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Quote-open "The thing none of you will ever understand is that there are no sides. There are no heroes or villains. There’s just what I want and how I’ll get it.” Quote-close

A man of many names, and many faces, Magneto is different things to different people. To the mutants of the world, he's a guardian, an avenging angel that sweeps from the sky to liberate the oppressed. To the Brotherhood, he's a stoic and brilliant leader, inhuman in his dedication to his purpose. And to the world, he is the terrible and fearsome Imperator of Genosha, the once and future king of the island that purports itself to be the future salvation of Homo Novus.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Concussive Blast: 6, Force Field: 10, Full Spectrum: 7, Magnetic Vision: 8, Magnetism: 10, Perception: 8, Physical Augment: 6

Abilities: Skill

Polyglot: 7, Scientist: 10, Strategist: 9, Willpower: 7

Abilities: Gear

Armor: 1-8 Helmet: 9

Advantages: Brotherhood, Etiquette, Genosha, Invictus, Mutant Action Center, People Person, Rebirth

Flaws: Antagonists, Bigot, Calculating, Casual Killer, Duplicitous, Family, Genosha, Many Faces, Nazi Hunter, Obsessive, Terrorist, Very Old School

Languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, and Yiddish


Gear: Armor (1-8)

Essentials 5: Using only raw materials at hand, Magneto is capable of forming a formfitted protective carapace that follows him as effortlessly as cloth. Steel and iron being commonplace and available, it takes little to no effort for him to simply harvest convenient sources of metal and form them to his person.

Prepared 7: Given access to even common materials and some time to focus and manipulate their atomic structures, Magneto can form a more advanced and sturdy form of armor, built using the best engineering and impact resistant designs.

Exotics 8: When he has time to prepare himself, Magneto can form armor from extremely rare and unique alloys. The cane he occassionally carries is more than a fashion statement- it's a titanium core wrapped in thousands of layers of graphene, and precious metals worked into the grip are incorporated into the design of his telepath-resistant helmet.

Magneto's vast knowledge encompasses the realm of advanced chemistry, and his instinctive interaction with elements and alloys of metal gives him a significant advantage when it comes to metallurgical processes. This value only reflects the durability of his armor itself, such as against energy discharges or resisting physical attacks. He can still be battered by blunt impact and explosions.

Gear: Helmet (9)

Magneto's helmet gives him an effective Willpower of 9 when afflicted by psychic or other telepathic effects. It does not interact with psionic or mystical effects. It contains cunning technology of his own design that augments his already steely resolve, protecting him from all but the most powerful of psychic entities.

Power: Concussive Blast (6)

Magneto is able to mentally generate hurled blasts of concussive force with minimal effort, akin to explosive projectiles. These can be controlled with extreme prejudice, or be hurled at full strength.

Power: Force Field (10)

By bending magnetic fields around himself or a limited area, Magneto can create force fields of astonishing resilience, capable of withstanding most forms of physical and energetic assault, up to and including the force of a nuclear blast. The wider the field, the more difficult it is to sustain, and it grows proportionally weaker. He can maintain a personal area field for significant duration at no great effort.

Power: Full Spectrum (7)

Though more taxing than simply controlling magnetic fields outright, Magneto is able to manipulate any form of energy found within the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays. He can create massive illusions and holograms or make objects seemingly vanish by bending light around them. He can produce any form of radiation via manipulation of the electromagnetic force. He can produce massive electrical currents and safely channel naturally occuring electrical forces, including multiple bursts of lightning. This ability may also be used to manipulate atomic structures and chemical compounds, albeit with some strenuous focus required. He has been shown to be able to manipulate gravitational fields and can produce myriad other effects that most scientists can only achieve briefly under extremely controlled conditions.

Power: Magnetic Vision (8)

With a minor effort, Magneto is able to perceive electromagnetic fields around him, including those present about living beings, additionally allowing him to ascertain certain physical or mental details about their physiology and sometimes, specific abilities, equipment, or mutations.

Power: Magnetism (10)

Magneto's mutant power entails the control and manipulation of magnetic fields, employing them in a broad variety of ways. Most commonly, this translates to control of metal or metallic objects and alloys, no matter how large or inconceivably minute - however he is not limited to solely this function. More specifically, he may create magnetic force fields, enable an approximation of flight, concentrate the fields in concussive bursts or pulses, view electromagnetic fields with his own eyes, augment his own abilities by channeling his powers inward, and - though more taxing - manipulate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum.

