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Quote-open "I saw Captain Britain just now. Easily one of his top ten battles. It was awesome! Mate, it was up there with the Lord Hawk one. I so love British super heroes." Quote-close

In her own world, Faiza Hussain was a doctor on scene to help the injured during a Skrull attack when a stray blast from one of their lasers activated her powers. In the course of the day's misadventures she ended up drawing Excalibur from the stone where it was resting, becoming its next bearer and leading her to join MI-13 to help defend against outside attacks.

Her life took a new turn for the crazy when an assignment she was on for MI-13 lead her, accidentally, through a portal that brought her a new world that seems familiar in many ways, and very different in others.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Cross-Section: 10 Paralysis: 7

Abilities: Skill Kung-Fu: 4, Medicine: 7, Sharp Mind: 3, Swordsmanship: 6, Unyielding Faith: 6

Abilities: Gear

Excalibur: 6

Advantages: Doctor, Fangirl, Identity Protection

Flaws: Displaced, Family, Fangirl, Hippocratic Oath

Languages: Arabic, English, and Urdu


Gear: Excalibur (6)

Yes, that Excalibur. Faiza was able to draw it from the the stone where Captain Britain had lodged it, marking her as the sword's next chosen wielder. In addition to being a legendary artifact that symbolizes Britain itself, the sword seems to repel the undead and do considerable damage to them. It also occasionally guides Faiza, showing her the way to go in moments of need. What other powers it might possess she's still learning, though what it does it seems to do more under its own will than hers.

It should also be noted that Excalibur doesn't take kindly to being used by someoen who isn't worthy of it. While this affords some protection against having someone use it against her or her allies, it also means that bad things can happen if she strays from her path and becomes unworthy herself.

Power: Cross-Section (10)

Limitation: While she finds this power easier to use on shape-changers, it's more difficult (or impossible) to use on any beings suffused with magic, depending on how magic they are.

The main component of Faiza's power is the ability to break down organic objects, including living humans, to their component parts and manipulate them on an atomic level. She can disassemble a person to the point of separating their bones, muscles, and organs, then put them back together again while repairing any damage that she finds. She instinctively knows the precise composition of anything she uses this power on.

Anyone influenced by this power remains conscious, able to talk, and suffers no pain. She can use the power on multiple targets at once, but doing so requires more concentration the more targets she has.

Power: Paralysis (7)

Limitation: Like the Cross-Section power that this is a subset of, Faiza has an easier time using it on shape-changers, but a more difficult time using it on any beings made of our imbued physically with magic.

Faiza is able to manifest the paralyzation component of her Living Cross-Section power without actually disassembling the target, allowing her to immobilize multiple beings at one time and hold them until she wills their release.

This power is difficult to resist for organic beings, at least those who aren't suffused with magic, but a significant enough will can overcome it.

Skill: Kung-Fu (4)

After becoming part of the British Intelligence community as Excalibur, Faiza began training in earnest to learn how to handle herself in a fight.

Skill: Medicine (7)

Before she had any supernatural healing powers, Faiza Hussain was a talented medical doctor. Gaining superpowers hasn't kept her from keeping up with medical science either.

Skill: Sharp Mind (3)

Faiza is a trained medical doctor, with the education, intellect, and experience that comes along with that. She's a very intelligent woman, even if she's not among the world's greatest minds.

Skill: Swordsmanship (6)

Although something of a pacifist at heart, Faiza is the wielder of Excalibur, and she's worthy of that honor. She's trained extensively to use the legendary sword that she carries, and has killed Dracula with it in a one-on-one duel.

Skill: Unyielding Faith (6)

Even early on in her training, Faiza has proven able to work past her insecurity and stand in the face of great dangers with little experience. She has a noble heart is not easily swayed from the righteous path. There's a reason that Excalibur picked her.


Advantage: Doctor

Faiza is a medical doctor, licensed to practiced medicine in the United Kingdom. Along with this comes a good deal of knowledge about biology and physiology.

Advantage: Fangirl

Faiza is a huge superhero fangirl, particularly when it comes to the British ones. She knows who most of them are, and most of the information that's readily available to the public, even subscribing to publications that provide the latest news (and gossip).

Advantage: Identity Protection

A number of spells and powers have been put into place to help protect Excalibur's true identity as Faiza Hussain. While it's possible to get past these, and it's happened, it's more difficult than it might be for many other heroes.


Flaw: Displaced

This Faiza Hussain isn't the one from this reality. Her memories diverge significantly from the reality of this world, and there may be a number of complications or significant questions of legal standings given that, although she's almost the same person, she's not exactly. The fact that this world's Faiza disappeared a couple of months before she showed up doesn't change that.

Flaw: Family

Although they give her strength, her family has also been used against her in the past, and could be again. The fact that her father was turned vampire by Dracula is also a potential issue that could come back to haunt her. Her family in this reality not being the same as the ones from her home reality doesn't stop her from having the same concerns for them.

Flaw: Fangirl

Some superheroes don't really want to be gushed over, or to have people so interested in their lives. Sometimes people might take her less seriously because of it as well, and in some cases it might make her look at people with rose-colored glasses.

Flaw: Hippocratic Oath

While this wouldn't be considered a negative in most situations, for a superhero that may be thrown into dangerous situations where hurting people is the easiest (or even the best) way to solve a problem it can be a major limiting factor. Some people might be willing to ignore their oaths for the 'greater good', but Faiza is not the kind of person who can do that lightly.


Faiza is a British-born Muslim woman of Pakistani descent who grew up in London. Both of her parents are doctors, and she went into medicine as well. Having spent most of her life with no super powers of her own, her significant fandom was about as close as she figured she would ever get to the superhero community.

A lot of things changed on the day of a skrull invasion, when she was once of the doctors on scene to oversee treatment of those wounded in the attack. In the process she met the Black Knight, and it was AWESOME. She also got shot with a skrull laser that activated her powers, which was pretty darned freaky.

After that the situation all got quite chaotic for a bit, as she helped as much as she could with the situation at hand. Eventually Captain Britain ended up shoving Excalibur back into the stone he'd pulled it out of earlier in the day, and the super heroes all began to leave. Faiza, not realizing that it was meant to be left behind -- look, it was a LONG day -- absently thought they forgot it and went to bring it along, pulling the sword from the stone again and revealing herself to be its next chosen wielder.

Between her new powers and the fact that she carried Excalibur, she was asked to join MI-13 and help to defend Britain against outside attacks. Overwhelmed, she accepted. In her time serving for British Intelligence she was trained to be an operative (learning Kung-Fu is COOL) and ended up in battles against all sorts of nasty things, including skrull and demons and vampires. In fact, she even had a duel with Dracula, who she killed in single combat.

In the time since then she's continued her work with MI-13, and her training. Many of their assignments involve cross-dimensional beings, or even dealing with other dimensions directly, and it was on one of those assignments that Faiza found herself relocated from the Earth she knew and grew up in to this alternative one. This change in scenery was a very recent one, and now that she's here she has to figure out what she's going to do to make her way in the world, and if she can even figure out how to get back to the home she remembers, and not just this close facsimile. While she's here, maybe she can also do some good, and possibly solve some mysteries like what happened to this world's Faiza Hussain.


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