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Quote-open "How dare you summon me in such a rude and inpolite manner! You could have at least phoned first. Quote-close

Daimon Hellstorm is the son of a human woman and a devil claiming to be Satan. Despite his demonic nature he has chosen to reject his father's plans for him. Instead he has set himself as an occult investigator and freelance exorcist.

For a short while Daimon flirted with the idea of being a costumed super-hero but changed his mind when he realized how stupid he'd look in one of those costumes.

Regardless, Daimon Hellstrom is nominally on the side of good, with the occasional slide when his demonic urges overwhelm him.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Equipment

Hellfire Trident: 6

Abilities: Magic

Black Magick: 6, Darksoul: 6, Soulfire: 6

Abilities: Power

Satanic Sight: 6

Abilities: Skill

Prince of Lies: 6

Advantages: Demon Chariot, Fire Lake Manor, Occultist Consultant, Occult Library, Son of Satan

Flaws: Birthmark, Demonic, Devil's Advocate, Smug, Wicked Vices, Womanizer

Languages: Ancient-Greek, English, and Latin


Equipment: Hellfire Trident (6)

By his birthright, Daimon wields a trident made of netharanium. Netharnium is a demonic metal that is both psycho-sensitive and magical element that can channel the energies of Daimon's Hell dimension.

He can use the trident to channel magical energy to cast spells, summon soulfire, or open portals to his Hell dimension and back.

It also allows him some more psychic powers like reading emotions, sensing the worst sin of a person and reading the recent history of items and people.

Daimon can summon the Hellfire Trident to himself at will. It appears to come out of his arm when he does so.

Magic: Black Magick (6)

The world of the Occult is where Daimon Hellstrom belongs. Demonic magical spells come natural the Hellstorm and over the years he has perfected several of them.

Specifics below (all these spells are at best at 6 but can be cast a lower power if necessarily)

Exorcism, levitation of both himself and objects, dimensional teleportation, Energy blasts of fire or pure force, healing of himself and others, Protection Magic of force shields or pain to the touch, dream divination.

In addition, Daimon has a large background in the Occult and its methods and history. He is one of the foremost experts on the Occult and magic in this dimension.

Power: Satanic Sight (6)

Due to his half-blooded nature Daimon can sense magic in both items and people. When a person or item is within his potential line-of-sight he can feel the mystical nature of them if they are a magic-user or the item has a magical property like a curse or enchantment.

Skill: Prince of Lies (6)

They say that the Devil has a sly tongue and the father has passed that trait to his son. Daimon is very sly and convincing, able to manipulate people with his words and actions.

Magic: Darksoul (6)

Daimon Hellstorm is only half-human. And being only half-human he does not have a soul like all humans do. Instead he possesses a Darksoul, the soul of a demonic being from Hell. With this demonic soul he possess abilities far beyond the normal human. (Not all these abilities are rated as 6)

  • Unnatural Healing - Daimon's body recovers from physical wounds at an amazing rate. A fatal wound to a normal human can easily be healed by Daimon's body. He can even regenerate limbs and organs.
  • Demonic Strength - Daimon's strength is far beyond that of a normal human being, he can easily lift over twenty tons with no strain.
  • Unholy Endurance - Daimon does not need the same level of rest a normal human needs. He can easily avoid sleep for three days before he starts to show any signs of fatigue or wear.
  • Infernal Being - Due to his demonic nature, Daimon is invulnerable to most forms of fire. Only magical fire or heat that are far beyond what the Earth could sustain can hurt him.

Magic: Soulfire (6)

Daimon can project a type of magical fire from his trident, his mouth or his hands that he calls both Hellfire and Soulfire. This magical fire causes physical pain but no actual damage. Those who are truly pure of heart will find this fire to be less painful than others who have more sin to burn.

Since the Soulfire is not actual fire, but instead a fire that burns at the sins of a soul it ignores most immunities to fire and physical invulnerabilities to and is not effected by cold, ice or snow


Advantage: Demon Chariot

Though he rarely uses it, Daimon has access to a chariot made of netharanium that is drawn by two demons bound into his service and made into the shape of horses. Despite their demon nature they are not really any different than normal horses.

He considers it a bit over the top now a days but it is useful for quick travel when he cannot use teleportation magic to reach his location.