While the degree and range of Magneto's abilities have few quantifiable limits in theory, attempting to manipulate forces of intensely vast magnitude or prodigious distance can physically drain him, leaving him weak, unconscious, or worse depending upon the severity of his exertion.

Power: Perception (8)

Magneto would be a keen observer of the human condition with his vast life experience alone. Combined with his sensitivity to the warp and weft of the unified field, very little of society escapes his notice.

Moreover, this extrasensory acuity allows him to react at the speed of thought with his powers. He senses gravitational and electromagnetic displacement the way that eyes percieve light- perhaps even faster- and has honed his instincts carefully to take full advantage of that gift. His prodigious intellect grants him significant analytical skills that allow him to make use of the vast amount of information his sense grant him.

Power: Physical Augment (6)

Strength 6:

Dexterity 6:

Durability 6:

Speed 2:

By channeling magnetic energy through his own body, Magneto is temporarily capable of superhuman feats of strength. This may not be constantly maintained, and is inevitably a strain to him following its deactivation, as the efforts associated with whatever actions he's undertaken catch up to him.

Skill: Polyglot (7)

Being conversant in multiple languages, and multiple dialects of these languages, Magneto has a surpassing talent for conversation and communication. Learning new languages comes easily to him, and crytography and linguistics are fields of study he's developed a great deal of competence in.

Skill: Scientist (10)

Genetics 10: Magneto's obsession with the survival of the mutant race has driven him to excel in the field of evolutionary biology, specfically genetic mutation. This, notably, has allowed him to devise ways of mutating humans, creating clones, and fabricating artificial beings with a semblance of life.

Engineering 9: Magneto's considerable intellect lends itself to numerous fields of study, including engineering and robotics. He is a contemporary visionary of sorts, having created the technology used in his helmet as well as various advanced robots, blueprints for orbital stations, and devices capable of nullifying mutant powers in their presence.

Physicist 10: Magneto sees and interacts with the basic electromagnetic and gravimetric forces of the universe in a very natural and instinctive way. His perception of the living nature of energy and EM forces has given him unparalleled insight into the function of high energy physics and the fundamental forces of the universe. Few are as conversant in physics as he is.

Polymath 7: Beyond the specifics listed here, Magneto is well-versed in several other fields of study, including the arts, humanities, and musical theory. He learns not just fast, but well, and can master new disciplines in relatively little time.

Magneto is a highly motivated and vastly self-education scientist, an expert in many fields and disciplines.

Skill: Strategist (9)

Whether surveying a chessboard or composing plans for mounting a war, Magneto has become a supreme strategist. With a combination of exceptional planning and foresight, combined with a highly logical mind and solid instincts, he is a formidable opponent to take the field against.

Skill: Willpower (7)

Magneto is a brilliant, highly rational man driven by a supreme sense of self conviction and a deep, angry core of rage. His mind is a formidable place, combining passion and reason in equal measures, and is extremely resistant to psychic influence and intrusion.


Advantage: Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of mutants operates more like a terrorist organization than a home for run aways. Hard vertical and horizontal lines divide individual cells to prevent one from identifying another. Most of their orders come via twitter or text message, sent en masse and trickling through social media as 'flash crimes'. The Brotherhood is fiercely loyal to the idea of Magneto, though many of them have never met him in person. Individual mutants high in power and cunning may manage multiple cells or layers of cells, using cut outs and dead drops to leave instructions. They function as a highly dedicated and very covert secret society that remain highly elusive, and are all too eager to do the dirty work in America that Magneto is unable to be associated with.

Advantage: Etiquette

Magneto can be, when he wishes, quite charming. Among more elder individuals, his manners are impeccable- he seats women first, orders food correctly, takes his hat off indoors, and the hundreds of other behaviours that have fallen into disfavor over recent years. The proprieties of host and guest are held dear to him, and he honors the obligations that go both ways in that regard. He remains in firm control of his manners and his powers- at least until the party is over.

Advantage: Genosha

Magneto is a self-appointed dictator who rules the island of Genosha. His authority is absolute, and his totalitarian rule extends to the some of the smallest matters of life on that island. Nearly seventy-five thousand mutants live on the island now, many in Hammer Bay's favelas, and Magneto's unique brand of energy-based economy means that his island exports mainly technology and energy. By dictatorial fiat, he can leverage nearly 95 percent of his country's non-food production into wartime materiel. His absolute rule extends to use of the country's military programs, and it is not uncommong to see his personal helicarrier, the /Invictus/, nearby when he makes trips to America for diplomatic visits.

