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Emmanuelle Brown
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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 6 Intellect: 6 Willpower: 4
Techno Magic 6
Education Magic Scrapyard
OCD Techno Magic Wandering Mind
Name: Emmanuelle Brown Emmy Brown, or Scrap as she does go by now and then, is not your average inventor. She is someone who works magic but focuses it through tech and inventions. She can take two toasters, a tube of toothpaste, and make a heat-ray gun out of them. For some inexplicable reason, it works for her but makes no real scientific sense. She understands the principles of energy transfer and mana and the like. She just doesn't call it magic. She simply has her own explanation for the phenomena.
Position: Inventor Extraordinaire
Team: N/A
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Mage
Type: Original Character
Actor: Unnecessary!
Alts: Heather, Quasar
Timezone: Central Standard Time (UTC-6, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: "It's going from solid straight to gaseous form! Now, if we can only keep it from exploding!"
Tone Likes: Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Angsty, Romantic


Emmy's mother passed away when she was four years old. She never knew it, but it was somewhat due to the magic that was in the blood of her father's line of the family. One of her father's magical experiments went haywire and her mother was caught in the crossfire so to speak. Her father never used magic again and years later he drank himself to death. In the interim, he did his best to raise his only child, the daughter who had inherited much of his magical potential. In fact, she was destined to be more powerful than he ever was. He knew of her talent right away, as she demonstrated an affinity for focusing said magic through devices at an early age. In fact, she had rebuilt their TV's remote control several times and used it to do all sorts of things it wasn't supposed to do, all by the time she got into high school. However, once she got to high school, her grades suffered due to a number of things.

First of all, her attention span which bordered on ADHD, and then take into account the fact that she began expanding on her ability to -make- things work the way she wanted to, and when teachers told her that certain things were impossible, she got up on a soapbox and explained to them why they were wrong. It should be noted that teachers for the most part, hate being called wrong or stupid. It's not that Emmy was unintelligent. She just had trouble seeing -why- she needed to learn so much stuff that she considered useless. She was already so busy learning how to put things together to achieve the right desired effect. She knew it would work, and eventually her father sat her down and explained the principles behind the magic.

He explained that what she was able to do was because of her heritage of magical ability. Finally, she understood taht she was -making- things work despite the fact that they really shouldn't. But she rationalized it as slightly adjusting science so theories that wouldn't work otherwise would function just fine. Sure, she understood that others had magical talents that worked different ways, but she loved the way hers worked. Now, if she could just get people to leave her alone and let her make things work the right way. Everyone was do damned sure -they- knew the best way to do things!

Of course, by this time, he had been drinking heavily and after so long with his wife gone, his liver had too much and liver cancer took him away two years ago. When his will was probated, she inherited the scrapyard that he operated and made their living from. Since her grades sucked, and colleges didn't want the kid who argued every theory with every professor. So, she just settled in at the scrapyard, kept the yard's manager and staff on, and let them run the place. What better way to supply her experiments?! She should so field test these things! The world needs more heroes, right?!


Power: Techno Magic (6)

Although she never was trained in the use of magic, because Emmy understood how to use devices ever since she was a child, she developed an affinity for tech as an interface for magic. She could take a toaster, a blender, a tube of toothpaste, and a can of compressed air and make a heat ray gun out of the combination. Anyone else who looks at it or studies it without the ability to sense or an understanding of magic, would be simply baffled as to how it works. But it works! Magic provides the impetus. Emmy's basic understanding of science has melded with her creative side and she can build anything she can imagine so long as she can theorize or explain it in some outlandish manner. Just because nobody else believes it could psosibly function won't dissuade Elly! She will make it work through her magical creativity. Others may call it magic, but to her it is just a sort of science that the world is not ready to accept yet. She understands that others see it differently than her, but this is her way of handling it. Detailed below are some examples of her magic.

Sensor Shades: With little LED's running around the edges of them, and wires leading to a small battery pack that rests on one of the ear-rests, these glasses provide Emmy with the ability to see not only magical auras, but also to see in the dark. They also provide ranging information as well as a telescopic function. This is all controlled by an interface on the sides of the lenses.

Ray Gun: Yes, she is aware that she built this from a collector's edition Star Trek Phaser prop. Having hollowed it out, she has installed little bits and pieces and attached prop lights to it along with a string of LED's along the top. These LED's create a holographic targeting sight for her when activated, and the weapon is capable of firing several settings.

