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Elsa Bloodstone
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Elsa Bloodstone

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Elsa Bloodstone is a descendant of Ulysses Bloodstone, a world renowned monster hunter. She carries the Bloodgem, the Legacy of the Bloodstone line, in her quest to rid the world of profoundly unpleasant monsters, who mess up her hair and are generally quite tiresome, darling. The application of large guns also helps in this endeavour.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Natural

Dexterity: 3, Endurance: 3, Intellect: 3, Perception: 4, Willpower: 4

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Healing: 3/5, Enhanced Strength: 3/4, Enhanced Toughness: 3/4, Slowed Ageing

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 7, Driving/piloting: 2, Marksmanship: 7, Monster Lore: 5, Occult Lore: 5, Tracking: 5

Abilities: Gear

Arsenal: 0-4

Advantages: Bloodgem, Wealth

Flaws: Enemies, Flashbacks, Power Loss

Languages: English


Gear: Arsenal (0-4)

Elsa has access to a wide range of mundane weapons ranging from machete's to bazookas. She also has access to more esoteric weaponry in the form of blessed weapons, holy water and the like, in addition to custom made shotgun shells and bullets.

Natural: Dexterity (3)

Elsa's trap-filled childhood and combat training regimen have enhanced her dexterity to peak human levels.

Natural: Endurance (3)

Elsa's childhood training from hell has increased her stamina considerably. She has tracked supernatural creatures for a whole day without stopping for rest.

Natural: Intellect (3)

Elsa had the best private tutoring money could buy, even though some of it was dispensed by a psychotic nanny robot.

Natural: Perception (4)

Elsa's natural wariness, honed by her traumatic experiences as a child and further refined through many hours in the field hunting dangerous creatures grants her a high level of awareness.

Natural: Willpower (4)

Elsa's natural inner fortitude and self sufficiency instil her with a great sense of will. Her experiences as a child have hardened her resolve.

Power: Enhanced Healing (3/5)

As a Bloodstone Elsa inherited some of her fathers great power, this gifts her with peak human healing abilities, augmented to superhuman levels by the Bloodgem. She is capable of regenerating lost limbs and organs without a mark. Scars are just so passé, darling.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3/4)

As a Bloodstone Elsa inherited some of her fathers great power, this gifts her with peak human strength, augmented to superhuman levels by the Bloodgem. She can press around 1.5 tons.

Power: Enhanced Toughness (3/4)

As a Bloodstone Elsa inherited some of her fathers great power, this gifts her with peak human toughness, augmented to superhuman levels by the Bloodgem. She's been put through brick walls and plate glass windows before and has emerged with barely a scratch.

Power: Slowed Ageing

While Elsa is currently too young for this power to have any real effect, while she wears the Bloodgem she will only age ten years for every hundred. This also grants resistance against artificial accelerated ageing effects. If the gem is removed her real age will be restored to her.

Skill: Combat (7)

Elsa is highly adept at armed and unarmed martial arts having been trained by her father. She is also capable of utilising improvised weaponry to great effect if she is caught short, for example shovels and guitars. She is capable of dual wielding weapons.

Skill: Driving/piloting (2)

Elsa has rudimentary skills in driving ground vehicles and light aircraft. Her driving style could be considered "robust" at best.

Skill: Marksmanship (7)

Elsa is an incredibly good marksman, capable of utilising crossbows, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and bazooka style weapons. She is capable of dual wielding pistols, shotguns and submachine guns.

Skill: Monster Lore (5)

Elsa has extensive knowledge about supernatural creatures, their habitats, preferred victims and cultures.

Skill: Occult Lore (5)

Elsa has exhaustive knowledge of spells, rituals, counterspells, conjuring, summoning and control spells. She has no inherent magical ability.

Skill: Tracking (5)

Elsa is an accomplished tracker of paranormal monsters and humanoids, providing they leave a physical trace.


Advantage: Bloodgem

The magical Bloodgem worn round her neck grants Elsa added Strength, Toughness, Healing and Slowed Ageing. It is attached to a choker around her neck and never leaves her person. In addition while worn the Bloodgem makes Elsa immune to the effect of Vampire bites while making her blood fatally toxic to Vampires and their spawn.

Advantage: Wealth

Elsa has access to the sizeable Bloodstone fortune. This in combination with her lucrative monster hunting career has left her comfortably well off.


Flaw: Enemies

Elsa has made an enemy of many supernatural and paranormal entities, including but not limited to Dracula himself. She is notorious amongst sentient supernatural creatures. The Beyond Corporation and H.A.T.E. hold a particular dislike for Elsa after what she and the Nextwave team did to them.

Flaw: Flashbacks

Elsa is prone to having flashbacks to her abusive...sorry, intense childhood training at the hands of her father, sometimes at inopportune moments in the middle of combat.

Flaw: Power Loss

If the Bloodgem fragment is removed from Elsas person her Strength, Toughness and Healing will default to 3. She will also lose the perk of Slowed Ageing.


Elsa is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, a famous explorer and monster hunter. From a very early age Elsa was exposed to the paranormal head on, her father recklessly (and sometimes literally) throwing her at various supernatural threats, only for her to come out on the winning side even when the odds were stacked against her. She defeated the Blight Beast of Krakow as a toddler while armed only with a silver spoon, for example. This was largely down to the powers she inherited from her father which granted her enhanced physical abilities from birth. This harsh treatment only intensified into her teenage years, where she was ruthlessly educated on the lore of the supernatural, sometimes facing harsh punishments when she failed to live up to expectations.

She accompanied her father on monster hunting expeditions, showing great promise and proficiency with a wide array of modern and ancient weapons, learning about new and deadly creatures all the time. Elsa had many altercations with a vast array of supernatural creatures, including Dracula. When she reached adulthood, her father disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving her a fragment of the magical Bloodgem the Bloodstone family were named after. Elsa attached it to a choker and wore it next to her skin, granting her abilities that were even greater than those she inherited from her father.

Elsa was recruited by a security agency known as H.A.T.E., who secretly were an extension of the terrorist organisation the Beyond Corporation. When she discovered this, she and a group of heroes known as Nextwave broke away from H.A.T.E., stealing one of their experimental ships and working to undermine the corrupt organisation. After a series of bizarre adventures none but the most severely inebriated would probably believe, Elsa left Nextwave to return to her roots, that of monster hunting and paranormal investigations.


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File:Bloodstone Curios.jpg
Bloodstone Curios

Elsas place of business and residence.

File:The Defenders.jpg
The Defenders

A ragtag bunch of misfits, all alone in the night. Hang on, was that Firefly or Babylon 5? Sod it.


Forming one of the more grammatically colourful evil fighting tag teams of all time. Also once saved Elsa from the clutches of a Vampire sect.

File:Misty Knight.jpg
Misty Knight

They exchanged business cards after helping Elsa and Valkyrie fight a giant flesh golem and its friends. It's on, children.

File:Pete Wisdom.jpg
Pete Wisdom

Aided Valkyrie in rescuing Elsa from Vampires. Pete and Elsa JUST about tolerate each other.



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