Reformed, but still a snappy dresser.
Edward Nygma
The Riddler

The Riddler

Quote-open The riddles are gone... but the questions linger. Quote-close

Attempting reform after nearly fifteen years as a career criminal, Edward Nygma is fighting an uphill battle, both against his criminal past and his own mind. Having had a few sucessful, name-making cases, he's firmly established himself as something as a celebrity detective in a city known for having the World's Greatest Detective as its guardian. But Edward does love a challenge...


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Bartitsu & Escrima: 3, Criminal Know-How: 8, Deductive Brilliance: 9, Escape Artist: 7, Firearms: 3, Polymath: 8, Tactics: 7, Trivia & Games: 10, Wing Chun: 2

Abilities: Gear

Canes: 3 Riddler Gear: 4

Advantages: Charismatic, Endurance, Henchwomen, High Profile, Word Player

Flaws: Amnesia, Criminal Contacts, Deadbeat Dad, Egomaniac, Ocd, The Bat, Truth

Languages: ASL, Cantonese, Czech, Egyptian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Navajo, Portuguese, Spanish, and Yiddish


Gear: Canes (3)

Edward has canes for every occasion; sword canes, taser canes, canes with GPS transponders, holographic emitters, and more. He's almost always got at least one on hand, an they're usually useful to the situation at hand.

Gear: Riddler Gear (4)

Eddie has some odds and ends from the Riddler days-- Question mark shaped guns, question mark handled knives, more green suits than he knows what to do with, as well as armored derby and some green classic cars.

Skill: Bartitsu & Escrima (3)

Edward is trained in the use of his canes for combat. No slouch in armed combat (and definitely better than he is unarmed) Edward knows a thing or two about handing down a beating with his canes. He's also handy with a knife, but much prefers the reach of his cane.

Skill: Criminal Know-How (8)

Safe cracking, heist plotting, disguise, stealthing about, lock picking -- Edward's a master of many skills, and while he's getting 'rusty' not using them for active crimnial endeavors, they help give him massive insight into activity and comission of crimes for his cases... and it's way easier to get pictures of cheating husbands if you know how to break into his expensive hotel disguised as the bellhop and get photographs on the sly, right?

Skill: Deductive Brilliance (9)

Edward has turned is incredible knowledge of crime and compounded it with his ability to rapidly deduce answers from riddles into a fantastic investigation repertoire. He's an incredible detective, able to pick up on subtle clues in behavior appearance to things more esoteric, like accents or language use. His vasts knowlege of strange trivia, talent with anagram and code only help him in his ability to decipher and discern the truth and ferret out solutions to cases that may not include such things as fingerprint tracking or the hottest forensics techniques (though he has some skill in those sciences -- see Polymath as his catch all ) but he can look at a Bruce Wayne body double and point out all the flaws and pull up information and make connections that some people need the Batcomputer to reach.

Skill: Escape Artist (7)

Edward was a long time fan of Harry Houdini, and during his youth practiced some crazy stunts, from slight of hands to lock picking, slipping handcuffs and rope bonds.

Skill: Firearms (3)

Edward isn't a crackshot, but he can get the job done with a handgun if he has to. He has little to know experience with larger firearms but is reasonably profient with more handguns and pistols.

Skill: Polymath (8)

Though Edward is a high school drop out, he is self-educated in a vast number of skills -- photography, cryptography, physics, carpentry, computer science, chemistry, engineering (both mechanical and electrical), psychology, art history (he's a huge fan of abstract art) and more. He learns new skills at a near human rate and is always picking up something new because you never know when knowing underwater basket weaving will solve a case.

Skill: Tactics (7)

A master strategist and plotter, Edward tends to stay one step ahead of the Batman and ten steps ahead of the average Joe. Able to work both alone and with groups, he is great at long-term planning, logistics, and outright battle tactics. Also, he loves chess and he's gonna murder you on the board.

Skill: Trivia & Games (10)

When it comes to games, trivia, riddles and puzzles there is simply none better. This is Edward's bailiwick, where he excels the most.

Skill: Wing Chun (2)

With an emphasis on strategy and controlling space, Wing Chun is Edward's favored fighting art. Too ba he's not really that great at it, especially in comparison to other people around him. Galatea Waves to Cinque :)


Advantage: Charismatic

Despite being a smarmy, mouthy arrogant toe rag who insults everyone, Edward has this ability to get a lot of attention and hold it. He's not particuarly handsome, at the upper end of average at best. But he knows how to work the room, and despite being a huge smarmy jerk, he's a huge smarmy jerk with charisma. He'll never be Lex Luthor, but who wants to be, really?

