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Doctor Horrible
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Doctor Horrible

Quote-open "And by the way it's not about making money, it's about taking money. Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." Quote-close

Doctor Horrible is an up-and-coming mad scientist super villain. He wants to the very best, like no one ever was. To stop the heroes is his real test, to change the world is his cause. Doctor Horrible!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Intellect: 6

Abilities: Skill

Mad Science: 4/8

Abilities: Gear

Gadgets: 6

Advantages: Laboratory, Moist

Flaws: Billy, Morals, Not An Engineer, Resources, Unlucky, Video Blog Woes

Languages: English


Attribute: Intellect (6)

Doctor Horrible is an incredibly gifted individual, borderline superhuman. He is capable of comprehending amazing physics, including the type to freeze one in time, how teleporation works, and various similar things. The peak of his intellect would definitely be 210, but his intellect is likely between 193-195. He is definitely a genius.

Gear: Gadgets (6)

Doctor Horrible has a range of gadgets he messes around with and uses on occasional. He has a matter transporter (which /does/ teleport matter..but, sometimes turns it into liquid or dust), a freeze ray (Arsenal 6, tends to malfunction after several seconds of use, freezes in time), a magnetic hijacking device (takes over technology, is rather fragile), and a heat ray. (Heat 2, tends to become too hot to hold sometimes and drops in his hands). These are his go-to gadgets, though he definitely can create more.

Skill: Mad Science (4/8)

Doctor Horrible is a mad scientist, with a PHD in Horribleness. He has created several amazing inventions (usually up to Arsenal 6), and can think up many more (up to Arsenal 8). He has created magnetic hijacking devices, Zero Point Energy time dilution rays, and even an actual death ray.

Whilst Doctor Horrible can usually build up to an Arsenal of 6, he /is capable/ of building higher, but these devices will /always/ fail miserably. Even if they end up working, they will either fail extraordinarily quickly, explode in his face, or not do what they're supposed to do. All his inventions usually end up failing, but ones above 6 will fail much faster if he builds them himself.

Rating is 4 for Profession of inventing, 8 for intellectual potential related to what he can build.


Advantage: Laboratory

Doctor Horrible is a mad scientist, right? Therefore he /must/ own a laboratory. And he does! Not far from his apartment in NYC, is an abandoned old building he's reconfigured into a lab. Test tubes, a good place to blog, a comfy armchair, black boards, and the like, this is basically his hide-out. It's nothing much in defense or anything, but it's a place for him to hide, relax, plot, and invent.

Advantage: Moist

Doctor Horrible has a henchman. The best henchman ever. Okay, not really. Moist is probably Doctor Horrible's closest friend, rather useless. Whilst Moist provides moral support, advice, and gets Doctor Horrible's mail, he has the very underwhelming ability to..make things damp and soggy. Not very useful in evil.


Flaw: Billy

Most supervillains hide from a social life, or their identity is public. Not Doctor Horrible. He tries to keep his secret identity, Billy, as far away from Doctor Horrible as possible, even though he doesn't actually wear a mask or anything that could hide his face as Doctor Horrible. As such, this can be rather conflicting when both Billy and Doctor Horrible have two goals that contradict each other, as it's not quite so easy for him to just choose.

Flaw: Morals

Doctor Horrible has morals. He doesn't like to kill people. Killing people tends to make him squeamish. Infact, he's never even killed a person yet! So, around villains who tend to mass murder people he can get squeamish from times, and if forced to kill someone, he'll definitely have problems going through with it.

Flaw: Not An Engineer

Doctor Horrible is a scientist. He is not an engineer, and as such, even though he can comprehend alien technology, he could never build it in a million years. More abstract things he has built, usually have flaws and fail. The only way for Doctor Horrible to have perfect inventions would be for him to mix his intellect with a brilliant engineer. For now, his inventions tend to..explode.

Flaw: Resources

Evil doesn't come cheap. For every invention he builds, he needs the resources to power and make it. If he was a millionaire or billionaire, this could be as easy as ordering it. He is not. Therefore, before he can make his freeze ray, or his death ray, or his twerk gun or whatever he wants to build, he has to go through many steps to even get the stuff to build it. And that doesn't always work out so well.

Flaw: Unlucky

Doctor Horrible is an unlucky person. Things never go right for him. He's trying to do a simple, calm, quiet robbery that looks like it'll have no witnesses? Something goes wrong and a hero thwarts it. He builds a foolproof invention to stop his nemesis? The invention fails in the end. And by chance he /actually/ gets his victory? There's always a price to it.

Flaw: Video Blog Woes

Doctor Horrible hosts a Video Blog, where he talks about his mad science, answers questions from other villains (or heroes!) and talks about his plans. Whilst this is all fun and dandy, he has the tendency to..say too much on his blogs, revealing his intentions/evil schemes to heroes who happen to read it. And then there's the crazy heroes who stalk him and name him their nemesis. That happens frequently as well.


From a young age, Billy always thought the role of a supervillain was awesome. He sympathized more with Bowser than Mario. He thought Darth Vader should have won (and that Han shot first). But, he was just a boy, who was playing the part of the villain who kidnapped the princess. Billy's dad worked quite a bit, whilst his mother raised him. She taught Billy to be nice to girls, to respect people, and to always try and do what he thought was right. One day, Billy's dad was injured in a robbery and paralyzed, costing him his job. Billy was upset about this, about how the world wouldn't help his dad, who was the victim. In college, Billy was rather brilliant, perhaps one of the top students at his LA university. He could make amazing things, and think up what some might call the impossible. He thought about being a hero..but then he realized something. Why a hero? There's many heroes. But what have they done? They are unable to keep the peace. They're around, yet crime is still triumphant. No, there needs to be a firm hand to help the world. Instead, he decided to become a villain. Doctor Horrible, was the moniker he took. He was going to take over, and rule a society where people could be free and unhindered, and happy. His first few times as a supervillain didn't go well, however. He was beaten, bloodied, and ridiculed by the local heroes. But it didn't stop him. He finally, just barely defeated a hero by fluke. But, it did nothing. The hero recovered and then beat him up again. Doctor Horrible was going to try something new if he was going to be bigger, better than the rest. He traveled to New York.

Now in New York, Doctor Horrible plans to take society by storm, to take over..for what he thinks is right. He may not actually be a bad guy in reality, but he wants to be the most evil dude there is.


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