David Earl LeGraize

David Earl LeGraize


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Animal Empathy: 3, Claws+fangs: 5, Healing: 2/5, Perception: 7, Superhuman Dexterity: 5/6, Superhuman Speed: 4, Superhuman Strength: 4/5, Superhuman Toughness: 4/5

Abilities: Skills

Acrobatics: 4, Combat: 7, Escape Artist: 8, Survival: 6, Tactics: 6

Abilities: Gear

Armor: 4 Weapons: 4


Flaws: Bound, Desertion, Enchanted, Large Size, Not Human, Power, Primal Mind, Silver, Sociopath

Languages: English


Power: Superhuman Strength (4/5)

In his normal state he has above human strength but in his divine form, he gains the strength needed to rupture steel.

Skills: Combat (7)

David has been in multiple military academies and institutions at a young age as well as making it to spec-ops for his ability to infiltrate enemy territory and take out the enemy. Because of this, he is trained in unarmed combat, weapon combat, and capable of using anything as a weapon.

Skills: Escape Artist (8)

David has a natural knack for escaping capture as well as getting out of containment. It was a trait discovered during his military academy days when he could get out of everything the instructors put him in. As time progressed, his ability increased.

Skills: Survival (6)

David has went through survival training, his training allows him to become able to survive with little to no aid from base and command. This Training has also allowed him to develop cunning booby traps as well.

Skills: Tactics (6)

David has been in military institutions since a small child, thus he is trained to use ground tactics. He is aware of military tactics and can counter any of the common tactics used by armed forces.

Gear: Armor (4)

This is David's armor, and it is a flack jacket with armor plates in it. It is meant to protect his torso from knives and bullets.

Gear: Weapons (4)

This is David's gear and weapons which he left the military with. This includes a survival knife, rifle, sidearm, ammo, Grenades, and stun grenades. He also carries a multi-tool with him as well that has a knife blade.

Power: Animal Empathy (3)

David has the power to sense animals within a range of five miles. This sense allows him to feel an animal's general mindset as well as allows him to know where the animal is roughly. Also if the animal is hurt, the pain is psychically sent to him. Animals also trust him, even those whom are normally aggressive to humans, to them the man simply feels as if he was one of them.

Power: Claws+fangs (5)

In divine form, he has claws and fangs now and his own bones and cartiledge is far dense then human or even animal ones, thus he is far harder to break bones and harder to break his fangs and claws.

Power: Healing (2/5)

David's ability to heal injuries is five times stronger then the average human in his normal state, but in divine form he becomes capable of healing fifty times that of a normal human, meaning given enough time he will recover from his injuries.

Power: Perception (7)

In divine form, his senses are heightened. This comes in the form of hearing, Smell and eyes. Smell is his strongest sense, followed by hearing and then sight.

Power: Superhuman Dexterity (5/6)

David's own dexterity is heightened as well, capable of pulling off above average feats of dexterity. In divine form, his dexterity becomes greater then five times more then even the most highly peaked humans.

Power: Superhuman Speed (4)

David's speed is also incredibly heightened and if he goes to run on all fours, can easily double this.

Power: Superhuman Toughness (4/5)

David has above human toughness, capable of taking blow which would make a normal human fall, however in divine form he can take assault weapon grade military weapons with ease.

Skills: Acrobatics (4)

David possesses some acrobatic capabilities. He is not as good as nightwing, or Batman but he does possess some skill in the area.



Flaw: Bound

David is bound to Amora's Service. For as long as he remains, he will keep these boons. When he betrays her, the powers leave and David is once again a normal human.

Flaw: Desertion

David had killed his CO, skinned his CO, and seperated the pieces of the man as a poacher would a kill's parts and hasnt been seen since. As such, the military is looking for him and military personnel and installations will be on the lookout for the man.

Flaw: Enchanted

This flaw means that it is very difficult to perceive Amora in a way that may cause him to act against her.

Flaw: Large Size

He is huge in beast form and such cannot get into small spaces.

Flaw: Not Human

David's appearance now is easily not human. He is bigger now, both taller and more muscular, has bright golden eyes, has more hair along his body and when he speaks, he speaks with a growling rasp to his voice.

Flaw: Power

David's Animal Empathy does have a weakness. When an animal is hurt, the pain is psychically transfered back to David and comes in the form of headaches and when an animal dies violently around him, painfully, it is as if he lost a piece of himself. As such, injuring animals will drive David to a near berserker rage.

Flaw: Primal Mind

In his beast form, David's intelligence drops down to just barely at below human average. While he can talk,(hard given the snout and fangs) he is still little more then a smart animal and can be outsmarted.

Flaw: Silver

Silver is the traditional flaw of the werewolves. Silver weaponry, and objects can deal the same damage no matter which form he is in and reverts his healing back down to normal levels as long as the silver object remains embedded in him.

Flaw: Sociopath

Because of his empathy with animals and his lack of empathy with people, David has developed near sociopathic tendencies. He simply doesnt feel anything in regards to human suffering and pain. Which probably explains how come he is skilled as a soldier.



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