Genosha also functions as his headquarters and hosts his research lab, which is one of the best-equipped research and engineering labs in the country. Genosha only lacks for industrial equipment and raw resources, or it would be a true powerhouse of a nation, bootstrapped into a thriving economy in just a year.

Advantage: Invictus

Though half the size of any of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarriers, the /Invictus/ is still a formidable fighting machine. Magneto officially declares it a diplomatic vessel, but he employs a security staff consisting of some of his best commandos and front-line fighters. It is well suited for defense and designed specifically to take advantage of and help amplify some of Magneto's powers while he is on board. He employs a number of aircraft, including personnel shuttles and several short-range combat air craft, as well as drones and other automated weapons. A small army of his Hooded Angels live in drop chutes if the /Invictus'/ weapons are not suited for an engagement, and the helicarrier boasts a small but well supplied research laboratory and engineering bay in which Magneto may conduct his work.

Advantage: Mutant Action Center

In his guise as Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto gathered a great deal of goodwill with the mutant community in Metropolis and the surrounding area. Despite no longer being directly involved with the Center, they remain in strong support of his principles of community and unity.

Advantage: People Person

Decades of leadership and political interaction have given Magneto exceptional insight into personal interactions. He is an astute judge of character, a superb diplomat, a masterful orator, and is known for his extremely forceful and commanding presence, while managing to be still charming and personable when needed. He has a surprising talent for not just deception, but the delicate art of duplicity and half-truths. Careful metabolic self control and a discipline of thought makes it difficult for any but the most talented and powerful psychic to read his thoughts.

Advantage: Rebirth

Magneto recently unified with the Phoenix Force relatively temporarily. The result of this was that his body regenerated as an accelerated rate, until his physical body identified with his personal metaphysical concept of himself- as a strong, thirty-something man in the prime of his life and powers.


Flaw: Antagonists

Who says only superheroes have villains in their life? Magneto is haunted and hunted by more than just well-intentioned heroes. Having spent the better part of seven decades waging a campaign of brutal war on behalf of mutants, whether they wanted it or not, he has his share of enemies. From mutant heroic groups wanting him to stop his war to villains seeking to undermine his authority or prevent him from suboring their own evil plots, Magneto has several lifetimes worth of enemies, from mortal foes to respected opponents.

Flaw: Bigot

Magneto is a practical sort of bigot. While he tolerates individual humans and will even have dealings with them, he generally regards most of them as his biological and intellctual inferiors. He disdains their company and openly admits that humanity is fighting a war against mutants, whether they know it or not, and that he intends for mutants to prevail in the coming war.

Flaw: Calculating

To Magneto, even close friends and allies are pawns on the chessboard. Despite personal attachments and his pleasure at their company, the only merit Magneto ultimately judges people by is their value to his cause. Chess pieces have use, and value, but he will not hesitate to sacrifice them to advance his plans. This has the unfortunate side effect of often leaving pawns feeling somewhat jilted once they realize they are no longer of use to the Master of Magnetism.

Flaw: Casual Killer

Magneto has used his powers and bare hands to murder hundreds of people over his lifetime. Perhaps thousands. Ten of thousands more have suffered by his orders and plans. He thinks nothing of taking a human life, and a mutant who is in obstreperously in his way risks death for defying Magneto's wishes. No one on Genosha dares offend Magneto's person or his image, and he has a stark and terrifying reputation around the world as being a casually brutal killer with no remorse or compunction.

Flaw: Duplicitous

Magneto is a supreme master of politics and espionage. He habitually tells half-truths and dances around obvious statements that would paint him in a negative light. Very few people in his employ can admit that they know him on a truly personal level, and even they often wonder if he shares the whole truth with them. He is a firm believer in 'need to know', which creates contention and discontent among allies, especially once they discover a larger part of the picture than they'd been informed of.

Flaw: Family

Magneto's first love and his lost child are a deeply, profoundly sensitive topic for him. The source of his greatest pain and greatest rage and greatest shame, it's a complex memory for him and one he suppresses ruthlessly. As other children have come and gone over the years, finding him and either joining with him or shunning him, his feelings on family have grown more complex over time. He loves his children and dotes on them when allowed, but can be harshly stern at the same time, especially if they interfere with his plans. His family remains more liability than asset for the most part.

Flaw: Genosha

Magneto's defense of Genosha is one of the few issues to which he will fight to the death. He viewed Genosh as the ultimate goal for the survival of a mutant nation, and losing it nearly drove him into despair depression. Now that the dream has been achieved, Magneto will do anything to protect his people. If a threat dangerous enough presents itself, Magneto will press a pre-emptive attack as savagely as possible to ensure that his island- and his people- are protected.

