Portrayed by Alexander Gould
Damian Wayne

Quote-open "I figured it was just a matter of time before Santa joined our Rogues Gallery."

"Father. I imagined you taller."

"Don't patronize me, or I'll break your face."

"The apocalypse is canceled. Until I say so."

"A giant Superman/Batman robot? That might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and a publicly unknown woman (Talia al Ghul). Raised away from Gotham City, his sudden appearance has caused social media gossip and wild speculations.

As Robin, the young somewhat hero is trying to learn what hero really means to him as he struggles with his darker nature. The ultimate fate of this Robin is still unknown.

OOC Information

RP Likes: Comedic / Heroic / Social / Gritty

RP Dislikes: Weird


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Acrobat: 7, Acting: 5, Business Training: 4, Combat Skills: 7, Observation: 7, Stealth: 7

Abilities: Gear

Arsenal: 4-6 Costume: 4

Advantages: Family Ties

Flaws: Family, Neural Implants, Problem Child

Languages: English


Gear: Arsenal (4-6)

Range: Thrown

Area of Effect: 1-5 targets or 2m-5m radius AoE

Limitations: Gear Toughness 6. Disarmable.

Darkwing's basic arsenal (4) includes: Batarangs (Blunt impact x15, Razor edge x15, Shuriken x20, Remote-control x5), Mini-bolas (x5), Caltrops, Katana (Toughness 7), Pellets (explosive, freezing, smoke, tear gas, knockout gas, regurgitant), Slingshot (fires pellets at range).

  • Utility belt contains: Digital microcamera w/500m zoom, First aid kit, Handcuffs, Laser torch, Mini-computer w/holo-display, Rebreather/gas-mask, Grapnel Gun/jumplines (200m range, Strength 5, Toughness 8), Mini crime lab
  • Tracers: These are small adhesive discs which operate on a GPS tracking frequency monitored by the Batcomputer. They can be monitored within inches of accuracy unless disabled or shielded from the GPS network.
  • Universal Tool: Concealed within a compact hammer, this tool kit contains wire cutters/strippers; a diamond-tipped drill; electronic lockpicks and computer port adapters; and screwdrivers, wrench tips, and similar small tools.
  • Darkwing's heavy arsenal (6) includes: Batarangs (Electro-shock x5, explosive x5), Batclaw (Grapnel gun used as weapon), and Aerosol sprays (IR paint markers, foaming demolition gel, sealant gel, Ver-Sed knockout/amnesiac).

Gear: Costume (4)

The suit itself is made from an advanced, flexible armor called Nomex, fireproof and heat resistant. The gauntlets and boots feature textured palms and soles for extra gripping, and the palms have reinforced grooves for sliding down a swingline.

Darkwing's mask connects to miniature communications system, linking him to his vehicles, the Batcave, and several other individual communication frequencies (police scanners, radio, etc.); it houses a directional microphone with high-gain antenna (100m range) and micro-speakers tucked just behind his ears.

The mask also features Starlight night-vision lenses, a field of view display protector in case of sudden flashes, computer HUD and voice control, and infrared lenses. Darkwing also carries a full cowl and facemask, which can be pulled over his head to give him a completely sealed system.

The cloak is made of a special "memory" fabric, hardening into its batwing "glider" shape with the touch of a control, and the tips are weighted with lead for use in combat (combat effectiveness is handled separately by his Combat Skills and Arsenal abilities). He can reach up to moderate highway speeds in good wind conditions, and in general he cannot manage a flight of more than a single mile.

Skill: Acrobat (7)

Damian has been trained extensively in acrobatics, gymnastics, and parkour. Vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping come very naturally to him, especially in an urban environment. He has also worked extensively with gliders and swinglines.

Skill: Acting (5)

One of Damian's more uncommon talents is his ability to impersonate others using vocal mimicry to his advantage. Although not part of the normal training by those who learn from his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul assisted him in honing this skill. In most cases he is able to "throw" his voice, making it seem as though someone else is speaking. To be dead on, he really must have heard the voice recently to ensure it is believable.

