As a young child, Dolphin was abducted by aliens and then cast adrift in the ocean. The aliens left her with tremendous undersea abilities, and she took up with a school of dolphins. In her teen years, Dolphin was discovered by oceanographers who gave her her name, and taught her to communicate with topsiders. Now, she wanders the oceans, protecting what she can, and only sparingly becoming involved in superheroic affairs.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Aquatic Design, Decelerated Aging, Enhanced Strength: 5, Superior Endurance: 5, Undersea Dexterity: 5

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 3


Flaws: Communication, Ignorance, Mystery, Oxygenation, Self-Esteem

Languages: ASL and English


Power: Aquatic Design

Dolphin was genetically re-engineered to survive in Earth's oceans. She can withstand extremely low temperatures, direct herself in pitch-black water, breathe underwater, speak underwater, and so on. These abilities are also available to her out of the water, subject to her ability to remain oxygenated.

Power: Decelerated Aging

The aliens who experimented upon Dolphin slowed her aging process. Since she is still young, the extent of this is not exactly clear. It's conceivable that she has double the typical human lifespan, and will remain youthful and spry far longer than most.

Power: Enhanced Strength (5)

Dolphin possesses amazing superhuman strength. Out of water, she can press in the range of five tons. In water, her strength is still exceptional, though the added resistance of the water itself is still something she's subject to, like everyone else. This strength is enough to give her a swimming speed in the range of 50 mph, comparable to a motorboat. While maintaining this pace for great distances will tire her greatly, a lifetime of swimming has proved excellent endurance training.

Power: Superior Endurance (5)

Dolphin's powers allow her to survive even the most crushing ocean depths. This makes her generally hardy in a way that's far and above the human norm. A bullet from a normal human pistol would not do her much harm. More powerful weapons, like powerheads fired point-blank, are capable of harming her significantly, as are naturally occurring hazards like sharkbites (from species with powerful enough jaws).

Power: Undersea Dexterity (5)

Limitation: In water only.

On land, Dolphin is no more or less dextrous than the average human. She may even be at a slight disadvantage, due to the different forces and pressures of above-water physics. Undersea, Dolphin is more nimble than an acrobat, and very hard to catch.

Skill: Combat (3)

Dolphin's combat skills largely relate to defending herself from undersea predators. Her go-to solution is to evade them, but when she can't, she tries to end battles decisively. For example: turning a shark upside down to drown it, or capsizing a boat trying to net her. In situations where flipping things over will not win the fight by itself, she is a scrappy but untrained fighter, and against trained human combatants, her only advantages are her strength, and their need to breathe.



Flaw: Communication

Dolphin can communicate fluently in dolphin song. Her English is passable, but sometimes wonky. She can also communicate functionally via American Sign Language. Speaking too fast can sometimes completely throw her out of a conversation. She does, however, learn languages more quickly than most.

Flaw: Ignorance

Dolphin does not keep abreast of the surface world. She does not know the name of the President of the United States. She doesn't even know who Superman is by sight. This lack of cultural and political knowledge puts her at a general disadvantage, and leaves her open to exploitation and misdirection.

Flaw: Mystery

Dolphin doesn't know where she comes from. She doesn't even know her own secret origin, as she has only the faintest, most subconscious memories of aliens experimenting on her. She views this mystery as an insurmountable problem, incapable of being solved, and for this reason has never actually attempted to solve it.

Flaw: Oxygenation

Dolphin is technically amphibious. She can survive out of water, but only for five or six hours at a time. After that, she will start to very quickly show increasingly severe symptoms of oxygen deprivation, until such time as she is put back in water to re-activate her gill-based respiratory system. There is no workaround for this. If left out of water too long, Dolphin dies.

Flaw: Self-Esteem

Dolphin possesses an innate yearning to associate with humans. She subconsciously understands that at once point, their world was her home. However, her attempts to mingle amongst air-breathers generally end with her bailing and swimming away, because she consciously sees herself as more aquatic than human. Years of separation have given her the belief that she's an outsider to all tribes, be they human, Atlantean, marine animals... She wants very much to fit in, but by working herself up about the possibility of not fitting in, she creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.


When Dolphin was a toddler, she was the sole survivor of a horrific cruise ship wreck. This is because she was abducted from the scene by aliens, who tinkered with her genetic make-up, because they could. After making her as aquatic as they could, they apparently needed nothing else from her, and threw her back into the ocean. Since then, she has lived freely, growing up amongst schools of dolphins. A few years ago, she had her first contact with humans when a US Army boat found her. One soldier, particularly smitten with her, helped to teach her ASL and English, and gave her the name Dolphin. She even helped them with a dangerous mission. However, Dolphin came to believe that she could never truly fit in amongst the soldiers, and fled back into the sea. Since then, she has come into occasional contact with surface worlders, and sometimes conflict when she deems it necessary to protect innocent sea life, but for the most part she is an undersea traveler, with no home, no tribe, and no destination.


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