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Quote-open "Good and Evil. Right and Wrong. We all walk the line at some point and we will all make mistakes." Quote-close

Darix Tyner is a young man who has studied mythology ranging from different types of magic, to great wizards, and some gods. He even has studdied things of fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarves, faeries, and dragons. Though something lurks behind the man that is unseen and only appears when he so chooses too. For the truth behind Darix Tyner is a mystery in itself and his long line of family. What secret does Darix Tyner hold? Who is he really? The truth is waiting for those willing to seek it out.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Flame Resistance: 3/4, Magical Linguistics, Magic Sense: 6, Mild Regeneration: 2, Natural Magic: 3/5, Quick Reaction: 4, Tough Skin: 4/5, Transformation

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 2 Tracking: 4

Abilities: Gear

Handgun: 2

Advantages: Family Fortune Long Life

Flaws: Ice Weakness, Magical Aura, Magic Weakness, Natural Predator, Sheer Size

Languages: An ability allows Darix Tyner to comprehend all languages.


Gear: Handgun (2)

Darix carries on him a handgun. Even if he can create magic fireballs and transform into a massive dragon. He likes to try and keeps what he is able to do on a low key, so he makes sure to carry a simple firearm on him at all times and even has the license to do so.

Power: Flame Resistance (3/4)

Darix is able to withstand a great deal of a heat as a human (3) and as a dragon (4). Though as a human he can't handle the same amount as heat, but where flames may burn the skin of a normal person, he is unaffected by it. Yet as a dragon, he can leap into a pool of magma and survive for a bit of a time, before having to pull himself out of it. Its like a spa to him. He can handle it, but stay in it to long may lead to a dehydration.

Power: Magical Linguistics

Darix can understand any language, no matter how uncommon or even common. This is because of his natural magical abilities. This same power allows him also to speak any language after listening to it for a bit. Though if he isn't careful, what one may hear is their native language another may also hear in theirs. Which can cause all types of issues.

Power: Magic Sense (6)

Darix is very sensitive to magic. He can feel it in the air and sense its presence if its close enough to him. It actually tends to put him slightly on edge, but because of the world he lives in, he has also learned to get use to it.

Power: Mild Regeneration (2)

Darix is able to heal from injures rather quickly, so long as they are simple things. Such as cuts, bruises, and fractures. If its something like a cut limb or hole that went straight through him-- that is something his body can't naturally deal with.

Power: Natural Magic (3/5)

Darix has access to magic while in his human form (3) and is able to perform some rather basic spells like blasting out a fire ball from his hand or electricity, including sometimes defying gravity by standing on the side of wall or on the ceiling. Though as a dragon, he can access far more powerful spells (5) and is able to perform things like minor healing of wounds on others or creating a magical barrier in the air. Though this can be rather draining on him if he tries to over extend himself in either form.

Power: Quick Reaction (4)

While his dragon form is strong, Darix as a human is quick on his feet. He can easily catch an arrow or a thrown knife. Perform a well timed side step to avoid a bullet and even catch an object before it can hit the ground almost faster then someone can blink an eye. He tends to combine this reaction time with his own acrobatic skills.

Power: Tough Skin (4/5)

Draix as a human has tougher skin then a normal human being. (4) He can withstand things like swords and bullets that may only lightly penetrate his skin, but where things that are far more heavier hitting may actually bite in even deeper. As a dragon, he has extremely hard scales. (5) He can withstand swords easily along with bullets which would just bounce off. Things like armor piercing bullets can actually bite through the scales and penetrate the skin behind the layer, while explosives like rockets will indeed do the trick for punching in hard.

Power: Transformation

Point Break Down: Size: 2, Senses(smell, sight): 8, Strength & Jaw Power: 5, Claws: 2, Ground Speed: 1, Flight Speed: 2, Flight Acrobatics: 6, Dragon Fire: 4

Draix has the ability to transform into his true form. A mighty fire breathing dragon standing near twenty feet in size (2). As a dragon he has very keen senses (8) for hunting. His Fire can easily melt steel (4), His physical strength along with his jaw biting force can crush steel (5), and his claws are as sharp as swords (2). He isn't very quick on the ground (1), but can hit speeds close to 50mph. In the air he is far faster clocking around 100mph (2), which he may exceed in a dive from high altitudes. Including he is very agile while in the air (6), performing highly complex moves and making it hard to get a hit on him.

Skill: Acrobatics (2)

Darix is rather good at acrobatics. He is no robin or batman, but he knows how to easily flip over fences and leap from pole to pole if he needs too. Including how to tumble from a high jump.

