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Christopher "Chris" King
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As a teenager, Chris King and his friend Vicky Grant found magical dials that transformed them into heroes for an hour at a time. When the Dials were lost to them, Chris found that he still became heroes, without control. He went to STAR Labs for help and they eventually created a device to help him.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Reformation: 8

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4, Escape: 4, Investigation: 3, Sports Medicine: 4

Advantages: Regulator

Flaws: Enemy, Involuntary, Power Loss, Stubborn

Languages: English


Power: Reformation (8)

Magical : Chris King's powers, in any form, are magically induced, and can affect creatures vulnerable to magic, but may possibly be countered by magical defenses as well.

When Chris King's power activates, he transforms into a hero...generally a different hero every time, each hero has it's own appearance, powers, and personality. Each hero starts as an athletic male, with Strength of 3, Dexterity of 3, a Perception of 3, and Toughness of 2, and adds 8 additional levels in powers or skills, including enhanced abilities (enhanced abilities and enhanced skills are cheaper, since they add to his existing ability base). However, he can not enhance any ability past level 8. When he transforms, injuries to one form do not appear in any other...however injuries to his human form return when he turns back. In general, the powers he gets are fairly simple, indeed it seems the the more broad the power is the more limited the level he can achieve. Something like Invisibility he can have at level 8, but something like light control (which can include invisibility as a second effect) requires spending an extra level for every effect he can do (Light control including Blast, invisibility, blinding flash, and hologram creation would have a maximum level of 5). Exotic powers, like Reality Manipulation or Time Control, that can directly effect game play can only be gained with express permission of the event host.

Skill: Investigation (3)

Years of experience in fighting minor villains have given Chris a fair hand at finding clues and figuring them out.

Skill: Sports Medicine (4)

Chris King is studying sports medicine in college.

Skill: Combat (4)

Years of practice have taught Chris how to fight, no matter what powers he may have at any given time...or even without powers.

Skill: Escape (4)

Chris has been captured more than once, and has learned to get out of situations without powers, since he never knows what powers he will have to work with.


Advantage: Regulator

Recently, Chris King was given a regulator harness by a technician at STAR Labs. It prevents his accidental transformation by channeling away excess energy before it reaches critical level to cause transformation. Turning off the harness allows him to transform into a hero in seconds (if he is fully charged), damage to the harness makes his Involuntary flaw resume at whatever point in the cycle it is currently at.


Flaw: Enemy

Chris has an unknown enemy who is using the the energy grained off by the harness for his own purposes. Occasionally he creates super minions to perform missions for his own purposes using this energy, though what his goal is, is thus far unknown.

Flaw: Involuntary

Chris transforms to a hero automatically one hour after he transforms back into Chris King, whether he wants to or not. While he is transforming thus, he does not need to sleep as he is "resting" when his hero form is dominant, but does need to eat, drink, and breath normally.

Flaw: Power Loss

After he has expended a specific amount of energy, Chris returns to human form and remains human for at least 1 hour. In general, he has enough power to complete a scene (or last approximately one hour), but may run out in the middle. If he pushes his power it will run out sooner (pushed one level, it runs out in half the time, pushed two, it runs out ten times faster).

Flaw: Stubborn

Chris has a hard time changing his mind once he has it made up. Fortunately he no longer leaps to decisions like he did when he was younger.


As a kid in Fairfax, Chris King found a dial that turned him into a hero for an hour at a time, He and a female friend stood guard over the city against super villains until their Dials were lost in a final fight between the mastermind and their patron. A year later, Chris was at college and had not seen Vicky since, when his powers suddenly came back. Without the dial, they were out of control, turning him into a new person every hour...alternating Chris for an hour and then a random hero for an hour. He went to STAR labs for help. At first, they could only test him and monitor the changes, but eventually a way was suggested to siphon off the energy he was generating just before it would become critical, preventing him from transforming as long as the device was active. With it, he could stay Chris King as long as he wanted, but become a hero when needed simply by turning off the device. Now he is back at college, but when needed he can throw a Wildcard into the mix.


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