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General Zod

General Zod

Quote-open "When all is said and done, Krypton's legacy and its people are my greatest concern, and so it should be for all Kryptonians. We're all that remains of a once proud people. I swear by Rao, I will not allow Krypton's legacy to die with it." Quote-close

General Dru-Zod is one of the last surviving Kryptonians, one who believed Jor-El's warnings of Krypton's impending doom. When Krypton's leaders refused to believe the truth and work to save the population, Zod attempted to stage a coup so that the people of Krypton might be saved. The coup was averted and Jor-El, once his friend, was forced to send him to the Phantom Zone for his crime by the council. Enraged by this apparent betrayal, Zod swore vengeance on Jor-El and his entire house. However time spent in the Zone allowed him to reconsider his hatred and wishes to put it behind him. Totally dedicated to the people and memory of Krypton, Zod could be either a great asset or a great threat to Earth, and its Kryptonian heroes. He has been many things to many beings. The question that stands before him is what he intends to be now.

Crest of House Zod



Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Breath: 4, Flight: 7, Heat Vision: 4, Invulnerability: 9, Senses: 5, Solar Battery, Strength: 10, Super Speed: 6, The Phantom Zone

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5, Education, Intrigue: 6, Leadership: 5, Science: 6, Tactics: 7

Abilities: Gear

Kryptonian Tech

Advantages: Sanctum Ursa

Flaws: Hubris, Kryptonite, Magic and Psionics, Red Sun, Strange Visitor, Vendetta

Languages: Daxamite, English, French, German, Japanese, Kree, Kryptonian, Mandarin, Russian, Shi'ar, and Skrull


Gear: Kryptonian Tech

Zod has access to a variety of Kryptonian technology, as generated by Kryptonian sunstones. He does not use this for any particularly notable everyday purpose, though it is a resource for him to draw upon. (This will be used for incidental or scene-appropriate purposes; sufficiently high-powered or exotic use will require staff plot approval.)

Power: Breath (4)

Range: At 20 feet, chill an object to -50F or create 70mph winds

Area of Effect: Consistently widening and dissipating at a equal rate

Limitations: Requires a gaseous atmosphere

Zod can create a number of effects by expelling air through his lips. He can cause heat dissipation, super-cooling the air like an arctic wind, able to freeze objects up to the size of a large armored vehicle. The air can be released at normal temperature or in rapid gusts or blasts, akin to gale force winds. Also notable, Zod can tremendous breath control, allowing him to pull in oxygen through his nose while cycling it back out through his mouth or to hold his breath for nearly an entire day--15 to 20 hours, specifically--before needing to take in additional oxygen. This allows him to travel through space or underwater for extended periods.

Power: Flight (7)

Range: Interstellar

Zod is able to fly by manipulating kinetic force around his body, allowing him to attain hypersonic speeds within an atmosphere. Outside of an atmosphere, he can attain much greater speeds.

Power: Heat Vision (4)

Area of Effect: 8 inches wide; 70 yards long

Zod can utilize stored solar energy to affect heat diffiusion. While his breath can dissipate heat, his eyes can focus it, allowing him to expel beams of heat at any target in his line of sight.

Power: Invulnerability (9)

Zod's molecular density is greater than that of a normal human, but even more key to his invulnerability is a micro-thin force field that encloses his body. The field does not prohibit Zod from touching, tasting, or otherwise interacting with the world, but it does filter out harmful effects, antigens, and nearly anything that might damage him physically. With access to solar radiation from a star of yellow or greater intensity, Zod also heals very rapidly and completely, allowing him to regenerate from nearly any harm, even many "fatal" injuries. The forcefield can also be projected a short distance outside his body, protecting anything held very close to him, such as his clothing or a person or object held close against his body.

Power: Senses (5)

Range: 20 miles

Limitations: Can be obstructed via overstimulation

Zod's senses are psychokinetically augmented by the solar energies within him. This allows him to see as far as the curvature of the Earth allows, to pick out sounds miles away and both hear and see in wavelengths far beyond the human perceptible range. This includes the ability to hear the entire range of audible sound and to see along the entire infrared spectrum. The clarity of his vision is also microscopic as well as telescopic, allowing him to see the structure of matter down to the atomic level.

