Clark Joseph Kent
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Quote-open "Do good to others and every man can be a Superman." Quote-close

The last hope of a dying world, Clark Kent was sent to Earth by his parents as an infant. Raised by a couple on Earth as though he was their own, he has come to adopt this planet as his.

Finding that he is given great power by this planet's yellow sun he does the only thing he knows how to do with such power. He fights to defend his adopted home, and to stand up for Truth, Justice and the American Way.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Breath: 4, Flight: 7, Heat Vision: 4, Invulnerability: 9, Kryptonian Physiology, Solar Battery, Solar Flare: 8-10, Super-Senses: 6, Super-Speed: 6, Super-Strength: 10

Abilities: Skill

Fighting: 3, Investigation: 4, Journalism: 7

Advantages: Daily Planet, Fortress of Solitude, Super Suit, The Kents' Farm

Flaws: Kryptonite, Magic/Psionics, Moral Code, Power Awareness, Solar Energy

Languages: Coluan, Daxamite, English, and Kryptonian


Power: Breath (4)

Range: At 20 feet, chill an object to -50F or create 70mph winds

Area of Effect: Consistently widening and dissipating at a equal rate

Limitations: Requires a gaseous atmosphere

Clark can create a number of effects by expelling air through his lips. He can cause heat dissipation, super-cooling the air like an arctic wind, able to freeze objects up to the size of a large armored vehicle. The air can be released at normal temperature or in rapid gusts or blasts, akin to gale force winds. Also notable, Clark can tremendous breath control, allowing him to pull in oxygen through his nose while cycling it back out through his mouth or to hold his breath for nearly an entire day - 15 to 20 hours, specifically - before needing to take in additional oxygen. This allows him to travel through space or underwater for extended periods.

Power: Flight (7)

Range: Interstellar

Clark is able to fly by manipulating kinetic force around his body, allowing him to attain hypersonic speeds within an atmosphere. Outside of an atmosphere, he can attain much greater speeds.

Power: Heat Vision (4)

Area of Effect: 8 inches wide; 70 yards long

Clark can utilize stored solar energy to affect heat diffiusion. While his breath can dissipate heat, his eyes can focus it, allowing him to expel beams of heat at any target in his line of sight.

Power: Invulnerability (9)

Clark's molecular density is much greater than that of a normal human. This, combined with the effects of yellow solar radiation on his Kryptonian physiology causes him to seem almost impervious to most forms of physical harm. He has been known to shrug off direct blasts from most conventional explosives, survive falls from great heights at extremely high velocity, and to withstand direct fire from even large caliber ballistic weapons. There are limits to Clark's seeming resistance to damage though, it's just that it would take so much force that very few without the kind of strength that he and other Kryptonians have while under yellow sunlight would be able to notice this.

Power: Kryptonian Physiology

Superman's unique Kryptonian physiology empowers him in many ways. Most of these abilities are granted by the presence of solar energy from what he often refers to casually as a "yellow sun." Technically, stars of the ideal class are G-type in the blue-white through yellow spectrum. This is bolstered by his increased molecular density, making him mildly more durable than a human being even when depowered. Clark's Kryptonian brain also makes him a faster learner than most humans, and most of his powers are psychokinetically focused by that specialized Kryptonian brain. When empowered by solar radiation, Clark is also immune to all known forms of illness or disease, and only requires an average of two hours of sleep per night to function at peak efficiency.

Power: Solar Battery

The source of all of Superman's powers is Earth's Yellow Sun. The cells of his body are able to absorb solar radiation, and use it to power a variety of superhuman abilities.

Normal sunlight is all that Superman needs to reach his 'crusing speeds' in the various power benchmarks listed elsewhere. But exposure to vast quantities of solar radiation can, in effect, supercharge his abilities.

Of note, the radiation from a Red Sun not only doesn't increase his reserves of power, but it actually quickly depletes them.

Power: Solar Flare (8-10)

Push: Using this ability is in itself a Push, as it is a desperation attack.

Energy Drain: After using this ability, Superman is placed under the full effect of the Solar Energy flaw for 24 to 48 hours, and cannot use this ability at all for two weeks while his solar energy reserves are rebuilding themsevles.

Superman has one extra power up his sleeve, an ability meant only to be used at extremely desperate times against cosmic-level threats. By expelling the stored solar energy gathered in each and every cell in his body, he can unleash an omnidirectional wave of power similar to a solar flare in light and heat intensity, capable of destroying anything within a short range that can't withstand it. It is unleashed with power 8 if he is normally charged (not overcharged), power 9 if he is overcharged with yellow sunlight, and power 10 if he is instead charged by blue sunlight.

