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Quote-open When the odds are stacked against you, you don't fold, and you don't play the hand you're dealt. You play the player across from you and take him out of the game.--Grifter Vol3 #5 Quote-close

Cole Cash isn't known to many people. Those with high level government connections would know him as a former member of Team 7. One of those special government Black Ops teams!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Healing Factor, Life Sense: 1, Peak Human, Psi-Shield: 6, Slowed Aging, Telekinesis: 2, Telepathy: 2

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 6, Grifting: 8, Lightning Reflexes: 6, Marksmanship: 9, Martial Arts: 7, Pilot: 4, Thief: 7

Abilities: Tech

Arsenal: 4

Abilities: Gear


Advantages: Nifty Motorcycle, Omni-Connection, Safehouses

Flaws: Family Issues, Fear of Powers, Hunted, Past, Vices

Languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish


Power: Healing Factor

Healing Factor: What good is a nice super soldier experiment without a healing factor? Grifter was given one by the experiment that gave him his powers. However Grifter's healing factor doesn't work the way most normal ones do. His works to keep him fighting, so to speak. So say Cole gets shot, the bleeding of the wound will stop rather quickly, however the bullet will still be there, and so will the wound. But he has healed from very serious injuries rather quickly, like coming back in a matter of seconds from having his neck broken. He can't regrow limbs or anything, but well the wounds for them will close up so he doesn't have to worry about blood loss. But that bullet wound will heal faster than normal still, but the main concern for his healing ability is keep him up and about.

Power: Life Sense (1)

One of the few powers that Cole still has that he hasn't locked away. He is able to sense living people within an area of 100 feet of him. It's that simple, if you have a brain he can sense it and know you're around him. Of course things like robots and stuff without brains well he can't read them. But this power does make it tough to sneak up on Cole. Since he can also tell how close a person is to him.

Power: Peak Human

Grifter has trained his body to be at the peak of the human condition. He doesn't need special drugs to do that for him, just years of training! So he's not fully superhuman, he is as tough as a normal human can be. Strength: 3, Agility: 4, Toughness: 3.

Power: Psi-Shield (6)

Cole didn't even know he had put this up until a rogue Tepe tried to get into his mind on a mission once. But hey he has a psi-shield that keeps his thoughts to himself! Now things like illusions and even mind control can still be used on him. But it just makes it tougher to read his mind from another telepath.

Power: Slowed Aging

In 1970 Cole Cash was a young man who was about 21 years old, fast forward to the 2010's and Cole Cash still looks like he's in his early 20s. His aging has been slowed greatly from the time he was given his powers. For every 15 years, he ages only 1 full year. So well he can live a nice long time. Unless the power goes away.

Power: Telekinesis (2)

Cole locked this power away, because he saw what it did to some of the other members of Team 7 that had them as well. At his full power levels Cole was able to lift around 25 tons with his TK and toss it around like it was nothing. Also able to make TK shields to block attacks from reaching him, cause that is just dang useful. But once again those powers have been locked away for now. Of course those were at his peak levels. By the time Cole locked them away his powers were greatly limited. He could only lift about what he could with his own arms with his TK.

Power: Telepathy (2)

Another power that Cole locked away years ago was his telepathy. By the time that Cole locked this power well it was pretty low. He had to struggle to read a person's mind, and could barely do that at times. He would get headaches and even nosebleeds trying.

: Skilled Soldier (Cole spent years as a soldier, and well has skills associated with that. The two biggest are that he notices things that others don't, and has the will to go on when things are against him. He has fought through several injuries before, and just notices traps when people have set them. On top of that, Cole isn't a great battle strategist but he is good when the plan falls apart. Cole is very good at improvising a new plan when he needs to. His strength lies in just coming up with stuff on the fly. So battle strategy bad, combat tactics good. Perception: 6, Willpower: 6)

Skill: Athletics (6)

An exsoldier and trained in well stuff like martial arts makes a person very athletic. So thanks to all his training Cole is skilled in various forms of athletic, and even things like Acrobatics. About on the level of an Olympic Athlete.

