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Quote-open "You're not one of those guys who has a code against killing "except for robots?" I hate those krypto-fascists." Quote-close


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Armored Skin: 7, Gas Dispenser: 4, Integrated Sensors: 7, Mechanoid, Personal Teleport: 10, Retractable Blades: 7, Rocket Feet: 4, Translation Program

Abilities: Skill

Awesome Combatant: 5, Computer Hacking: 8, Expert Tracking: 6, Imposing Negotiation: 4

Abilities: Gear

Additional Weaponry: 6 Changeable Weapons: 6

Advantages: Effectively Immortal, Mechanoid, Wi-Fi Connected

Flaws: In a Strange Land, No Conscience, No Healing, Obsessive Quirks, Obvious Mechanoid, Twisted Morality

Languages: English


Gear: Additional Weaponry (6)

In addition to his integrated and interchangeable arsenals, Death's Head has a set of laser, plasma and disruptor weapons that he can use in a fight.

Gear: Changeable Weapons (6)

The right hand of Death's Head is designed to be removable and replaced with other weapons. Among these weapons are a single shot rocket launcher, a plasma cannon, titanium shot cannon (an automatic machine gun that shoots titanium bullets), a flame thrower, a titanium mace, a titanium ax, a launch-able titanium spearhead, a dual beam laser cutter and more.

Power: Integrated Sensors (7)

Death's Head has a sensor suite integrated into his body. He has a mini-radar with augmented FoF designation system that allows him to identify metahumans, mutants, mutates, humans in LoS range. His eyes well as see in infra-red, heat, nightvision, telescopic and ultraviolet light spectrum. They also have a built in targeting system allowing for pinpoint accuracy when shooting. His hearing is capable of registering all decibel and frequency ranges of sound. He has no sense of touch or feeling of pain (though a hard blow can shock him or overload his sensory inputs and 'hurt')

Power: Mechanoid

Do to his mechanoid body he has a series of attributes better than the average human being. He technically has no gender but prefers to be referred to as a he, finding 'it' to be dismissive. His strength, agility and perception, intellect and speed are all enhanced:

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Perception: 7

Intellect: 3

Speed: 1

Power: Personal Teleport (10)

Built into his left palm, Death's Head has a personal transmat that can take him to nearly anywhere on the planet. His only limitations are that the coordinates for the teleport must be pre-programmed and the amount of time it takes to change the coordinates is in the hours, not seconds or minutes. It is also consumes alot of power taking most of his internal systems offline for an hour.

As a result it is usual used to escape more than anything else.

Power: Retractable Blades (7)

Death's Head has a single retractable blade mounted just above both wrists. These blades are made of a ceramic Titanium diboride and is cable of cutting through solid steel like it was butter.

Power: Rocket Feet (4)

Built into his feet, Death's head has a set of subsonic rock jets. He can travel for about one hour before he has to land and recharge them for two hours.

Power: Translation Program

Built into his core programming is a program that translates both his own speech and the speech of those he is speaking to into a language that both parties can understand. This is strictly for easy of communication and has no other abilities or side-effects.

Skill: Computer Hacking (8)

Due to the fact that his brain is the equivalent of six mainframe computers work simultaneously on the same problem, Death's Head can easily surpass most Earth computer system he is exposed to.

Power: Armored Skin (7)

Death's Head entire body is made of a ceramic called Titanium diboride. This makes it harder that the titanium and boron that; the ceramic of both make it as hard as diamond and as flexible as it's base components.

Power: Gas Dispenser (4)

Built into his wrists, Death's Head has knock-out gas that can be released on command. Between uses it has to be replaced and thus its a one shot weapon.

Skill: Awesome Combatant (5)

Death's Head was programmed to be a hunter and fighter and thus has the skills at his disposal to use nearly any weapon ever created that fires projectiles or uses an edge. In addition he is programmed to fight with a sort of brawler fighting style that emphasizes his strength and metal body over any sort of finesse.

Skill: Expert Tracking (6)

As a freelance peacekeeping agent and hunter Death's Head is well-versed in the methods used to track a person or an animal through most types of enviorments, including urban, wilderness and dessert.

