Neutral Mobile
DJ01 DJ04
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 5
Airship Pirate 6 Broadway Butterfly 5
Classical Cohen Dance
Dubstep Gospel Hard Rock
Hip Hop Jackson Mash Up
Metal Moves Like Jagger 5 Musica Universalis 8
Perform This Way 5 Pop Pumped Up Kicks 6
R&B Sing 4 Steal My Sunshine 4
Techno Turntables 8 Writer's Block 5
Call Me Maybe Ghost Writer Headphones
Instigator Music Pop Culture
Ramen Noodles Take Me Home The Underground
Wardrobe #6 Wheelz of Steel Yellow Brick Road
Ain't No DJ Alone I Break Catch Me If You Can
Dumb It Down Hear Me Now Next Girl
The Power Winner You Can't Win
Name: Mark Sheppard Mark Sheppard is an avid lover of two things: Music and Women. Ever since the realization of his mutant ability, Mark has been exploring his own musical tastes and the varied abilities that come with it. Hiring himself out as a party rockin' freelance maestro of music, Mark Travels the globe honing his talents, loving the ladies, and broadening his genetic horizons. Go DJ
Position: Mutant Maestro
Team: N/A
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Avan Jogia
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Indeep
Quote: "Must be the music."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born For This - Paramore

Mark Sheppard was born to a couple of parents that never really had any intention of keeping him. He was a mistake and the greatest thing they could do for him was put him up for adoption. Which is what they did. They made sure it was a closed adoption, while also disappearing for their separate ways to make sure that they could never be found again. Or at least making the chances very slim.

It only took a couple of years for Mark to get adopted by a former rock musician, Rascal Sheppard. Lead singer and guitartist for the band Honey Badgers, Rascal was looking to enjoy the adventurous life of being a father. And it went from adventurous to the Good Life pretty quickly. He bonded with the child and for about ten years Mark followed in the footsteps of the only father he ever knew, building a love for music and secretly learning the tricks of the 'player' trade. It was not the most responsible environment, though he did get some stability during school hours, but Rascal did what he could to make sure Mark was a decent kid.

Who I Am - Smile Empty Soul

Change is never good. It was around Mark's 13th birthday did two things happen. One, his father's career started taking off again, as there was a strange revival in the Honey Badgers fanbase. And the second thing was the manifestation of Mark's mutant ability. While Rascal was more than willing to accept the fated hand that was dealt to his son, Mark was smart enough to know that the general public and their opinion on 'different' people was not a good one. And rather than letting his adoptive father suffer through it, while trying to maintain a reborn career. So he ran away.

From there, Mark was on his own. He lived on the streets, making money any way he could figure out, following somewhat in the footsteps of his adoptive father, by performing musically and just generally being something of a street performer. It was not exactly the best life, as he drifted from city to city. He met up with others like him, those that hated his kind, and even managed to get into trouble with various law enforcement agencies. For about three years, Mark was nothing more than a musical drifter... and a random mutant.

Let The Music Play - Shannon

Flying low on the radar was easy enough, but as he grew up, Mark felt the need to become something more. As he drifted from place to place, he realized that he could use his ability to his advantage and also provide the world with a service. He became DJ Paragon, underground party rocker and general of the wheels of steel. He stacked money up performing at parties and clubs, getting more known for his mixing skills and the like than anything else. It wasn't the best life but it was a good start.

A start that allows him to actualy build a career out of the underground music scene. By employing his natural talents on a somewhat professional level, Mark eventually became a legend on the scene and has since then been attempting to keep that same style and profile. He has no intention of selling out to a big time label or anything and merely is content with making enough money to survive and look good. It's all about appearances, really.

Something, though, had to be done about the other side of him. His mutant side.

Learn To Live With What You Are - Ben Folds

It wasn't until he drifted himself into New York City did he manage to hear some rumblings about certain places that could help with mutant abilities. Thanks to being a mutant, he has managed to secure himself some honest information. He's decided to take up a temporary residence in the city, whilst following up on any and all leads that may have him in the hands of someone that can help him learn to live with what he is.