Skill: Grifting (8)

Seriously a person doesn't go by the name Grifter if they don't have at least a skill at doing it. He has worked as a con man for a long time, and has been doing it on and off for years. He knows all the ins and outs of the con game and a lot of different cons to pull. He has also trained himself to be a card shark, so well you don't want to play poker against him. But the biggest skill that he acquired from his years as a con man is that he can read people very well. He is good at reading body language and knowing what a person may be feeling based on that. Part of his grifting ability is that he is good at getting people to trust him.

Skill: Lightning Reflexes (6)

Cole has trained himself to be very quick on the draw with his guns. He may not be the fastest out there but he is damn close to it. So when going against someone he can draw his guns very quickly if he needs to.

Skill: Marksmanship (9)

Grifter is really good with firearms, I mean really really good with them. He was on a team of elite military types and earned the nickname Deadeye because of his skill with firearms. So he's good with guns, that's easy to see. While he does prefer using regular handguns he is skilled with rifles as well. And he has been known to even use large cannon like guns! But well if it's a gun, Grifter can use it. He is also great marksman when it comes down to guns, and has even used throwing knives with great accuracy. Though that is where his marksmanship extends to. He can't like pick up a bow and arrow and use them like say Green Arrow can. Maybe with training, but he'll stick to the guns, they're you know actually modern weapons.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)

Once again military trained and even trained in a special hidden martial art. Cole is good when it comes down to hand to hand fighting. Sure he prefers to fight with his weapons when he can. But hey a person can't always rely on them. Yeah he's no where near the best in the world when it comes to hand to hand fighting. Heck he's not even the best from Team 7 when it comes down to it. But he's still good enough.

Skill: Pilot (4)

Cole has been trained to fly a variety of planes. Sure he's not a stunt pilot or anything but he can fly in a pinch. He can fly most regular planes when he needs to, and maybe even learn to fly other stranger types if he needs to as well. On top of the planes Cole is also good at driving! When Cole was arrested he was a getaway driver, and good at it. But well as he got older and wasn't driving anyone else he branched out to motorcycle riding. He got good at doing some stunt riding with that, like well jumping things when he needs to. As well as making quick turns and all that good stuff!

Skill: Thief (7)

Black ops team, and even worked as a spy for a while, so yeah Cole is good at stealing and stealth tactics. He can do normal things like pick most locks and even some safes. As well as just avoid being seen by even trained military people. Of course that only applies to when he wants to do it, if he goes in guns a blazing all bets are off.

Tech: Arsenal (4)

On top his VADs Cole has acquired a rather large arsenal of firearms that he has stored. They range from handguns to even the anti-tank weapon, cause hey you never know. So he can access them when he needs to get his hands on a lot of various different weapons. On top of that Grifter has two speciality guns that he got as payment for a job. They are designed to use regular 44mm explosive packs that well Grifter gave the designs to an arms dealer of his. The weapons have a variable setting on them that change the packs from a stun setting up to armor piercing rounds. So if for some reason Cole doesn't want to kill anyone well he can set it to stun, see isn't that nice of him? The guns hold 30 rounds in each of the packs, but they are designed to be reloaded in a hurry.

Gear: Mask

The mask that Grifter wears isn't just there to hide his pretty face from everyone. It actually filters the air that he breaths so that he can't be poisoned or anything from gas attacks. But other than that his mask doesn't have anything special on it.


Advantage: Nifty Motorcycle

Cole has a standard Harley Davidson that he drives. It has nothing special but he looks cool riding it.

Advantage: Omni-Connection

Grifter has been a military operative, a con-man, even worked a spy for a little bit and a mercenary. As such he has travelled around the world and worked with many people. So chances are in any part of the world he knows someone there that can get information or help them out. So Grifter just knows a lot of people from all of his years of service. On top of that Cole has made a few regular contacts over the years. The biggest of them were the Team 7 members that he has worked with in the past. Yes they did go their separate ways by now, but they were part of an elite military team. Bonds formed then don't really die. He also has worked with and has a hacker friend that he can go to for computer information. Oh and he has a few government contacts and stuff as well!

