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Everything Cir-El has grown up believing is a lie, she is not Superman's daughter. Born in another dimension, Cir-El is a former human altered by a genetic and mental overlay by Brainiac, designed to act as a carrier for his YES! virus. Having broken free of his control, she escaped to this reality, where she found a cure. Now she seeks a place in a new world and time.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Hearing: 4, Red Sun Burst: 6, Rocket Flight: 4, Solar Catalyzed: 5, Super-Leaping: 1, Super Durability: 7, Super Speed: 5, Super Strength: 8, Super Vision: 4, Unique Biology

Abilities: Skill

Blind Fighting: 2 Combat Training: 4

Abilities: Tech

Glider Suit: 2

Advantages: Trust Fund

Flaws: Kryptonite, Magic Vulnerability, Paradox

Languages: English and Kryptonian


Power: Enhanced Hearing (4)

Cir-El possesses amazing hearing, allowing her to hear a cry for help from miles away, detect the heartbeat of a person buried in rubble, or hear frequencies that are well above and below those tha can be heard by a human. She can easily hear dog whistles or bat sonar and is difficult to surprise in combat as the breathing and heartbeat of a foe alert her to their presence even if they are normally concealed.

Power: Red Sun Burst (6)

Cir-El has the ability to release her stored solar energies as bursts of light, heat or force from her hands. These energies are on frequencies associated with a Red Sun and are particularly damaging to Kryptonians and other persons who have reduced power when exposed to red sun radiations.

Power: Rocket Flight (4)

Cir-El can focus the energies of her Red Sun Burst to use the equal and opposite reaction of her force effect for propultion. This is something of a last ditch effect, because the power is very much like a sprays out damaging energy back along her path causing potential collateral damage, and is rather clumsy in flight. It also requires constant use of her Red Star Burst power, which can be very draining on her solar energy reserves.

Power: Solar Catalyzed (5)

Cir-El uses solar energy to catalyze direct matter to energy conversion within her mitochondria, giving her vastly more power than the absorbed light itself can provide. This means that, as long as she is exposed to sunlight, she has nearly unlimited stamina and she also heals rapidly from damage. While she has reserves of solar energy, and can easily fight through a day or two without solar exposure, her powers will become reduced over time. The Red Sun Burst power is particularly draining and could deplete her reserves in only an hour or two of continual use.

Power: Super-Leaping (1)

Cir El can leap great distances, generally not more than half a mile with a running start.

Power: Super Durability (7)

Cir-El is not invulnerable, but she is really tough. Normal bullets are like a pinprick, and bursting shells a bee sting. She can be bruised and scratched by attacks, and unlike most characters as tough as she is you will see those bruises and scratches until she heals.

Power: Super Speed (5)

Cir-El can move and react at many times human speed, being able to run at several times the speed of sound and act with proportionate speed.

Power: Super Vision (4)

Recent events, and simple increased maturity, have awakened some visual abilities in Cir-El. She has discovered she can see microscopically, down to the virus level, if the object is within ten feet. She has also discovered her X-ray vision, which as it turns out operates in the absence of light, so by using it in a limited way she can see in normal darkness.

Power: Unique Biology

A hybrid of human and Kryptonian biology, Cir-El is immune to most normal drugs and diseases, however she also can not be treated by most normal medicine.

Skill: Blind Fighting (2)

From experience at using her hearing in the absence of other enhanced senses, Cir-El has learned to fight by targetting enemies with just her hearing. This is particularly handy against invisible or concealed enemies, but obviously fails in outer space or other conditions where she cannot hear.

Skill: Combat Training (4)

Due to fictional memories of basic combat training from her parents, and real experiences, Cir-El is a fair hand to hand combatant.

Tech: Glider Suit (2)

Designed by Valeria Von Doom, this cape allows Cir-El to alter her glide ratio and her steering characteristics when travelling at slow speed. The cape is activated when she uses her Rocket Flight power, though it only functions for travel at speeds of between 25 and 250 mph. When travelling at the listed speeds, the cape/aerofoil allows her to extend her flight distance to energy use roughly five times. The boot vanes, which deploy at the same time as the aerofoil, enable her to maneuver better than her rocket blasts alone do. This is made from her oiginal cape, which was gioven to her by Brainiac and is very nearly indestructable (though most damage passes through it just fine, it is not armor).