                    Kill: At its most powerful setting, it does rank 6
                          Damage and is the equivilent of a high grade
                          Plasma Weapon. In fact, to magical senses, it
                          is very much the same as a lightning bolt spell.
                    Stun: At this setting, the weapon fires a narrow beam
                          that strikes vs the target's Willpower. The beam
                          is rated at 5 for the purpose of putting the
                          target to sleep. As an alternate setting, it can
                          be fired on a wide beam to have a cone effect
                          roughly thirty meters long and ten meters across
                          at the far end. This will have a rating of 4 for
                          the same effect as the single target beam.
                   Other: Given a few seconds, Emmy can quite literally
                          improvise other effects from her weapon. From
                          simply heating up a target to make it glow and
                          emit heat and light, to using it as a welding
                          torch to either seal or open barriers. She can
                          even use it to dispel magical effects upon a
                          target at rank 6.

Hover Snowboard: While she may not be the most agile at using this mode of transportation, she does have a Snowboard which is tricked out with what appears to be parts from an old 1980's electric racing car track running along the bottom, and more LED's along the sides. When activated, this snowboard defies gravity, and can provide flight at a speed of 1 (up to 50mph). She really has very little control at full speed aside from going straight ahead. For best control, she needs to keep it at 10mph or less.

Jacket of Protection: Yes, her leather jacket appears to have extra parts attached. When activated, this provides her with an invisible shield that provides toughness 5 defenses vs physical, energy, and magical attack forms.

Gateway Discs: These discs are made from Computer CD's and have other attachments added to them. She keeps them in a CD case strapped to her belt and when thrown, they adhere to a surface, expanding outward and then flushing sideways (Much like the Stargates from the TV show of the same name!) Each disc is linked to a second disc and they activate at the same time to create a gateway from one to the other. The maximum range for these is fifty miles. This means that she cannot use this to go to someplace that she has never been unless she somehow arranges for a disc to reach there.

Breath Mask: Okay, so she ruined a Darth Vader costume to make this one. She has a mask that covers her mouth and nose, missing the top portion of Vader's Helmet. Inside the vents are two varying color LED's as well as wires running about the place. Using an elastic band, she can wrap this around her head to the back of her neck. While it is on, she always has fresh clean air to breathe. Oddly, it also provides her with magical protection against environmental extremes from heat to cold.

Others: Given time and available materials, there is very little that she could not throw together for a given situation. The extent of this would be up to the players involved and/or Emitter/Staff member at the time.

NOTE: It is not explicitly stated above, but Emmy cannot just throw together two wires and cast a lightning bolt spell through them. For her, it must be a -designed-, and fabricated (even if only loosely) device that she has put together, in order to focus her magic through it. For the most basic effects, several minutes of work would be required to modify an existing device and add a function well within the limits of its current abilities. To make an entirely new device, would take hours if not days of research, engineering, and fabricating.


Advantage: Education

While Emmy never managed to complete much formal education beyond high school, she did learn many of the fundamentals of a large variety of subjects. Even if she dismisses the science and engineering knowledge as quaint and uncomplete, she still has a good understanding of much of the basics. This gives her quite a large amount of trivia knowledge that can be recalled at need to confound or contribute with.

Advantage: Magic

While her abilities with tech are magical, Emmy doesn't cast spells by wiggling her fingers and the like. Her gadgets draw their power from her ability to channel magical power though, and though she uses those gadgets for it, she understands the basic precepts of magic. She just channels it differently than most.

Advantage: Scrapyard

Emmy inherited her father's scrapyard. He was a car junkie when he was alive, and when he died of cancer two years ago, he left her the scrapyard. She lives there now and still buys and sells scrap. Though she has expert employees on hand to handle things like, knowing how much to pay for what parts. She simply owns it and uses many of the scraps to tinker in her lab. It provides her with a basic income, though nothing extravagant. It also provides her with tons of parts to use for her experiments!


Flaw: OCD

Were Emmy to acknowledge this disorder, she would say it was CDO, alphabetally in order. But she has her routines, and that's all she thinks they are. However, she would have a difficult time doing things in what she percieves as the "wrong way". She spends exactly five minutes brushing her teeth, showers for exactly fifteen minutes, must eat her meat and then her starch in that order, otherwise she cannot finish the meal. She tends to have one way of doing things, and if someone else tries to help and interrupts her task, she will virtually always start over from the beginning.

Flaw: Techno Magic

At the moment, without a serious reworking of her whole belief system and paradigm, Emmy will be unable to utilize any of her magic skills or powers without -some- level of technology to focus it through. Even the most basic magical effects require some level of tech for her. She has vast potential for channeling power, but no ability to tap into that without it.

Flaw: Wandering Mind

Emmy has a short attention span. She's not quite the sort to go sprinting off after something shiny, but she is easily distracted by things that peak her interest. One look in her lab and one can see over a dozen projects that haven't quite been abandoned so much as just sitting on hold because something else grabbed her attention. She has a difficult time focusing on just one thing at a time and tends to work better when there are two to three things to spread her attention among.


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