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Fandral the Dashing

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Fandral is the consummate.. gentleman warrior. He lives by a chivalrous code in which right must always triumph over wrong and evil. He is the defender of his home, and a stalwart and loyal friend. (Aaand, something of a ladies man. Everyone has their weakness, after all!)


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Healing: 5, Physiology: 5/6, Teleportion, Unaging

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 8/9 Horsemanship: 7

Advantages: Firehooves Starjammer

Flaws: Eternal Optimist, Nobility of Spirit, Women

Languages: Ancient-Norse and English


Power: Healing (5)

Fandral has the ability to heal quickly.. slashes and puncture wounds within hours, broken bones (when they happen) within a day. Lost limbs require intervention, however!

Power: Physiology (5/6)

As an Asgardian warrior, Fandral's got superhuman strength (allowing him to lift 30 tonnes), stamina that allows him to function at peak for 24 hours before beginning to tire, superhuman reflexes (6) and durability (5) that allows him to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (as it were).

Power: Unaging

Fandral is very nearly immortal. There is very little aging that goes on, his good looks haven't seemed to fade in the centuries.. millenia he's been alive.

Skill: Combat (8/9)

As an Asgardian warrior, Fandral is quite good (one of the best). His unarmed combat (8) is heightened by his added strength, his dexterity and speed.. and his ability to take damage mitigated by his toughened skin. (Not to mention armour.)

As a swordsman, however, Thor himself that there is none better than he (9). It is his main method of combat, and that which he relies upon when fighting. Once again, his heightened speed and dexterity serve him well. His style has been likened to Errol Flynn, but that may just be because he bears more than a passing resemblance to the classic actor.

Skill: Horsemanship (7)

Spending as much time in the saddle as not, Fandral is quite skilled in riding.. particularly in combat. It's obvious that he and Firehooves share a bond that allows the pair to seem to communicate silently.

Power: Teleportion

He can ONLY teleport from Earth to Asgard.


Advantage: Firehooves

A bay-coloured warsteed and one of his best companions. Trained in battle, he and his horse have bested the best that their enemy could send at them. With armour to protect him, and a keen spirit for fighting, the pair share a bond that cannot be broken.

Advantage: Starjammer

A wooden, mystical boat that is powered by 'Proton Sails' that fill under 'Stellar Light' that transports Thor and other Asgardians about the universe. It provides the oxygen and gravity necessary for humans to travel along also. When it is attacked, there are no 'shields' to protect it. The hull has been blasted and even had fists smashed through it. It has no guns to speak of.


Flaw: Eternal Optimist

Things will always come out right in the end- right?

Flaw: Nobility of Spirit

Fandral will do most anything for 'right', even if it means endangering his own life.

Flaw: Women

He's a sucker for a pretty face. He also has a great appreciation for a fine figure! So much so that it could very well lead to trouble.


There is a legend that Fandral had dwelt in Midgard for almost a century - under the name Robin of Locksley, or Robin Hood - but even that particular tale has scarcely been heard from the lips of the man himself. Fandral is now one of the Warrior Three and is a friend to Thor Odinson and Lady Sif. He has fought valiantly beside Thor on numerous occasions for the well being of Asgard. He is known for his superior swordsmanship, bravery, ego and extreme optimism. He holds true to the Odinic Rites: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, and Perseverance. All the tales agreed on some points at least: Fandral is the Dashing One, the Charming, the Swift and the Stylish One. New adventures open up before him and he will run to meet it - laughing, fighting, loving all the way.


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Fandral is an Asgardian


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