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Agility: 5 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 8 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 6
Acrobat 4 Billy Club 4 Enhanced Senses 6
Lawyer 3 Martial Arts 7 Melee Weapons 3
Parkour 4 Radar Sense 6
Detective Foggy Nelson Illusions
Law Practice
Blind Loner Radar Limitation
Radar Secret Secret ID Sensory Overload
Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Position: Man Without Fear
Team: The Outsiders
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Guy Pearce
Alts: Johnny Storm, Oliver Queen
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Music: "Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool ft. Rob Zombie
Quote: "I admire you, Daredevil. I admire your relentless concern for the rights of scum but I ain't you." -Wolverine
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic


Matthew Murdock was raised by his father, Jonathon "Battling Jack" Murdock, who was a prize fighter. Jack told Matt that his mother was dead although in reality she had run off and become a nun. Jack Murdock didn't want Matt to follow in his footsteps and always impressed on his son the need to study hard and do well in school. Matt did not get involved in sports which made him a bit of an outcast at school. His classmates would taunt him and call him "Daredevil" as a way to mock the apparently cowardly Matt. While he did work hard at his studies to please his father, he also went to his father's gym to begin to train to fight.

One day, Matt saw a blind walking along the street. The blind man was walking towards a truck without knowing it. Matt reacted quickly to shove the man out of the way, but in the process the truck crashed with caused a radioactive isotope to splash over Matt Murdock. When Matt awoke in the hospital after the accident, he found he had lost his sight by his other senses were incredibly heightened. He had also been gifted with a radar sense. While it was not his sight, it allowed him to "see" the world through its sounds.

Matt did his best to come to grips with his new abilities. It took a great deal of hard work to try and sort through everything coming in through his sense and learn to block it out so he could function. As a young man, he encounted the Ninjistu master Stick who taught the young Matt how to control his abilities as well as weapon skills, fighting, and acrobatic skills. Meanwhile, Jack Murdock was swamped with hospital bills and the like so he was desperate for fights in order to get a pay day. He hooked up with a shady organization in order to get fights and a shot at the heavy weight title.

Eventually this organization wanted Jack to take a dive so they could collect heavily on bets. Jack refused to do this and won the fight he was supposed to lose. Because of this, Jack Murdock was beaten to death. Matt swore he would stand up for the little guy, for those that had no one else to turn to, so as to gain some matter of justice for his father's death. He enrolled in Columbia University and eventually into their Law School as well. He met Foggy Nelson as they went through school. Upon graduating, the two of them decided to open their own law practice rather than cow tow to big company executives. They opened Nelson and Murdock in Hell's Kitchen so they would be closer to the people they wanted to help.

Being close to the people and helping them with his law practice was good, but Matt needed more. He needed to really get out there and help those that the law failed. He wanted to help those that slipped through the cracks. He took his father's old boxing uniforms and fashioned a costume. Because the kids had called him Daredevil as mockery, he took this name now as his super hero identity. He patrols Hell's Kitchen and keeps it safe and helps bring justice to those that didn't get it or those who got away with it.


Skill: Acrobat (4)
Through conditioning, constant training, and uncanny sense of balance, Daredevil is a superb acrobat on par with Olympic level athletes. He is as comfortable in the air as on the street. His reflexes and agility are on par with the finest athletes.

Gear: Billy Club (4)
Daredevil's weapon of choice is a billy club that has multiple functions. He wears it on his left leg. Its original form is two sticks held together by a cable. It can be used much like a nunchaku-like weapon or a manrikigusari(a long rope/chain weapon with two weights on its ends). The two pieces can be fitted together to make a club or extended to make a staff. As Matthew Murdock, this club is often disguesd as the blind man's walking stick. It also can be used as a grappling hook and cable to allow him to swing through the city.

Power: Enhanced Senses (6)
When Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive sludge as a boy, it destroyed his eyesight but left his other senses greatly enhanced. His senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and balance are far beyond normal humans:

Hearing: Daredevil's hearing is good enough to detect a person's heartbeat at twenty feet. He can hear the heart beat well enough to hear the subtle changes in someone that is lying or recognize people by their particular heartbeat. He can hear whispering through sound proof walls. He can hear conversations for a city block when he sits above them. He has learned through practice to filter through all the ambient noise that he can hear to pin point a particular conversation.

Taste: Daredevil's sense of taste is strong enough where he can tell you how many grains of salt are on a pretzel or determine what ingredients are in any recepie.

Touch: Daredevil can use his touch to read the raised ink on a page of typed paper or feel the changes of heat when someone approaches.

Smell: His sense of smell is strong enough to tell the difference in identical twins from twenty feet away. He can identify someone after spending five minutes alone with them and remember their scent even if they try to disguise it. He can follow someone by their scent from fifty feet away.

Balance: With the heightened senses, Daredevil's balance is superb and on par with Spider-Man's. He can land on a flagpole out of the side of a building and bounce off of it without missing a beat or conduct a full fight on a high wire.

