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Abilities: Ability

Combat: 5, Dexterity: 4, Endurance: 2, Intellect: 3, Perception: 5, Strength: 3, Toughness: 3, Willpower: 4

Abilities: Powers

Damage: 6 Psychic Razor Wires: 6

Advantages: Akenda Industries, Armor & Weapons, Black Dragon, Languages, Money, Property

Flaws: Discression, Enemies, Energy Demands, Psychic Feedback 1, Psychic Feedback 2

Languages: Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese


Ability: Combat (5)

David is well Trained in a number of Martial arts. Judo, karate, jujitsu. And while considered a Blackbelt in all of them, David has not invested himself in the dedication, if Nessasary, David could compete professionally, But it would be clear that he has not dedicated himself to total mastery of his arts. An experianced street level hero would Give David a serious run for his money, The Average street level Thug is of no danger to David.

Ability: Dexterity (4)

Due to his martial arts training David is very dexterous and agile. More than able to perform classic Martial arts maneuvers, flips, kicks, punches, dodges rolls. As ling as it is not the Wire Fu style special effects seen in Martial arts movies. David is adept at it. Although if needed he can perform those moves with his own wires, for a brief short surprise.

Ability: Endurance (2)

Health is a major focus for David, as a result of proper diet, excercise, and disapline, including willing to actually show patients and rest and properly heal while injured. David has peek endurance for his body. If he was pushed hard, baring use of his Wires, David could function for up to 24 hours with out rest. Although this time will be reduced if he is forced to manifest his Wires.

Ability: Intellect (3)

Education was very important to David's father. With most intellectual processes being laid down in the newborn to 4 years age range. David's father ensured that his son had the proper mental stimulation, and diet to ensure his son would have a good mental acuity. While no Genius, David is very smart, combined with a first class education, and his martial Art's Training, can allow him to think his way out of problems. David can also program most civilian computers, build them with ease. But he also a modestly decent hacker, any place that would have a security level equal to say a Police Station, would be a challenge for him.

Ability: Perception (5)

Observing the world around you can be key to your survival. Noticing the minor details, a small scar, an ink pin out of place. An out of place smell. In Japan David was trained to notice these things, which could lead to trouble. In Japan there were several times the Yakuza attempted to as hey would say, Solicit donations from his father by showing David Akenda their hospitality.

Ability: Strength (3)

For the moment David is human in terms of physical strength and abilities. He is at peak strength for his age and can bench around his own body weight roughly 190 pounds with ease. Give or take some.

Ability: Toughness (3)

For all his physical training David is still very much human. Without armor or protection, David is as squishy as a normal everyday human being. Although with some ability to roll and flow with a punch. David sometimes even wears a bullet proof jacket when in public toughness 3.5? Inside his Personal Stealth Armor this increases to Toughness 4.

Ability: Willpower (4)

David's Psychic Razor Wires require a good amount of discipline and willpower to use. As a result he has a highly trained and disciplined mind. Allowing him to generate his wires and control them to do incredible feats. Because his Wires are Psychically manifested, David can resist casual probes to his surface thoughts and would be aware of such contact. But a trained and experienced Psychic could over come his mental defenses.

Powers: Psychic Razor Wires (6)

David Akenda is a Psychic who's powers manifest themselves in the form of neigh unbreakable mono-filament wires that project from the tips of his fingers (in a way that is similar to Psylocke's energy blade) . On average David can produce up to ten strands per finger, up to fifty feet in length (100 strands total). Often appearing as near invisible gossamer strands around him shimmering and glowing with his mental energy. David has ultra fine control over these wires to the point that he can spin them around him producing a shield, use them to bind a target or object up. Make a semi solid surface that can serve as a barrier. But the most devastating effect that he can produce is when he chooses to have them turn into a cutting edge. The mono-filaments cleave clean through molecular bonds producing a clean mirror like finish when he cuts through materials like Iron, steel, even Titanium. Although any material harder than Titanium is beyond his ability to cut through.