Skill: Airship Pirate (6)

Mark is highly skilled in the art of illegal downloading, searching, torrenting and is a master of Google Fu. He has some light hacking skills that allow him to bust down the firewalls of most commonly protected websites. He's more skilled in the search and seizure of software of varying types and other illegally acquired technological stuffs.

Airship Pirate - Abney Park

Genre: Broadway (Shapeshifting)
They say imitation is the finest form of flattery or something like that. That's something that Mark never really understood, until he found himself taking a liking to that distinct Broadway sound. It was this Broadway sound that helped him to realize that everyone, even him, has a part to play.

Power Manifestation: Broadway Music allows DJ to become a shapeshifter. His shapeshifting is limited to humanoid styles. When shapeshifting into a specific person, he does not get their powers and abilities. It is mostly a cosmetic change. He can, however, also mimic voices and do impressions with ease during these moments.

Rating: N/A

Genre Correlation: Broadway music is all about expression and imagination. The ability to embody different characters and bring them to life is the soul of Broadway. Naturally, the ability to shapeshift would come along with such a powerful sense of creativity.

Skill: Butterfly (5)
Mark has always had a knack for fitting in. He's something of a social butterfly, that way. He knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk of vary states of socio-economic lines, various cultures and can almost always find a way to incoporate himself into situations that may not be in his own comfort zone. He's allowed his love of music to make him feel as though he can fit in with any group of any type and any where. What's to say that he can't?

Butterfly - Crazy Town

Genre: Classical (Forcefield Generation)
After discovering his mutant ability, DJ felt quite vulnerable and emotional. He felt more real than ever before and more connected to the classical music he was using to keep himself calm and his emotions protected.

Power Manifestation: Classical Music allows DJ to create and manipulate forcefields. These forcefields are made from a malleable energy substance that can be created at will by DJ. These forcefields are very resistant to damage and capable of protecting whatever the contents are from harm.

Rating: 5 (News Toughness)

Genre Correlation: Classical Music, of this particular type, is composed from the heart and provides a strong sense of emotion. Forcefields are also built from within and are strong methods of protection. Classical composers, by their sheer genius, are known throughout the globe as masters of their domain and their music will forever be impenetrable.

Genre: Cohen (Telepathy)
At a younger age Mark had a difficult time focusing and paying attention. He would always find his mind wandering or his imagination taking over. It was not until he started listening to Leonard Cohen did he really start to be able to use his brain to its full potential.

Power Manifestation: Leonard Cohen's music grants DJ with Telepathy. Through this, DJ can read minds, bend wills and even create mental illusions to vary degrees of success. Considering the difficult and dangerous nature of telepathy, DJ still must learn and master various telepathy stunts to be successful in this area.

Rating: 3 (News Profession)

Genre Correlation: Leonard Cohen is in a class of his own. While his base style of "Folk" is something to be admired, DJ's personal connection to this artist and his music is what gives him this ability. Cohen's music is for both the soul and the mind, provoking thought and persuasion with every note. Plus? The ladies love it.

Genre: Dance
Nightclubs were never really Mark's scene. Not until he mopped the floor with some opponents in a Dance Battle. His moves and talent made sure he was the only star shining that night.

Power Manifestation: Dance Music gives DJ the power to manipulate light in varying forms. He can create blinding lights and manipulate the light spectrum in a vast number of ways. He can also use this ability to absorb light from a given area, creating darkness but not controlling it.

Rating: 5 (News Profession)

Genre Correlation: Dance Music is all about the club scene and clubs tend to be built on light manipulation and play. Light manipulation and other forms of photokinesis are a natural extension of such musical environments.

Genre: Dubstep (Enhanced Reflexes/Bullet Time)
Running with the right or wrong crowd can cause many different things to happen. Confrontations with groups of people that want to pound your face in are never good. Mark found this out during his first experience with dubstep music. He's been seeing things differently ever since.

