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Fairchild1 Fairchild2
Agility: 7 Strength: 8 Toughness: 8
Perception: 5 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 5
Heightened Senses 4 Intellect 5 Super Agility NA
Super Durability NA Super Reflexes NA Super Stamina NA
Super Strength NA Unarmed Combat 6
Gen13 Government Training Princeton Alumni
Altered Human Draws Attention Heavy
No ID Wanted
Name: Caitlin Fairchild An intelligent, but physically weak and socially awkward, young woman. She was accepted into Princeton University, where she double-majored in computer science and electrical engineering. During her sophomore year at Princeton, Caitlin was recruited into Project: Genesis. Believing this to be a prestigious

government internship, Caitlin accepted, but soon discovered the terrible truth. She was secretly pumped full of experimental drugs to force her to express her latent Gen-active abilities, becoming a physical powerhouse, and altering her physical appearance. Put through a training program that would make the Navy Seals program pale in comparison, Caitlin escaped to New York and is trying to rebuild her life, while doing some good with her powers.

Position: Hero at Large
Team: NA
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Adapted FC
Actor: Elena Satine
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central Standard Time (UTC-6, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Caitlin Fairchild, daughter of Alex Fairchild, was raised by her aunt and uncle in Portland, Oregon. She grew up to show an incredible intellect, that was only matched by her social awkwardness. Accepted into Princeton University, with a double-major in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, her life didn't really get interesting until her Sophmore year of college.

Caitlin was recruited into what she beleived was a prestigiuos government intership, Project: Genesis. Once at the Project site, they began to secretly feed her a host of different medications and chemicals, trying to draw out her latent mutant abilities. Feeling extremely sick, Caitlin staggered out of her room to find the bathroom, and inadvertantly ended up in an unmarked offce, where two of her future teammates were hacking into the computer. Scared, mousey little Caitlin managed to convince the two to go back to her rooms, and was about to leave herself when she noticed her own last name, Fairchild, and her own bio information attached to a profile page, linked to a man named Alex Fairchild. The file identified Alex as her father, and as Caitlin went to discover move, an armed guard entered the room. Caitlin tried to explain that it was all a mistake, but the guard struck her repeatedly with the but of his rifle. That was the moment the drugs decided to kick in, and Caitlin's mutant powers expressed themselves. Her newly found strength and agility were more than a match for the poor guard, and she quickly closed out the computer and fled back to her room. The expression of Caitlin's mutant gene had changed her from a brown haired, brown eyed, five foot nothing, one hundred and nothing mousey little girl with glasses to a six foot four amazaon goddess with red hair and green eyes, who weighed in over three hundred pounds. The scientists at Project Genesis were delighted. Caitlin soon learned what the Project had in mind for her, and was put through a training program that would kill most nomral people. Extensive combat training, military tatics, and even real meta's were brought in for Caitlin to train agiasnt, Caitlin spent the next few years trying to 'play nice' in order to learn more about what the project knew of her, and her real parents. Learning nothing however, Caitlin finally resolved to try and escape. Escape would not have been possible without the assistance of John Lynch, the director of the CIA's International Operations division. For reasons unknown to Caitlin, he assisted in her escape, along with several other members of Project:Genesis. John Lynch set the escapees up with a luxurious safe house in the San Diego, California area. John promised to teach the young heroes how to use their powers for good, and to help them uncover the mysteries of who their parents were. It worked...for a time. Project:Genesis learned the location of the headquarters, and attacked while Caitlin was out. Caitlin has since made her way to the east coast, as stories of the Justice League and the Titans have started to circulate. Maybe one of those teams can help her get Genesis off her back. But at the very least, hiding in a city full of others with amazing abilities will help her keep a low profile, while still fighting the good fight.


Power: Heightened Senses (4)

A side effect of the increased reflexes, Fairchild is able to see and hear better than normal humans. This does not extend her hearing or vision beyond normal ranges. For example, Caitlin can hear conversations across the room, but could not hear a dog whistle, as well as being able to 'see' a speeding sniper bullet, but not being able to see in darkness. In general, her hearing and vision are 4 times better than a typical human.

Race: Intellect (5)

Caitlin was born with a very high IQ, and majored in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the Ivy League Level. She is extremely computer literate, and has skills comparable to a high level programmer and hacker. She speaks several languages, most notably Japanese, and several dialects of Arabic.

Power: Super Agility (NA)

Fairchild is extremely agile, and able to perform some truly impressive feats of agility. Her levels of dexterity have been compared to members of the Superman family, and when combined with her strength, allows her to truly boggle the mind.

