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Armando Edi Munoz
Mondo, The Evolving Boy
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Quote-open "My brain screams at me to draw my gun, but my arm refuses to move. The air is alive with gunfire. And I'm not alive with anything." Quote-close

Some decades ago, Armando Munoz - also known as 'Darwin', due to his powers of reactive evolution - became one of Charles Xavier's first students, only to seemingly perish in combat while protecting his friends. Since re-emerging, he has travelled the globe, helping mutants and humankind whenever and wherever possible. He is arguably the ultimate survivor.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Healing: 4, Intellect: 4, Physique: 3

Abilities: Power

Reactive Evolution

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5, Driving and Piloting: 5, First Aid: 4, Handyman: 4, Infiltration: 5, Investigation: 5

Advantages: Contacts

Flaws: Immortality, Involuntary, Public, Too Much At Once, Trauma, Unexpected

Languages: An ability allows Darwin to comprehend all languages.


Attribute: Healing (4)

The ability to heal faster than normal is tied to Darwin's mutation of Reactive Evolution. Should he become injured or sick, his body will (usually) transform in some way to help him heal again. It is this aspect of his mutation that makes him effectively immortal. Coming back from a severe injury (or a drastic escape, such as turning into energy to survive a massive blast) may take a while - sometimes days, other times... even longer.

Attribute: Intellect (4)

In his usual state, Darwin is highly intelligent, although his level intellect may increase in the event that he needs to solve a puzzle or mystery, or mental challenge of some kind. He attended an academy for Advanced Education where he excelled, as well as Xavier's school and later, Moira MacTaggert's own R&D institute.

Attribute: Physique (3)

This applies to traits such as Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance. Darwin's mutation generally keeps him in peak health, for a human being, but any of his attributes can increase (temporarily) to match his need. This does not mean he always gets the 'boost' he wants - he might well get something else (something helpful for his survival, but less helpful to others, or to actually winning).

Power: Reactive Evolution

Darwin is a mutant, born with the power of 'Reactive Evolution'. The most apparent part of Darwin's power is his physiology. Darwin is bald, has bone white skin, arms longer than that of a normal person his size, and pure white eyes.

Darwin is constantly adapting to his surroundings and situations, circumstantially. If his head was submerged in water, he would grow gills, and lose them as he removed his head. If he stepped into a pitch black room, he would develop night vision as long as he was in the room.

His ability isn't just this simple, however. If Darwin requires the intellect for a challenge or a test that he needs to pass, he will gain it to pass the test. If he needs to win a fight, his hits may become stronger or, if he needs to survive a hit, his body may become tougher to a level fitting the opponent. Darwin's ability also expands to languages, allowing him to understand others and communicate with them, as communication is key to survival.

To what extent Darwin's powers work is unknown, though there is no known situation he cannot adapt to, no matter the strength of the situation. His body will do almost anything it has to, to ensure his survival.

Darwin's ability also extends to non-immediately life threatening situations. Darwin is incapable of getting drunk, his body processing the alcohol too quickly for this.

However, the ability isn't perfect. Darwin is incapable of controlling /how/ he adapts. For example, if Darwin would personally prefer to adapt to a powerful foe and give him the strength and toughness to combat them, his body may determine that the best method of survival is instead to teleport him as far away from the threat as possible.

Skill: Combat (5)

Over the years, Darwin has trained in fighting techniques to supplement his powers of survival (particularly for those moments when his mutation 'backfires': does something unexpected). He has focused primarily on Capoeira for hand-to-hand combat, and is a good shot with a sidearm.

Skill: Driving and Piloting (5)

Put Darwin behind the wheel of just about any car, and he can drive it with impressive aptitude. He knows the city well, from his years as a cab driver, and 'stunt driving' is a hobby. He trained in piloting small aircraft back in the 1970s, and flies enough to keep his licence.

Skill: First Aid (4)

A doctor, he is not - however, Darwin keeps up-to-date with latest medical standards so that his First Aid certificate is always valid. In a pinch, he could possibly save someone's life, even if his intellect increases due to his mutation. Regardless, he lacks the knowledge and skill of a qualified physician.

