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Dinah Laurel Lance
Black Canary
Registered Codename

Black Canary

Quote-open "The only way out of here is through me.
I hope you're stupid enough to try."

Black Canary is a confident, disciplined vigilante superhero who has earned her reputation as one the best martial arts fighters around. Her infamous Canary Cry sonic assault makes her even more fearsome. A founding member of The Justice League.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Canary Cry: 7

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 5, Aviation: 4, Driving: 4, Investigation: 4, Leadership: 5, Martial Arts: 8

Advantages: Arrow Family, Motorcycle, Sherwood Florist

Flaws: Oliver Queen, Public Identity, Slow Adaptor, Stubborn, Temper

Languages: Cantonese and English


Power: Canary Cry (7)

Scale: Arsenal

Unlike her mother, Dinah Lance was born a metahuman. Her mutated vocal cords enable her to unleash a potent sonic attack dubbed the Canary Cry. Honed over many years, she is able to use it to stun or injure her opponents and even rend stone and metal. Controlled at the right frequency it can disrupt other sonic sources, or even render a person unconscious without otherwise harming them. It caps out at three hundred decibels; potentially fatal at full volume upon a solitary target.

Skill: Acrobatics (5)

Scale: Profession

Though her skills have been honed more on the streets than in a gymnasium, Dinah is a skilful acrobat who with a little more formal training might well be capable of competing. As it is, she has to make do with saving her own skin and that of numerous others through no little thanks to an array of dizzying rolls, flips and breakfalls that flow seamlessly into her martial style. She wouldn't be the Canary if she couldn't fly.

Skill: Aviation (4)

Scale: Profession

A bird by any other name, Dinah is able to skilfully pilot several types of aircraft including jets, prop planes and helicopters.

Skill: Driving (4)

Scale: Profession

While Dinah lacks the flawless technique to carve out a living in professional racing, she's still a damn fine driver capable of operating at high speeds with relatively little danger to herself or others. Best described as a 'daredevil', she favors a motorcycle but is almost as comfortable behind the wheel of a car. Just try to keep your dinner in.

Skill: Investigation (4)

Scale: Profession

Though she arguably works best in a team, Dinah's not exactly a slouch when it comes to a spot of sleuthing. She knows her way around a reference library, can take quick stock of a crime scene and has moderately reliable hunches. She's especially good at following up leads, however; point her in the right direction and she'll use stealth and quick wits to get herself into just the right place at just the right time.

Skill: Leadership (5)

Scale: Profession

Perhaps a gift inherited from her mother, Dinah is a natural leader. Possessed of a commanding presence and the nature to use it, she's capable of devising tactics and strategies both on and off the field, and knows how to use people - including herself - in whatever role proves necessary.

Skill: Martial Arts (8)

A dangerous and multi-talented warrior, Dinah has trained in numerous forms of martial arts and knows how best to use them in tandem with her build and athletic talents. Trained in her earlier days by a world-class championship boxer, she has since developed abilities in other striking arts such as Savate, Muay Thai and Dragon Style Kung Fu, combining these with 'soft', defensive styles in Aikido and Judo, and the complex submission techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A grounding in Krav Maga ties it all together with devastating practicality. Anyone treated to a full display of the Black Canary's talents can have no doubt that she's a deadly unarmed combatant ranking amongst the world's finest.


Advantage: Arrow Family

Dinah has grown close to Oliver Queen and his tightly-knit band of merry heroes, caring for each of his 'children' as if they were her own and cherishing her time with they and he both. Maid Marian to his Robin Hood and Wendy to their Lost Boys, she knows she can count on them to have her back just as they know she'll only ever be a cry away.

Advantage: Motorcycle

A mean hand on the throttle, Dinah has invested in a highly-modified motorcycle that she keeps in tip-top condition. 'Souped up' for maximum speed and manueverability, it is also lightly armoured and has numerous other tweaks for optimum performance and stability under extreme conditions. It has a top speed of 180mph.

Advantage: Sherwood Florist

A skill few would expect from the Black Canary, Dinah is a professional florist and flower-arranger with a startling eye for color and a strong horticultural knowledge. Her shop, the Sherwood Florist, is located in one of the nicer areas of Gotham town, providing a means of financial support and a peaceful solace from the rigors of a heroine's life. She commonly dwells in the small, well-appointed apartment above the store.


