounds that when combined generate a burst of flame. To generate a lightning bolt she'd need a lot of equipment and the time to calculate atmospheric data and so on.).


Advantage: Aggroa

Aggroa is a Legendary Villain of Chocolette's home universe. In life she was a supernatural warrior who wielded a magical sword, chains, and flame magic, and existed solely to fight. Her resonance glyph has been uncovered on Earth already, and Chocolette can summon her to fight. Aggroa's pride, hostility, and bloodlust make her unsuitable for regular use by a summoner who is not equally strong willed, but when she is called upon she is a terror to behold. She has Strength 8, Toughness 7, Dexterity 5, Combat 7. Her magic sword inflicts damage equivalent to Arsenal 3. She can summon magic chains from her body or environment to snare, whip, or otherwise attack opponents with Arsenal 2 and Toughness 5. She also can wield Fire Magic with an equivalent spell-casting power of Magic 6. Despite her power, Aggroa is best not used due to her volatility and the difficulty of controlling her. She does as she wishes in most cases. The lengthy chant to summon her and the energy expended if successful generally leave the summoner in question weakened and vulnerable -- which is not a condition that a summoner should be in around Aggroa.


Advantage: Ariata

Ariata was a Legendary Hero on Chocolette's world, who fought off a vast invading army alone for 30 days and 30 nights while a royal capitol was evacuated. She did not die until the enemy general ordered poison gas unleashed that killed not only Ariata but also many of the soldiers, resulting in a full-revolt that gave time for reinforcements to arrive and retake the city. Ariata wielded a magic shield in one hand and a long arm-mounted blade in the other, and was skilled with Wind Magic, using it to speed her movement, make amazing leaps, and even ride upon existing winds. Ariata has Strength 5, Toughness 4, Dexterity 6, Speed 3, Flight 2, and Combat 8. Her magic shield is nearly indestructible, with Toughness 10 (but that doesn't make Ariata herself indestructible, and the shield is not full-body). Her magic sword can also double as a shield due to its design, with Toughness 8, and inflicts damage equivalent to Arsenal 6. She can also wield Wind Magic with an equivalent spell-casting power and control of Magic 6. Ariata is a skilled and potent warrior -- one of the best, infact. Though she is not at the very top of the summoned being heirarchy power-wise, she is generally respected by other summons due to her unquestionable sense of honor, her fairness in her decisions, and her bravery. A summoner who is dishonorable, cowardly, or unjust will quickly find Ariata less cooperative and less pleasant to be around, but she will not violate the terms of her summoning unless they are first violated by her "master".



Flaw: Legend Quest

Chocolette is required by the nature of the ritual that grants her immortality and the ability to summon without dying to complete the Legend Quest. She has a time limit she is working within. Ordinarily the Legend Quest can continue for no longer than 7 years, but in this case Chocolette has to obtain as many summons as possible -- including at least one for each of her world's six "Elements" (including Fury, Deceit, Determination, Violence, Restoration, and Corruption) -- within three years or the danger that required she begin the Legend Quest will close in on her world and end her home universe in its entirety.

Flaw: New Summons

Obtaining a new summon is an involved process that requires not just finding the historical artifact or ancient treasure that is tied to the Legendary Hero or Legendary Villain of Chocolette's own universe, but also performing a ritual at the proper place and proper time to create a "resonance glyph" that will allow the summoned being to manifest physically and to be bound to the one who performed the summoning. During this process, Chocolette -- or any other summoner -- is completely vulnerable and she is reliant upon her summons to defend her. If she is interrupted while creating a resonance glyph, the artifact itself is destroyed and can not be repaired or used again.

Flaw: Preparations

Chocolette needs not only time but the proper materials, environment, calculations, and sometimes machinery or even the right WEATHER to perform her people's form of magic. She can not just cast a spell on-the-fly. Even her summoning spells, which require no components and activate immediately upon the spell's completion, have lengthy chants (of variable duration) and hand gestures as requirements before they can be concluded. Casting magic of any kind generally means remaining stationary and being subject to whatever attacks or interruptions might occur. Being interrupted while casting a summoning spell requires starting over, whereas using "normal" magic can be continued after an interruption as long as the materials are not disrupted -- but with a requirement for adjusting the mathematical calculations to compensate for the delay.

Flaw: Rivals

Others from Chocolette's home universe are also on the Legend Quest, and while they might work together on occasion, each is looking out for the interests of the city or individual who helped them complete the ritual, and some are in it for themselves. Thus, competition for summons is expected and may result in sabotaging the efforts to save their own universe out of foolish pride.

Flaw: Sight

Chocolette is very near-sighted, from long nights spent reading barely-legible books by candlelight. Without her glasses, her vision is severely hindered.


Chocolette is a former student at a Magic College on her home world. She was fast-tracked to graduation when it was made known by an oracle that she had been selected to undertake the Legend Quest -- a ritual that would make her immortal so that she could seek out and find relics associated with Legendary Heroes and Legendary Villains and use such as catalysts to summon them. This ritual was only performed in dire times, and Chocolette was not the only one to be identified as a candidate, but she was still excited due to having the opportunity to travel to another world -- an entire other universe! -- and see how "other worlders" lived. She understood the importance of her duty, but she is still very curious about Earth. She has had several months to get used to the planet and while some cultural things are different, socially-speaking the people aren't THAT unusual. They're humans just like her after all. Her patron managed to ensure she started off with a powerful catalyst, but most other summoners had to seek out and find one and be defenseless until they did so. Chocolette has already obtained her second summon, but it's not much use to her due to it being one of the most powerful, independent, and uncooperative Legendary Villains possible -- as likely to attack Chocolette as their enemies.


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    Chocolette is a member of the Magic and Mysticism special interest group, by virtue of being a magic user.


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