Skill: Imposing Negotiation (4)

Lets face it, having a nearly 7 foot monster of a mechanoid stare you down and tell you that you aren't offering him enough money, you are likely to listen to him unless you are equally impressive.


Advantage: Effectively Immortal

Death's Head is more programming than he is actually alive. As long as his core programming still exists he can be transferred to another computer system or robot and still exist. Unless his mainframe is destroyed Death's Head can be rebuilt and still exist.

Advantage: Mechanoid

As a mechanoid Death's head has no need to eat, sleep or do anything else organics need to do. He does however enjoy drinking oil or other such lubricants but it does actually effect his operational status, he just likes the luxury. Also with no organic mind, he is immune to any power that effects it such as empathy, telepathy or mind control.

Advantage: Wi-Fi Connected

As a mechanoid, his mind it wired to be able to access any sort of wi-fi or cellular network within in a 50 foot range around him. He can access these networks with just a thought but his ability to take information or send commands is limited to the bandwith of the network he connects to.

He also has a direct input device, similiar in use and function to a USB port that can allow him more direct access to individual computers


Flaw: In a Strange Land

Death's Head is both from the future and from another dimension. He has no idea of any of the culture or societal norms of present day Earth.

Flaw: No Conscience

Death's Head was never programmed to have a conscience, nor would he want one a full one. His job is his mission and unless given a better offer from his target he will more than likely follow a contract through to its bloody end, no matter the age, gender or species of the target.

Flaw: No Healing

He is a mechanoid, and as such has no way to heal injuries caused to him. Any serious damage done to him must be repaired either by himself or another person.

Flaw: Obsessive Quirks

Death's Head has certain... foibles... about him that can cause him to become enraged if not followed. Firstly, he is not a robot, construct, AI or android. He is a mechanoid. Call him different and he will become very annoyed with the person who called him such. Secondly, he is not a mercenary, bounty hunter, assassin, or any such thing; he is a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent. Calling him otherwise, outside of his own terms, has lead to him breaking his rules of work.

In addition he has an odd manner of speaking that could somewhat be described as a Swedish styled accent, no amount of speech training or correction can change this, it is just a built in part of his programming.

Flaw: Obvious Mechanoid

There is no confusing Death's Head for being anything more than bipedal. His body is obviously made of some kind of metal and his face would betray his origin anyways with its horns and unmoving mouth. Anyone who sees Death's Head knows he is not an organic being.

Flaw: Twisted Morality

Despite having no decipherable conscience, Death's Head has his own twisted code of conduct that he has a hard time breaking. He will always fulfill a paid contract, no matter the target. He has been known to find a way to destroy his target even if it meant centuries of waiting for the right moment. He will put revenge, hatred and mistrust aside if it means completing a contract paid in full. However if he feels he has been betrayed he is quick to switch the target of the contract to his original employer, equally willing to hunt them down with the same single-mindness as his original target.


Data Records on the Bounty Hunter: Death's Head.

Clarify due to multiple entries: Mechanoid, Minion, Warguard? Mechanoid.

Warning Records have Informational Gaps due interference due to minor time travel events.

First reported records of the mechanoid that calls itself Death's Head are on the planet Styrakos, built by a being called Lupex to be a body to house his essence. However, he was sent away by an unknown force, through time and space, and dropped into an intergalactic conflict between two races of sentient robot races. Here he was subject to a major refit that removed organic and mystical components and increased his size to be an effective combatant in the war. He worked on both sides, in it only for the money and caring little for the ideals of either side. And eliminating a target in deep space, Death's Head was sucked into a black hole.

While this should have ended in his destruction it instead lead him to the Crossroads of Time where he crashed into an immortal time traveler's time vessel. In a fit of anger over both losing his bounty, and the collision with the time vessel; the thirty foot tall robot threatened the time traveler, saying the only way to compensate was with his life.. The time traveler used a tissue compression device to shrink Death's Head to his current height. With a new bargaining chip, the time traveler then tricked Death's Head into thinking he would be given the time vessel and used a randomized setting to transport the mechanoid to modern day Earth.

End of Data Records.



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Death's Head is part of that shady underbelly of society where thieves, assassins and mercenaries go. But don't call him a mercenary, he's a freelance peace keeping agent, yes?

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