Power: Super Strength (8)

Cir El is more powerful than a Locomotive, if not by much...


Advantage: Trust Fund

Having captured Croyd during the "Typhoid Croyd" event, Cir-El was able to claim the offered reward of slightly under $2,000,000 before taxes. Being under age 18, however, the money has been placed in a trust fund until she matures. She is provided with necessities and some spending money, but has a limit budget. It is assumed any further rewards she claims will also go into this fund, and any claims for damages against her will be deducted from the fund.


Flaw: Kryptonite

Kyrptonian genes give Kryptonian weaknesses, exposure to Green Kryptonite causes a lack of buffering in the energy generation catalyzed by solar energy. This means two things, first that Kryptonite only effects her if she has her powers...if she has temporarily lost her powers due to lack of sunlight it has no effect. Second, that Kryptonite will cause nausea, pain, power loss, unconsciousness, and eventual death. Range is roughly 30 feet for a 1 ounce sample of Ktyptonite, with increasing range with the size of the sample. Lead will block the radiation, if interposed in sufficient quantity.

Flaw: Magic Vulnerability

Against magic, treat Cir-El as having a durability of 2.

Flaw: Paradox

Cir-El's memories and powers are fake, created by Brainiac. Only vestiges of her real past remain, but with her timeline wiped out even that lacks context. She is a Lie and never even existed, so her continued existence is a paradox. She needs, desperately, to find some reason for her existence.


When a crazed villain named Radion attacked Metropolis, a young girl in a costume leaped into battle and threw the villain into a nuclear reactor (in front of a TV news crew and Lois Lane). The girl identified herself as Supergirl, Superman's daughter. Upset, Lois confronted Superman, accused him of having an affair, and refused to believe his claim of innocence, since "Supergirl" looked just like him. However after a cup of the new "Yes" coffee, Lois suddenly calmed down and dismissed "Supergirl" as a villain's hoax, until she landed in front of Lois and called her "Mommy." Superman confronted the girl, who argued that she was his daughter with Lois, and that her name was Cir-El. Cir-El said that she was from the future, brought to the past by the Futuresmiths. When Superman encountered the Futuresmiths, they showed him a horrific future, with robotic monsters attacking civilians, and he saw himself as a cybernetic Superman attacking civilians, too. They said that Cir-El's death would prevent this future, and as they turned to attack her, Superman flew her to safety. S.T.A.R. Labs confirmed that she was his daughter, but that Lois wasn't her mother. But Superman came to regard Cir-El as family.

Cir-El helped Superman fight off a diseased Bizarro, fought off a vengeance crazed superhuman ninja who was killing Superman with the aid of Natasha Irons and Girl 13, and when Superman and Batman were "captured" by Lex Luthor in Superman/Batman "Public Enemies," Cir-El teamed up with Superboy, Krypto, Natasha Irons, and the Batman Family to rescue them. But Superman had a shock when, while talking to Cir-El, she changed into an angry young woman named Mia, who hated her Cir-El persona.

Disaster struck when a future Superman appeared and showed Superman of a devastating future with Lois dying, Wonder Woman and Batman turned into cyborgs by a nano-tech virus concealed in "Yes" coffee, and Cir-El trapped in a giant Brainiac robot. Brainiac revealed that Cir-El was his "Trojan Horse," that he had concealed part of himself in the one thing he knew Superman would never harm, his child. Cir-El was created by Brainiac by grafting Superman's DNA onto the body of Mia. He then implanted false memories in Cir-El and had his servants, the Futuresmiths send her into the past (along with the nano-virus, which was placed in "Yes" coffee to proliferate the virus and infect the population) in order to unknowingly alter the future, and lead Superman to create a synthetic body to save Lois from her "Yes" infection in the future (for Brainiac to inhabit). Horrified, Cir-El threw herself into a time portal to prevent herself from being born, and thus, prevent the future from ever happening.

Passage through the time portal sent her into a different, similar, world, where she wound up, as the passage had taken some time, hundreds of miles above ground. Not being able to fly, she found herself falling to Earth without air, and fighting for her mind and body with the cybernetic virus within her system.


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Bruce has been named Cir-El's legal guardian and has control of the disposition of her trust fund, within legal limits


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