Power Manifestation: Dubstep Music allows DJ the use of enhanced reflexes and Bullet Time. DJ's reflexes are enhanced to a high rate that allows him to react at up to five times normal speed. This gives him plenty of time to do things such as dodging bullets or even laser fire, perform counterattacks and even relocate his position all within the same time frame as opposing movement or attacks. In some cases, Bullet Time can be engaged which allows DJ to perceive time as moving slowly and thus speeding up his own actions to the point of epic levels of this ability.

Rating: 2 (News Speed), 4 (Bullet Time - News Speed)

Genre Correlation: Dubstep features intense and overwhelming bass lines mixed with insane drums and an incredible use of rewinds. The scatterbrained stylings of this musical style works in direct tandem with the flexibility and movement that enhanced reflexes provides.

Genre: Gospel (Flight)
As a drifter and a wanderer Mark has spent a lot of time in different areas and learning about other cultures. During one visit to the deep south, after a particularly rough night, Mark found that more than his spirits could be uplifted by the soulful sounds of Gospel music.

Power Manifestation: Gospel Music gives DJ the power of flight.

Rating: 2 (News Speed)

Genre Correlation: Gospel Music is all about uplifting and praise and believing in something higher than oneself. This molds very well with the power of flight, as that is also uplifting in a more physical manner.

Genre: Hard Rock (Concussive Energy Displacement)
While in attendance at a rock concert, Mark found himself in the middle of a violent mosh pit. It was after a few well placed blows to his body and hitting the ground when Mark felt the energy well up from within to give him the strength needed to "push" his way free of the aggressive music lovers.

Power Manifestation: Hard Rock music allows DJ to generate and displace concussive energy from his body. This energy can be displaced from his body in a variety of ways, though the most common is the use of his hands and feet. The strength of his concussive displacement is directly connected to the "hardness" of the rock. This energy displacement is completely under DJ's control, allowing him to even go so far as to control the movement of energy beams that have been released from his body.

Rating: 2 - 5 (News Strength)

Genre Correlation: Hard Rock is a form of loud, aggressive rock music. Concussive blasts are an aggressive and offensive tactic which molds together with this genre's style and purpose: Destruction.

Genre: Hip Hop (Pyrokinesis)
Mark has always been a lover of the hip hop genre. He enjoys everything about it from the classic and humble beginnings to the battles and the excitement of the shows. Hip Hop artists have always managed to make it hot. Now Mark can too.

Power Manifestation: Hip Hop Music gives DJ the ability of Pyrokinesis. While becoming immune to fire and heat, DJ gains the power to create, absorb, generate and manipulate fire at varying intensities. He's capable of forming this fire into various shapes or expelling it from his body in a multitude of ways. The flames can even be used to propel himself and give him flight capabilities. He cannot engulf himself with flames or anything like that, he can just channel and manipulate the flames he creates.

Rating: 5 (News Heat), 3 (Fire Flight - News Speed)

Genre Correlation: Hip Hop music derives from classic and old school rap music. From the beginning, it has always been about lyrics. So much so that having good lyrics came to be known as being "hot". The slang terminology has become so engrained in the hip hop culture that denying this fact would be impossible. This now gives the power to literally spit hot fire.

Genre: Jackson (Puppeteering)
Mark has always been a Michael Jackson fan. For as long as he can remember he has imitated and copied Michael's moves, incorporating them into his own dance style and generally just loving the King of Pop. He's since come to realize that Michael wasn't the only leader to be followed.

Power Manifestation: Michael Jackson's music gives DJ the power to manipulate the motor skills of others. This power enables DJ to take control of another living being and control their movements, much as though they were a marionette or a puppet. Subjects are still within their own mind and conscious about what's going on, but they tend to be powerless to stop or resist the puppeteering. It takes an incredibly strong will to break free from or resist these actions.

Rating: 7 (News Profession), 1 (News Distance)

Genre Correlation: Michael Jackson is one of the greatest performers in the history of music. His music and dancing ability has influenced nations all around the globe. It makes sense for something like this to allow the influence and manipulation of others on a physical level. It's very hard to not move to an MJ song.

Genre: Mash Up (Various)
As an extension of his lifestyle and his chosen profession, Mark has always been capable of taking music and throwing it together to create new hits for the streets. Turns out that they are not the only things that get created.

