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Danielle is a 20 something junky that can't quit. She can't quit because if she does, she will explode, leveling an area roughly the size of new york city. The drug she's addicted to gives her powers, but it also makes her life hell. She wants to be good, and she has some help from a few other supers, but it's more than just having powers and good intentions. Trying to be a hero and not the violent rampaging woman she was found to be a year ago, Danielle has a lot of redemption work ahead.


Abilities: Power

Anti-Telekinesis, Flight: 7, Invulnerability: 6, Regeneration: 5, Superhuman Stamina: 10, Superhuman Strength: 7, Telekinetic Sense: 9

Abilities: Gear

Serum Implant

Advantages: Tony Stark

Flaws: Addicted, Counteragent, Psychic Weakness, Psychological Damage, Tony Stark, Volatile Emotions

Languages: English


Gear: Serum Implant

Tony Stark to created a cybernetic implant for Danielle that is inside of her left forearm. This implant stores 5 doses of the serum that is giving her powers and keeping her alive, meaning that she can go up to 5 days without checking back in. Currently Tony Stark is the only person who knows of the serum. (OOC: This has been OKed by Tony Stark's player).

Power: Anti-Telekinesis

Attempts to slow down, move, or otherwise directly interact with Danielle via Telekinesis fail. Her power prevents other telekinetics from directly targetting her. They can still throw things at her, move objects around her or create obstacles. But, telekinetic force fields, as well as attempts to directly stop/slow/control her do not work.

Power: Flight (7)

The propulsion of this power comes from a tight condensed layer of Telekinetically controlled particles around Danielle. While flying she can move at maximum speed without disrupting the world around her (no sonic boom, no debris following her wake) allowing her maximum speeds even inside of atmosphere conditions. She also needs no atmosphere to fly.

Power: Invulnerability (6)

Danielle is immune to most standard weapons, guns, explosives and even extreme temperatures. The same telekinetic field that allows her to flight has also toughened her skin to resisting plasma weapons with no harm. Beyond that she can still be hurt. The protection is at skin level, any clothing or gear she has is not immune to the attacks she can resist.

Power: Regeneration (5)

Danielle is constantly rebuilding her cellular structure due to the high energy amounts that her cells now possess from her powers. Because of this she regenerates at a rate 50x that of a normal human. She has shown to fully recover from having her flesh burned off, to the point of even having her hair regenerate. She has yet to lose a limb to see if it will regrow.

If she is killed, or atomized, she will cease to regenerate. If the serum that grants her powers is not given to her she will also stop regenerating. This power has the side effect of ceasing her age at 20 years old when she first starting taking the serum. She will continue to avoid aging so long as she is on the drug.

Power: Superhuman Stamina (10)

As long as a dose of the drug that grants Danielle her powers has been injected into her within the past 24 hours, she does not get tired. By conventional methods she cannot sleep even if she wishes to do so.

In addition she is able to hold her breath for 5 days, and during this time her invulnerability helps to prevent her from having pressurization damage (space/underwater/etc).

Power: Superhuman Strength (7)

Thanks to the telekinetic field always being generated around Danielle she has gained superhuman strength allowing her to carry up to 50 tons with ease.

Power: Telekinetic Sense (9)

Tracking : Danielle has a unique ability to focus her tendrils out into the world. When doing this her concentration no longer is on anything around her but spreading out along the tendrils. With this power she can start to find anything/anyone she has familiarity with. The greater the familiarity the easier time she has finding them. Someone very familiar would take 1 hour or less, all the way till a stranger that she has plenty of pictures of taking 12 hours or more. This extra sense is an extension of touch, and as such requires knowledge of a person/thing's physical details, and as such anything that would mask physical details of a person is also a defense against this power. Finding people or objects should be solely used for plot development and access to RP, nothing else.

Danger Sense : Danielle's danger sense is only capable of rooting out dangers that have some physical existence, even photons. Ethereal beings, astral beings, magial rituals or mind influencing psionics do not spur her danger sense on. Against ranged physical attacks use the power ranking of this power to as an option to dodge. For melee/close combat this power is only useful at keeping track of multiple combatants but has no benefit for defense otherwise.

Danielle's form of Telekinesis is very much rooted in her own body and over the years her ability to sense things has grown in distance. It is as if she has millions of tendrils reaching out of her body and feeling the world around her. The effect of this power is that she can sense things coming at her even if at superhuman speeds, giving her a danger sense and making her aware of things even when she is not focusing on them. (Perception 9, Distance 9). Examples of her normal senses would be ability to: Visually make out an 18" sign, with nothing in the way up to 100 miles away. She can hear a conversation at distances of 20 miles. These are extensions of her telekinesis actually feeling sound waves and the variantions of ink on things like signs. She can even identify the particles that create smell and accurately track a person or scent so long as it is less than 4 days old.


Advantage: Tony Stark

Tony Stark is the person who saved Danielle's life and he's also now her mentor, trusted advisor and bestest bud. She will do anything for Tony, and feels guilty every time she throws a tantrum that destroys one of his priceless cars or inventions.


Flaw: Addicted

Danielle's powers come from a serum that has the same addictive capabilites as heroine. She has taken the drug for over 5 years of her life and no longer can actually live withou it. A year ago she was discovered by Tony Stark as he saved her from exploding in what she thought would be the last few minutes of her life. In addition he is hard at work at attempting to discover a cure to her addiction, but until that time she has the following effects:

If she has not had an injection in 24 hours she begins to feel extremely painful cravings like someone who hasn't eaten in 3 weeks. Her body cramps up, she is limitedly effective in thinking and highly distracted. She can still function, and her powers are still available to her in full, but she is hardly able to focus them enough to use them properly.