Advantage: Endurance

For all that he's not spectacularly strong Edward is very aware of his body--he's a good runner and has excellent endurance -- and his pain tolerance is incredible. He doesn't like it, but anybody who can choose to throw himself through a skylight and limp away is a man who knows his limits.

Advantage: Henchwomen

Though they've since parted ways on the long term, ex-henchwomen Echo and Query and Edward Nygma maintain a relatively cordial relationship, and in a pinch, could be called upon to help him out... but hell have to front some cash, most of the time.

Advantage: High Profile

His status as a former supercriminal giving him a sort of celebrity status in Gotham, this well known bad boy gone good gets a lot of attention and it keeps him on the A list for people who want some color at their parties or to make a statement with their detectives. This helps his business with getting wealthy, high profile clients and keeping him financially solvent.

Advantage: Word Player

Obsessed with wordplay and riddles, Edward loves language. He's very well read and self-taught in a number of languages which he has a great talent for. He can speak most Romance languages with fluency, has a grasp of Arabic tongues (and has enough Egyptology under his belt to read heiroglyphics witout too much difficulty). The more obscure the dialect, the likely he's either going to not know it, or totally know it because of some obscure riddle he solved in it.


Flaw: Amnesia

Thanks to a stint in a coma, Edward has amnesia. Brain damage has freed him from his worst impulses and attributes, but at the cost of having a swiss cheese memory for the events of his past. For some people that's good news (right, Batman?) for Edward, however, it's often bad. People creep up out of no where with info on his past, he never knows quite what to expect. He's been blackmailed, duped, and manipulated, and he really hates anything in the past he can't remember being brought up... The further away from the point of injury you get the better off Edward can remember, but slowly but surely things are trickling back over time...

Flaw: Criminal Contacts

While these occasionally work to his advantage, sometimes being an ex-con is a pain in the ass. Edward does work on the sly for the criminal element but he tries to avoid doing so. Being on retrainer for the Penguin when Oswald's reformed is one thing, when he's got to clean up after the Sirens or maybe Bane wants his teddy bear found... none of them are going to ask Batman. They're going to lean on Edward.

Flaw: Deadbeat Dad

Edward has a daughter by a long ago fling-- she's about sixteen now, and goes by Enigma, trying to get dear old Dad's attention. He didn't really give a crap about being a father, and now it's questionable if he remembers being one at all. Still, she could be used against him -- or wreck his life if anyone knew where she'd gotten off to.

Flaw: Egomaniac

Edward needs validation like some people need air. Even if he's not holding people hostage in death traps and scrawling riddles on the wall, he's still a man with some serious insecurity issues. He wants attention, he prefers it positive but will take it negative if it's all he can get, and he loves working the media circus. While he's fully capable of being subtle, and even slyness and subtly to great affect... it's just less fun. He'll take flash and glitz when he can.

Flaw: Ocd

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is earmarked by functions of anxiety and depression. While Edward is not 'crazy' anymore, the brain is a marvelous organ. His memories -- and his madness -- ar coming back in inches, and certain things (stress, gaslighting, and other villainous issues) could easily push him along faster. Right now his OCD is expressed in a need to solve riddles in the form of cases, and it's not very intense. However, he still enjoys puzzles, games and brainteasers and can be distracted by them.

Flaw: The Bat

Batman. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader: Edward's obsesssion with the Batman had become less antagonistic and more... obnoxious. While he's no longer nonfunctional when the Bat's involved, Edward is always ready to 'help' the Batman to prove he's smart, rather than hinder him to prove his genius. Thankfully, he is usually rather helpful... but not always. Regardless, he's always hoping for a validating word, acknowledgement of his intelligence and skill, and will happily tell anyone who asks that he and Bats are on the same side now, and they're practically colleagues now... which is again, a pain in the ass for anybody who knows him.

Flaw: Truth

Edward can't lie directly. He can evade, misdirect, distract, omit, prevaricate-- but not tell a straight out lie. This is due to the traumatic youth he endured at the hands of his father, and he keeps this a well guarded secret.



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File:Bruce Wayne.jpg

Though Edward regularly annoys him, the private detective has shifted his obsession with Batman for 'foe' to 'friend'. He's always happy to help in cases, though he's often frustrated by the Batman's unwillingness to work with him as equals. He strives to prove himself a valuable asset instead of trying to destroy him, which is better for everyone in the long run... though it can be problematic at times.


Edward Nygma's Wanted List
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