The Amazing Amazon Princess

Portrayed by Alexandra Daddario
Diana of Themyscira
Wonder Woman
Registered Codename

Diana is the Princess of Themyscira, of the Amazon People, and their chosen Champion and Ambassador to the world of men. She strives to be a symbol to the world, both of her people, and of what the world can accomplish by following the path of peace rather than the one of violence.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Amazon Physique: 9, Athena's Blessings: 5, Blessed by the Gods, Enhanced Senses: 5, Flight: 7, Healing: 7, Iron Will: 8, Super Speed: 6

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 8, Combat: 9, Diplomacy: 8, Leadership: 9

Abilities: Gear

Bracelets of Victory: 10, Eagle Armor, Lansinar Crystal, Lasso of Truth: 10, Magic Weapons: 5, Royal Tiara: 2

Advantages: Charisma, Embassy, Polyglot, Themyscira

Flaws: Amazon Code, Enemies, Piercing Attacks, Responsibilities

Languages: Ancient-greek, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish


Gear: Bracelets of Victory (10)

All Amazons wear bracelets. It is a part of their heritage, a symbol of an event in their past which they will not allow to happen again. Diana is no different, although her bracelets are special - they were made from the remnants of Zeus' Aegis Shield. As such, they are indestructible. Diana is adept enough in their use that she can use them to deflect all kinds of projectiles, from bullets to energy beams, and they can even be used to block melee weapon attacks. If Diana crosses her bracelets, they generate a portion of the Aegis, allowing her to block things such as explosions, or serving to cushion a fall against the ground, for example.

Gear: Eagle Armor (*)

The Eagle Armor is so named because the helmet resemble's an eagle's head and eagle wings are present on the back of the armor. Made from an incredibly strong, durable metal alloy, the armor essentially provides extra protection for Diana, increasing her overall ability to withstand punishment. For wearers who cannot fly, the armor will bestow the ability to fly upon them, though they are dependent on the wings remaining intact for the flight to work. When the Lansinar Crystal is used to create a faceshield, the Eagle Armor can provide highly mobile spaceflight for as long as the crystal remains undamaged and its ability to generate breathable air remains in place. Eagle Armor: Flight 7, Toughness 7

Gear: Lansinar Crystal (*)

Diana's mother Hippolyta acted as a heroine during World War II under the name Wonder Woman. Helping the Allies push back the Nazis and their allies, in one of her missions she and her team stumbled across a laboratory developing new technologies for the Nazi war machine. Among the technologies there was something later identified as 'the Lansinar Crystal'. A piece of alien technology, accidentally jettisoned onto Earth, the crystal would create a telepathic connection to its owner and reshape itself accordingly. During the war, Hippolyta often used it as a plane, allowing her (and several others) to travel through the air. The plane created by the crystal was invisible, as were its passengers and pilot. They could not be seen from the outside of the vehicle, though they could see inside and see outside easily. When Diana headed for Man's World, Hippolyta passed on ownership of the crystal to her. It can be used to create other things, such as temporary invisible shelter, though Diana most often uses it as the jet when she needs to transport others. Only Diana is able to see it from the outside, due to her telepathic link with the crystal. The Invisible Jet: Flight 5, Toughness 8, Weapons 6 (twin frontal guns), Self-Repair 4, Invisibility 8

Gear: Lasso of Truth (10)

The Lasso of Truth was created from the Golden Girdle of Gaea. While it can be used to restrain or even offensively, its main use is that it can be used to force someone to speak the truth. As such, it should be considered to have a rank of 10 in Compel Truth. It should be noted that the Lasso can only be used by those that have been blessed by Hestia.

Gear: Magic Weapons (5)

Diana's magic sword is a weapon that was crafted by Hephaestus himself. It is so sharp that there are few things that can withstand the blade. It is also very durable, though it can be damaged or broken - and if such were to happen, she would require repairwork from the smith-god himself. The sword, being magical in nature, allows her to bypass those with powers to protect them against mundane forms of damage. Diana's shield is a sturdy metal shield, also produced by Hephaestus. Nothing is special about the shield itself, other than its ability to resist a good deal of punishment. It is much sturdier than a normal shield.