Power: Super-Senses (6)

Superman's senses of hearing and vision have all been enhanced far beyond human levels.

His vision allows for both telescopic and microscopic viewing. He is also able to perceive radiation outside the range that is visible to humans. Most notably, he can use his abilities to see through substances by using X-Rays.

His hearing is acute enough to allow him to pick out certain frequencies virtually anywhere. He can fly above Metropolis, close his eyes, and listen for sounds of distress. Or he can pick up the pitch of one of his communicator watches from the other side of the planet.

Power: Super-Speed (6)

When operating within Earth's atmosphere, Superman is capable of running at nearly 10,000 miles per hour. He can think and react much more quickly than a human, allowing him to deflect machine gun fire or run up the side of walls.

Power: Super-Strength (10)

When fully charged by the solar radiation, Superman is able to lift more than 2,500 tons. There is no appreciable difference in his strength limit when flying or standing, allowing to hover in mid-air while carrying his maximum weight limit.

Using his strength constantly depletes his reserves of solar energy, but he can be rendered much weaker in a more immediate fashion by exposure to Green Kryptonite, certain types of magic, or the light of a Red Sun.

Skill: Fighting (3)

Clark has no real formal combat training. Growing up, before his powers manifested, he had little interest in such things, and since then he's not had many opponents to practice with without the risk of hurting them. Obviously, he picks things up fighting super villains, but he tends to rely far more on raw strength and determination than on any kind of skill and finesse.

Skill: Investigation (4)

Clark's day job of being a reporter requires some investigative skill to allow him to get to the juiciest, most truthful parts of the story. Most of his renown is in part due to subtle use of his powers, to make him seem like a better investigator than he is. That doesn't mean he's completely clueless on how to hunt down leads or that he's completely dependent on his powers to see whether a trail of clues is leading him to the truth, or another lie. Even without his powers aiding him, he's still just skilled enough to earn his paycheck, as well as the occasional above-the-fold story.

Skill: Journalism (7)

Clark Kent graduated from Metropolis University with a Bachelors Degree in journalism and spent a few years working for his local newspaper before moving to the big city. He's been told he has a talent for it, even if he's still earning a name for himself in New York. Even without his powers, he can still read people well. His skill with words, knowing how to write a compelling article also aids his work as a hero - he has a knack for knowing what to say to reach people when he needs to.


Advantage: Daily Planet

Clark's position gets him access to information and places he might not normally be allowed. He has also gained popularity and has many contacts through his association with the paper.

Advantage: Fortress of Solitude

Discovered by accident deep beneath the Arctic Ocean, Superman took a series of caves hidden away to all but the most dedicated searchers (or those with super senses) and turned it into a base of operations and a place he could retreat to when he needs privacy. At first, it contained merely the ship he had arrived on Earth in, no longer wanting to store it at his adoptive parent's house for fear it would be found, along with the computer and records the ship had contained that his father had left him of his home planet. As he has begun his career as a super hero though he has built it up with computers to allow him to monitor things going on around the globe, storage for various weapons and artifacts he has found in his adventures, and even a zoo for alien creatures he did not trust any Earth government to not simply dissect and study.

Advantage: Super Suit

Developed from samples of fabrics included in the ship that brought him from Krypton, Superman's costume has some kind of reaction to yellow solar radiation and seems far stronger and more durable than any normal fabric. It doesn't really provide any protection beyond what his own body does, but it does mean that when flying into burning buildings or being struck by explosives Clark doesn't really seem to end up with more than a few small tears in his suit he can patch up later.

Advantage: The Kents' Farm

Not every advantage is about wealth, status, or power. For Superman, maintaining ties to his roots as Clark Kent and his sense of humanity is just as important to him as the privacy and technology the Fortress provides, and this is what his adoptive parents' home in Smallville, Kansas is to him. When Clark needs to ground himself or get some human perspective on an issue, this is often where he'll go.


Flaw: Kryptonite

When Krypton was destroyed, some of the planet's matter was charged with radioactive energy from its star, Rao, interacting with the crystalline material of Krypton's planetary body. The end result was the gemlike green substance known as "Kryptonite." The molecular and radioactive properties of Kryptonite enable it to surpass Kryptonian powers. This means that if Clark is struck by a green Kryptonite weapon, he will be harmed as a normal mortal would. If he comes within close proximity to Green Kryptonite, such as a few feet, he will begin to lose his powers rapidly, and within minutes will be totally incapacitated and helpless. However, the rate of recovery once removed from the emissions is as rapid as the rate of damage, and Clark will be back to normal in under an hour after exposure if he can directly absorb enough solar energy. Kryptonite radiation can be blocked by lead or super-dense materials.

