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Agility: 6 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Gear 3 Gliding 2 Leaping 2
Martial Arts 5 Showtime 1-2 Teleport 0
Traction 0
Calorie Crunch Downtime High Time
Opportunist Overheat Overload
Power Addict Real Life Shutdown
Name: Francesca Mariana Lee Circus is a gaudily dressed super born with a metahuman ability for movement. Growing up in a circus she honed her skills from birth, leaping at any opportunity to push herself. She started her heroing career as a lark, but it has become the focus of her life.
Position: Hyperactive Heroine
Team: None
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Metahuman
Type: Original Character
Actor: Paula Nordine
Alts: Gearbox
Timezone: CST
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Francesca Mariana Lee was born to Jillian Lee, a 25 year old circus acrobat, and 33 year old Tabayara Maluenda, an acrobat and clown. By the time she was five she had joined in the fun, usually assisting as a little clown. Francesca and her family were always on the move when she was little, travelling with small circuses. She grew up performing as both a clown and pretty much anything where she could chip in.

She showed glimmers of her powers as she grew up. When she was doing acrobatics she would occasionally get a little boost; she would jump a little farther, flip a bit quicker, or slow down time. It all was so natural that it took her quite some time to even realize it was a power, and by that time she was jumping distances that she was afraid to let anyone know about. She didn't know if she was a mutant or not, but she didn't want to find out. She didn't want anyone to find out. She was pretty sure both of her parents had a little something extra. They sort of talked around the subject but never actually came out and said it. They were obviously afraid of someone finding out about them.

When she was fifteen her mother disappeared one night after a show. There were lots of stories about what happened, but no one really knew. What Francesca did know was that she and her father left the circus when it left Miami the next week. They stayed in Gotham for a few months, hoping against hope that her mother would return, but she never did. They left Gotham in the middle of the night and moved to Miami, where Tabayara got a job with a relative teaching Capoeira.

Miami was a struggle. Francesca worked with her dad, like always, but instead of clowning around she now helped teach martial arts and parkour when the gym started teaching that to boost their revenues. She went to a real school for the first time and hated it but wasn't sure if she hated school or home more. Her father had changed after her mother's disappearance. At the gym he was the life of the party, putting on the smiling face he'd practiced throughout a lifetime of clowing, but at home he was depressed and drunk. By the time Francesca was eighteen he drowned his sorrows in a seemingly endless stream of women and a booze. Francesca took to avoiding being at home as much as she could. She stayed at the gym as much as possible. She even slept their on a regular basis. Manuel, the owner of the gym, didn't say anything about her using the cot in the back, but in the Maluenda fashion, sort of almost kind of said that if she ever needed anything more than a cot that he was always there for her. Francesca sort of almost thanked him, but the gym was all she needed.

Francesca found that she loved staying in the gym overnight. She could practice with her powers without worrying about being discovered. Practicing with her powers made her happy. She didn't know at the time that a lot of that was due to the mind altering side effects of her powers. She only knew that she loved using her powers, that the more she practiced with them the more she wanted to practice with them. She always seemed to be discovering new tricks she could do with them. She craved her time at the gym and began to really hate being away from it. School began to become an incredible chore. Time seemed to stretch out forever when she was there. The classes got more boring and the other students more weird and annoying. cleaned up around the gym.

Unfortunately for Francesca, Manuel had dreams of opening a restaurant and began trying to sell the gym in order to do just that. He made is clear that she could have a job as a waitress when the gym sold, and that if she wanted a place to sleep from time to time that his offer of a spare bedroom would always be good. She didn't want to be a waitress though and so despite not having much of an interest in education she applied to some schools with the help of the guidance counselor at school. She was surprised when she even got accepted to a couple.

Francesca ended up going to New York to study physical education and dance. She was far from a perfect student but she tried. She did like some of her classes, the ones with the least amount of listening. Something about the new environment had given her new insights into her powers and their side effects, and she started being able to 'apply the brakes' when she needed to, which made a big difference in her classes. Still, despite actually enjoying classes she was still addicted to her nightly workouts with her powers. Without the safe haven of the gym she ended up working out on rooftops and once she was on the rooftops it wasn't long before her workouts became wild adventures across the city. She was letting it all hang out like she'd never done before. Afraid of ending up like her mother, she worked on various masks to hide her identity.