Power Manifestation: Mash Up Music allows DJ to use a combination of different abilities at the same time. Depending on the mash up, DJ could find himself incorporating anything from his library of abilities. He can only do this with abilities that he has already manifested, though, as those that have not been discovered yet cannot be used because they don't exist to him.

Rating: Varies

Genre Correlation: Mash Ups are all about taking different songs from different (or even the same) artists and mashing them together to create something new. This provides a strong basis for the combined power use that DJ harnesses with this music.

Genre: Metal (Chaotic Disorder)
You can't become an amazing DJ without learning how to incorporate various styles of music into your mix. It became evident that after Metal became a more mainstream sound that Mark brought this style of music into his mixes. Apparently, this was one serious way to bring the house down.

Power Manifestation: Metal Music gives DJ the ability of Chaotic Disorder. This allows him to call upon the powers of chaos and entropy to create disorder. With this ability, DJ can create blasts of chaotic energy which can impact with physical force as well as creating chaotic results. He can also cause mayhem of an environment or ruin inantimate objects or even just the creation of random acts of chaos. This is a very volatile and random ability and cannot really be controlled even by DJ. The more he tries to control it, the harder it becomes to control. DJ, however, is solely immune to the chaos he creates around him.

Rating: 1 (News Distance)

Genre Correlation: Metal/Nu Metal music is really loud and aggressive and wild. It creates mosh pits and disorderly conduct all the time. It's really hard to control, even from a musician's standpoint, as sometimes the music just gets away from those playing it. Thus, the creation of chaos and random entropy is a natural super ability manifestation for this style of music.

Skill: Moves Like Jagger (5)
Being such an avid lover of the musical stylings of music, it's only natural that Mark be capable of making his way around a dance floor with both style and ease. He's not professionally trained in any way, but he makes it a point to stay current on all the latest dance crazes and incorporates them all into his own personal portfolio of moves. He knows the basics of even the more classical styles of dance, though he almost always puts his own personal spin on things.

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 (f/ Christina Aguilera)

Power: Musica Universalis (8)
Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry, commonly referred to as Musical Empathy, allows DJ to create various effects and abilities, by listening to various types of music. The basis of this ability comes from his connection to the music and is contingent upon him actually being able to hear or listen to music, in order for him to create the desired effect. Effects can be anything from actual powers and abilities to enhancement of this base ability of Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry.

New abilities can be discovered as new music is introduced to Mark, thus widening his web of abilities and musical conduits. Once an ability has been assigned to a particular style of music, it cannot be changed or reused. These "assignments" usually come from a combination of Mark's emotions or meaningful situations that help him to manifest new abilities in conjunction with music that he's listening to at the same time. There are a lot of factors that come into play when Mark manifests a new power.

Rated at an 8, Mark has managed to become an expert of using his ability. He has a vast library of music to choose from, showing his skill level and knowledge in the area of Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry. However, he still needs music to come from an outside source and still must actually hear the music to be able to use his various abilities. The potential to grow beyond these hard limits exists and with the correct training and teaching, Mark could become greater skilled and Master his powers.

Musica Universalis - Mike Oldfield

Skill: Perform This Way (5)
Mark is a lover of attention and thus has managed to couple his showing off and general "look at me" attitude into various styles of performance that can be used to captivate an audience. Whether it be with dance or an improvisational stand up routine, physical comedy or some random act of something or other, Mark is well self-taught in how to keep eyes on him. This makes him an impeccable distraction during times of action and adventure.

Perform This Way - Weird Al Yankovic

Genre: Pop (Replication)
Mark has always considered himself to be something of an originality maestro. He's considered himself to be one of a kind. However, during one particular Guilty Pleasure listening session, Mark found that not even originality can stay original forever.

Power Manifestation: Pop Music gives DJ the power of Replication. When listening to this style of music, DJ can create clones and replicates of himself, each with varying personality traits and a sense of being within themselves. Each Replicate (or Remix as DJ refers to them) can exist within its own space and comes defaulted with DJ's mutant ability. This allows them to manifest different abilities themselves dependent on what music they are listening to, as long as Original DJ continues to listen to Pop music. DJ can create up to 12 Remixes.

