Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke

Quote-open Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.-Zen proverb Quote-close

The illegitmate (and unknown to him) son of Oliver Queen, Connor spent his formative years at an Ashram monastery where he not only excelled in Archery, but also in Martial Arts and the Art of Inner Peace. He has now decided that it's time for him to meet and get to know his father.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Archery: 7, Bowyer/fletcher: 6, Conditioning: 7, Martial Arts: 9

Abilities: Weapon

Bow and Arrows: 2

Advantages: Ashram

Flaws: Conflicted, Family Issues, Naivete

Languages: English and Tibetan


Skill: Archery (7)

Part of his training at the Ashram monastery included Archery. It was introduced as an exercise in meditation and patience, but with Connor's inherited predisposition, it wasn't long before his talent was recognized and encouraged. Trained in the kyujutsu style, which was, oddly enough, the style used by the Japanese Samurai, his skill with the bow is excellent. With his balance and skill at centering himself and his mind, his accuracy is nearly impeccable, whether or not extenuating circumstances such as wind, visibility, or movement come into play.

Skill: Bowyer/fletcher (6)

Again, part of learning how to fire the bow is learning how it is created. The Creation is part of the process and Connor handcrafts all of his bows, arrows, and necessary accoutrements to shoot his own style, strengths, and preferences.

Skill: Conditioning (7)

There is a necessary Mind-Body connection which works for Connor's spiritual well-being. This means exercise in various forms. An excellent acrobat and gymnast, his sense of balance is well-honed. He keeps to a vegan diet and between his martial arts and archery, his entire body is fairly solid muscle.

Skill: Martial Arts (9)

While Archery is an external way to bring focus, concentration, patience, and accuracy, Martial Arts has a more internal component. Rather than exuding one's will on another instrument, the instrument is the body. While Connor's skill with the bow is extremely good, his Martial Arts skill is rarely matched. Perhaps it is his open, accepting mind, but he easily adapts and learns new fighting styles, even in the middle of a spar or fight. His foundation is grounded in Aikijujitsu, a style focused on subduing without harming. He has been known to spar, fight, and triumph over multiple opponents and even fight while blind.

Weapon: Bow and Arrows (2)

Commercial/Hunting arrows are well and good, but they don't tend to have the same feel than the home-made, hand-made arrows. There is a completeness when one creates the arrows that one then fires. It becomes a part of the cyclical process which also ties in with Connor's Buddhist teachings. It also means he can specialize arrows as needed -- not all in his quiver are of the mundane 'sharp' variety.

His bow is likewise handmade: a simple, recurve bow, handmade to his specifications. There is nothing fancy about it, but it does what it needs to do and it holds up very well.


Advantage: Ashram

This was the only place, besides living at home with his mother, that Connor found peace. The Ashram, a Zen Buddhist Monastary, gave him a purpose and a way to channel and focus his energy to doing good rather than harm. They controlled his impulses and his temper. He knows that he will always be welcome there for any reason.


Flaw: Conflicted

Connor is a pacifist yet he is also a master at Martial Arts and an expert in Archery, both combatant skills. He has taken time to hone these skills as well -- they aren't freak talents that he magically picked up. He refuses to kill, even the smallest insect, if he is able to help it and he does his best to make sure that he is in complete control at all times. However, it doesn't stop him from feeling conflicted over his choice of skills and in finding his father, a known vigilante.

Flaw: Family Issues

The Queen Family is a complicated one. He loves his mother and he desperately wants to know his father and is prepared to love him as well. The two are so very different and while he did visit with his mother during his years at the Ashram, learning who is father was and is has been slow and sporadic. There is a maturity about his quiet, strong presence that his father has been known to lack and no doubt there may be times where he will have to take on the role of 'grown-up' in their relationship.

Flaw: Naivete

Connor spent much of his formative years at the Ashram, essentially cutting him off from the world. While he knows of modern technologies, he isn't as skilled in using them as most his age might be. His interpersonal relations are such that he treats everyone equally and with great kindness, tolerance, and patience. If he picks up on body language or innuendo, he doesn't react to it. Instead, he merely treats people as just that; people. Male and female are no different from each other, which has been known to backfire more than a few times.


Connor's childhood wasn't an easy one. Half-Caucasian, a quarter Korean, and a quarter African-American, he never really fit in with the other kids. His mother, Sandra Moonday Hawke was a single-mother, raising him as best as she could on a modest income. Connor's fuse was short when it came to his temper and from an early age he started acting out. By the time he was ten, he had been expelled from four schools and three different Juvenile institutions for fighting. He was tenacious, lacking impulse control and fighting savagely, greatly harming those who provoked him. Rather than send him to Juvenile Detention, his mother brought him to the Ashram monastery, hoping that they could teach her son how to find balance, control, and peace.

She didn't leave him there before letting him know that his father was none other than Green Arrow.

At the monastery, Connor's looks didn't matter. His background didn't matter. All that mattered was finding balance. Om. Zen. Years passed and Connor continued his studies at Ashram having found everything that his childhood lacked. Except a father. When he turned 18, he decided to step back out into the world to find the man who had fathered him


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