Davida Brazile


Quote-open "Life is a ride, love is a
gamble, and common
sense is just an excuse
to stay home."

Sleek, graceful, curious, watchful, stealthy, there are many words to describe Davida, but none is more apt than "feline". She was created to be a super-soldier fighting for the freedoms and security of the USA, but actually evolved into a professional spy and trouble-shooter concerned only with her own interests.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attributes

Gifted Intellect: 3 Willpower: 6

Abilities: Power

Accelerated Healing: 3, Enhanced Agility: 7, Enhanced Durability: 5, Enhanced Senses: 6, Enhanced Speed: 1, Enhanced Stamina: 5, Enhanced Strength: 4

Abilities: Skills

Combat: 6, Education: 4, Infiltrator: 7, Investigation: 5, Military: 6, Politics: 6

Advantages: Backer, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Languages, Resources

Flaws: Chimera, Curiosity, Design Flaw, Driving Goal

Languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, and Spanish


Attributes: Gifted Intellect (3)

GLOBAL: As a masure of Davida's raw mental processes - memory, judgment, reasoning, understanding, and critical thinking - the most appropriate descriptor of her 150 IQ is "Gifted".

Attributes: Willpower (6)

GLOBAL: Davida's determined force of will is the result of her brutal Chimera upbringing and training. Her willpower enables her to endure great physical and psychological trauma, push past her limitations, and resist temptation.

Power: Accelerated Healing (3)

GLOBAL: Davida was engineered with a huge quantity of raw stem cells in her blood, giving her accelerated healing powers. She can heal and fully recover from broken bones, stab and gunshot wounds, and damaged organs within days and less severe injuries within hours with no scarring.

Power: Enhanced Agility (7)

GLOBAL: Davida's agility, balance, and bodily coordination re all far beyond the natural physical limitations of even Olympic athletes. She can perform extremely difficult acrobatics and complicated gymnastics sequences, such as flips, rolls, and springs at speeds and angles that would be nearly impossible for most humans, with ease.

Davida's reflexes are similarly enhanced and far greater than the norm. In combination with her speed, her reflexes allow her to dodge almost any attack; including gunfire if given enough time to anticipate the potential path of the bullet.

Power: Enhanced Durability (5)

GLOBAL: Davida is tougher and more resistant to injury than an ordinary human. She can still be hurt and killed by conventional weapons, but her body holds together much better than normal. She can endure great impacts such as falls from great heights or several stories, or being hit by an adversary of equal or greater strength; and otherwise survive events that would greatly injure or kill a normal human with only mild to moderate discomfort.

Power: Enhanced Senses (6)

Limitation: GLOBAL: When focused on a particular sense, Davida becomes sensitive to sensory input; loud noises, sudden flashes, and bright lights may temporarily overwhelm her, effectively stunning her. Furthermore, it may take her a moment to relax a sense, leaving her sensitive for a short time after use.

GLOBAL: Davida's hearing, eyesight, and night vision are all superior to normal humans. She uses these senses with amazing accuracy and over impressive distances, allowing her to hear frequencies outside normal range and detect lies by listening for changes in heartbeat, voice strain, etc.; see with amazing clarity and detail, color, and clearly in darkness.

Power: Enhanced Speed (1)

GLOBAL: Davida can run at move at speeds that are far greater than the physical bounds of even the finest human athletics. She is able to run at speeds in excess of 60 mph, allowing her to easily outpace any normal human and is capable of blurring, a feat which makes it incredibly difficult for adversaries to percieve her movements when sprinting or moving at full speed.

Power: Enhanced Stamina (5)

GLOBAL: Davida's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. It's a trait that allows her to exert herself for long periods of time before tiredness impairs her. At her peak, a healthy, uninjured Davida can exert herself for several hours before the buildup of fatigue toxins weakens her muscles. She also has no need for sleep.

Furthermore, Davida is virtually immune to most poisons and drugs, except in very large doses, and her accelerated metabolism allows her to stay in near perfect shape with only light exercise. It is extremely difficult for her to become intoxicated from alcohol. She is immune to most diseases and it is impossible for her to catch the flu or the common cold.

Power: Enhanced Strength (4)

GLOBAL: Though Davida looks like an ordinary human, her musculature is incredibly dense and powerful. She is capable of probably lifting as much as 1 ton, jumping incredible distances and heights, and knock an ordinary person unconscious with a single blow. The enhanced strength not only makes her a formidable hand to hand combatant, but also allows her to punch and kick in doors, thick wood and thing metal.

