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Agility: 3 Strength: 5 Toughness: 3
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 4
Acting 4 Disguise 2 Healing Factor 6
Krav Maga 4 Modeling 7 Persuasion 4
Threat Assessment 4
Contacts Languages Pain Tolerance
Calories Hard Radiation Look At Me!
Pain Addiction Public ID Public Perceptions
Name: Heather Danielson Heather is publicly known as a supermodel and child actress who made the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition at the age of 20. She has done some other things recently, but has been removed from the scene while she did some intensive training. She is currently between personal security jobs having testified against her former employers for illegal collusion. Her specialty is posing mostly as Eye/Arm Candy while keeping her client safe from harm. Also of note, in the last few weeks, she's been in Television commercials for Victoria's Secret.
Position: Supermodel/Superheroine/Bodyguard
Team: N/A
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Mutate
Type: Original Character
Actor: Brooklyn Decker
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central Standard Time (UTC-6, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born to loving parents in the midwest, Heather was destined for stardom at an early age. When she was eight years old, her mother took her to try out for a local TV commercial and she got the part. Her innocent charm got the attention of other filmmakers, and a year later, she was in a supporting movie role where she played the daughter of an action hero who was kidnapped. It didn't take long for school to become private tutors, and her parents to be her agents and supporters.

By her teen years, she started turning from a girl into a beautiful young woman, and took self defense courses since she would be dealing with fans and paperazzi here and there, and she worked out because she enjoyed it. So she started getting roles that showcased her budding adulthood, and soon began modeling in bathing suits in magazines like Seventeen. At the age of 20, she managed to make the supermodel big time, at least when it comes to Bathing suits. She was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Why was she on the cover? Well, that's another story.

She was hanging out at her hotel with her parents waiting for the following day's shoot, and she was bored. So she decided to go out across the street to get a cup of coffee. Little did she know, SHIELD was in hot pursuit of a criminal smuggling some sort of super soldier experimental drugs. Seven vials with different concoctions deisnged to produce different effects in the body were in a box on the passenger seat of his car. While trying to evade SHIELD, he managed to crash the car, right on the street in front of Heather. She was almost run down, but when the car wiped out, before SHIELD could arrive, she was already there trying to get the guy out of the car. The fumes, combined with the fact that the vials had broken, and a liquid mixture of random amounts of all seven vials were introduced to her when she cut her finger on the broken glass while trying to reach the driver.

SHIELD arrived and moved her away while they took the man into custody, but she had no idea what had really happened to her. She no longer wanted coffee though, she wanted a steak. That night, she had a huge meal and the next day one of the criminals who the vials were meant for, came after her thinking that she had taken one or more of them. They had no idea that they were all broken and gone. Walking onto the shoot, the man pointed a gun at Heather and demanded that she tell her where the vials were. When she told him, in her totally freaked out terror, that she had no idea what he was talking about, the man just shot her and walked away. The bullet ruptured her heart, and Heather went down like a rag doll.

But that lasted only about thirty seconds. She opened her eyes, breathed again, and sat up as she -felt- the wound closing. Of course, this was all on film, and she was angry now. She got up and chased after the guy, tackling him with a strength she was unaware she possessed. Her muscles had grown to compensate for the way her body now worked, and she was super strong as well as having the ability to heal.

After that, she finished the shoot, but she made the cover due to the fame of that incident. Moving on though, her parents told her that if she had these abilities, she needed to figure out what to do with them. So she asked around, and found a trainer in Krav Maga who taught her how to fight and fight -well-. He also had worked for a company that provided personal security for celbrities and dignitaries, and they were excited to hire her when she spoke to them and they discovered that she had just recently turned 21. Eye Candy Security would be a job she was awesome at. To date in the last year, she has been shot seven times in the chest, just taking bullets meant for her clients. It hurts every time, but she's starting to get used to that. Now she wondered if she can be more than just a bodyguard... she idolized the strong superheroines as a child, and really wanted to be one. So she got a costume to wear... or rather a whole plethora of outfits she -could- wear, and is going to try to make her own grand entrance into the superheroine scene.


Skill: Acting (4)

Sure, she was in movies and such, and she is a decent actress, but nobody expects the blonde bombshell to really be able to hold her on in this department. Despite that, she has proven herself quite capable in this area.

Skill: Disguise (2)
She is by no means a master of disguise, but from makeup to movie costuming, she has learned how to alter her appearance to fit a role. She uses this quite often when going into a bodyguard role, though it is difficult to make herself look -much- different. Just small changes to try to change what stands out.

Power: Healing Factor (6)
Heather is empowered with the ability to heal. This works at all times, and can bring her back from the brink of death and can regenerate lost limbs given enough time and caloric intake to fuel the process. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, stab wounds, all vanish in short order, and broken bones mend just as quickly. Smaller cuts will heal on the spot, closing and knitting the internal damage over the next few minutes. Injuries that destroy large portions of her anatomy will require a large amount of time, and as indicated, a large amount of protein and calories. She can fight with blades sticking through her body, her head bashed partially in, multiple broken bones, and will just keep going. She is pretty much immune to any form of disease or toxins/poisons, such as alcohol or other drugs. In reality, she is not totally immune to the effects of any disease or toxin, she simply suffers the effect of them for a moment before the toxins are rendered inert. Tranquilizer darts would make her mildly drowsy for a moment before she shook them off for example. She heals fatigue poisons faster than they can be generated as well, and literally almost never sleeps.