Power: Solar Battery

As a Kryptonian, Zod absorbs solar energy from stars of yellow intesnsity of greater, such as Earth's sun. This energy is stored within his body, serving as a power source for his race's latent psychokinetic abilities. Unlike a true psychic, Kryptonian powers operate by instinct and physical focus, taking the form if such abilities as are described throughout these traits. If Zod's solar energies are depleted, he can be rendered nearly as powerless as an ordinary human, though his molecular density still grants him modestly enhanced strength and toughness.

Power: Strength (10)

Zod's strength is enhanced via a tactile telekinetic field that extends to any object he touches. This field grants the vast majority of his invulnerability to damage, and it also allows him to exert much greater physical force than most other beings. In addition, this field grants stability to whatever he touches, allowing him to perform such feats as picking up an airplane by an otherwise fragile wing or to use a lamp pole as a viable weapon, where it would otherwise shatter in his hands if he forcefully swung it at anything. Zod's solar reserves also grant him effectively limitless stamina and sustenance, allowing him to subsist with minimal rest or nutrition for weeks at a time.

Power: Super Speed (6)

Though his speed is modest by the standards of a Speed Force user, Zod is still capable of moving at land speeds of up to 10,000 MPH within the Earth's atmosphere. He is able to perform various physical tasks at roughly 75 times the speed of a human in optimal physical condition.

Power: The Phantom Zone

To what degree this ability may be of any real use is questionable, but Zod's body has adapted to survive the strange environment of the Phantom Zone without being limited to the phantom-like non-existence that some have fallen victim to in that prison-realm.

Skill: Combat (5)

As a military officer, Zod was one of the finest trained combatants of his era on Krypton. With rank, his fighting skills have lapsed somewhat from their peak, but he is still a highly dangerous combatant, either hand to hand or with various forms of weaponry as might be familiar to a Kryptonian.

Skill: Education

Zod is one of the greatest living authorities on Krypton, simply by virtue of having received a full, formal education on his homeworld. As such, he is effectively an expert on Kryptonian history, culture, and sociopolitics. Zod of course speaks the language of his home, including a fair approximation of the Daxamite dialect. He also knows several other major galactic languages. Since coming to Earth, he has taken pains to learn a number of languages that might prove useful when communicating with the native population.

Skill: Intrigue (6)

Zod has played enough politics in the past to know how to adapt to and manipulate situations to suit his own goals. While he has at times been a destructive hammer, he can also be quite crafty. Zod never wished to be a mere warlord, instead having honed all the skills of a true statesman.

Skill: Leadership (5)

Zod was once counted among the greatest military leaders on Krypton. However, his abilities have suffered somewhat due to his long exile. The need to reinvent himself and reconcile with a new world and new ways have limited his ability in what was once his greatest skill.

Skill: Science (6)

Kryptonian Science: When using Kryptonian science or technology, Zod is effectively rated at a 7. However, this is limited to using what he already understands. When attempting to innovate new scientific concepts and principles, advancing beyond what his culture already knew, he is limited to a 5.

Zod was only minimally versed in the sciences of his homeworld, focusing instead on military matters. However, even a basic Kryptonian education granted him a knowledge of science to rival that of an experienced professional in any scientific field on Earth.

Skill: Tactics (7)

Zod is an accomplished military commander and strategist, fully capable of leading small or large scale forces with great expertise. He has a working knowledge of various military tactics, how to best employ assorted tactical weaponry and vehicles, and the resources needed to wage war.


Advantage: Sanctum

The ship Zod used to escape the Phantom Zone is no longer operable as a vehicle, but he has rebuilt and repurposed its materials into a private sanctum at a hidden location near Metropolis to serve as a base of operations. It offers him a place for seclusion, a few of the comforts of home, and of course, planning. The sanctum is shielded against most forms of detection and allows Zod to monitor standard planetary media and communications, as well as serving as a basic dwelling.

Advantage: Ursa

Ursa was once Zod's most loyal co-conspirator. She has since become his wife and the mother of his son, Lor-Zod. As a formidable fighter of the highest skill, Ursa is dear to Zod in a number of ways. Beautiful and infinitely useful, her only flaw may be her contempt for most males. Even so, she is loyal to Zod, and as such he places her before all others.