Other colors of Kryptonite also exist at staff discretion, which have differing effects. Clark has no resistance against these either, and the rate of effect should be considered the same as green Kryptonite, unless the Kryptonite type specifies a different rate of effect.

Flaw: Magic/Psionics

Against the powers of magic or various mental psychic powers, Kryptonians have no special defenses. They are not explicitly weak against these forces, so much as they cannot resist them; mind-affecting psychic powers and magic can ignore Clark's various defenses and resistances, harming him or affecting him as much as they would an Earthling.

Toughness 4 vs. direct magical attacks Toughness 3 vs. other enchantments

That said, Clark's life experience, moral fiber, and inner strength mean even though he has no special defenses afforded by his heritage, what remains is the will of an above-average Earthling:

Willpower 4 vs. direct mental attacks Willpower 5 vs. other mental influences

Flaw: Moral Code

Some might not call this a flaw, others though certainly do. For one, Superman does not kill. No matter how much sense it might make, he will try to find another way. He is also a product of his small town, Kansas upbringing, which instilled in him a very strict sense of right and wrong. He can have difficulties with moral 'grey areas' that even other heroes take for granted.

Flaw: Power Awareness

Superman is very aware of the massive power he has, and tends to fight down to a level where he won't simply destroy his foes with a single punch, often meaning he will use weaker tactics or indirect attacks such as destroying weapons or other equipment to try to take the opponent out of the fight in a non-lethal fashion. Some of Superman's enemies are very aware of this tendency and may feign weakness to catch him by surprise.

This can also function as an advantage in some very rare situations, as Superman never really fights at his full strength, as to preserve that which surrounds him (be it buildings or people), and so others may believe him weaker than he can be at his absolute best.

Flaw: Solar Energy

Superman gains his powers from exposure to Earth's yellow sunlight. If he is cut off from the sun for too long, those powers can slowly begin to weaken; the normal lack of sunlight from being indoors overnight or in a windowless room during the day don't weaken him enough to be noticeable. However, exposure to a red or orange star, such as the red sun his native Krypton orbited, will speed up the process, rendering him powerless and left with the strength and abilities of a normal human. Expending all of his stored solar energy at once will have the same effect.

While this flaw is in full effect, Superman has Strength 3, Toughness 3, Speed 1, Perception 2, and the Breath, Flight, Heat Vision, Super-Senses, and Solar Flare abilities cannot be used. He can also pick up diseases and illnesses (though exposure to yellow sunlight sufficient to restore his powers will cure him of these) and he requires normal human amounts of sleep to function.


Years ago, there was a planet called Krypton, and one of its greatest scientists, Jor-El, discovered that Krypton was dying. He wasn't believed until it proved to be too late to save the planet's populace. Jor-El had prepared for the end of the world, but when it happened, only had one spaceship ready, not enough for his whole family. He and his wife Lara sent their infant son, Kal-El, far from the dying planet, to a new home - Earth.

Nearly three decades ago, Kal-El's ship landed on Earth, near a town called Smallville, Kansas. He was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, and raised as their own child, Clark. Clark was taught very well by his human parents and did well in school, poised to become a successful adult - but as he hit his teen years, enough energy from Earth's yellow sun had accumulated in his body that he started to exhibit superpowers - the same powers any Kryptonian on Earth would have. At that time, the Kents showed Clark the spaceship that carried him to Earth, which contained data on his true homeworld and heritage, along with messages from his biological parents.

Jonathan and Martha had raised the boy well, as he decided at that time to use his powers for the betterment of mankind, while still choosing to live among the human race instead of above it, as their son, their relationship no less real even with a lack of blood relation. This positive, grounded attitude served him very well as he went through college in Metropolis, studying journalism. After graduation, he eventually landed a job at the Daily Planet, one of Metropolis and indeed, the world's best newspapers. While he juggles his work and his life as Clark, he also uses his powers to save the day, honoring his Kryptonian heritage while trying to work anonymously...

...That is, until now.

With his superhero work discovered by intrepid reporters and his costumed identity shown in the paper and called "Superman," he has decided it's time to step up to the next level as a hero, using his gifts not only to save the day, but to inspire mankind to become better, following his example of heroism and compassion, of truth, justice, and the American way.


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