Gear: Royal Tiara (2)

The Royal Tiara is a symbol of Diana's position as Princess of the Amazons. If need be, Diana can throw it and it will return to her hand like a boomerang, though in this case this is caused by magic. It is sharp and will cut through mundane bonds and can deal small amounts of damage when others - particularly those susceptible to magic - are struck by it.

Power: Amazon Physique (9)

Diana's strength and durability were gifts from Demeter. As a being whose origins are in magical clay, Diana's strength and durability are tied to Gaea herself. She draws her strength and toughness directly from Gaea, in other words. She is strong enough that she surpasses many - if not most - of her heroic fellows, whether they be man or woman and is tough enough to shrug off all but the most powerful blows.

Power: Athena's Blessings (5)

Then it came time for Athena, goddess of wisdom and courage, strategy and skill, cities and civilization, to bestow her blessings upon Diana. For the Amazon Princess, Athena gave her great wisdom and great intelligence. It is because of Athena that Diana is so adept at learning new things, and that she has a passion to do so. Most importantly, it is because of Athena that Diana knows how to use what she has learned in judicious ways, for without that what good would be the learning? Essentially this means that although Diana is from a culture that has not developed as Man's World has developed, she is quick to catch on to new concepts and ideas. She is a very fast learner.

Power: Blessed by the Gods (*)

Being an Amazon comes with many advantages. Aside from the combat advantages (discussed elsewhere), Diana's been blessed by the patron deities of the Amazons. Some are powerful blessings and have their own entries, while those listed before are more minor, though no less important to her. Beautiful: At the creation of the Amazons, all were blessed by Aphrodite -- one of their patronesses -- with great inner and outer beauty. This applies to Diana as well, who was created at a later date and could be considered even more beautiful than her Amazon sisters. This is not merely a physical beauty, by a supernatural, almost otherworldly beauty. She could be compared to a supermodel in Man's World, but even that would not do her justice. Immortality: To be sure, immortality has its advantage. It means Diana will never die of old age. She looks like a woman in her mid-20s, and she will remain looking like a woman in her mid-20s, assuming she does not find her death in some fashion. The immortality of her sister has benefited her, in that she has learned from them - and they have had thousands of years to hone their skills. Immortality means Diana has time to learn and hone whatever skills she wants - it gives her the time many people so sorely want. Unity With Beasts: Granted to her by the goddess Artemis, Diana has a special rapport with beasts. She can understand them, and they can understand her. This is no mere "dog whisperer" type of skill and her making sure her actions come across as passive. Oh no; the animal's sounds and movements communicate to her, precisely what the animal wants, needs, or means, as plainly as if they were speaking to Diana in English, and the reverse is also true. Truth Sensing: Blessed by Hestia, Diana can detect falsehoods when they are spoken. Empathy: Another blessing from Hestia, Diana is capable of sensing emotions in others, allowing her to empathize and understand them better.

Power: Enhanced Senses (5)

What many work at for their whole lives, Diana was born with. Her eyes are sharper than an eagle's, her ears sharper than any cat's. All her senses are thus effected, save touch, to be much higher than the Amazonian or human norm. She can track the source of a sound, see with perfect accuity for great distances and smell with greater detail than a human nose, though she's not capable of tracking by scent alone.

Power: Flight (7)

Wonder Woman is able to ignore Earth's gravity fly and can reach hypersonic speeds.

Power: Healing (7)

One of the many blessings bestowed on Diana, the Amazon Princess heals much more quickly than humans or even her fellow Amazons. Lesser things, like scraps or bruises are healed nearly instantly, while the speed of healing for much more serious injuries have their healing times shortened immensely. Finally, there is an ancient Amazon ritual, allowing for an complete merging with the Earth itself. Doing such immediately heals Diana and expels any poison or disease from her body... but it is incredibly taxing and only ever used a last resort.