Due to this, she can exert herself at one hundred percent (or more) for literally an indefinite amount of time. Her aging process has slowed to a crawl as well, and though she is only nineteen, she doesn't look like she's aged since she got her powers two years ago. She is aging roughly 1 year per 50 that pass.

  • Limitation: This healing factor will work at reduced levels if Heather is unable to take in enough food/calories. If unable to get enough, her power will weaken as far as healing raw body tissue. She will retain her immunities and reduced aging, but will just become unable to heal.

Skill: Krav Maga (4)
When she gained her powers, she knew that she wanted to put them to use. So she hired one of the world's leading exerpts in Krav Maga from the Mossad, to train her in real world close combat techniques. She has spent a few years training as intensely as her teacher could keep up with. She had a foundation of some basic self defense stuff from when she was in Junior High and built on that. Combined with her natural athleticism, she has become a very dangerous combatant.

Skill: Modeling (7)
Heather has been modeling and acting since she was nine. She was one of those child stars in some recent movies who blossomed and went on to become one of the world's household names in modeling. At 17, she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and is in talks to do television commercials for Victoria's Secret. She is on the list of the leading supermodels in the industry at the moment.

Skill: Persuasion (4)
Heather has learned that she can be very persuasive. She started by wheedling her father as a child, and refined this skill over the years. There are times when she uses her wiles to get her way, but mostly it is all about tone of voice, and finding mutual compromise and getting everyone what they want. (Of course, this is intended for use on NPC's in plot stuff mostly, and would require consent to be useful on other PC's)

Skill: Threat Assessment (4)
Once she got her powers, before she really did a costume thing, she trained to be a bodyguard first. She is more like a combination of Eye-Candy and Bodyguard, and as such, she's not going to notice things like investigative details of a crime scene, but she will be able to look at a crowd and figure out who the threats are, who is packing, etc.


Advantage: Contacts

As a part of her acting and modeling, Heather has made contacts all over the world, where she's filmed, or done shoots. She is outgoing and friendly and as such, people tend to be drawn to her. These are not investigative people who could get police records, but they could help arrange lodging or meetings around the world.

Advantage: Languages
She is not a born linguist, but from her time travelling and acting, Heather has learned French and Spanish as well as Portuguese to suppliment her native American English. She is not as good as a native speaker, but can make herself understood, and can pick up the general gist of what's being said in those languages.

Advantage: Pain Tolerance
When you can heal from nearly anything and your preferred method for disarming an opponent's blade is to let them stab you and then twist the weapon away, you get used to suffering amazing amounts of pain. She has started getting used to the pain and it doesn't really slow her down. She has gotten to the point where she almost thrives on it, and uses that pain to push herself on when need be.

Advantage: Wealthy
While she is by no means a multi-billionaire, Heather has amassed a large amount of wealth and is capable of living a comfortable life. She can make large purchases regularly, and owns expensive clothing and cars. She could not buy her own airplane, but is perfectly capable of chartering one every month without really going broke doing so. Her net worth could be listed in the tens of millions, somewhere below the fifty mark.


Flaw: Calories

Heather, as indicated in the Healing Factor power, needs to consume far more calories per day than any three normal people. She is always eating and needs quite large meals. Without such caloric intake, her healing factor will slow down its healing rate and eventually stop it.

Flaw: Hard Radiation
When exposed to hard radiation (Gamma Rays, Exposed Nuclear Reactor, Lingering effects of meltdowns or leftovers from fallout, etc) will cause Heather's Healing Factor to change its function. She will survive the exposure so long as she has time to recover. However, the damage to her cells will be the priority for her Healing Factor. The more extensive the radiation exposure, the more her healing factor will focus on it. This means that if she's exposed to large amounts of Hard Radiation, her healing factor will not be as useful for other things. It will not heal tissue or bone damage, resist toxins and disease, until the cellular damage from the radiation has been healed. She could easily be killed in this way if it was discovered.

Note: The amount of rads of exposure, would proportionately lower her Healing Factor rate. Since her Healing Factor is rated at 6, exposure to rank 2 radiation would lower her healing factor to 4 for the duration. Rank 6 radiation would negate her healing factor entirely. Also, exposure to lower ranked radiation for longer periods of time would have a similar effect. Exposure to rank 2 for 30 miunutes, would have the effect of being exposed to rank 6 for 1 round.

Flaw: Look At Me!
This is more of a mental quirk than anything else. She loves to be the center of attention and will goto great lengths to become such if the spotlight is moving away from her. She's not really even aware of this reaction within her, it's just who she is. She's not the life of the party, she -is- the party.

Flaw: Pain Addiction
Linked to her Pain Tolerance, is the fact that at times, she seems to not only endure the pain, but enjoy it. It's as if that's about the only -normal- thing left. When she gets cut, it -should- hurt, and she latches onto that as some sort of sanity saving defense mechanism. It's not sexual or a turn on, it's just... sometimes she seeks out pain almost as if she thinks she deserves it.

Flaw: Public ID
When you are one of the more recognizeable faces in the world, maintaining a secret ID is difficult. Besides, when you get shot in the heart on a photo shoot, and heal from it publicly... while papparazi are shooting pictures, it is difficult to hide the fact. Heather Danielson is very well known as Cover Girl, the superheroine.

Flaw: Public Perception
Most people will not look at a pretty teenaged blonde girl and think that she is someone who is capable or responsible. Not that is underestimated by her enemies so much as by her allies. Clients who hire a bodyguard may initially think that she can't possibly do the job, and bad guys she tries to intimidate may just laugh at her.


Cover Girl Logs

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