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Dazzler 11 Dazzler 3
Agility: 5 Strength: 2 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Transducer Light Emission 5/10 Resurrection
Athletic Heroic Community Legal Smarts
Absence of Sound Daddy Issues Public ID
Name: Alison Blaire A mutant with the power to absorb sound and transform it into light, Alison Blaire never wanted to be a hero. Instead, she used her powers the augment her musical performances - though she's found herself drawn into more than one metahuman altercation along the way.

In order to promote a semi-biopic movie, Alison revealed to the world at LAX airport her mutant status. The movie completed shooting but has since been shelved indefinitely, and her career has tanked.

Position: Famous Mutant
Team: None
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Elizabeth Banks
Alts: None
Timezone: EST
Music: [Florence + the Machine, "Spectrum"]
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Classic, Comedic, Heroic, Romantic
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Alison is the daughter of Carter and Katherine Blaire, a lawyer and a jazz singer. Katherine left before Alison was even two years old, having fallen into drinking and drugs. Alison grew up believing her mother was dead, and though her father raised her she was closer to her grandmother, Bella. Alison was naturally drawn to music, but was stifled at every turn by Carter.

Alison's powers manifested at a performance during a talent show in high school; three of her classmates were permanently blinded. Terrified, she decided to give in to Carter's demands and gave up music and buried herself in her studies - even going on to law school. Once she got her degree, Ali gave Carter the finger instead - "I'm not the lawyer type! ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!" - and started a band and started working local gigs.

Traveling from city to city, anywhere a paying gig would take her, Alison (or Dazzler, as she'd started calling herself) met all kinds of people while using her powers to put on a show. Heroes, villains, cosmic beings (Ask!). Occasionally she was kidnapped or attacked, which made her career... rocky. She was made offers to join Super-Teams, but she always waved them off in pursuit of her dream.

Her dream took her to Hollywood, where a producer pitched a semi-biopic about her life. Also, he was handsome and rich - hello, new boyfriend! He convinced her that 'coming out' as a mutant would be good publicity for the movie, and might help ease human/mutant tension. BIIIG mistake. At the demonstration at LAX, people mostly just freaked out. People started protesting the film, and while it wrapped fine and dandy.... the company shelved it.

Fired, exposed, and un-hirable, Alison is at a major crossroads.


Power: Transducer

Alison's mutant power is the ability to absorb sound, change that energy into light, and emit it in a variety of ways. Alison can (and has) absorb sounds all the way off of the Arsenal Scale in decibel level and suffers no ill effect for doing so. This also renders her unable to be affected by any power or ability based on manipulation of sound waves, and unable to be blinded by light of any brightness. While her ability to absorb and transduce is unlimited, Alison can only 'store' an amount of sound internally for future use equal to a 5 on the Arsenal Scale.

Power: Light Emission (5/10)

  • Lasers: Alison can form lasers of varying strength, size, and circumference. Though she mostly uses a pointed finger to aim them, she can also focus them from her eyes.
  • 'Dazzle-Burst': By focusing a rapid-shifting burst of light and pattern around a target, Alison can induce sensory overload and render targets unconscious.
  • Holograms: Alison can create visually convincing holograms, though a hologram of a person would have no voice. None of her holograms have substance.
  • Crowd Control: Alison can use light to either obscure an area similar to using a fog (sort of making everything soft-focus and blurry), or by using shifting light and color to evoke certain moods.
  • Shields: Alison can form a shield of light strong enough to vaporize bullets and other incoming projectiles. Requires absorbed sound of at least 8 on the Arsenal Scale to use.
  • Flight: Alison can use photons to fly (like Quasar and Photon do) - when she's absorbed sound at least a 7 on the Arsenal Scale.

Power: Resurrection
Alison's faced death a few times... except somehow, she keeps waking up. Notably, she's been shot and buried alive (not at the same time) - but she's not particularly aware of this 'power.' She ages normally (so far, anyway) so she certainly isn't a Highlander. Until realized and explored further (or scientifically), it's mostly just a basis for bad Disco jokes.


Advantage: Athletic

Alison is both naturally athletic and rigorously self-trained; she studied gymnastics and dancing to augment her stage shows, and does both aerobics and strength training to keep herself in shape.

Advantage: Heroic Community
Dazzler knows lots of heroes; many of them were fans of hers, and helped her figure things out with her powers or out of a scrape before she relocated to Los Angeles. While no one 'normal' will generally have anything to do with her, she might be able to get a hand from someone who liked her singing.

Advantage: Legal Smarts
Alison not only went to college, she went to law school. She attended the CUNY School of Law and graduated Summa Cum Laude - just to prove to her father that she could do it. Of course, she promptly formed a band afterward, so her knowledge of law never moved beyond the Juris Doctor. She's not a lawyer, but she knows enough of the basics to make a decent Legal Assistant should she get THAT desperate. When engaging these particular skills, it adds to her Intellect score.

Advantage: Musician
Alison is a skilled musician and can play the guitar and piano with professional proficiency. She's also an especially accomplished singer -- she did have a (relatively) successful career, after all.


Flaw: Absence of Sound

No sound, no lasers. If Alison's stores of sound are depleted and there isn't any sound to absorb, there's nothing for her powers to work with. Alison can't absorb her own un-amplified voice to use for power effects.

Flaw: Daddy Issues
Alison's mother left them early in her life, and she was raised by her father and grandmother. But her father was controlling and strict, and Ali chafed under his care. Due to his lack of support for her dreams and her choices, Alison's always got this drive to prove herself to her detractors - even people she perceives as detractors, often taking honest and caring concern for sharp criticism. She is bound and determined to do things her own way, even if the odds are against her. Even asking for help is hard, and she tends to change her mind when she does.

Flaw: Public ID
Alison Blaire was always known as the Dazzler. Dazzler is her stage name. But until recently, all but a handful of New York-based superheroes (and villains!) had any idea she was a Mutant. Her publicity stunt backfired and her movie unreleased, Alison's reveal has made her a social pariah in entertainment circles and also made it nearly impossible for her to get a job just to make ends meet. People who fear anti-mutant backlash won't hire her, people who hate Mutants can find her that much easier now.

Flaw: Villains
There's been many a villain, both minor and major, that Dazzler tangled with while on her way to other places or during concerts. And frankly, very few of them are likely to ever want to admit being beaten by her. Probably none of them, actually. Grudges are likely held.


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