Francesca ran the rooftops for fun. She had never imagined being a superhero, but one night she found herself coming to the rescue of a couple of tourists. When the last of the criminals trying to rob the older couple hit the ground she knew she had found what she wanted to do in life. It was the most intense rush ever and it just got better when the tourists gushed with gratitude over what she'd done.

She was so excited by what she had done that she didn't sleep a wink that night. She worked on superhero costumes instead. At school that day she wrote down a few hundred names, doodled on costume iideas and imagined how she would go about this whole superheroing thing. That night Circus hit the streets for the first time. Her crimefighting career began. Sure, it wasn't anything to make the papers at first, but it was incredible none the less.


Technology: Gear (3)

Her super gear might not be the most impressive super gear ever, but she's got some darnit! Circus carries a colorful collection of super balls for throwing along with a load of ball bearings for the times she wants to throw something a bit harder. Also along for the ride are various cheap fireworks, a few powerbars, and a bag of jacks.

Calorie Count: None

Technology: Gliding (2)
Circus' uniform has winglets built into her suit. These can provide enough lift to allow her something between gliding and a controlled fall. Once she releases them she can only put them back in with the suit off and even then it is a pain. With the winglets out high winds (Natural or caused by powers) can be problematic. There may be wardrobe malfunctions when used.

Calorie Count: None

Power: Leaping (2)
Circus is capable of leaping superhuman distances with ease. She can leap 50 feet straight up, or 200 feet in distance in a single bound.

Calorie Count: Moderate over time

Skill: Martial Arts (5)
Circus knows Capoeira well enough to be an instructor, along with brazillian jiujitsu. She also knows many flashy and otherwise impractical maneuvers from various other martial arts such as Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Savate because with her agility and speed she can actually make them work.

Calorie Count: None

Power: Showtime (1-2)
Circus can flip a mental switch and alter how she experiences time. She thinks and moves quicker with no loss of control. She calls this ability 'Showtime'. This pushes her experience of time into a 2 to 1 ratio, though she can push the ratio even higher in short spurts, reaching 4 to 1. Showtime is the core of Circus' abilities, it is the wellspring from which her other powers feed. It is addictive (See: Power Addict) mood altering (See: High Time) It has lingering effects (See: Uptime, Overload) and can lead to crashes (See: DownTime, Overheat)

Calorie Count: Heavy over time

Power: Teleport (0)
Circus can teleport up to 120 feet. A teleport takes no time to initiate and no time on arrival, but there is a slight hang between departure and arrival where she is simply gone. Once she has teleported she cannot do so again for another minute.

Blind Teleport: If she cannot see where she's going, she can teleport up to 12 feet. If the spot she attempts to teleport to is occupied, she teleports but arrives in the exact same spot she started from, stunned and unable to teleport for ten minutes.

Calorie Count: Heavy per use.

Gear: Traction (0)
Circus' suit has pads on the hands and feet to give her excellent traction. Circus has trained herself to maximize this bit of traction and she is capable of maneuvering over very slick surfaces at speed, to climb shear surfaces , but if she stops for even a moment even her grippy pads don't have enough umph to hold her.

Calorie Cost: None


Advantage: Acrobat

Circus was trained from birth in acrobatics, tumbling, and pretty much any feat of agility. She can perform the incredible routinely, and the impossible is possible. She can perform on the tight wire, the slack wire, balance on balls, swing on the trapeze, do all the above while juggling, etc.


Flaw: Calorie Crunch

Circus burns is an athlete who works out long and hard each and every day and can burn a lot of calories. However, the energy requirements of her powers dwarf her already high caloric requirements. Simply using Showtime burns a lot of energy, and each time she uses one of her other powers she burns hundreds more. T teleporting has a serious 'calorie tax' each and every use.

Circus needs to eat 5K calories simply to maintain each day. She cannot access Showtime until she's reached this caloric plateau. On the average day she'll burn 5K more using her powers. If she pushes herself this number can go even higher.