Advantage: Fire Lake Manor

Daimon's ancestral home is a thirty acre estate with a large 25 room mansion on the property. In the manor there are receiving rooms, a large dinning hall, several bedrooms with there own toiletries and a huge kitchen.

In the basement is a room that is Daimon's magical sanctum which he calls his Necromanteion. In that room he has his library, liquor, material components for ritual magic, liquor, alchemistic tools and regents, liquor, summoning and protection circles and liquor.

On the property is also Fire Lake, the location that Daimon's father entered this world in human guise to seduce his mother. The lake itself holds not mystical properties of its own but hold great sentimental value to Daimon.

Advantage: Occultist Consultant

Daimon Hellstrom has made a name for himself both as an exorcist and a consultant on the Occult. He is also a special lecturer on the Cults and the Occult for the University of the District of Columbia's parapsychology department.

Through these activities he has made many inroads in the Occult community and the religious community. If he doesn't have an answer, the right book, the right ritual, etc for the occult connection question coming to him, its quite possible one of his many acquaintances do.

Advantage: Occult Library

Over the years, and through his connections with demons and hell-beings, Daimon has collected a large amount of magical and occult tomes. Some of the tomes he has don't have any sort of terrestrial companion making them the only copies on Earth.

Advantage: Son of Satan

Daimon's father, while probably not literally the Devil, was at least some sort of Archduke or royalty of the various pan-dimensional hell dimensions that make up Hell. As such he is granted a certain level of deference from demonic entities. They treat him as a Prince of Hell and will often follow his commands, or at least not attack him unless he attacks them first.


Flaw: Birthmark

Daimon was born with an unusual birthmark of an upside-down pentagram. Unlike most birthmarks, as he's grown older the birthmark has increased in size and has taken to look more like a brand than a birthmark.

If he isn't wearing a shirt of some type the controversial symbol is quite obvious and would draw much attention to him. When using magic or his demon powers this becomes even more obvious as the scars on his chest seem to be made of fire instead of scar tissue.

Flaw: Demonic

Hellstrom's heritage isn't just a note on his birth certificate. His eyes are an obvious red color, firstly. And secondly, whenever he uses his magic or is using his demon powers his eyes glow red and his hair seems to become like red horns on his head and his ears grow long and pointed and his finger nails start to resemble claws..

The longer and powerful he uses his abilities the more demonic his appearance will become and the more aggressive and evil he'll begin to act. He will eventually change back to normal. It can be near instantly or even hours depending on how long he overused his powers.

Flaw: Devil's Advocate

At times, Daimon can become rather contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian. This has started off in his rejection of the super-hero idiom of costumes and the like (Daimon actually took great joy in burning his former costume.) And has also had him take to counter-culture based looks, specifically the punk rock and goth scenes.

To put it simply, Daimon Hellstrom almost needs to disagree with even the most sensible plan, just because of his nature.

Flaw: Smug

Daimon is, honestly, rather full of himself and his abilities. He does consider himself among the nobility of Hell and will often act as such. In his own mind he is superior to nearly everyone he encounters.

Almost in contrary to his own unholier-than-thou attitude he's also acts like most belief and governmental systems that exist are wrong and idiotic. He likes to flaunt how he doesn't have beliefs and how worthless they are to have.

Flaw: Wicked Vices

Daimon is no stranger to the pleasures of the mortal world. Specifically he's a huge fan of the human vices of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. At any given time Daimon is probably smoking or having a drink. Now due to his Darksoul the negative effects of both don't affect him.

However, its not just the imbibing of these vices that is his issue. It is the fact that he doesn't follow societal rules when doing so. He'll often smoke or drink anywhere he feels like it, even where its banned causing him to end up in conflict with authority figures near everywhere he goes.

Flaw: Womanizer

Daimon definitely has a soft in his heart (or maybe some place else) for women. He is a horrible flirt and honestly can't help but flirt, even in serious situations and combat situations. He's also a bit overly aggressive with it and comes off as off putting more often than not.


There are two versions of Daimon's birth.... one he wants to believe and one that is true. He wants to believe that his mother was seduced by his father 'Satan' and that when she discovered her true nature it drove her crazy and then to suicide.

But he knows the truth, that her mother was a Satanist magically prepared to be the mother of Dark Messiahs, him and his younger sister Satana. That the birthing was what drove her insane, that it make her construct a fantasy world where she was not complicit in it all. Thus he knows that even if she did love him, it was he and his sister, not his Father that drove her to take her own life.