Flaw: Hubris

One does not come to the decision that one should rule an entire planet without a certain measure of egotism. Zod is self-assured and arrogant, believing himself to be better than those around him. As such, he can be overconfident and may underestimate opponents who seem weak. In particular, he is somewhat inclined to brush humans aside as insignificant when it comes to direct, physical confrontation.

Flaw: Kryptonite

When Krypton was destroyed, some of the planet's matter was charged with radioactive energy from its star, Rao, interacting with the crystalline material of Krypton's planetary body. The end result was the gemlike green substance known as "Kryptonite." The molecular and radioactive properties of Kryptonite enable it to surpass Kryptonian powers. This means that if Zod is struck by a Kryptonite weapon, he will be harmed as a normal mortal would. If he comes within close proximity to Kryptonite, such as a few feet, he will begin to lose his powers rapidly, and within minutes will be totally incapacitated. However, the rate of recovery once removed from the emissions is as rapid as the rate of damage, and Zod will be back to normal in under an hour after exposure if he can directly absorb enough solar energy. Kryptonite radiation can be blocked by lead or super-dense materials.

Flaw: Magic and Psionics

Against the powers of magic or various mental psychic powers, Kryptonians have no special defenses. They are not explicitly "weak" against these forces so much as they cannot resist them; mind-affecting psychic powers and magic can ignore Zod's various defenses and resistances, harming him or affecting him much as they would an ordinary Earthling.

Flaw: Red Sun

Zod requires solar energy to function at peak capacity, or his powers fade to greatly reduced levels or disappearing entirely if his solar reserves are empty. Zod cannot absorb energy from the lower frequency orange K-type stars, and the radiation from red M-type stars actually disrupts his absorption process. Under the light of such a star, he will begin to lose his power at a slow but steady rate. Within a few hours of such conditions, he will be effectively drained of his powers.

Flaw: Strange Visitor

Zod is a foreigner in many ways. Not only does he come from another culture, he comes from a distant world with vastly different customs and attitudes than those of the Earth. Despite his general dismissal of human physical and mental capabilities, he is oddly fascinated by their culture, particularly their capacity for depth of emotion. Fitting in to human culture presents a constant challenge.

Flaw: Vendetta

The House of Zod and The House of El were once allied. Zod considered Jor-El, father of Kal-El, to be a confidante and friend. However, when Jor-El discovered Zod's plans to take over Krypton in order to save the planet by force, the scientist turned his old friend over to the Science Council, claiming the moral high ground and trusting that science could solve their dilemma. As he was cast into the Phantom Zone, the punishment for his crimes, Zod cursed Jor-El and swore vengeance on him and every heir of his house. This perceived betrayal has colored all of Zod's actions since, leading him to seek dominance over House El by any means he can find.


Zod was born from an ancient Kryptonian house, and when he came of age chose to follow the military path rather than the scientific one. He came to early prominence as a talented young officer, and as a major he thwarted a dangerous dictator from rising to power. He rose to great renown as a general in the military, gaining the respect and admiration of his peers and great loyalty from many of his subordinates.

When he learned from Non of the danger to Krypton, he organized a rebellion along with Ursa, his most loyal officer. Seeking the support of Jor-El, Non's protégé, Zod organized a rebellion and sought to overthrow the ruling council of Krypton. Jor-El, loyal to the council, betrayed Zod instead of supporting treason, and Zod and his co-conspirators were captured before the rebellion could reach full scale. Zod, Ursa, and Non were banished to the Phantom Zone as punishment.

And yet, this allowed them to survive the death of Krypton. In the zone, Zod and Ursa became married and conceived a son, Lor-Zod. Zod sought to raise his son with strict military discipline, hoping to instill in him the greatness of their house. In time, they discovered a way to use Lor-Zod to break free of the Phantom Zone, and so Zod sent first his son, who broke through the barrier, and then his wife back into the physical universe. Zod himself followed last, following their trajectories to the same world where Kal-El had crash-landed some decades before: Earth.


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Ursa is Zod's wife.


Lor-Zod is Zod's son.


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