Rating: N/A

Genre Correlation: The entire basis behind Pop Music is that it is "Popular". And anything that gets Popular within the music industry ends up being copied and duplicated by other producers or labels in an attempt to capitalize on the same thing. This carbon copying and ripping off is a direct translation to Replication powers.

Skill: Pumped Up Kicks (6)
Mark is a self-taught parkour transportation specialist. With the majority of his life being spent on the streets, he's had to learn this skill and use it to traverse the urban landscapes of the cities and towns that he's taken up temporary residence in. He's capable of performing slides, swings, leaps, tumbles and more from dangerous heights, across moving vehicles and oter street acrobatic tactics.

Genre: R&B (Empathic Control)
As a lover of music and women, Mark has always found that contemporary R&B music has been a part of that. It pulls and tugs at his emotions and he can literally relate every girl he's ever been with, crushed on, noticed... to a song with R&B flavor. Now it's time to make that emotion a reality.

Power Manifestation: R & B Music provides DJ with the ability to manipulate the emotions of others. Just as telepathy allows someone to alter someone's thoughts, emotion manipulation allows DJ to change and alter the way someone perceives a thought. He can only create one emotion at a time, though he may use it on multiple targets within a specific area. Perhaps as a combination of his own love of music, his empathic control can become more powerful and reach a wider range of people when used in conjunction with music. Perhaps that is what makes him such an effective DJ. Those with extremely strong wills may find it easier to resist or come out of having their emotions manipulated. Emotionless people are immune.

Rating: 6 (News Profession), 1 (News Distance), 7 (w/ Music - News Profession), 2 (w/ Music - News Distance)

Genre Correlation: Contemporary R&B is filled with emotion. Though it comes in varying styles and tempos, it all comes from a place of feelings and the words are usual meant to inspire or invoke some sort of feeling within the listener. This is the exact same thing that empathic manipulation does.

Skill: Sing (4)
Not that he's a masterful vocal artisan or anything, but the fact of the matter is that Mark is capable of holding more than a tune. With formal training and constant practice he could perhaps sing on a professional level. But as of right now, he's more than capable of carrying a Glee-ful tune. He's at his best when he's singing or serenading women. Go figure.

Sing - My Chemical Romance

Skill: Steal My Sunshine (4)
Mark's life on the streets has enabled him to become proficient in various forms of thievery. From breaking and entering to pickpocketing and even picking locks. He has no formal training in this and is nowhere near being a master thief. But he knows enough to be able to survive on his own.

Steal My Sunshine - Len

Genre: Techno (Technopathy)
During the more colorfully unresidented part of his life, Mark spent a lot of time in warehouses and abandoned lofts as shelter. On one of the more rough nights, he found himself sleeping through a rave happening beneath his perch. That is until he dreamt of shorting out the speakers so he could have some piece and quiet.

Power Manifestation: Techno Music gives DJ the ability to manipulate and communicate with technology. This allows him to use his mind to create a psychic link with technology within his range, gain instantaneous expertise of the technology in question and modify, morph, or manipulate it in a variety of ways. DJ can become a master of technology, though, this is limited to only when he's using this ability. The moment he loses the ability through the loss of hearing the appropriate music, his technological master mind is vamoose.

Rating: 8 (News Profession), 1 (News Distance)

Genre Correlation: Techno Music is all about electro-sound and dance. It just has a technological feel to the way the music is developed and it molds so well with technopathy on so many levels that it is the prime breeding ground to be the foundation for this ability.

Skill: Turntables (8)
Mark is marvelous with his hands when it comes to mixing, scratching and other DJ oriented talents. He possesses a rare talent for this art form and can rock with the best of them. He has his own unique style that is known throughout the underground music circles and he is more than capable of holding his own. He's practically a DJ hero.

His DJ handle is: DJ Paragon

Turntables - Ciara (f/ Chris Brown)

Skill: Writer's Block (5)
Mark is a talented writer of both lyrics and music, though he excels in the lyric department. He has no formal training for writing music and only writes music to his own style. His lyric and song-crafting ability is good enough to allow him to succeed on a semi-professional level.