Advantage: Safehouses

Yeah he setup a couple of safehouses in areas around some cities here and there. He keeps weapons in all of them and they are off the grid, making it tougher for people to find him there. But well he doesn't visit them unless he really needs to.


Flaw: Family Issues

So Grifter's Stepfather killed his real father, that's one issue right there, even though Cole doesn't know that. His stepfather was also abusive forcing Cole to leave him at a young age. He only went back there once, to find out that his mother had died. Which also made his brother hate him because his mother wanted to see him one more time before she died. Now with all that stuff no shock that Cole does have a messed up family.

Flaw: Fear of Powers

Cole watched a few of his friends go crazy thanks to the powers that they had, so he is afraid of his. He welt under training to lock them away, and except for the small parts that are still there, they haven't resurfaced. Even Cole doesn't know what he would do if his powers were to resurface, probably freak out. The fear of his own powers has limited Cole and prevents him from reaching his full potential.

Flaw: Hunted

Team 7 was an experiment in giving powers to soldiers. They went rogue and left the group that gave them their powers. They also found out that the group wants any kids that they could have as well. So as such the group is still looking for them. They would love to get their hands on them to take their powers and try and give them to others. Also there are others that may have use for the Gen-Factor in Team 7.

Flaw: Past

As a member of an elite military team, and a mercenary, and well other things, Cole has a mixed past. He is one of those guys that has done and seen things that most people can never dream of. So yeah he is haunted by some of those things from time to time. On top of that Cole has done things to people that they would love to get revenge on.

Flaw: Vices

Cole has a few Vices that will eventually catch up with him. He's a smoker, drinker and a gambler. Seriously one day he's going to owe money to the wrong person or something.


Cole Cash was born to a father who was a con man, and a regular mother. When Cole was in his early teens his father died, killed by a man named Sam Del Gracci, who would later become Cole's stepfather. But before his mother remarried Cole was the man in charge of the house and taking care of his brother. It was then that Cole started to do the con's that his father would do as well to help provide for his family. But his mother later remarried to Sam Del Gracci.

That was when there was trouble, Sam started to abuse Cole because well Cole did have a smart mouth an all that. Cole decided he would run away so he wouldn't have to put up with Sam anymore. He did a few more cons for a while to live, and ended up working as a driver for some bank robbers. However during the robbery the leader was going to take a hostage and Cole decided to stop him, that wasn't part of the plan. When the leader was going to kill an FBI agent, Cole also stopped him again, which caused everyone to get arrested.

Well the FBI agent gave Cole an alternative, either go to jail or join a special group that he thought Cole would be perfect for. The agent had some blackmail on people so could get Cole into that group. Cole opted not to take the jail time of course and well ended up joining Team 7. So Cole was training to be an elite military operative and after that was done he started going on missions with Team 7. Some were good, some were bad, he saw some friends die or get left behind during those as well. On one mission, Team 7 was exposed to some strange chemical that ended up giving them powers.

That was the beginning of the end for Team 7, they got the powers, and some of them started to go crazy. On one mission the Team was almost nuked by their own government, but by combining their powers they were able to survive. But after that they went into hiding, so that the government wouldn't come after them. But of course they government needed them for a mission one more time so were recruited to do work one more time. So after that Cole started working with Team 7 again, but well things went sour one more time. They found out that the people that created them were after the kids that some of the members were having. So most of Team 7 ran after that, Cole had another idea, he went their offices and put in a virus in their computers. The virus was written by a hacker friend of his of course, but it would alert the hacker when someone was looking for information about Team 7.

But after that Cole decided to go on and become a mercenary, since he had no idea what else to do with his life. During that time he ended up meeting the female that would change his life. She taught him some special techniques and martial arts but the techniques locked away most of his powers. Powers that Cole was already afraid of keeping for good. He learned from her that there were other things out there, and he decided to go out and see if he could do something about them.


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