Flaw: Oliver Queen

Love is exactly what it's cracked up to be, and if indeed it exists between them then for Dinah it's a double-edged sword. While it lends her strength, her connection with Oliver, with all of its past trials and tribulations, will always bring a sort of heartache, as Oliver continues to put himself in harm's way on a regular basis. Because of this, Black Canary has been in many compromising positions because of Oliver Queen, his presence often testing her morality and conviction in ways she might otherwise escape. Even when the two aren't romantically involved, Dinah will always have a soft spot for him, and would always be willing to sacrifice her own life to save his.

Flaw: Public Identity

While others hide behind a mask, or even cover their entire bodies, Dinah does very little to disguise her identity as the Black Canary - she's even rather free with her real name. Somebody attempting to hunt her down can likely do so with minimal fuss and just a bit of legwork.

Flaw: Slow Adaptor

When it comes to technology, Dinah's slow to keep up. She's content with watching movies on VHS while her friends are talking about the latest movies on Blu-Ray, and clings to her ages-old Walkman while so many others are sporting fancy iPods. Heck, she's still using pad and pen to keep record of her work at the florish shop! Many have tried, but not even the best efforts have changed the stubborn woman's luddite ways.

Flaw: Stubborn

A mule with a bull's unshiftable head, Dinah is not known for her willingness to compromise. Attempts to drag her forward against her better judgement will be met by firmly dug heels, and those seeking an argument will find themselves yelling at a wall of adamantium six inches thick.

Flaw: Temper

Calm by intent and capable of controlling herself in most situations, the sad truth is that Dinah Lance is quite the firecracker when roused. Once her feathers are well and truly ruffled she's quick to snap, slow to simmer down, and capable of holding quite the grudge - don't expect her to apologize first, or even accept an apology that's offered.


Dinah Laurel Lance is the daughter of Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary of the Justice Society of America, and Larry Lance, a Gotham City police detective. Like her mother, she quickly developed into a remarkable athlete and fighter. Weaned on tales of glory by a long string of JSA babysitters, the young Dinah was determined to follow in her mother's footsteps. As a young teen, she began training at night with Ted 'Wildcat' Grant as well as picking up tips from many of her other 'Uncles' in the JSA family, though her true gift was in Judo. All behind her mother's back, of course.

Not that the secrecy would last long. When her mom found out there was a wonderful shouting match, during which the younger Dinah's latent metagene manifested itself. By blasting her parents through the living room wall with her sonic scream. While this discovery guaranteed her mother would forever lose the argument as to whether her daughter was superhero material, the two women became estranged for several years after the younger Dinah donned fishnets and leather and became the new Black Canary.

With the need for secrecy gone, Dinah threw herself headlong into her new super-heroine role. Thanks to her mother's history with the JSA, Dinah was approached by various superheroes and gradually accepted into their ranks. With their guidance she learned to control her voice as well as develop her 'cry' to its full potential. Dinah also trained with senseis around the world in a variety of martial styles, greatly elevating her standing in the global martial arts community.

It was through these connections that she met Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. Their relationship has gone through highs and lows, but they will always been connected, and they both have helped nurture a circle of talented archers and heroes.


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File:Arrow Family.jpg
Arrow Family

Thanks to her relationship with Green Arrow, Dinah was brought into the fold of the family he's established, taking up the role of mentor and adoptive mother to Ollie's 'kids'. They're a volatile bunch, and life is never easy, but she's found a curious measure of happiness and inner peace through their friendship.

File:Birds of Prey.jpg
Birds of Prey

Once upon a time, Dinah had a best friend whose name she didn't know, and whose face she'd never seen. Turns out some secrets are better off shared; and now Canary has Oracle's back just as the redhead always had hers. The Birds may be a new team, but they're based around a steel core. Perhaps this one does end 'happily ever after'?

File:Justice League of America.jpg
Justice League of America

Amongst the founding membership of the modern League, Dinah may not be able to fly or punch through titanium, but she's a respected member in good standing. On something of a hiatus from 'formal' League work, she remains loyal - filing reports where necessary, keeping one eye open and an ear listening in.

File:Tony Stark.jpg
Tony Stark

While Tony is part of her JLA team, he and Dinah have worked together frequently, and have excellent rapport.


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