Flaw: Many Faces

Magneto's held many identies over the years, and is known by many names to many different people. He carefully isolates those people from the newer parts of his life, keeping them associated with their memory of him. He is fiercely protective of his time as a young father and the time he spent as a member of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw.

His existence as Erik Lehnsherr is something of a surprise to many people, who regarded the benevolent Mr. Lehnsherr as a strong but kind mentor and a fierce advocate for their legal rights. Some followed him to Genosha as he revealed his true identity, but there are others who only remember him as the leader of their organization.

Flaw: Nazi Hunter

Magneto spent most of his thirties traversing the globe and murdering the remnants of the Third Reich. Some of them he murdered quite creatively, en masse, and his hatred for members of the Nazi Party extends to the descendent associations (such as the Aryan Nation). He has an Interpol file from as far back as 1948, beginning as a nameless dossier in the offices in Argentina as Magneto- then, Erik Lehnsherr- butchered his way through South America. While he revels in the memory, it created more than a few enemies, and it took Interpol decades to make the connection between Magneto and the faceless killer who killed over a hundred men with his bare hands and mutant powers.

Flaw: Obsessive

Magneto's deeply buried anger at the loss of his wife has resulted in a single-mindedness that's almost legendary. He is determined to see Homo Novus advanced to the ownership of Earth, and views humans as an inevitable evolutionary competitor. He has forsaken family, wealth, and fame and fortune in pursuit of this goal. He is absolutely merciless to his foes and will take extraordinarily violent measures to protect Genosha or a mutant in harm's way, wherever he is. He never forgets or forgives a slight, real or imagined, and takes revenge with cold and calculating deliberation. He takes any slight against mutants as personally as if it were directed at himself, and his fury, unleashed, is legendary in its scope.

Flaw: Terrorist

Despite being Ambassador to the UN and soverign of Genosha, Magneto is still an international terrorist in multiple countries around the world. In particular, countries in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia have labelled him a criminal and will attempt to murder him on sight. Genosha's membership in the United Nations is a contentious one, mostly forced forward by political maneuvering by the G-20, and many countries in the world disagree strenuously with that decision.

Flaw: Very Old School

Magneto strictly follows the essential tenants and obligations of Emily Post style etiquette... from the 1920s. And like many old men, he finds the lack of common manners among today's youth disgusting. This tends to put him at odds even at relatively relaxed atmospheres when someone fails to observe even some archaic forms of respect. He firmly believes in the obligations of guest and host, and his temper flares explosively when he is shown personal disrespect, or if his host or guests are disrespected (with anything but oblique political banter, anyway). As he is usually the most senior or ranked person in the room, he steps into the role of leader naturally and without hesitation, hijacking everything from political debates to parties by dint of personal presence. He has been know to defenestrate people who insult him to his face or jeer at him, particularly in his own home. If the insult is grave enough, or a person does something that is intended to be threatening (whether or not it actually /can/ threaten him), he will respond with instant retaliation.


Born as Max Eisenhardt in the 1920's in a middle class German Jewish family. His father Jakob was a WWI veteran that was decorated. His family fled to Poland with the Nazis rise to power and were captured during the Nazi invasion being sent to Warsaw Ghetto. They escaped and were recaptured and his father, mother, and sister were all executed and buried in a mass grave. Max survived perhaps due to his power manifesting and climbed out of this grave, then he was sent to Auschwitz where he became a Sonderkommando. Before escaping during a revolt on the camp he reunited with a Romani girl named Magda.

After the war he and Magda moves to the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia and he took on the name Magnus. There they had a daughter named Anya. An angry mob feared his powers and burned down their house with his daughter inside. He unleashed his power killing the mob and Magda left him giving birth to mutant twins Pietro and Wanda before dying.

A wanted man, Magnus fled searching for Magda and had a forger create the cover identity of "Erik Lehnsherr, the Sinte gypsy. Erik relocated to Israel where he met and befriended Charles Xavier who envisioned a world of mutants and humans, living in harmony. The two of them became fast friends, each with his own ideals- but hoping for a better, brighter future than the one they lived in now. They would eventually split and go their separate ways- Charles, for a land of peace, and Magneto, for a future built on war. At one point, he rose to rule the island of Genosha, only to be cast down in a violent insurrection led from within.

His return was heralded by violence and fire, and now, Magneto rules two-thirds of that island once again, and his iron grip is slowly but surely closing around Hammer Bay, the last bastion of freedom on the Island of Mutants.


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