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Claris Trayce
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An escapee from a clandestine organization, Claris is a flawed but potentially powerful mutant, cloned from multiple sources of mutant DNA. She knows nothing of her past beyond a few months previous. She has no resources or legal identity - just a desire to do good and powers that do lasting harm to her when used. Her hope is that it's enough to help her find her place in an unforgiving world.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attributes

Dexterity: 3, Endurance: 1, Intellect: 4, Perception: 5, Speed: 1, Strength: 2, Toughness: 2, Willpower: 1

Abilities: Powers

Aeroform, Geoform, Hydroform, Neuroform, Pyroform

Abilities: Skill

Survival: 4 Thievery: 3

Advantages: Self-Sufficient

Flaws: Anger Point, Cellular Decay, Conscious Powers, Delayed Power Swap, No Education, No Legal Identity, Obvious Mutant, Personality Shifts, Unmixable Powersets

Languages: English


Attributes: Dexterity (3)

Unpowered, Claris is as nimble as a trained athlete. Some powersets can increase or decrease this.

Attributes: Endurance (1)

Without any powers active, Claris can still perform strenuous activity for around 12 hours before needing rest. Some of her powersets can increase this.

Attributes: Intellect (4)

Despite Claris's lack of education, she has the potential for genius. It just doesn't manifest as booksmarts.

Attributes: Perception (5)

Though Claris only possesses normal human senses, her limited experience in the world has taught her to be exceptionally aware of her surroundings to preserve her safety. She's always watchful and sleeps very lightly as a result.

One Eye Open: Claris figuratively sleeps, as the old adage says, with one eye open. She is treated as having a Perception of 2 (Conscious) even while asleep as long as she fell asleep willingly.

Attributes: Speed (1)

Claris can run at speeds and react as quickly as a trained sprinter of her size can manage, even while depowered. Some powersets can increase or decrease this score.

Attributes: Strength (2)

Claris can comfortably lift and carry her own body weight. Some of her powersets can increase this attribute.

Attributes: Toughness (2)

Claris possesses the toughness of an average human woman of her age and relative health who engages in regular exercise. Some powersets can alter this attribute.

Attributes: Willpower (1)

Certain unremembered events in Claris's life have crippled her willpower, making her extremely fragile from a mental standpoint. She is functional, but mundane forms of suggestion and mystical abilities meant to alter or assault the mind can easily break through her mental defenses. Some powersets can increase this attribute.

Psychic Noise: Claris's defenses against telepathic powers are a different story, however. Due to her chaotic personality, it is difficult for a psychic to read or alter her thoughts. Her Willpower is treated as 8 against NON-MYSTICAL telepathy of all types, even benign or beneficial telepathic effects.

Powers: Aeroform

Activating this powerset grants her specific powers related to those of the unnamed wind element mutant whose X-gene is a part of her genetic makeup.

Attributes: Speed increases to rating 3. Dexterity increases to rating 6.

Wind Manipulation: Range 1. Claris can mentally manipulate the motion of the air around her, with the ability to make the wind completely calm, or move as fast as winds found in a Category 5 hurricane. She can only do this within line of sight.

Lightning Strikes: Range 1. Power 6. Claris can generate weak bolts of lightning that strike forth from her hands to any target she can see.

Flight: Claris can use her ability to manipulate winds to fly at a maximum of 200 mph. She can carry weight equal to her own while flying, but this lowers her flight speed significantly.

Personality: While in Aeroform, Claris becomes more playful, spontaneous, excitable and impulsive.

Powers: Geoform

Activating this powerset grants Claris access to specific powers related to the unnamed earth element mutant whose X-gene is a part of her genetic makeup.

Attributes: Strength increases to rating 5. Toughness increases to rating 6. Speed decreases to rating 0. Dexterity decreases to rating 1.

Vibrokinesis: Range 1. Power 5. Claris has no actual geokinetic abilities in this form, but she has the next best thing. She can create violent tremors and vibrations in any earthen or metal material, which can cause damage similar to that from an earthquake up to 7.0 on the Richter Scale. The range of this is limited to line of sight.

Rough Skin: Claris's skin toughens to the point where she can shrug off a few blows from anti-tank weapons.

Personality: While in Geoform, Claris's personality becomes more orderly, stable and resilient.

Powers: Hydroform

Activating this powerset grants Claris access to specific powers related to the unnamed water element mutant whose X-gene is a part of her genetic makeup.

Attributes: Toughness increases to rating 5. Endurance increases to rating 4 (Only affects physical endurance, not power endurance.)

Hydrokinesis: Range 1. Power 5. Claris can manipulate water and move it around as if with telekinesis. She cannot create water, so either high humidity or a large source of water is required to best utilize this ability. She can manipulate up to 75,000 gallons of water at once.

Healing Factor: If Claris is in contact with clean water, she gains Healing rating 2 in the area it touches. If she is completely submerged, she instead gains Healing rating 5. This cannot counteract the Cellular Decay flaw or regenerate lost limbs.

Waterbreathing: Claris can breathe clean water as if it is air.

Personality: While in Hydroform, Claris's personality becomes more pacifistic, protective and creative.

Powers: Neuroform

Activating this powerset grants Claris access to specific powers related to the unnamed telepath whose X-gene is a part of her genetic makeup.

Attributes: Dexterity increases to rating 5. Perception increases to rating 8. Willpower increases to rating 8.

Telepathy: Range 3. Power 5. Claris can use this ability to project her thoughts to others and read the thoughts of the willing, allowing her to facilitate psychic communication.