Skill: Handyman (4)

This might have more to do with his powers than his trained skills, although it definitely incorporates both. Darwin has spent a lot of years surviving - be it on his own, or in the company of others. He has picked up a number of 'little' skills - mainly associated with looking after himself, his home and his belongings. He lacks the finesse of a professional-anything (and his skills are far from comprehensive), but he can get by.

Skill: Infiltration (5)

Powers that assist in remaining unseen or unheard do come in handy, but Darwin has also spent time actually practicing intrusion skills. He can pick some locks, bypass some cameras and security systems, and generally travel in secret if he wishes too. He is, however, no master burglar or sneak or assassin. Far from it.

Skill: Investigation (5)

Darwin's investigative skills are the product of some years spent studying, and more years out in the world, working as a P.I. He has a good eye for detail, and a deep-rooted passion for helping others, but he lacks the mastery he would have earned had he focused primarily on this (instead of trying to be a 'jack of all trades').


Advantage: Contacts

Darwin knows people here and there, mostly from his days travelling the globe: informants, friends, people who owe him favours (or vice versa), including some contacts as Xavier's school.


Flaw: Immortality

Darwin has buried a great many friends of the years, and he will bury more - unless someone finds a way to kill him, instead. Immortality comes at a price, and Darwin understands it all too well. As a result, he is extremely protective of his friends and allies, which both motivates him to do his best - as well as puts a target on his heart.

Flaw: Involuntary

Darwin cannot consciously control his power. It kicks in whenever he instinctively needs it. This means his powers can activate at the most inopportune moments if, on some level, he needs them - thus making it difficult for him to hide what he is.

It is important to note: 'survival and triumph are not the same thing'. There is a difference between beating a foe - and just outlasting one.

Flaw: Public

Other than the publicity his appearance brings him, Darwin was a subject of a report after repeated testings of his abilities by scientists. As such, his identity and what he can do is known by scientists and the public as "Darwin, the Evolving Boy", as is his appearance.

Flaw: Too Much At Once

It is possible for Darwin to adapt to different environmental conditions at the same time, however, taking damage from multiple different sources may well overtax his mutation and cause it to short out, to fail.

Flaw: Trauma

The harsh treatment of his parents toward him, the experiments conducted upon him in his childhood, the horror of almost dying (then having to 'pull himself together' again, afterward), all have left their 'mark' upon Darwin. He carries a lot of grief on his shoulders, and there does not appear to be a mutation that allows him to escape it.

To add insult to injury, Darwin cannot get drunk.

Flaw: Unexpected

When Darwin's 'reactive evolution' takes over, it may not manifest in a power that he expects or wants. For example, if faced with an incredibly strong foe, Darwin might hope for a boost in his strength, or an energy-based power with which to fight back... but instead his body may just teleport him away to safety.


Armando Munoz was born in 1942, to a working-class family in upstate New York. Life might have been a 'normal' one for him, had his mutant heritage not manifested so early one. Munoz's parents could not abide the thought of raising a mutant, and despised him for being so different (especially given that his mutation - reactive evolution - manifested itself physically, altering his appearance.

It was difficult for Munoz to hide what he was.

A group of scientists found Munoz when he was still a boy, took him, and conducted experiments upon him to fully determine the nature of his powers. It was they who gave him the nickname 'Darwin'. They also made his identity public knowledge. Munoz eventually escaped and made a life for himself as a cab-driver - which suited his love of travelling and exploring.

That was how he met Charles Xavier, and other mutants just like him. Life improved for Armando (or 'Mondo', to his friends), who studied briefly with Xavier and other students until an attack upon their facility caused Armando to suffer such damage that he seemingly died. Xavier and the rest continued on, mourning the loss of their friend.

In actual fact, Munoz's body had turned into pure energy to avoid death, and it took time for him to reconstitute himself once more. Afterward, Munoz travelled the world. He checked in with Xavier's institute often enough, continued his studies and training - ultimately deciding upon being an investigator.

These days, he still travels, still helps people - either in an official capacity, or just because he wants to. There are still oppressed mutants out there - as well as plenty of others - and he wants to have a hand in ensuring their survival. Not just his own.


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