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Dizzy B

Quote-open Everybody dies, some of us just need a little help. Quote-close

Dead on the streets of the greater New York area, where was it exactly? Does it matter? The thought occurs that she might not even remember exactly herself after this many years. The other working girls she was with were not quite so lucky, or maybe she was just the unlucky one. Her body twisted in shape, she's become somewhat fond of it, the fangs, the wings, the long ears... still photogenic, though not exactly every man's perfect lady. She was never the type to let a little thing like death get her down, anyway.

So if you're ever in old Gotham, or maybe some of the rampart areas of Metro, you can likely run into a certain insomniac white bat lady, and who knows, she just might be the woman of your dreams.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Senses: 8, Flight: 2, Hypnotism: 5, Regeneration: 5, Strength: 4, Transformation, Vampirism

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 3

Advantages: Haunt

Flaws: Hawthorn, Sensitive Hearing, Sunlight, Vulnerabiliy

Languages: English


Power: Enhanced Senses (8)

Due to the nature of her vampirism (bat-like shape with the huge, ribbed ears) she possesses a supernaturally enhanced sense of hearing, and sharp eyesight--but mostly hearing.

Power: Flight (2)

She can fly by seemingly levitating, with her coat (or cloak! if she's feeling dressy that evening) resembling bat wings, or grow bat wings out of her back and fly, not to mention the transformative powers. This measures her flight speed.

Power: Hypnotism (5)

Range: 20 or so feet, line of sight.


Mental influence projected through the eyes at a victim. She must concentrate to do this, however the victim can resist however they will to shake off her will.

Power: Regeneration (5)

Range: Self

Limitation: Must drink blood regularly to sustain.

Powerful supernatural regeneration renders her one tough bitch, as long as he's been feeding of course.

Power: Strength (4)

Dizzy's undeath gives her a fair amount of extra physical kick--that is she can bend metal objects up to and including steel.

Power: Transformation

Range: Self

Limitation: Mist cannot enter airtight crevices, also, she cannot transform during the day.

Dizzy possesses the ability to transform into a cloud of bats, a large mutant-style bat, or gaseous and canid forms. Evaporating into a cloud is something she does when injured, or with great reason to flee, physically transfiguring herself into another form is done when a faster mode of travel is needed.

Power: Vampirism

Bacteria and virii can and will mutate, vampirism apparently has been no exception. Attacked by a gang of therianthropic vampires one evening, Dizzy became one herself following a timely ressurection in the city morgue. She inherited their supernatural powers, unfortunately also their bloodthirst.

Skill: Combat (3)

Brawling picked up in bars in highways and along the streets of the city.


Advantage: Haunt

The old apartment building she lived in as a human has since been demolished and rebuilt as a nightclub, where she's turned the basement of it into her personal resting place.


Flaw: Hawthorn

Using plant fibers from the hawthorn or wild rose shrubbery can be used to bind a vampire where he cannot get free unless it is removed, preferably to keep it helpless while some other more permanent measure of dispatchment is applied, kicking and screaming.

Flaw: Sensitive Hearing

Thanks to her supernatural and advantageous sense of hearing, she can be driven away and outright stunned by the use of strong soundwaves or piercingly loud noises.

Flaw: Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight for her particular breed of vampire causes death after several hours. Ranging from 2-3 after first being exposed to expiring completely and decomposition. At first within initial exposure sunlight causes nausea (just being awake during the day causes sleepiness, exposed or not) and soft tissue agitation, ergo a burning sensation in the skin. Continued direct exposure to sunlight soon causes blistering to skin, before it begins peeling back and dissolving. Further exposure causes tissue damage until presumably the victim cannot move anymore to get to safety and proceeds to die.

Flaw: Vulnerabiliy

Her particular sort of undead are not driven away by crosses by themselves, (one must believe in the cross for this to have tangibility, though this can apply to any other symbol as well) they are affected by wooden stakes the same way they are bladed weaponry, and gashing open the throat or trying to remove the head is as effective as trying to destroy the heart directly.


A former small time crook and prostitute, it all changed in one bloody evening when she had her humanity stolen and instead became a blood thirsty monstrosity, but it's not like she was about to let that keep her down. Summoning the vestiges of the optimism she had as a human, she tempered that into a strong force of will, soon overcoming the mental and emotional trauma of what had happened to her, and what had likely let others of her kind into animal-like, mad lives of nothing but feeding and wandering about. Surviving the first years of her nights like this, she would typically submerge herself in slumber, living beneath buildings in old forgotten places until things livened up on the living end, conveniently this allowed her to avoid several conflicts with super powered types that would rock the area in nights to come.

Emerging in these new nights, she took a bit to get used to the new political atmosphere and technological advances of the time, (TVs are wire-what now??) and various other culture shocks, but she soon overcame them and has settled into this new strange melting pot of supernatural creatures, superheroes and super villains.


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