Neutral Gotham
Joker's Daughter (et al)
Lunapic 13450903463476 8 Lunapic 13450903463476 6
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 3
Acrobatics 6 Combat 5 Detective 5
Gadgetry 6 Weaponry 5
Gadgets Hideouts Weapons
Daddy Issues Escapee Schizo
Name: Duela Dent Duela has been in and out of mental institutes her entire life and only remembers her true identity on a good night. One day the girl might be saving an innocent from a masked villain, while on another day she might be releasing fear gas in the Narrows. She's new to the scene, and has a tendency to obsess over villains, creating false memories for herself to have a happy history with them. Who is she really?
Position: Mayhem Causing Schizophrenic
Team: None
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Skye Sweetnam
Alts: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Music: N/A
Quote: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Duela was not born in this world. She was, in fact, born on Earth-3, where the roles of many heroes and villains is reversed. Her father was the famous Jokester, the heroic mirror of this worlds Joker. Her mother was Evelyn Dent, her world's Three-Face...the heroic alternate to this worlds Harvey. She was raised to be a hero, and to fight against Owlman, and the other members of his infamous league.

She was raised by her stepfather (Her world's Riddler) and her mother, and together the three made up a team known as The Riddler Family. Duela was trained as an acrobat by her stepfather, and yet carried her birth father's genius with gadgets.

At the age of ten she was introduced to her birth father, who she was not on the best of terms with. She idolized him, partially, adoring his humor and gift with gadgets, yet hated him for not being around for much of her childhood. When she was fourteen she revealed that she had been carrying on a secret relationship with Talon, her world's version of Robin, and the sidekick of the infamous Olwman. Her birth father was so furious that he disowned her.

Duela stormed out of the Riddler hideout with Talon, moments before the Crime Society attacked the place. It was a slaughter. Her stepfather was killed by Ultraman, while he mothers arm was torn off by Superwoman. Her birth father, through his intelligence and skill, managed to escape and warn her of what had happened...just before he was killed by Solomon right before her eyes.

Talon and her went into hiding, striking against the Crime Society as guerillas for several months. Finally Owlman and Ultraman and the others tracked them down, and Talon died defending her...just as a trans-temporal rift tore her from her world. The combination of the energies and watchiong her lover join the bodies of her family shattered her mind completely. She awoke in this world with the only memory of her real world coming in dreams and schizophrenic ramblings. She was picked up off the street and ended up in a Mental Institute before escaping. She started her chaos and murder in Boston, before being locked up, and escaping to tackle Bludhaven. Recently she's begun quarreling with her actions more, and has just arrived in Gotham after escaping a Sanitarium near Bludhaven.


Skill: Acrobatics (6)

Duela is a fantastic acrobat. She can keep pace with just about anyone, and is capable of free-running, along with backflips, tumbles and similar without breaking a sweat.

Skill: Combat (5)

This is Duela's combat skill. Whether using her fists, a gun, or wielding some insanely dangerous gadget, Duela is generally a threat. Her style is brutal and deadly.

Skill: Detective (5)

Duela is skilled at tracking down information and find a use for it. Sometimes she uses this to find victims or unearth information on her parent of the week, and when she's more stable she uses it to fight crime.

Skill: Gadgetry (6)

Though she doesn't really remember her upbringing under the Jokester, she still has the skills she was taught. For instance, Duela was trained to be a very skilled gadgeteer. She's skilled in mimicking making of the famous Gotham villain devices, but in less lethal doses. She can build zappers, fear toxin, and similar things...but all of it is weaker, and non-lethal. The electrical pulse of the hand-zapper knocks a person out instead of fries them, the fear toxin scares people, but can't give heart attacks or cause permanent insanity, etc.

Skill: Weaponry (5)

Duela is good with a weapon. If she has to she can use a knife, or a gun, or a bat. She uses this skill to wield her various gadgets as well.


Advantage: Gdgets

Duela is a fairly skilled gadgeteer, building less lethal versions of various Gotham hero and villain gadgets. Basically, they are toned down knock-offs. An example of things she has access to:

Joker Gas: 4 (Can knock out individuals who have lower toughness, while giving severe headaches to those with equal. Cause intense, rib-bruising laughter)

Joy-Buzzer: 2 (Gives an intense shock that is very unpleasant, but will not even kill a weakling)

Fear Toxin: 3 (Compare WP to the toxin. Higher WP are unaffected. Equal have milkd, trippy hallucinations, while lower enter catatonic states. It is not strong enoug to cause permanent insanity, or death)

Confetti Grenades: 3 (These small grenades explode, mixing a strong flashbang, with streams of brightly colored confetti.)

She has the ability to make more things, with time and effort, but the effect or strength can never be above her Gadgeteer rating.

Advantage: Hideouts

Duela has numerous little boltholes hidden around Gotham. From a squatted in penthouse to a rat-infested warehouse, Duela can vanish or find a bed when she needs to.

Advantage: Weapons

While she relies on her gadgets, she also has mundane weaponry. She has, on average:

Skinning Knife: 1

Large revolver with stupidly long barrel: 2

Machete: 2

Various kinds of explosives: 4

Tommy Gun: 3


Flaw: Daddy Issues

While her real father is The Jokester, and her mother is Three-Face, she has trouble understanding that. She has a tendency to believe various iconic heroes and villains (Though mainly villains) are her mother or father. Any evidence to the contrary will be blatantly ignored.

Flaw: Escapee

Duela has been in and out of mental institutes across New England since she arrived in this world at fourteen. She is recently an escapee from Ravenswing Sanitarium near Bludhaven. She is in the system, and known to be violent and extremely dangerous.

Flaw: Schizo

Duela is...well...she's crazy. She has a hard time remembering her real identity, as the passage into this dimension shattered her mind into a billion pieces. She makes up history and events, and believes each and every one of them. What she believes is fact one day might be blasphemy the next. Sometimes her periods of 'sanity' can last weeks. Sometimes, however, they are very brief.

Flaw: Worship

Once Duela has locked onto someone, she will attempt to emulate them. She'll dress similar, create gadgets to replicate what they do, etc. These periods will often last until either a sanity shift, or one of them blatantly screws her over.


Duela Dent Logs

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