Skill: Lawyer (3)
Matt has a sharp and agile mind. He went to law school and is an excellent litigator. He tends to stick to lower income clients and pro bono work rather than the high profile rich clients. He works hard and is good at what he does.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)
Daredevil has a unique fighting style. He was taught by an ancient master named Stick. His style combines elements from Boxing, Ninjutsu, Judo, and Aikijujutsu. He may have been exposed to even more by Stick. He is considered one of the top hand to hand combatants by men such as Nick Fury. His enhanced senses and radar sense help him deduce what his oppenent is about to do almost to the point where it would appear Daredevil could read their mind as he reacts so quickly to counter.

Skill: Melee Weapons (3)
Daredevil was trained by Stick in the art of Ninjutsu so he is highly proficient with Japanese style melee weapons such as the staff and sword. He has been trained to use batons, twin short sticks, and nunchaku.

Skill: Parkour (4)
Parkour is the art of efficient movement around obstacles using vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and leaping. This is how Daredevil moves about the city. In his case, flagpoles, fire escapes, and his grappling line help him move from roof top to roof top with a grace nearly unparalled in a man without superhuman abilities. His radar sense keeps him intuned with his enviroment and allows him to be aware of everything around him helping him move effortlessly through the city.

Power: Radar Sense (6)
Daredevil has a "radar sense" that can act like his own brand of vision. Using his enhanced hearing and the way sound bounces off of objects, his brain gives him a 3-D rendering of the world around him. His resoulution if finer on closer objects and works like sight in that it gets fuzzy as it gets further away. His resoultion is good up to one hundred feet or so. By tuning in his other senses he can pinpoint an object only a few meters big at 80 feet.


Advantage: Detective

By being so attuned to his enviroment and his enhanced senses, Daredevil is an excellent detective. While he may not have sight, he does have an excellent memory for scents, tastes, and sounds so he can follow clues as well as any NYPD detective. With his hearing, he is a human lie detector so he is also a very good interrogator. He is not above using his fists or less than savory ways of getting information if need be.

Advantage: Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson is Matt Murdock's best friend. They were roommates in law school. While Matt trusts Foggy tremendously, he has never told Foggy that Matt is Daredevil. Despite this secret, there is no one that Matt trusts more and the reverse is true.

Advantage: Illusions

Since Daredevil is blind, he is immune to illusions or light based attacks. Hyponsis that requires eye contact is equally useless against Daredevil.

Advantage: Law Practice

Matt Murdock runs his own law practice with his long time friend Foggy Nelson. They are their own boss thus can pick their own clients. They also do not need to be running down papers from senior partners or the like. It is Matt's source of income. While he could probably make more money in a firm, he prefers the lower pay since it comes with the freedom of choice and schedule.


Flaw: Blind

While his Radar Sense acts a great deal like vision, Daredevil is blind. If his senses get scrambled through injury, poison, or what have you, he will be very much helpless and at a serious disadvantage to fighting or even getting around.

Flaw: Loner

For the most part, Daredevil tends to be a loner. He does not let love interests get too close as they may discover he is Daredevil. He teands to stick to his own in regards to fellow heroes. He will work with them from time to time, however, he tends to keep his own counsel and not really let his guard down around anyone.

Flaw: Radar Limitation

As his Radar Sense works on sound, he cannot "see" things that do not cause a sound or without real substance for the sound to bounce off of. He cannot see video images or pictures on a wall. He cannot determine color other than a guess based on how much heat he can feel coming off of it. He could not detect a toxin if it gave off no smell. His radar sense also only goes out for about 100 feet on the edge so a long distance attack could take out Daredevil before he knew he was under attack.

Flaw: Radar Secret

As his Radar Sense works on sound, he cannot "see" things that do not cause a sound or without real substance for the sound to bounce off of. He cannot see video images or pictures on a wall. He cannot determine color other than a guess based on how much heat he can feel coming off of it. He could not detect a toxin if it gave off no smell. His radar sense also only goes out for about 100 feet on the edge so a long distance attack could take out Daredevil before he knew he was under attack.

Flaw: Secret ID

Daredevil keeps his civilian identity a secret even from his best friend. He does this to protect those around him from his enemies that might use them to get to him. He has to be careful and creative on excuses of where he disappears to when he has to change to Daredevil.

Flaw: Sensory Overload

Daredevil's enhanced senses can be overwelmed by too many stimuli coming in at once. Too much noise, smells, or what have you will leave Daredevil lost as he is unable to seperate all the different incoming senses. He tends to stay up high and above the general din of the city where he is able to pick apart various sounds and the like. Too much sound will disrupt his radar sense especially while causing him great pain. The subways of New York City are the best example of too much sound in too tight a space where the sound just gets amplified. The overload will last until Daredevil gets out of the situation or until some of the stimuli are removed.


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