David has one of two choices. He can choose to have his wires be cutting surfaces, or unable to cut anything. **He can not under no circumstances, mix the two.** IE Hold one enemy in one hand's wires while slashing around with the other cutting things apart. Or hold an enemy in his wires and slice his weapons apart. The wires must cut, or they must be blunt.

David's control over the wires is so fine he can move them around like snakes. Curling and moving even tying themselves around an object without moving. Such as sliding into a pair of handcuffs and slicing apart the internal locks to slide out. slipping through a door frame to slice a deadbolt, or pulling the latch open. David normally uses them like whips and grappling things, and swinging tools. Yes, He can do the Spider-man man swing to a limited degree.

While the wires are unbreakable, David's mind and body are not. The strength he can exert on the wires is limited to his own body strength. Which is about the ability to bench his own weight. 190LBS This is baring the fact that he can entangle enemies looping his wires around them multiple times, or looping them around things to get added strength such as looping the wires between two lamp posts several times forming a net in front of him to entangle someone. Then stringing them up as they then must fight against the cables but also the posts. Although those with super strength, this may be a mild inconvenience. Being able to tug on the unbreakable wires and break the posts.

The speed at which David can manipulate his wires is the speed of thought. And his thoughts are often reflexive due to his mental training. As for his barriers and deflection he can form screens in front of him, to the sides to form a solid barrier he can use to deflect bullets. Normally at a sharp angle with a razor sharp edge so the bullet shreds like being put through a cheese grater.

Powers: Damage (6)

While David is lacking in the Physical end of abilities. What makes him so dangerous are his Psychic Razor wires. While anything harder than titanium (A 6 on Moh's scale of hardness) is beyond his ability to cut through. In the modern world however, very few things even come close to this level of duribility. As a result David's ability for damage is incredible. He could level a City block in under a minute.


Advantage: Akenda Industries

The Company his father owns, Akenda Industries, is a computer technology development cooperation. Producing cost effective computer technologys for consumers. With several innovated and unique designs. The Company is very successful and had enough of a profit that it is able to avoid the predations of other coperations such as Lexcorps. Akenda Industries also accepts commissions for custom peices of computer hardware and systems, although it does extensive checks against Criminal Groups like AIM and Hydra. In the event of his father's death. Akenda is old enough to assume total control of the company and will assume it. Something he does not and is not looking forward to running in the near future.

Advantage: Armor & Weapons

When David began committing petty crimes for amusement. He did not do so without a disguise. While in Japan he assembled a suit of armored clothes with a fairly Sci-fi flare to it, flat black, armored panels. Able to withstand gunfire, up to a .44 mangum. It can easily take sword slashes, and impacts from things like punches and gloves. It is fire proof, has armored soles on the boot. And has all the classic ninja' gimmicks. Caltrops, throwing stars, smoke bombs, etc that one comes to expect from movie ninja. If it has been seen in a Ninja movie, chances are he has easy access to it. It also has a silk scarf that has weighted ends. The scarf is black and over ten feet long as it acts very much like a whip, and makes for a good rope to bind someone up with.

Advantage: Black Dragon

Having ordered a Custom Black Katana sword. The Black Dragon is a solid Titanium blade. The blade barely weighs 3 pounds, and is 42 inches long including the handle. David uses the blade in situations were his wires are not needed, and used mostly to incapacitate an enemy such as cutting a hamstring.

Advantage: Languages

David is Perfectly Fluent in English, Cantonese, His native Japanese, Korean, Mandrin, and Vietnamese. He is able to speak the languages with out a an accent of his native Japan. Although Japanese is his first language.

Advantage: Money

While no where near as wealthy as Someone Like Luthor, Wayne, Stark. David's father in Japan owns and runs one of the most profitable electronic companies around. As a result David has no need for money and often gets a stipend each month. He could easily pull on a hundred thousand (U.S.) dollars a month with out trouble. And he has a considerible amount of money several millions of dollars sorted in a number of bank accounts, and other liquid assets. Such as small bars of gold that weight roughly a pound each that are held in safety deposit boxes or in secret locations.

