Croyd Crenson
The Sleeper
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The Sleeper

Quote-open "Sleeper waking, meals taking. Sleeper speeding, people bleeding." Quote-close

Croyd is from the Wild Card books, created by Roger Zelazny, Edited by George R.R. Martin. He is always changing and gets a new set of powers whenever he wakes up.


Abilities: Mutation

Enhanced Metabolism: 7, Random Powers: 8, Regeneration: 9, Sound Track: 2

Abilities: Power

Clairaudience: 10, Enhanced Strength: 5, Teleportion: 10, Warping: 3

Abilities: Skill

Open Mind: 4 Thief: 2

Advantages: Alternate Identity, Friends, Uncurable

Flaws: Ampetatimes, Drifter, Paranoid, Soft Spot, Suggestable

Languages: English and Esperanto


Mutation: Enhanced Metabolism (7)

Croyd effectively has Endurance 8 due to his enhanced metabolism when he's awake. Booze does nothing to him and minor toxins or drugs don't do as much as they do for others which requires massive amounts to say Amphetamines.

Mutation: Random Powers (8)

Every time Croyd goes to sleep, his powers change. He typically sleeps 1-6 weeks. He can have a small number of powers, none at all, or maybe even one. It's a crap shoot every time. The powers or abilities granted to him range from 1-8, but generally are around 2-6. If he has a power go as high as 8, it'll be the only one he has.

Mutation: Regeneration (9)

Between bouts of waking Croyd can regenerate nearly any wound. While awake he only heals faster than normal if he has a power that lets him do so. He is able to stay awake for up to three weeks at a time, but the last week requires him to take speed or amphetimines to stay awake.

Mutation: Sound Track (2)

Croyd has one ability that always stays with him through each change. He can play music on anything that vibrates our could normally play music. Like, he can't play the guitar but if he strummed it he could make music come from it or a radio or the wings of flies. When he wants to, he has his own sound track.

Power: Clairaudience (10)

At a planet-wide range, he can hear any where on the planet to a location he has already been. He can listen to more than one conversation at once.

Power: Enhanced Strength (5)

Croyd is supernaturally strong and able to lift about a ton.

Power: Teleportion (10)

He an teleport himself, and himself alone, anywhere on the planet as long as he is aware of it and there is no blocking effect like an anti teleportation shield.

Power: Warping (3)

Consent: In affecting things that belong to other characters, especially attempting to permanently weaken them, bear in mind that this is heavily governed by consent.

He can adjust the hardness of anything by 3, for example he could make water, steam, or mist or make it as hard as steel if he wanted.

Skill: Open Mind (4)

Croyd picks up skills pretty fast, mainly because he has to. He doesn't have a photographic memory but his mind is wide open to learning all the time, and he's an apt pupil. He's what you might call a sponge, which also allows him to listen to the news and current events while he's asleep. In theory, he could also set up a book on tape this way to learn some stuff.

Skill: Thief (2)

Croyd is just starting at breaking an entering but he knows some of the basics, like casing a joint, picking very basic locks, hiding etc. He'll get better.


Advantage: Alternate Identity

Each time he changes, all his traits change, right down to his DNA, appearance, voice, finger prints, the works. Granted, that has its problems, but it gives him a reset every single time.

Advantage: Friends

Croyd doesn't have a lot of friends, but he has a few and is getting more all the time. He's given them secrets to help them know its him in case they need him.

Advantage: Uncurable

The Sleeper isn't going to be cured. That has its disadvantages, but it also means that while a cage or a suppressor or the like will work on him in a particular manifestation, keeping him from sleeping or altering him permanently to a point where he's locked in one particular form simply isn't going to happen.


Flaw: Ampetatimes

Croyd turns to these as his first choice to stay awake. He isn't physically addicted, but they are a recurring cycle because they work. We're not talking Coffee here but the highly illegal kind that will keep you awake for a long time. Croyd needs them, and will break the law to get them.

Flaw: Drifter

Croyd makes friends, but he always holds them a little at arms length. He's immortal, they likely aren't. He could sleep and he's always gonna look different, but he gets by.

Flaw: Paranoid

Croyd does NOT want to go to sleep, and in the final week of his cycle starts to get outright nuts. He's not sociopathic but has random delusions that quite often make him less than a pleasant person to be around.

Flaw: Soft Spot

Croyd is not really a hero but he has a soft spot for folks who are tough on their luck, loyalty to friends and a habit of keeping his promises most of the time. He looks out for the little guy even if it might not make sense to do the right thing.

Flaw: Suggestable

When it comes to hypnosis and mental suggestion, because of his wide open brain, Croyd is effectively Willpower 1.


Croyd was just a kid when the Joker hit. "The Wild Card Compound" they called it. For most, it was minor footnote in an otherwise huge amount of mayhem and murder. For Croyd, it changed his world. Over a hundred people were in the room when it hit. Some got strange powers but then died horrifically afterword. Some were changed into monsters...and died horrifically afterword. But the worst were those who lit on fire with a black unholy flame. Those are the ones that haunt him at night, because Croyd found that when he goes to sleep, he changes. Sometimes he gets new powers. Sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he looks like a freak. Sometimes he's just normal. But life was tough starting out, and he had to learn to steal.

That's when things got...weird. He has a lot of memories, and they kept coming back but ultimately he met a man who promised that he could cure Croyd...end the neverending cycle of change after change after change. It didn't take. Croyd woke up with almost no memories of most of his life, and had never bothered keeping a journal. He had some friends who had looked out for him but not a lot, and they could only tell him about some of the stashes he'd set up in case he woke up. Now he's starting over...from scratch. He feels he has a lot of time to make up for.


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Croyd is kinda a member of stormwatch when sane.


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