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Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar was once in the class affectionately named New Mutants. When she graduated she decided to go off on a walkabout, only now is she returning to the fold.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Mount

Brightwind: 2

Abilities: Power

Animal Empathy: 4, Death Sense, Psychic Illusions: 6, Psychic Shields: 5, Psychic Weaponry: 5

Abilities: Skill

Archery: 6, Cheyenne History: 7, Combat: 5, First Aid: 2, Horsemanship: 6, Survival: 6

Advantages: Valkyrie

Flaws: Demon Bear, Parents' Fate, Temper, Valkyrie

Languages: Cheyenne and English


Mount: Brightwind (2)

Dani bonded with a winged stallion from Asgard by the name of Brightwind. While he looks simply like a white stallion with wings, he is far more than that. He's stronger, quicker and has a higher endurance than your average horse, thanks to his Asgardian heritage. He can fly up to speeds of 100 miles per hours, even while carrying Dani and a passenger. His hooves are able to quickly smash the hood of a car, should he apply them to the vehicle. He's also quite smart, able to help in fights, with very little oversight. Lastly, Dani and Brightwind have a mental bond, one that allows them to communicate with each other. When one is in danger the other senses it, when one is in pain, the other feels it, and from this bond they can easily track down each other to give aid where it's needed. Lastly, any type of influence whether mental or magical that changes Dani or Brightwind, will adversely or positively affect the other.

Power: Animal Empathy (4)

Along with Dani's other psionic abilities, she also possesses the ability to empathically 'speak' to animals. The only caveat to this is that the animal must be of a higher mind. Mammals, such as bears, dogs, cats, mountain lions and even dolphins, allow Dani to empathically communicate with them. Bugs, spiders and even fish, however, she cannot communicate with. For those mutants who's powers are more of the animalistic based, or who can go fully into an animal mode (such as Wolfsbane) Dani can likewise communicate with them. Though unlike animals, where Dani can only communicate with images and feelings, she would be able to actually communicate with words and speech. Much like her other powers this ability is line of sight, unless she has a bond with the animal, such as Brightwind. A bond would allow her to communicate with them over great distances.

Power: Death Sense (0)

Because of Dani's Valkyrie status within Asgard, she now has the ability to sense and see when someone is about to die. She doesn't necessarily know when they will die, but it will be soon. When she sees the death shroud around a person, she also sees their interpretation of death. Whether it be their god reaching down to take them to the heavens, or a demon taking them to their afterlife. Along with this death sense, Dani is also able to battle death for the soul of Death's intended victim. This is a hard fight for Dani, and is rarely done, because if she lost to Death, she too would die along with the intended victim.

Power: Psychic Illusions (6)

Limits: These illusions only work on humanoid (including some demons) and animal species. Machines, robots and some aliens will not be affected.

Dani's main power is the ability to create psychic illusions for one target or multiple. These illusions tap into the person's greatest fear and/or their greatest desire. These images that Dani pulls from the minds of her targets appears completely real to the targets, while all others see it more as a hazy image of what's being played out in the person's mind. This particular power of Dani's is line of sight specific, meaning she needs to see her target (even if it's through binocs or extended via another telepath) before she can tap into their fears and desires.

Power: Psychic Shields (5)

Like most psionic powered mutants, Dani has psychic shields. While they are not as strong as the strongest of telepaths, they've done her good and have kept her mind safe. Her psychic shields protect her mind from general readings, probes and attacks from lesser psionic individuals, more powerful psionics would of course be able to break through the barriers protecting her mind.

Power: Psychic Weaponry (5)

Limit: Dani can fire as many 'arrows' as she wishes, but with each arrow she produces the power of the arrows reduces. One arrow is powerful, twelve arrows not as much. She can fire a dozen or more arrows, before she starts to tire and eventually not be able to manifest the psionic energy weapons.