Power: Iron Will (8)

Not to be mistaken for hubris or arrogance, Diana has an unquenchable resolve. She is grounded and certain in her beliefs, and refuses to be shaken. Despite the horrors of war, the hellishness of demons, and the capriciousness of the gods, any of which might shake a lesser soul, she remains true to her self and her cause.

Power: Super Speed (6)

Another blessing from Hermes. Not only can Diana fly, but she is exceedingly quick on her feet as well. This allows her to run more quickly than non-powered individuals. She's certainly not as fast as someone like the Flash, but within Earth's atmosphere, she can move up to 10,000 mph when on the ground.

Skill: Acrobatics (8)

Whether in the air or on the ground, Diana is very agile and capable of amazing maneuvers to keep herself out of harm's way, or to deflect or stop an enemy's attack. She is adept at using the environment around her to help her spring around to attack or avoid an attack directed at her person. This should be considered part of her blessing from Hermes.

Skill: Combat (9)

Since she was old enough to hold a sword, Diana has been trained in the ways of combat. She has had the good fortune to have many teachers, all of which have several thousand years experience in honing their abilities. As such, Diana is extremely skilled in a variety of methods of combat and with a wide variety of weapons. Not only this, but her Athena-bestowed gifts mean she can deduce the proper use of a weapon she has never seen before and approximate using it effectively in combat.

Skill: Diplomacy (8)

The Amazons may be masters in combat, but that is not the way they prefer to deal with things. Diplomacy lies at the heart of Amazon philosophy and Diana, as their ambassador to the world of men, is well-schooled in this discipline. She knows well how to get her points across with words, how to make deals and concede when she is incorrect, as well as knows the ins and outs of diplomatic meetings. All in all, she was the best choice for her people to send out.

Skill: Leadership (9)

Early in her childhood, Diana was taught the difference between wearing a crown and being a princess. She has, of course, been trained in courtly etiquette and affairs of state. She is a gracious, dignified ambassador for her people. These are the trappings and duties of her office and upbringing. What makes Diana a leader is not her position, but her ability to inspire others, and her genuine concern for those who follow her example. While she does not actively seek out positions of authority, she does not shirk her duty or her obligations, and in times of crisis, those who know her, know they can turn to her.


Advantage: Charisma

Diana has been often referred to as being one of the loveliest women on Earth. Her beauty is far more than skin-deep; it is a deep, transcendent thing wrapped up her her presence and her grace and her ever-present poise. She can castigate a person with no more than a frown, or bring a spark of joy with a bare flash of a smile. A leader and a princess, she can straddle the divide between battlefield commander and stateroom diplomat with ease.

Advantage: Embassy

Her base of operations in Man's World, the Themysciran Embassy is a new building within New York City. It has the facilities to allow for the workers to work and train on embassy grounds and provides the Princess with her own private quarters. As well, Diana herself is considered the Ambassador of her people in Man's World, and therefore has been granted diplomatic immunity to reflect this - not that she would ever abuse or take advantage of this privilege.

Advantage: Polyglot

Athena blessed Diana with great intelligence and wisdom. One of the ways this becomes evident is the ease with which Diana masters new languages. With a natural speaker of the language in question and an appropriate dictionary, Diana can learn to speak a new language in the fraction of the time it would take most people - which has been helpful in her role as ambassador. It should be noted, however, that in all languages Diana speaks a fairly formalized version, due to the methods she uses to learn.