Power: Super Durability (NA)

Fairchild is extremely dense, and almost completely impervious to most normal forms of damage. She can withstand incredible amounts of punishment without sustaining injury. She has fallen from great heights to land on solid concrete, only to walk away completely unhurt, and her bones are nearly unbreakable, and her skin is essentially bullet proof.

Power: Super Reflexes (NA)

Fairchild is capable of reacting much faster than a normal human. She has been shown to catch a sniper's bullet moments before impact, defend herself agisnt surprise attacks, and anticipate attacks from opponents much faster than herself. This is not true Superspeed. Caitlin cannot move at increased speeds, only 'react' to stimuli much faster and ancticipate movements with a high degree of accuracy.

Power: Super Stamina (NA)

Fairchild can push herself well beyond peak human levels, and rarely grows tired or exhausted. She rarely grows 'short of breath', and can hold her breath for nearly 10 minutes without needed to take another.

Power: Super Strength (NA)

Caitlin has faced and held her own agianst some of the strongest heroes and villians in the world. SHe can lift well over 100 tons under casual conditions, and is capable of lifting much more if pushed.

Skill: Unarmed Combat (6)

Fairchild has been put through an extensive training program to learn how to apply and use her superhuman abilities in combat, and where to best place her blows for maximum effect. This includes actual combat experience with various govenment teams in the field, as well as extensive simulations and expert teachers.


Advantage: Gen13

Caitlin made a few friends, and had more than a couple of the members and subjects of Project: Genesis come to like the towering amazon with the quiet and shy personality. There is a scattering of fellow mutants on the run throughout the world who are willing to lend Fairchild a hand if need be, and a couple staff members of Project: Genesis who will assist her in the few small ways they can without risking their jobs.

Advantage: Government Training

Fairchild received extensive training while a member of Project: Genesis, and gained a fairly good working knowledge of military procedures, team tactics, secret weapons, and how to maneuver and use bureaucracy. This knowledge so far as helped her avoid recapture by Project: Genesis.

Advantage: Princeton Alumni

Caitlin is an alumni of Princeton University, and made many friends and contacts there. Though many don't know about her physical changes, most are still willing to lend a little help from time to time via phone, email, and will give her the benefit of the doubt if met in person. Former classmates have moved on to become movers and shakers in the business world, and professors are always willing to lend a former favortite student a little of their time. As long as Caitlin's requests seem reasonable, she has a decent network of contacts in a wide variety of fields and positions.


Flaw: Altered Human

Fairchild's toughness is a result of her body being ultra-dense. As such, most typical medical equipment is fairless worthless for her. Her blood-pressure makes most bandages fairly worthless. Her bulletproof skin makes sticking in an IV nearly impossible. X-rays reveal nothing but a solid mass, and CPR is impossible unless the giver is also super strong. As such, while Caitlin is extremely hard to hurt, she is also extremely hard to help. She also has no special immunities, and is Toughness 3 against attacks in where being super dense provides no special immunity. (Gas Attacks, Psionics, Magical Attacks, etc.)

Flaw: Draws Attention

Caitlin is six foot four, and seems to attract attention where ever she goes. Few miss her in a crowd, and she lacks the ability to blend in. This means that most people will remember she was at a scene, would be able to describe her fairly well to authorities, and remember her face and appearance.

Flaw: Heavy

Caitlin is extremely dense. This makes her /heavy/, compared to her size. Weighing in at 300 lbs, most underestimate her weight. Chairs give out from under her, or at the very least protest her sitting, cars dip when she boards them, and checking the maximum weight for an elevator are all a matter of course for Caitlin. It makes a particular difference because her weight is fairly compact as well. Wooden floors will crack and break under her steps, and wearing heels is just right out unless they are reenforced for her weight.

Flaw: No ID

Caitlin was originally a short, mousey brown-haired brown-eyed girl who needed glasses. Due to the changes in her body, she is a six foot four inch red haired beauty with fiery green eyes. Even her DNA has been altered enough so that she no longer registers as the original Caitlin Fairchild. No one believes that she is really Caitlin, as the government project that altered her is top secret. This makes things which require an ID extremely hard for Caitlin to do. Getting into nightclubs, buying drinks, buying a phone, a checking account, etc etc etc, are all nearly impossible if anyone bothers to check her photo ID.

Flaw: Wanted

Project: Genesis isn't happy that Caitlin escaped, and is trying to track her down to bring her back into the fold. The tech wizards at the project are constantly searching for her, and destroying an new identities she manages to set up, to keep her from reestablishing herself. They are hunting her down to bring her back, and as such, make Caitlin do her best to keep a low profile, and constantly keep on the move. She is on several government watch lists, and is prevented from boarding airplanes, and crossing the borders of the US. She also has police warrants issued against her, and facial scans will identify her as an AWOL soldier.


Fairchild Logs

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