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Claudia Olea
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I am a 16 year old delinquent who ran away from a bad situation, dropped out of school, and took up life on the streets. I was lucky to get help learning how to survive, and I got very good at getting into and out of places I wasn't supposed to be, and moving essentially silently. I have done everything I could to be unknown and have worked hard at hiding myself from everything and everyone. One of my biggest fears is that social services will catch up with me and put me back into a foster care situation. Screw that.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Basic Trait

Intellect: 2, Perception: 4, Toughness: 3, Willpower: 3

Abilities: Combat

Brawling: 4

Abilities: Endurance

Endurance: 2

Abilities: Profession

Entering: 5, Pickpocket: 4, Stealth: 5

Abilities: Skill

Dexterity: 4

Advantages: Training

Flaws: Dyslexic, Homeless, Left Shoulder, Stupid, Unskilled

Languages: English


Combat: Brawling (4)

She can hold her own, and win, most fights she gets into.

Profession: Entering (5)

Claudia has never met a lock she couldn't open, a place she couldn't get into or out of.

Profession: Stealth (5)

Claudia is the quintessential thief. Learning to be absolutely silent while moving or hiding was a necessity for survival.

Basic trait: Intellect (2)

Above average intelligence, I'd rank her somewhere between 2 and 3 on this scale.

Basic trait: Perception (4)

Years of living on the streets have made her more aware of things than the average person.

Basic trait: Toughness (3)

She can take damage, and keep going.

Basic trait: Willpower (3)

She is good at hiding and staying hidden, she has the willpower necessary to stand perfectly still when needed. Also, she doesn't steal just to steal. She steals to meet her basic needs.

Endurance: Endurance (2)

Life on the streets has given her the ability to stay sharp for as long as possible.

Profession: Pickpocket (4)

Along with her skill at getting into and out of places, she is also good at stealing wallets, money, jewelry from people.

Skill: Dexterity (4)

She is very good with her hands, which helps her get into and out of places. She also has an ease of movement greater than the average person.


Advantage: Training

In her background, when she first ran away from home, she met a kind man who trained her extensively in the arts of pickpocketing, moving silently, staying absolutely still, breaking and entering, and fighting.


Flaw: Dyslexic

Though she has above average intelligence, she dropped out of school at an early age. She can barely read, because of severe dyslexia. But she has a sharp memory and CAN learn, if things are explained to her, or if someone reads to her out of a book.

Flaw: Homeless

Claudia lives on the streets. she lives by stealing things to wear, things to eat, money from people, breaking into buildings.

Flaw: Left Shoulder

For some unknown reason, she reacts first and thinks later when her left shoulder is touched, especially from behind. Even if she knows the person is there. Her first reaction is removal of the hand by force.

Flaw: Stupid

She's not stupid, far from it, but due to the difficulties she had at school because of her learning disorder, she has been called stupid, and made to believe she is stupid.

Flaw: Unskilled

The only thing she is really good at is breaking the law. She just hasn't learned any better.


Claudia's parents died in a fire when she was 3. They lived in the projects and their landlord was terrible, the building was falling apart. They lived on the top floor, and the roof leaked. The water damage shorted out the faulty wiring in the walls and started the fire that leveled the building. Claudia was rescued but her parents got trapped and burned up. Claudia still hates fire.

At the age of 3 Claudia was put into foster care because no family could be found to give her to. She started school when she was 5, and immediately had problems. But her foster family were not good people, and instead of trying to get her help in a good way, they treated her like she was stupid, and called her stupid. She was also physically abused.

Failing school, she decided when she was 12 to just give up on it, and to get out of the foster system. She ran away from home. She figured she'd be happier on the streets, and it turned out she was right. This aging gentleman who was also homeless took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew - about how to break into places, how to hide, how to be still and move silently. And how to pick people's pockets. He basically trained her to be a thief, in the name of survival on the streets. He didn't turn her in or make her go back to where she didn't want to be. He helped her in his own way. Eventually he froze to death. He trained her for about 2 years, and kept her safe, until he died. So she's been on her own since she was 14. She is 16 now. She has not been back to school or anywhere she could get any help. She's hidden from everyone and everything, for 2 years, she's been alone because she thinks she's safest that way.

Even though she is a thief to survive, she doesn't steal for fun or pleasure. She is essentially an honest person, and she values honesty in others though she will not trust easily. For an unknown reason, she reacts violently when her left shoulder is touched. (I based this on me irl, I have no idea why it bothers me. If I have to make something up for her background, I'll say her foster father would grab her by the shoulder before hitting her.) She knows some other homeless children too, and she won't give them up. She in fact helps them in the same way the old man helped her. By teaching them how to stay safe and meet their needs by theft. She is a kind person, and when she has the means to be, she is very selfless.


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