Illusions: Range 1. Power 5. Claris can also use her telepathy to create illusions in the minds of others, fooling their senses so that either she can mask the presence of herself and others, or show them something that is not actually there.

Suggestion: Range 1. Power 2. Claris can plant short suggestions in weaker minds. Any suggestion made against a firmly-held belief of a person can fail.

Psychic Blast: Range 1. Power 3. Claris can blast minds with raw psychic energy in order to stun the beings said minds belong to or inflict pain on them. She does not have the sheer power or skill required to kill with a thought.

Personality: While in Neuroform, Claris's personality becomes more deliberate, patient, and calm.

Powers: Pyroform

Activating this powerset grants Claris access to specific powers related to the unnamed fire element mutant whose X-gene is a part of her genetic makeup.

Attributes: Strength increases to rating 6. Toughness increases to rating 4. Willpower increases to rating 5.

Pyrokinesis: Range 1. Power 3. Claris can manipulate fires and move them as if with telekinesis.

Ignition: Range 1. Claris can ignite oxygen into a brief spark sufficient to start a fire if a nearby substance is flammable enough, such as gasoline. Without an accelerant, the ignition effect can still cause enough brief heat to cause a first-degree burn.

Flight: Speed 3. Claris can use her pyrokinesis to generate thrust, allowing her to fly at subsonic speeds. Maneuverability is limited to straight line flight with very wide turns. She can't carry another person while flying, as her hands must be free to manipulate the thrust.

Personality: While in Pyroform, Claris's personality becomes aggressive, stubborn and reckless. She is very easily provoked and has less restraint on her most violent impulses.

Skill: Survival (4)

Claris has spent all of her time since escaping on the streets, and has had to learn to survive there. She knows where to look for food and shelter, knows some basic first aid, and knows when to fight and when not to.

Skill: Thievery (3)

Claris has limited knowledge of some acts of thievery and burglary, including pickpocketing, lockpicking, and breaking and entering. She can't get into tightly secured places, though, and often enough a metal door secured with a combination lock can keep her out.


Advantage: Self-Sufficient

Claris has had to learn on the fly how to survive with nothing to her name except the clothes on her back. She's surprisingly capable of finding food or shelter anywhere, and of sleeping undetected in places she's not supposed to be able to.


Flaw: Anger Point

Claris's Pyroform can activate uncontrollably if she becomes too angry and is not in another powerset already.

Flaw: Cellular Decay

Any usage of her powers causes damage to Claris's DNA, causing her to age at five times the normal rate, which can't be healed away. Additionally, overuse of her powers causes cellular damage which can manifest as bleeding from the ears, nose or eyes, coughing up blood, severe pain, or sudden unconsciousness. This damage heals at a normal rate. This flaw isn't apparent unless Claris is using her powers.

Flaw: Conscious Powers

Claris can only activate or deactivate a powerset while conscious. If she is unconscious or sufficiently drugged, she can't change her powered state. This is a flaw because the clock still runs on her Cellular Decay flaw even if unconscious, as long as any of her powers are active.

Flaw: Delayed Power Swap

Claris cannot directly swap from one powerset to another. She must depower completely and endure a short delay before activating a different set of powers. In game terms, she cannot swap powersets in a single pose - she must spend one pose depowered before activating another set.

Flaw: No Education

Claris's education is very limited. She can only read and write at a second grade level, though she has a college-level vocabulary from a verbal standpoint. She only knows basic math skills. Her knowledge of history and science is nearly nonexistent. Treat her intellect as a 0 when dealing with these sorts of subjects.

Flaw: No Legal Identity

As Claris was cloned and not born, she has no legal identity in the eyes of the law. She cannot produce identification or evidence of US citizenship, and cannot do anything that requires identification such as opening a bank account.

Flaw: Obvious Mutant

Claris's appearance changes when she activates or deactivates a powerset. Her hair and eye color always changes, and a couple of her forms also change her skin color or add other physical characteristics that make it clear that she is not merely human.

Flaw: Personality Shifts

Claris's personality changes to varying degrees while using certain powersets. These changes are listed with each powerset. When depowered, Claris is very prone to fall into a depressive state due to how she may have acted while powered up that are in conflict with her depowered personality.

Flaw: Unmixable Powersets

Claris can't use powers from different sets at the same time - for example, she can't use her pyrokinesis while using her water powerset.


Enraged at the passage of pro-mutant laws and Constitutional amendments, a group of human elites formulated a plan to discredit mutantkind, eliminate both mutants and their human sympathizers, and get the pro-mutant laws repealed. Their idea was to create their own mutant, one with power that could eclipse an Omega-level mutant and that they could control effortlessly and eliminate when its task was done. Using the DNA from six abducted mutants, they set to their task. But instead of getting what they were aiming for, they ended up with a flawed prototype, one whose power came nowhere near what they were hoping. One set of powers they were hoping she would have didn't even take, and the other five sets of powers were horribly crippled. The decision was made to eliminate her and try again. One of the scientists in the elites' employ took pity on the young clone, though, and escaped the facility with her, all while giving her a name and treating her like a daughter. That cost the scientist her life, and Claris responded by incinerating everyone the elites sent to assassinate both of them when the grief and anger activated her Pyroform power set. She remembers none of this, though, as she blocked the memories of all of that trauma. What she does remember is needing to get to Westchester, and of what has transpired since reaching the Gotham/NYC metro. She is surviving on the streets at the current time, unaware of the full range of what she can do and unaware her powers are killing her when she uses them.


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