Fern Fiddlehead
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Fern's a small town girl trying to find her way to Broadway in the big city. She's made some friends in New York, is working as a waitress to afford her dismal apartment, and is getting used to the whole 'superpeople' thing.



New Soul - Yael Naim

My Way - Los Lonely Boys


28 Macombs Place - 4D


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Intellect: 3 Willpower: 4

Abilities: Skill

Diplomacy: 4 Theater: 5

Advantages: Friends

Flaws: Friends, Poor, Trusting

Languages: English


Attribute: Intellect (3)

Fern's IQ falls into the range most would consider 'gifted'. She has a particular aptitude for math and numbers. Along with mathematic skills, she has an excellent memory. She can memorize much in a short time, and retain it indefinitely.

Attribute: Willpower (4)

Fern has her own mind and isn't afraid to use it. She doesn't follow others without reason, or give in to peer pressure. When she believes in something it is with deep resolve.

Skill: Diplomacy (4)

The ability to deal with people is something that comes naturally to most who pursue an acting career. Fern has always been able to get past her personal feelings to be calm and courteous in almost any situation. This has only been honed further with working in a New York restaurant.

Skill: Theater (5)

Fern aspires to be an actress, and has honed several skills to this end. She has had training in singing, dancing and drama. Vocal training has given her the ability to not only sing well, but to sustain notes, and thus control her breathing. Dance training has made her agile and keeps her reasonably fit. Drama classes have aided her ability to 'play a part', even off the stage. She has a natural flair for mimicking voices and accents.


Advantage: Friends

During her time in New York, Fern has made friends with several of the 'special' people of the city. While she herself is painfully normal, her friends compensate for that, looking out for her and helping her on more than one occasion.


Flaw: Friends

While her friends have proven to be quite an asset, they can also be very much the opposite. She's clearly an easy target for anyone looking to get even with someone, and in some cases can be effectively used as leverage against those who have a particular fondness for her.

Flaw: Poor

Being a struggling actress, Fern barely makes ends meet.

Flaw: Trusting

Fern's first impulse is to take people at face value, and she tends to trust in people before they've proven they deserve it. It's the way she was brought up and it's ingrained in her personality.


Hailing from the small town of Greenville, Ohio, Fern Fiddlehead has big city dreams. She comes from humble roots, her father the town barber and her mother a nurse, and is the youngest of four and the only girl. Dreams of an acting career have lured her to New York City, where she has shaken off the dust of her hometown and traded it in for an apron and an order pad. She's gotten some work, off off off Broadway, and is waiting for her Big Break. In the meantime, she works whatever hours she can pick up at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, where the decor is a bit shabby, but the food is home cooked and surprisingly good. She was lucky to at least find fair employers in the middle-aged husband and wife team of Julius and Anita Berg, who struggle to keep their family business open amidst the influx of chain businesses flooding into the city. Being from a small town, all the Superheroes and Mutants are a new experience for her, but she's adapting pretty well.


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