His childhood was not an easy one. His Father definitely approved of his sister more than he, and his mother was losing herself to her own madness. And Daimon had no real love for the sadistic games that his Father and sister played together. But his Father did teach him things as well, arcane texts were his story books as a child, his Father would read them to him, teach him what the texts and spells meant and how to use them. His only solace from his teachings of the dark arts, were the comic books that his mother would read to him.

While it was not the happiest of lives, it would get worse when he was six. His mother's madness had reached its boiling point and she killed herself in the basement of Fire Lake Manor, all the time cursing Daimon as being the "demon child."

In her death he was sent to an orphanage and his sister disappeared from this world. Daimon's satanic nature, however, ensured that no one would ever adopt him. The nuns and monks who ran the orphanage tried to instill a fear of God in the boy, but it never came. Instead he continued practicing the arcane tricks he learned at such a young age.

When he reached the age of 18 he took over Fire Lake Manor and went to the only home he had ever known. The library of occult tomes had been left behind, presumably no use to the Satan that had sired him. As were the collection of comics that his mother would read to him.

For the next five years Daimon sequestered himself in that house, reading and laughing at the comics he used to love and learning every trick and spell the arcane texts of his Father would teach him. He learned many secrets from those books. He mad himself a costume, he would justify his life using the super-hero archetype. Be what his Father never wanted of him. And he would have gone forward with that... But it was not the arcane texts that would reveal the truth.

The truth was discovered in a shoe box under his mother's old bed. Her Journal. The journal that told two stories of his life. One where his mother was seduced by a man she didn't understand... and scribbled in the margins... the truth. That his mother was of a long line of Satanists, that she wanted to be the mother of the Devil's children.

In both rage at the discovery and pleasure of freeing himself from false assumptions, Daimon burned his comic books and his costume in the fireplace. He realized that he had been living a childish fantasy all these years. His virtuous mother, his demonic Father and sister. That somehow he was virtuous because he was mother's favorite.

After that he decided that archetypes like good and evil, hero and villain, demon and angel were worthless. Just chains people put on themselves to justify their existence. It was all a big trap that he himself almost fell into. Instead he used his magic and his knowledge to do what he wanted to. Yes, that meant the occasional exorcism of demons. The consulting with police and federal agents. Working with people who though they were good. But Daimon knew the truth now. And he was free.


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File:Satana Hellstrom.jpg
Satana Hellstrom

Daimon's sister. Unlike him, their father took a more immediate interest in her and they were raised separately. They have been recently reunited and it seems their relationship will not be antagonistic but instead has taken a different direction that either probably expected.

File:Anna Marie Darkholme.jpg

An X-Man and nominal superhero he teamed up with once. They connected in a way he didn't think a simple mortal could do. He has feelings for her beyond his carnal desires. They understand each other and for Damion that is a wonderful thing.

File:Winter Moontree.jpg

Daimon only recently met Rain but he so enjoyed spending time with her, drinking wine with her and roasting marshmallows. There is so few woman who blushes to his flirts and doesn't either slap him or sleep with him. While he honestly finds her attractive, he'd rather help her accept her role in life. She is so caring, so understanding, he cannot taint that light.

File:Emma Frost.jpg
Emma Frost

Emma Frost invited Daimon to give a special lecture at the Academy of Tomorrow about the occult. He finds the woman very fascinating and her rather both sensual and blase attitude is rather exciting to him.

File:Kurenai Kagemaru.jpg
Kurenai Kagemaru

The young Battle Miko interested Daimon when he encountered her during his lecture to the Academy of Tommorow. Since then he has met with her and agreed to teach her more about western-style demonology and magic.


Having met him twice now, Daimon still doesn't entirely know what to make of Balor. He does enjoy mocking the 4000+ year old boy though. It makes him laugh.


X-Factor Investigations. He decided to join with it to help pay his bills. But on top of that thinks that Jamie Madrox is a pretty cool guy and always likes spending more time with Rogue.

File:Magic and Mysticism.jpg
Magic and Mysticism

As the Son of Satan and a skilled exorcist, occultist and sorcerer Damion Hellstrom is more than aware of the things that go bump in the night.


Daimon Hellstrom's Wanted List
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