Skill: Tracking (4)

Darix has a very strange talent to some, but because of his real background it makes complete sense. He is very good at tracking someone. He has keen eyes for noting when grass is out of place. Locating foot prints and even animal tracks.


Advantage: Family Fortune

The Tyner family is pretty wealthy if someone was to look into it. Even though Darix himself likes to stay on the low and likes to live a rather modest life in an apartment and not like some of his family who live in rather big homes.

Advantage: Long Life

Darix Tyner has a very long life span. He ages very slowly compared to the people around him and this is because of his draconic heritage. Dragons live far longer then humans and as long as he takes care himself, so will he.


Flaw: Ice Weakness

Ixenioth is a fire breathing lizard with wings. Ice is the elemental opposite and can actually kill his ability to generate fire and quickly cool down his body. This is probably why Darix hates the winter in New York and is bundled form head to toe during it. Including is the higher time when he can get sick the easiest. As in some really bad colds back to back if he isn't careful.

Flaw: Magical Aura

Though Ixenioth likes to hide out as Darix Tyner. Those who have enough magic sense can pick him up right away. They can sense the magical energy pouring off him like a massive beacon going 'something is wrong here'. Then for those who can see past the illusion, they probably know from the sheer look in his eyes they are being looked at by a dragon.

Flaw: Magic Weakness

Ixenioth is weak to magic. Though he can use it, it is perhaps also the one force that can quickly put him down into the ground faster then a speeding rocket. Beyond his ability to conjure a barrier, he has no real way to defend himself against a magical attack (unless its fire).

Flaw: Natural Predator

In his dragon form, no matter how civilized he may act, he is still a predator. All the instincts are there. To hunt, to kill, to eat. It takes a great deal of self control to sometimes tell himself not to chase or to not injure (even kill) someone. Though because of this internal war, he also can have a bit of a short temper.

Flaw: Sheer Size

As a dragon, Ixenioth is rather large. A person can easily ride on him and he can peer easily into a two story building window, maybe even a third story if he tries hard enough. This makes it sometimes tricky getting around, when you consider also the fact of the length of his body from tip of his snout to tail. Then figure his wing size is roughly the same length of his body; Yeah. Size can be a problem in tight spaces.


Ixenioth Ternock was born among his kind, which kept to themselves in the mountainous country away from most of humanity. Like so many of his kind and even younger siblings they went to a school that their culture had designed to teach them the basics of the world, the things they would need to know to blend in and even educate them on some magical arts. When they become old enough, they were trained on how to transform themselves to blend in with the human teenage population and allowed to explore the outside borders of their area, near the cities that lied close to their homes.

This was the first time that Ixenioth met a human face to face and had his first interaction with one. Perhaps an interaction that would change his life forever and cause him to desire to prove they were not beasts to the human world. Though the two made a great friendship, it was one day his human friend had to leave, leaving Ixenioth once more only with his kind to relate with.

As Ixenioth grew older he picked a human name, using the one he told the boy he met. The human name being that of Darix. It was the name he worked on his penmanship with and creating the signature he would use when he decided to leave home, even though against his parents wishes.

He wanted to explore the world and go to a human university. To do as the people do of this world and not hide in the mountains like some nomadic clan. After all, his parents and grandparents only saw the outside world in their business life of their corporation run environments in the small cities that out lined their territory. That was not enough information and there had to be so much more out there.

So Ixenioth left adopting his fake ID as his true name, becoming, far as the world was concerned now in New York City: Darix Tyner. A young college student from the country life and one who excelled in his studies, including in the PHD he ended up gaining on the studies of mythology.

Once Darix graduated, he took up a job as a Librarian in a local library in New York. Where he would watch become in and go. Using even the free time to read the literature of the world to grasp the creativity of the human mind compared to his own people.

When he did go home though to visit his family, he was greeted with concern and some scorn. That he was chasing a foolish dream that would get him killed like several ancestors of his past. He was told he couldn't trust mankind. That the humans would turn on him if they found out the truth and they would cage him like a wild animal.

That when that day came, they would not rescue him from his fate. They would let him learn the hard way, even if it means his death. It was their final warning to him and a warning that Darix left his home from once those words were spoken by his father. He left back to New York City. Even more determined to prove them wrong.

He was no fool after all. He knew the dangers that could come, but you have to start somewhere and the torch has to be lit by someone to lead the way. If none of them were going to try, then he would do it. Some way. Some how. He would find his place not on in the world by prove that his kind could be trusted by all.


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