Advantage: Property

Bruce Wayne has Wayne Manor, Tony Stark has Stark Tower. David Akenda leased a number of properties out that he can have as a home, or a safe house. Or a place to hang out at when he has time away.. He also owns a couple high speed, high performance cars, and a custom ninja motorcycle that has been improved to beyond street legal abilities, very quiet, very fast. His main lease is a Penthouse in Upper New York City that he has leased for the better part of two years and fully paid. Inside of it he has some fairly impressive equipment, state of the art computers, Flat screen TVs, All the latest (and some retro) gaming systems.


Flaw: Discression

David knows the value of discression. As a result he a bit reluctant to use his Wires in costume, and it would take an extreme situation for him to use them outside of his costume. More so if there are others around, David does everything he can to avoid using his wires. That way if an event should occur where he has to use his wires, they are a total surprise. But because of his desire to keep this power hidden. David will often not use them, unless his life, or someone elses life was placed into extreme danger. This can and will lead to situations where he will end up captured, where a simply covert use of his powers could have avoided being captured.

Flaw: Enemies

In Japan, David's father has enemies. He could fall prey to them here in the states. For now these are corporate enemies and groups like the Japanese Mafia. Who would love getting their hands on a share of those profits. Or schematics for a new type of micro chip or such. Also while his company does it's best to keep it's technology out of criminal hands, AIM, and even Hydra have taken an interest in aquiring some of their more advanced designs. And it is possible for them to target David to manipulate his father.

Flaw: Energy Demands

In order for him to effectively use his Psychic wires David needs to be relatively well rested. As a result, after a battle. A fight, or any other situation that has forced him to use his powers for considerable length of time. Even if physically not exhausted he is mentally exhausted. nable to focus, remember fine details. or have good hand eye co-ordination. It also means he could end up sleeping for 12 hours Plus. Also if he engaged in strenuous mental activity, it would also effect how much he could use his powers. A good sign that he has reached his limits is when his nose starts to bleed.

Flaw: Psychic Feedback 1

David Akenda's Wires are composed of psychic energy made physical. As a result he has an unusual weakness to other psionics. If his wires come in direct physical contact with their skins (only touching their skin, their clothes provide enough shielding). David Akenda gets a painful feedback pulse through his wires. This is akin to someone suddenly slugging him in the head with their fist. Stronger the Psychic, the more intense the result. Someone like Pyro would be like punched in the head, while someone on the level of Jean Grey would be like someone taking a sledge hammer and performing a baseball bat swing to his head. Touching a Psychic on the order of Martian Manhunter, or Charles Xavier might kill him. It would also leave him catatonic.

The person he is touching with his wires feels little more than a tingle when his wires touch them on the bare skin, but it's enough to let them know what happened.

This applies only to TRUE Psions, like Jean Grey. Someone like Spider-Man who's powers are not Psionic based such as his precognitive abilities that warn him of danger, won't trigger this.

    • Note**

This applies only to his wires. He could touch a psionic with his hands or kiss them, and no harm would come. BUT, if he does touch a psychic like this, they are instantly aware he has Psychic powers. Not the nature of function, but they are aware of it. And he in turn //may// be aware of their nature. OOC consent required for David to know the other person is a Psionic, other player characters who touch David are automatically aware. This requires physical contact, A psychic could knock his wires around with telekinetic attacks, or himself, and no harm would come.

Flaw: Psychic Feedback 2

David has a total aversion to harming someone directly with his wires. His wires are a form of physical psionic energy. As such when he cuts someone, once his wires comes into contact with their nerves, and there is no way to prevent it. He instantly feels the pain caused by his wires as his own. Every cut, every scrape, every slash. The pain feels exactly as his own.

This also produces nightmares, bringing forth memories of when he killed the would be kidnappers of him and his mother. An incident that traumatized him. The nightmares can last for days or weeks even.

"This applies only to those with Nervous systems, Robots, and most forms of Undead monsters don't follow this. Those who don't feel pain like the normal person. And when he figures out they are Undead or Robots. Very little would hold back his destruction power."

By far the most dangerious part is if he were to accidentally injure a Psychic with his cutting wires. Coming into direct contact with their nerves and thus nervous system would produce a feedback pulse that would render him catatonic even from a low level Psion.



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