After 48 hours of an injection she becomes significantly more aggressive and often violent. Her distracted nature grows and effectively cuts her super senses to half of their current capabilities (especially dangerous if she's flying at full speed since she won't see things soon enough to avoid them).

After 72 hours she loses her powers and if she is without her powers for longer than 1 hour she begins to radiate a field of energy around herself that starts to damage and destroy things surrounding her. If 2 hours goes by that field grows to 10 meters, she goes unconscious, and only people with invulnerability of 4 or higher can get to her. If 3 hours goes by, she explodes. The suspected radius of this explosion is the size of New York City simply gone.

Flaw: Counteragent

A counter agent has been created in the past to temporarily disable the effectiveness of the serum that powers Danielle. The counter agent was used, and the person who created it is now dead but an intelligent enough person with a sample of Danielle's blood could probably reverse engineer a counter agent to be used against her in the future as well.

Flaw: Psychic Weakness

Danielle has become very psychically active thanks to the serum that's opened up all of her powers. But she's never had to train her mind to use them or guard against attack. This makes her an easy target for telepaths and empaths. Anyone attempting to control her mind or emotions will have a noticeably greater effect than normal and her mind is something of a beacon to these people as well making her easily tracked psychically.

In addition, when using her telekinetic sense actively (tracking down people) she is a giant beacon of psionic activity. Anyone who is psychically active or enough magically active to sense psionics in use, easily can tell where Danielle is and follow/find her regardless of where she is hiding.

Flaw: Psychological Damage

Danielle has had a rough life. From early childhood abuse, to losing her entire family, to becoming a junky and then eventually being the near direct cause of her husband's death. This has scarred her emotionally and psychologically. With the help of psychologists she's been able to get stable, to become settled enough where non-violent situations are something she goes at solo and she only goes in for combat when with other supers to watch over her. The danger is she's just as likely to brutally assault a villain as she is to curl up in a ball and cry in a corner under extreme stress, making her not the person you want against powerful super villains.

Flaw: Tony Stark

Despite Tony being such a great guy, he has a very public life. One that is full of cameras, people, loved ones. He has to leave Danielle out of it for the most part since she's a danger to any one of them. It hasn't been till recently that she's even really agreed to go outside, let alone want to be around the man who saved her everywhere he goes. His lifestyle reminds her regularly of all the things she's lost, all the things she doesn't deserve and how she feels she can't ever live a real life. His living a good life shows her just how bad her life is and that causes deep lows in her emotional state quite often.

In addition, he's already got people in his life. Friends, lovers and loyal companions. He doesn't need her, which makes her grow paranoid about her friendship with him and has often led her down some very dark thoughts.

Flaw: Volatile Emotions

Danielle suffers from the side effects of the drug that grants her powers. Her emotions are not stable and they tend to run in the extreme. The first rush of the drug usually makes her manic and euphoric. As the day runs on her emotions calm a bit but she quickly shifts her emotions.

Danielle doesn't have just friends or people she hangs out with. She has soul mates and best friends. She doesn't have criminals she's stopping, but evil vile people that must have vengeance against them. Full raging hate, and extreme utter loyalty, and so on. When she finds something funny she'll guffaw and have a hard time stopping. If she watches a sappy movie she's all tears for a long while afterward. Suffice it to say she needs help, and over the past year she's been able to get herself to a point where she knows when she's got to 'get away' before she does something bad.


Danielle Patron (birth name Danielle Kruz) is still that innocent 20 year old that first wanted to leave behind her family life. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father was aggressive, violent in a lot of situations, and otherwise just a horrible person. When she turned 16 she discovered a drug that her father had, and it turns out a lot of his violent nature was due to this very same Serum (though Danielle wouldn't piece that together for many more years). At first she was sneaking doses of it away from her father and then eventually she took a large group of it and ran away with her boyfriend Rick Patron who would later become her husband.

The drug initially allowed her to fly, and then it started to make her more invulnerable to temperatures and damage. The uniqueness of the drug was created by a Doctor Francis who recognized a latent telekinetic ability in Danielle's father. The drug unleashes that latent gene and overcharges it. The effects are quite addictive and often cause euphoria much like any other drug. This was on purpose by Francis to create a weapon out of Danielle's father that he controlled.

This ruined her father's life, as it almost destroyed her own. After Danielle had ran away it was discovered by Francis that she knew of and had taken some of the drug. He then decided to focus in on controlling her as well, but Danielle's father wouldn't have it and killed Francis. With a limited supply of the serum left, he gave it all to his daughter and told her to use it sparingly. She was unaware of everything that had transpired between Francis and her father until many years later. The remaining serum kept her going, at first she only took one every month, then once a week, then every day.

A scientist who worked with Francis was able to piece together information that Danielle was capable of these abilities and he started trying to find her (in hopes he could engineer a serum that worked on normal people, not just her family line). One night he kidnapped her Husband (Rick) and made a trap for Danielle. The negotiation was Rick's life for Danielle's serum and the building was rigged to detonate in only a few minutes after Danielle had arrived. She got angry, so angry she forgot about the building being rigged, killed the assistant but the building blew up before she could get Rick clear.

It took the technology of Tony Stark to create a new version of the serum that does not grow her dependence on the drug but he hasn't been able to reverse her dependence. Tony found Danielle as she was flying through the night sky enraged, still days after her husband's death. Her powers suddenly ceased and Tony, as Iron Man, was able to catch her and analyze her situation (the growing energy was a good indication of what would happen). With only hours to do so, Tony was able to stabilize Danielle long enough to reverse engineer the serum from her blood and synthesize more. This has kept her alive, and he also engineered the cybernetic implant that allows her to go multiple days without fear.

He works on trying to get her better, and she works very hard not to be a bother in his life. Both are not succeeding very well.


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