Eating that much creates a lot of issues. It would take 8 big macs, 8 large fries, and 8 large sodas to give her the calories she needs on an average. But calories aren't enough, she has to be careful about nutrition as well as she seems to have higher requirements for certain vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy diet with the calories she needs is a task. It is expensive and time consuming. 9K Tour de France diet example:

Flaw: Downtime
If Circus pushes her limits too hard or too long and pushes too deep into her caloric reserves she can experience "Downtime". Downtime reverses her time experience ratio, and she experiences time on a 1 to 2 ratio, or even higher if she's really been pushing herself. The world whizzes past her in fast forward. To get out of Downtime she needs to eat several thousand calories to get her caloric furnace going again.

Flaw: High Time
Showtime is mood altering. It makes her happy. It makes her feel good. The longer she uses Showtime, the better she feels and the happier she gets. She gets giddy, silly, euphoric. Everything becomes fun and funny. Circus becomes oblivious to tragedy and risk and her inhibitions fade until they are practically non-existent. Her ability to make sound judgements diminishes. Her perception will begin to drop (Overload) and eventually even her motor skills begin crumbling. The effects don't instantly go away when she turns off her powers. They can take several hours to clear out of her system depending on just how effected she was.

Flaw: Opportunist
Circus is far from perfect. She is not the ideal of heroic morality. She drinks, does recreational drugs from time to time (Though as her power addiction grows, Showtime is her drug of choice). She's not above taking cash from badguys if no one is looking, and she has often copped a night in a hotel or fancy condo when no one is home.

Some people might focus on this aspect of her activities rather than the crime fighting she does if they found out. The police tend to generally fall into that category. Many of her fellow heroes might as well.

Flaw: Overheat
Circus produces produces a great deal of body heat. When she's using her powers her temperature climbs. The more she uses, the quicker the climb. This can be dangerous at anytime, but it is particularly bad in high heat conditions where she can't cool down effectively. If she's in the danger zone she'll experience the standard effects of heat exhaustion such as dizziness and confusion. (Though her use of Showtime can easily mask those warning signs) If she gets into the red for too long, her body will overheat and initiate Shutdown.

Flaw: Overload
Showtime boosts Circus' perception significantly. It will continue to increase as she uses. However, her brain will begin to stop being able to process this information effectively. Though in fact she's becoming even more perceptive, her ability to use that perception will steadily decrease over time. This sensitivity to stimulus makes her more susceptible to effects that target the senses. Powers that distract via sensory input will grow increasingly effective on her overtime.

Flaw: Power Addict
Circus likes using her powers. It is almost impossible to not like using her powers (See: High-Time). A little shot of Showtime can make any situation more fun. She constantly has the urge to power up, even when she doesn't need to. It isn't technically a drug, and it doesn't seem bad for her body really. If it wasn't for Up-Time and Down-Time she might just give in and live powered up 24/7. But she does have Up-Time and the even worse Down-Time to deal with. She knows she an addict, but that doesn't make not using any easier.

Flaw: Real Life
Real life sucks. Or maybe it is Circus who sucks at real life. She has a hard time keeping jobs, which leads to having a hard time paying bills. Basic necessities take a back seat to costumes, hero gadgets, etc. She lives in a house full of students and dancers where she sleeps on the floor out of the kindness of one of the girls. Most of them are aware that she's some sort of hero and most are more concerned with the fact that she owns a Volkswagen bus that she isn't afraid to drive in the city.

Flaw: Shutdown
If Circus pushes herself too hard and burns too much of her energy reserves, she gets Downtime. If she reaches even farther and actually burns energy meant for her body, her body fights back and she hits "Shutdown". In order to protect itself from harm, her powers quickly begin to shutdown.

When she hits shutdown she is struck by a wall of fatigue. Her powers begin to shutdown and she only has a short time before she will collapse in exhaustion. After she has collapsed she will sleep the sleep of the dead for about a day. (If she managed to eat some serious calories before passing out this can be shortened somewhat) When she wakes up she will be groggy and disoriented until she has fully recovered from the energy deficit she put herself into.

Flaw: Uptime
After she's been actively using "Showtime" Circus is hyper and energized. She lives life in the fast lane while the after effects of her powers works themselves out of her system. This can take a couple hours or all day depending on how long she was using her abilities.

Being hyperactive isn't so bad as far as action is concerned, but it isn't so great for living a normal life. Circus has a hard time concentrating or listening. She is easily bored and is extremely susceptible to being distracted. She fidgets and has a hard time staying still for any length of time.


Circus Logs

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