Skill: Business Training (4)

From a young age, Damian was trained in the arts of war -- literally. The Art of War by Sun Tzu was his primer for many subjects, and that includes business. Since Damian's mother planned for him to one day command a vast financial empire, he has extensive knowledge and training in the skills and knowledge associated with modern business.

Skill: Combat Skills (7)

Damian was trained to expert levels in martial arts by the League of Assassins. His style is a hybrid, comprised of elements from over one hundred other methods of unarmed combat from around the world.

Skill: Observation (7)

Trained by the League of Assassins from a very young age, Damian possesses observation and tactical skills that are designed to help him assess any given situation and determine the best method to beating it. This makes him fairly adept at noticing things, but he lacks the deductive training and experience to be a proper detective.

Skill: Stealth (7)

Stealthy movement, such as sneaking and sleight of hand, are part of standard training from Batman. Damian is quite accomplished at going unnoticed and leaving very little, if any, evidence of his presence behind.


Advantage: Family Ties

Damian's ties to his father are the one major asset he has left. In theory, Damian is Bruce's legal heir, though the realities of that are tied up in a great deal of convoluted paperwork. Talia certainly has not left Damian anything. So, at this point, Damian is surviving entirely on the good graces of his father, much like most other minors of his status in life. Of course, unlike many other minors, Damian has access to Batman as well as Bruce Wayne. Talia may not be as prominent a presence in his life right now, but she has also shown that she will go to great lengths to protect her son.


Flaw: Family

Well, being the son of Bruce Wayne comes with its own special brand of baggage. Add to that a mother who is willing to use Damian as a pawn and a grandfather who might well just be plotting to one day steal Damian's body for his own, and this paints a fairly accurate picture of Damian's family. Simply put, he has a very screwed up family, and he has been raised in such a way that living a normal life may never be possible for him.

Flaw: Neural Implants

Implanted in Damian's spinal column are a series of ingenious devices that allow his mother, Talia al Ghul, to take direct control over his body if she ever feels the need to. Ostensibly, this is to prevent him from ever betraying her, but the implants could also be used to force him to help further his mother's agenda.

Flaw: Problem Child

Raised to be an assassin, Damian has had fear all but beaten out of him. While this means he tends not to hesitate and is willing to take risks that many others would never attempt, it also means that he often charges into a situation without any belief that he might fail. He tends to be very stubborn and does not take direction or guidance well. All in all, he's on a very self-destructive and dangerous path, requiring a firm and steady hand to guide him toward a more productive future.


Damian al Ghul was born to Talia al Ghul when she had sexual relations with Bruce Wayne while he was training with the League of Assassins. His grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul is a deadly man that runs the League of Assassins with an iron clad fist, though has his own conflicts and schisms with his daughter Talia.

Damian was raised since birth to be an assassin. He was trained to crawl, to walk, to run, he was not given a chance to develop at his own pace. He is meant to be the strongest, the quickest, the smartest, and the most agile. The Arts of War was his bible, and blood was what he paid for survival in. Gentleness, love, and hope; they had no places in his life. There was cruelty, lust for power, control, judgment, and violence.

Damian found out at a young age after managing to disarm his mother in a sparring match he did once a year with her on his birthday to find out the name of his Father. A few years later, he went to search for the man that sired him, to see what a Wayne was, and why even his grandfather spoke of Batman with respect.

However, what he found was not what he expected. He has to share his Father, he has to struggle to earn it all over again, and always feel as if he falls short. The hits to his ego have been great, and shattering at times, something completely alien to him as he struggles to comprehend.

When Tim finally retired as Robin, Damian did take the mantel, determined that it was not a gift! But he realized quickly, he felt something was missing and so left to travel. Tibet, China, Japan, and many other places to study at dojos, learn new forms of meditation, and to try and re-center himself before he truly cracked.

Still his Father’s voice would not be silent inside his head, and he now feels driven to return. To what, he knows not what still.


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Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is Damian's father.


Damian Wayne's Wanted List
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