Part of Dani's psionic powers is the ability to create manifestations of her psychic energy into weapons. She can actually shape them into anything she wishes, spears, daggers, bow, arrows, but she primarily sticks with arrows. If she doesn't have a physical bow with her, then she would manifest the bow along with the arrow as well. When a person is hit with one of her psychic arrows, the psionic energy seems to outwardly act almost like a stun gun as the victim typically falls insensate or unconcious. In reality the psionic arrow creates a feedback loop in the person's mind playing their most primal fear over and over again, trapping them for quite some time, before the affects wear off. Every day 'mortals' could be unconscious for hours, while others with higher willpower, would be out of it for less of a time. Stronger telepaths would also be able to potentially handle the psionic attack better than your average person, as well.

Skill: Archery (6)

Dani's main weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. The bow can be either a compound bow, or a non-compound bow, though she prefers a regular bow to a compound one. The arrows can either be true physical arrows, or her psionic ones. Her ability with the bow, while not legendary, is of a very high caliber. Whether her targets are moving or stationary, she can typically hit them with very little set-up. She can also hit targets while she's on the move as well easily compensating for her movements or a horses, should she be riding at the time. While some archers use trick shots within their arsenal, Dani is very old school, simply using a regular bow and a quiver of arrows. Like many other archers out there, Dani also has some knowledge of how to repair her bow and/or arrows. While she couldn't repair catastrophic damage to the bow, every day wear and tear is quite easy for her.

Skill: Cheyenne History (7)

While Dani doesn't know everything about her people, she does know quite a bit. She listened to her parents, her Elders, and her grandfather Black Eagle, tell all the old stories about her people and her ancestors. She's also seen the old artifacts of her people as well, such as clothes, jewelry and weaponry. It's safe to say that should she go up against an Average Joe concerning her people's history and lore, she would definitely have more of a knowledge base than them. With everything, however, Dani still has more to learn and will be a perpetual student for her entire lifetime.

Skill: Combat (5)

With her time at Xavier's, Dani has been taught how to fight hand to hand. While she doesn't employ any particular style, she does draw from several forms of fighting which allow her to attack as needed in multiple types of situations. She does well with brawling, for close quarters, as well several styles of martial arts. And while she's a formable unarmed combat and her skill can help her best your typical thugs, and lower powered criminals, anyone with more training that she does, would likely best her in straight unarmed combat. Now if she can use her powers, or weaponry, it might be a different story. Dani is proficient with several types of weaponry. Her main weapon of choice is the bow, second to that, the spear. Those two weapons in particular are wielded as if an extension of Dani, herself. Other weapons that she is proficient with are knives, daggers and guns. For the guns, Dani can use various calibers, from personal hand guns, up to rifles, with excellent accuracy and skill. It's not as good as her bow, but her skill is enough that she can usually hit her targets and compensate for air shifts, movement, and so on.

Skill: First Aid (2)

From her time with Xavier's and living on her own, Dani has knowledge of some first aid. She can splint bones, administer CPR, bandage a wound, and even slather antibiotic cream upon a wound, but anything beyond that and all Dani would be able to do is take the person to the hospital asap.

Skill: Horsemanship (6)

Dani's horsemanship is superb. It's from a combination of learning to ride from a young age, but also because she can actually communicate with her steed when she needs to. This communication makes it much easier to let the animal know what she needs and when, versus pulling upon a rough bit. Dani's skill with riding a horse is at the same level whether she has a saddle or halter on the animal, or nothing at all. When she's riding horse she sticks to them like a burr in fur and it would take quite a bit to buck her off of a horse. Her skill with riding also helps her fight upon horseback as well. She's easily able to compensate for her horse's movements, air speed and land speed, to accurately hit or attack her target.

Skill: Survival (6)

Dani has learned to live off the land from a young age. Her parents began her education on camping trips, with her grandfather furthering it a long, and then of course, her time with Xavier's polishing it off. With this skill, Dani can easily hunt and track animals and/or people, as well as find food and make shelter. She could also make rudimentary weapons and clothing, if she were really pressed for tools. The best settings for her to truly excel in are forest, plains and urban. These areas allow for ample food, shelter, water and rough clothing/tools. It's also easier to track animals and people in these settings as well, as there's more things to disturb and offer a trail for her to find. Desert and arctic are definitely harder for her to survive in, and she may only last a few days, where the other settings she could potentially last infinitely.