Writer's Block - Royce da 5'9" (f/ Eminem)


Advantage: Call Me Maybe

Mark is a huge flirt that tends to thrive on being able to work a room or become something of a friend, associate, or something more with people. He uses Flirtatious Techniques to get favors, information, or assistance from those that have fallen for his charms. He has access to women in a variety of different walks of life that he can call upon for varying levels of assistance.

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Advantage: Ghost Writer
Mark is always on the move and one of the primary ways he makes money is crafting lyrics and songs. He has limited experience writing music, but more when it comes to lyrics. He gets royalty checks on a regular basis from record labels and artists for penning their songs.

Ghost Writer - Mad Skillz

Advantage: Headphones
Perhaps his most prized possession in the world is his collection fo headphones. Not only does he have a pair in almost every color and every style, he's got custom designed ones and autographed ones and the list can go on and on. Headphones are as much of a part of Mark as his limbs. They are an extension of him.

(Earbuds don't count.)

Headphones - Watsky

Advantage: Instigator
Mark's vehicle is a classic Dodge Street Van that follows a strict Decepticon Theme, as it is a combination of black and purple. Custom exterior and interior, as well as a few Never On The Market tweaks from Mark's underground street racing connections. On the inside, there's enough room for Mark to live and treat guests comfortably, as the ride has been personally pimp'd by Mark himself.

Because of the way this van of his seems to draw attention and get people talking, he's named it Instigator.

Instigator - D12

Advantage: Music
Mark's collection of music is already huge and it continues to grow every day. Music of all kinds can be found within his possession. This music is kept in various locations ranging from MP3 players, records, cassettes/CDs and S-Tunes accounts within various Stark Cloud accounts.

Mark's Music selection is directly related to his Abilities.

Music - Madonna

Advantage: Pop Culture
Mark is a self-proclaimed master of pop culture knowledge. He practically studies it. He's more than well versed on current and popular trends, music, movies, and whatever else is deemed as popular. He even manages to keep up with celebrity gossip on a level that is probably unhealthy. Never know when this kind of knowledge can come in handy.

Pop Culture - Madeon

Advantage: Ramen Noodles
As someone that lives on the go, Mark has mastered the art of cooking Ramen Noodles. They are his life source and he thrives on them. He can survive on them in any incarnation and the only time he's actually Chef Worthy is when he's preparing a pack of Ramen Noodles.

Ramen Noodles - Cameron J

Advantage: Take Me Home
Mark is a rolling stone more or less. He doesn't have an official place of residence. Whenever he moves to a new city, he gets climate controlled storage spaces for his things and a P.O. box through which to collect his checks. In addition to these things, there are usually people within the city that are more than willing to let him crash with them for a while.

Take Me Home - Phil Collins

Advantage: The Underground
Mark Sheppard is a name that's somewhat known throughout the underground music scene. However, the more popular name that's affiliated with underground music, parties, raves, and the like is DJ Paragon. He's known throughout a vast global network of underground music lovers and has made a considerable name for himself, as well as some disposable income, performing and playing venues and parties.

As a well known dancer, Mark has his own dance crew that he battles with. They follow a strict black, purple and gray color scheme. They are the Decepticonz and Mark's handle within the crew is: Instigator.

The Underground - Excision & Downlink

Advantage: Wardrobe #6
Mark has an extensive wardrobe that is built from his own creative style and mixed with the current and popular trends, but just enough to stay cool and still keep his originality intact. He's always up to making himself look good.

Wardrobe #6 - Diggy-MO

Advantage: Wheelz of Steel
Mark has a collection of different turntables of differing styles. His equipment ranges from classic to new age and modern. He collects different skins and custom fits different turntables to be better for different styles of parties. It's not purely cosmetic.

Along with his turntables, Mark has a huge collection of crates full of records. The music won't ever stop.

Wheelz of Steel - OutKast

Advantage: Yellow Brick Road
Mark is a young man of the streets. He understands the lifestyle of living beneath one's means and hopping from couch to couch or city to city. He's very well versed in being able to pick out which neighborhoods are which, whether they be good ones or bad ones. He's a very street smart individual and that that's something that tends to transfer no matter where he is in the world.