Skills: Combat (6)

GLOBAL: Davida endured extensive and brutail training in a number of martial arts disciplines and various weapons. Her training, combined with her enhanced physique, makes her nearly unstoppable when fighting normal humans, but she is by no means invincible.

Skills: Education (4)

GLOBAL: Davida has received an accelerated technical education thanks to her Chimera-driven primary schooling and later collerge work. She has a BA in Linguistics with a broad liberal arts grounding and extensive practical field knowledge in the physical sciences. She is particularly skilled in the repair, alteration, and jury-rigging of advanced technical devices, along with Chimera-provided expertise in computer hacking and intrusion countermeasures.

Skills: Infiltrator (7)

GLOBAL: The Chimera project training combined with her own enhanced physical capabilities has given Davida superhuman athletic and acrobatic abilities. She is a master of evasion, avoidance, infiltration, and shadowing. She has received extensive training in the more technical aspects of intrusion as well, from safecracking, security bypassing and lock picking to the humbler arts of hotwiring and pickpocketing.

Skills: Investigation (5)

GLOBAL: More than just a good eye for detail, Davida has the ability to do research and follow leads. Such research may include Internet searches or breaking open the books and peroidicals archives at the library. Either way, she's good at picking up clues and noticing details others may have missed.

Skills: Military (6)

GLOBAL: Davida, along with her brothers and sisters in the Chimera Project, was created to be the perfect soldiers. To that end she received extensive training in recon, infiltration, tracking, observation, escape and evasion, espionage, explosives, and handling vehicles.

Skills: Politics (6)

GLOBAL: In Davida's line of work it's important to be familiar with the politics of the moment, including the people in charge and how they got there. She has the knowledge to practically navigate the bureaucratic institutions of the world and understand tho who and the how of their daily workings.


Advantage: Backer

Miss Cross is a former Chimera employee who now freelances as a professional spy. She is also Davida's facilitator, the go-between who negotiates and makes arrangements for the meta's assignments. In exchange for Davida's compliance Miss Cross sees to it that Davida is handsomely rewarded and dangles a most precious carrot in front of her; the chance to find her bothers and sisters from the Chimera project.

Advantage: Contacts

Over the years Davida has collected a handful of important contacts throughout the criminal and spy communities. Fences, weapons dealers, fixers, and others who can help her get her hands on useful information, tech, and access to places few outside of the CIA and other intelligence operations could.

Advantage: Eidetic Memory

Davida is able to remember great volumes of information and in greater detail than most humans. Whether it's something read in a book, lyrics from a song, people they've encountered, etc., she can recall the event with clear detail.

Advantage: Languages

Through books and independent study, her teachers at Chimera through to her college professors, and her travels since, Davida is an avid student of culture and language. Beyond English, she is fluent in Afrikaans, Arabic, Egyptian, French, German, Greek, and Spanish.

Advantage: Resources

Davida is very well-off, with money held in various accounts, more than a few of them overseas, and investments in stocks and real estate. If liquidated her she could raise more than $20 million cash.


Flaw: Chimera

When the excesses of the Chimera program were brought to light, it was silently shut down and the records classified- but a hard core of researchers are still determined to "salvage" their investment, and some of these still pursue Davida through extra-legal channels- ones willing to use villains and other less legally-minded hunters to capture her once more.

Flaw: Curiosity

They say it's what killed the cat, after all. Davida is naturally drawn to a good mystery, to the enigmatic, and intrigues. As a result she is often getting into trouble of her own design; and quite often things that are none of her business.

Flaw: Design Flaw

Davida's brain does not make enough serotonin and as a result of this "design flaw" she is susceptible to uncontrollable seizures and complete powerlessness. Her powers can be restored by external means, either by the food supplement tryptophan or by drinking a glass of milk.

Flaw: Driving Goal

Davida is consumed by her separation from the Chimera brothers and sisters. She'll do just about anything to find them, and sometimes that means being willing to compromise on her morals and ethics, such as they are.


Davida was created by engineers working for a covert program dubbed Chimera, with a goal to create the perfect physical, mental, and psychological commandos to be used for a wide variety of special ops assignments and missions. Davida, along with her brothers and sisters in the X7 group, was among the first successful prototypes. They were genetically-engineered at Chimera's highly advanced genetics labs by splicing together genetic samples taken from exceptional human specimens with a sample of animal DNA; Davida’s taken from the big cat animal family.