Advantage: Valkyrie

Dani has been accepted into the ranks of the Valkyrie, because of this Dani has acquired quite a few gifts. A winged stallion, death sense, and also the ability to escort souls to and potentially from the afterlife. While she rarely does this last part, that ability is there and should she be called upon to escort the dead, Dani would shoulder that responsiblity as required.


Flaw: Demon Bear

Unbeknownst to Dani her parents disappearance wasn't due to a camping accident, they've actually been taken by a demonic entity. The entity looks to be a very rabid and large bear, but in reality it could take any shape it wants to. While Dani has had hints of this demonic bear through dreams or, rather nightmares and visions, she has yet to see this demonic critter outwardly stalking her. When it does come for her, however, there's a good possibility that it could kill Dani, or those that are with her at the time.

Flaw: Parents' Fate

Dani is unaware that her parents are technically still alive, as their souls and/or spirits, are trapped within the Demon Bear's realm. All she knows is her parents went missing when she was a young teenager and most likely died on their camping trip. Obviously due to some 'accident'. And while most people accept that, Dani hasn't. She knew her parents and knew their skills, and while accidents do happen, Dani still feels her parents wouldn't have succumbed to that particular fate. The not knowing how her parents truly died still gnaws at her to this day, and while she has looked into it, she has found very little evidence to back up whether they are truly dead or alive. Because of this, Dani can have bad days, where this not knowing has her feeling sad, angry, depressed and even aloof from her extended family and teammates.

Flaw: Temper

While Dani is no longer the young teenage hot head she used to be, she still can have a temper when a situation riles her up. This can cause her to ignore her better judgement and allow her to jump into situations headfirst without really assessing the area around herself. Some of Dani's triggers would be harming her family and friends, insulting her family or friends, or herself and her heritage, or beating upon the weaker person, just because you can. Those subjects cause an immediate knee jerk reaction from Dani.

Flaw: Valkyrie

Along with the advantages of being a Valkyrie, there are also disadvantages as well. Mainly they are her responsibilities to the Gods and Goddesses of Asgard. Should any of them call upon her during a team of need, she has no recourse but to help them.


Danielle "Dani" Moonstar was born in Boulder, Colorado, within the Cheyenne Nation. While still in her teens, Danielle's parents disappeared while they were on a camping a trip. It was during this time that Dani's powers manifested themselves in frightening ways. Scary visions, mostly dealing with the fate of her family.

When it became clear her parents were not returning from their trip, Dani opted to stay with friends of the family. However, that would not last long because of her lack of control with her powers. Eventually Dani was sent to her her grandfather, Black Eagle, who lived like a recluse upon the mountain range.

Even living like her grandfather, Dani, found it hard to still control aspects of her powers. Her animal telepathy and empathy, was much easier compared to the psychic powers that often showed disturbing images of people's desires and fears. Eventually Black Eagle called upon a friend, Charles Xavier, to help with his granddaughter.

In the midst of leaving with Xavier, Black Eagle was killed by unknown agents working for an unknown organization. This only cemented her resolve to gain control of her powers, of her life, to be able to not continue to be a victim.

Her time with the New Mutants was full of adventures, from daily teen life angst and those adventures that were much more far fetched, such as going to Asgard. It was within Asgard that she became a Valkyrie and bonded with a winged stallion by the name of Brightwind. And while the winged stallions rarely left Asgard, she was given permission to take Brightwind home with her to Midgard.

After graduating from Xavier's Institute, Dani left the school and the State completely. She went off on her own walk about trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, and where she wanted to go. It's only now that she's returning to the fold, to see what has gone on with her extended family, and to once again find a place with them.


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