Yellow Brick Road - Eminem


Flaw: Ain't No DJ

Mark has a reputation as DJ Paragon in the streets and on the underground music scene. WIth that comes a lot of static and enemies within that scene. He has rivalries with other DJs, performers, shady labels and other industry types that will do anything to see him fail. Whether that is outing him as a mutant ot attempting to kick his ass or ruin his reputation.

Ain't No DJ - Big Boi (f/ Yelawolf)

Flaw: Alone I Break
Mark has no idea who his parents are, as he was orphaned at an early age. Through the years he's been a latchkey kid, a street orphan, a foster child and many other family possibilities. In the end, though, Mark has realized that he can count on no one but himself. This goes deeper than the surface as deep down, DJ truly believes that he will always be alone. This makes his search for true companionship an obsession. These thoughts and fears can cloud his judgement in ways that could prove to be harmful to himself and others.

Mark needs to be around people to function. Otherwise, he's lost.

Alone I Break - KoRn

Flaw: Catch Me If You Can
Mark Sheppard has a criminal record and may be wanted in a couple of cities for some misdemeanor crimes and theft. Considering the number of aliases he has beneath his belt, as well as the fact that he's more than willing to break & enter just to find somewhere to stay when he doesn't feel like sleeping in his van. There's always the chance that if he's fingerprinted or recognized that his past could catch up to him.

Catch Me If You Can - Burnham

Flaw: Dumb It Down
Mark is not an educated young man. He dropped out of school in his early teens and has been living off street knowledge and surviving from his own common sense. He lacks the scholastic intelligence that students from schools have. He's especially horrible at Math.

Dumb It Down - Lupe Fiasco

Flaw: Hear Me Now
Mark's Acoustic Eclectic Mimcry is only capable of working when he can hear music and for the duration of how long the music is playing. He's incapable of producing any of his stored abilities without the assistance of music and without his ability to hear it. If he should ever go deaf, he'd be screwed.

Hear Me Now - Framing Hanley

Flaw: Next Girl
Mark has always been a lover of the opposite sex. He finds it incredibly difficult to not talk to, flirt with, or try to bed pretty much any female that he finds attractive. It's part of his nature and is a somewhat borderline obsession. Not that he's always on guard, but he tends to also be easily manipulated by those of the female persuasion as he lives by impulse when dealing with women.

Next Girl - The Black Keys

Flaw: The Power
Mark has no control over when his power will decide to manifest a new ability. Through a combination of his emotional state, mental capacity and whatever music he is hearing at the moment, Mark will automatically generate a new ability in sync with the new music that is pouring through his ears. This could happen any time and any where and, depending on the ability manifesting, could prove to be dangerous in any number of ways.

The Power - DJ Fresh (f/ Dizzee Rascal)

Flaw: Winner
Mark has a competitive streak fifty albums long. He's always getting himself into situations that he probably shouldn't be in, due to not being able to back down from challenges or his own inner need to just beat someone at something. He's very easy to get riled up and throw off his game. When he's trying to win, he sees nothing but victory and pays no attention to anything else around him.

Winner - Jamie Foxx (f/ Justin Timberlake, T.I.)

Flaw: You Can't Win
Mark is not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination. He's more equipped for evasive action or talking his way out of problems than he is using his fists. If it comes down to it, there's a very good chance that he will have his ass handed to him in such a way that embarrassment will not be a strong enough word.

(This does not include his ability to use his various abilities. This is purely, straight up, mano y mano, fisticuffs.)

You Can't Win - Michael Jackson (The Wiz)


  • Preview: "World's Cutest Precog. Drama Queen."
  • Trance: "Awesome Astral Projector."
  • Network: "Sexy Cyberpath."
  • Rubber Maid: "A Stretch Above The Rest."
  • Bling: "This Diamond Is Forever."
  • Wallflower: "Emotional Wreck In Full Bloom."
  • Aero: "The Flyest Guthrie."
  • Sway: "Heartstopper."


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