Brought to term by a human surrogate, she was immediately taken from her birth mother, tattooed at the base of her neck with a barcode that identified her as X7-444G, and placed in the care of Chimera handlers. Housed and raised in the Chimera training facility in rural north Minnesota, the other X7 kids were her family, their bond strengthened by the shared experience of their tortured childhoods.

Under the supervision of Colonel John C. Cornelsen the X7 children were trained in a variety of disciplines – academic, athletic, and martial – using techniques that were simply brutal. The method became harsher as the X7 kids matured, and the experiments designed to test their abilities was brutal, if not outright sadistic. One such experiment with 444G as the subject involved inflicting injuries and even shattering bones to test the limits of her body’s ability to regenerate and heal.

Kept from the rest of the world, 444G often daydreamed of the people she read about in her lessons. She learned their languages, read about their cultures and the lands where they lived. She became fascinated by mythology and in particular by the figure of Bast, the Egyptian goddess, Mother of All Cats. She dreamed that Bast was her real mother who had sent her to Chimera to free the other children and put an end to Chimera.

On a freezing snow-covered day, just days before her 10th birtday, 444G led 12 of her siblings to escape during an outdoor training exercise. The group managed to overcome or elude their guards, but for the chaos and snowy conditions 444G was separated from the others and became lost. Furthermore a keeper’s bullet sent her tumbling down a mountainside and into the freezing waters of Lake Superior.

444G woke to find herself in the home of a sympathetic Chimera nurse named Bren who helped tend to her injuries and then escape to the outside world. She gave herself the name Davida, after the Iron Butterfly song, and after a year of misadventures managed to get to North York, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There she was befriended by the Braziles, a childless couple who took her into their home and raised her like their own daughter. Once again, as she believed, Bast was looking out for her.

She was introduced to the North York community as Davida Rae Park Brazile, orphaned niece of child psychologist Martin Brazile and his dance instructor wife Vera Park Brazile. It was not an easy adjustment, but Davida's true self eventually emerged as a playful, curious, and gifted, but also aloof, high-spirited, and unpredictable. She was physically astonishing, the embodiment of grace as exercised through her passions for dancing and gymnastics. Once approached by an Olympics scout Davida declined, preferring to continue living the simple life rather than take on a lifestyle that reminded her of Chimera.

She was 14 years old when the simple life got a bit more complicated. Doctor’s and specialists could not determine the cause for Davida’s seizures or the long bouts of listlessness that followed. Scared for her life, the Brazilles' reached out to the nurse who helped Davida escape – Bren. Finding her wasn't easy, but once they did she pointed them to an X7 design flaw; the inability for their brains to create enough serotonin. Bren's orders to supplement Davida’s stores saved her life. Furthermore, her already peak human abilities leaped to superhuman class, making any plan for a simple life a complicated feat to pull off.

Clearly she wasn't like other people; not like the slow-witted kids at school, not like the sedate adults who presumed to know what was best for her. Though grateful for her freedom, Davida quietly chafed under society rules. The only times she ever felt truly free were when she was in motion; dancing, running, leaping, and running wild through nearby woodlands.

There was also the ever-present concern about her Chimera siblings. What happened to them? Where did they go and how could she find them? After graduating high school at ag 16, Davida went on to college to study dance and Interior Design, but those questions haunted her and then there was the growing sense that she was letting down her patron Bast. She skipped her graduation ceremony and chose instead to pack a bag and head back to Minnesota to once again ask Bren for help. Bren was gone and no trace of her left in the house. Before Davida could return home she was approached by a mysterious woman who claimed she could help find the other kids, but only for Davida's help in trade.

Miss Cross once worked as a Chimera agent, but she left and went rogue. Now in the professional spy business, she was selling all sorts of secrets for profit to whomever was willing to pay her high fees. She wanted Davida to put all her ops training to work for her new venture; and in exchange she would provide her with the necessary tools, pay her extremely well, and give info on the whereabouts of the other 12 runaways.

Davida agreed to Cross' terms and in the years since has evolved into a masterful spy with the codename Bastet. Espionage, theft, and information brokering are just a few of the illicit activities that have helped her to afford her lavish lifestyle and contact 3 of her Chimera siblings. Moreover, the opportunities to use her abilities without restraint or concern lit a fire in Davida and brought out her inner daredevil and thrillseeker, and a mercenary nature. She currently makes her home in New York City, NY, though her life as a spy takes her all over the world.


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