Advantage: Themyscira

Themyscira is her home and as such, has been blessed by the goddesses just as they were. The island always has enough food to provide for the Amazons and any guests they may receive or invite over. The island is also blessed with timelessness; it constantly seems to be summertime on Themyscira, the weather is always the very best of summer. Plants are never wanting of water or sunshine, animals never scavenge for food. There is plenty for all inhabitants, be they Amazon, animal, or plant. It has much of what anyone would expect in a city: homes, a blacksmith, a library, plenty of places for training in the various arts or combatative arts the Amazons utilize. There is also the Royal Menagerie, where the gods have placed supposedly mythological or legendary animals for safekeeping, knowing they would not be safe any longer in Man's World. And of the residents: if Diana ever needs the aid of one or more of her sisters, she knows she can rely on them for their aid, just as they know that Diana, as a fellow Amazon (and their Princess) would do anything to help them if they needed it.


Flaw: Amazon Code

The Amazon Code is a different thing when compared to some more modern codes of behaviour. To be sure, there are things many would recognize - respect for others, for authority, for the gods. But then there are obscure rituals and rites, such as the Hiketeia - a ritual that binds the oath-taker to eternally protect another mentioned in the ritual. Such differing requirements on her person can and will, like the responsibilities she is duty-bound to perform, tear her away from others and even set her at odds with her fellows.

Flaw: Enemies

The gods have enemies. And because they have enemies, Diana has enemies. She is their agent in the mortal world and as such must take a stand to defend them when their enemies are ready to strike. Likewise, because Diana sees herself as a defender and protector, she must defend humanity against the mythological horrors and nasties that may seek to turn humanity into their prey. If some sort of mythological monstrosity is involved in any given incident, it will be all Diana needs to intervene, putting herself at risk to defend others.

Flaw: Piercing Attacks

While Diana is tough and can withstand many different kinds of attacks piercing attacks will always cut through the majority of her defenses. What this means is that a piercing attack (arrows, bullets, etc) will deal damage to her as if she was no more durable than the average human (Toughness 2).

Flaw: Responsibilities

Diana has many responsibilities, as Princess of her people, as their Ambassador to Man's World, as a daughter, and as a worshipper of the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. At any time these responsibilities may rear their head - enemies may try to get at her through her embassy staff, the gods may decided to send her on a mission, she may need to represent her nation at a conference, or her mother might simply need her daughter to talk to. Some of these things can be simple, but often they cannot. All of them can and will affect Diana's life in a variety of ways when they come into play, depending upon a given situation.


  • 'Born' after her mother Hyppolyta made her of clay that was then imbued with the soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman murdered by a man. She was blessed by some of the gods, given powers based on their gifts. Grew up with the other Amazons on Paradise Island and trained with them.
  • As a young adult Hyppolyta held a contest for the Amazaons, one to test their prowess in combat, but forbade Diana from participating. Dinah did so in disguise and won, and her mother granted her the prize, named the Amazons' champion and give a uniform designed after the standard of one who visited the island several decades prior.
  • In the beginning of the 1900s Diana told her mother of her desires to go to the land of man. Her mother did not agree readily, only doing so after Diana pleaded her case so convincingly that she was unable to do anything but agree. Diana was given the Lasso of Truth and allowed to depart Paradise Island.
  • While in America, where Diana learned to speak English, she became known as Wonder Woman, the heroine who operated under her real identity. It was not long after this that she got noticed by the JSA and invited to join where she met and made friends with other like-minded heroes, Superman being one of them.
  • Over time, the government cracked down on the heroes, especially those who had powers. It was during this time that Diana took on the identity of the unpowered martial artist Diana Prince. This continued for several decades although she had often complained about the dishonesty such actions required.
  • Once able to function publicly again, Diana donned many hats including that of diplomat and member of the military. During her service, Diana met and fell in love with a man who was also a member of the Air Force. Whatever happened to him and the relationship was never spoken of by her.
  • When the Justice League was formed she was one of the founding members and still serves as one of its most active and vocal members.


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Justice League of America

Diana is an active member of the Justice League.

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Legion of Super-Heroes

Diana joined the Legion on May 21st, 2013, after her audition the night before.

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