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Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.

Firefly is a professional saboteur and mercenary known to have been active since the Cold War. It's rumored that there's been more than one man under the mask, but as his identity is unknown it cannot be confirmed.

He's known to never make guarantees, and expert his payment up front, but he has a high success rate. He always places his bombs where they will cause the most destruction. He has often in the past been associated with the terrorist organization Cobra. It seems he will work for anyone with the cash to hire him.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Equipment

Omniequipment: 6

Abilities: Skill

Demolitions: 8, Marksmanship: 6, Martial Arts: 4, Sabotage: 7, Vehicle Piloting: 5

Advantages: Legacy

Flaws: Egotistical, Greedy, Legacy, Mercenary

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, and Russian


Equipment: Omniequipment (6)

Firefly is trained and proficient in all NATO and Warsaw Pack weaponry. He has access to up to level 5 standard weaponry of all types. He tends to use the weapon that gets the job done from flame throwers and rpgs to assault rifles and pistols. He relies on ranged weapons over melee weapon but is not above using a combat knife if there's a need. It would be level 2 like with most normal humans. He's demolitions materials and bomb making abilities are superior enough to give him a 6 in this regards. He's one of the top bomb makers and demolition expert in the world. He has access to every type of bomb making equipment known to man.

Skill: Demolitions (8)

Firefly is a internationally known demolitions expert. It's been a motivating factor as far back as he can remember. He likes making things go boom. He can make a bomb out of almost anything. He knows how to make conventional bombs of all types and shape. He knows where and how to plant a bomb to do exactly what he wants it do. He knows what type of detonator to use to trigger the bomb too.

Skill: Marksmanship (6)

Firefly is trained in all NATO and Warsaw Pack Weapons. He's a soldier with Army Ranger Training, Cobra Training, and drilled under the original Firefly. Firefly knows how to shoot a gun in combat situations. He's drilled, he's been in combat, and he's able to handle himself in shoot out and come out on the winning side.

Skill: Martial Arts (4)

Firefly has been trained how to fight hand to hand in basic training as U.S. Army soldier. Then received more advanced training adding knife fighting in Army Ranger school. Later he received the Cobra equivalent of hand to hand training. He fought while he was in prison and learned how to fight ruthlessly. Then finally he learned how to fight from a Ninja Master, the original Firefly. He won't be able to take on a ninja or a master of Kung-Fu but he can hold his own in a fight.

Skill: Vehicle Piloting (5)

Firefly is proficient at being able to pilot a wide variety of vehicles from land, sea, and air. Firefly can defensively drive motorcycles, cars, light trucks, and Suvs in urban and off road areas at rank 5. His skills with operating large trucks, tractors, and tread vehicles (tanks) is a 3. He can only operate speed boats and small sea crafts at a rank 4. He can operate rotary wing vehicles at a 5. He can pilot fixed wing air crafts at a 4. Due to his past and present association with Cobra, he can operate any of their specialized vehicles at a 4 rating unless it would be a 5.

Skill: Sabotage (7)

This skill set represents Firefly's ability as a saboteur. It ranges from his ability to use stealth, misdirection, and disguises to gain access to facilities and restricted area unseen or unnoticed. His ability to change his appearance. It includes the ability to produce, forge, or acquire documents or credentials to assist him in his work. His survival skills if his target is in a more remote location. It also includes his ability cause damage to vehicles, machinery, and sites without explosives.


Advantage: Legacy

There was a renowned and infamous saboteur that operated under the name Firefly before the current one. He trained the current Firefly. The wouldn't be half as effective if it hadn't been for the first Firefly's training. He left a legacy and reputation that leads a certain gravitas for the current Firefly also. Not that the current one doesn't deserve the reputation, he just hasn't had to build it.


Flaw: Egotistical

Firefly is egotistical. He's proud of his work and can be a bit of a show off. Though most of the time he likes to show off by proving his superiority by escaping from the heroes or the authorities. Though insulting his work in his presence will draw his ire and depending on the situation him possibly attacking or plotting to show his doubter first hand experience of his skill.

Flaw: Greedy

Firefly likes money. He likes the freedom and the finer things it brings in large amounts. It's the motivating factor in him taking jobs. It also means he'd sell his own mother if the price was right, or being his friend means for 10 bucks he'll beat you with a pool cue till you have detached retinas. Well mostly, there is the off chance he can make a real connection with a person and be loyal.

Flaw: Legacy

The current Firefly is not the first Firefly, but not everyone knows that. There are individuals with grudges against the first Firefly that might want to take them up with the current one. There's governments with criminal charges associated with the first Firefly. Firefly just don't have to answer for his own sins.

Flaw: Mercenary

Firefly is an infamous world renown mercenary and saboteur with a wrap sheet stretching back to the 1960's. Though the current Firefly would only be responsible for the most recent activity. He's wanted around the world for questioning and several crimes by several governments. Though his secret identity isn't known. He tries to stay a step or five ahead of the law. He's had close calls and had to burn alias before. He's even been willing to work for a government if the price is right, but most the time he's wanted for his crimes or at least their questioning.


There once was a man named Firefly, a professional saboteur, ninja master, and terrorist in the 1960's. He often worked for the terrorist organization Cobra. The man was a infamous and a legend among those in the know. This is the story of man that would replace him. Nothing known concrete about either individuals. The following is most likely compiled profile for the current Firefly.

Firefly grew up in the Southern United States. He has either little or no family with no familiar ties. He was an athletic and highly intellectual individual in school. That unfortunately had a disposition for bad decisions and building explosive devices. After high school he spent time in the U.S. Military receiving special forces training and becoming a combat engineer. He was dishonorably discharged from the military and may have spent some time in Black Water Prison.

Upon release, Firefly began operating as a security consultant and mercenary for various terrorist and criminal organizations. This led to his recruitment into Cobra as a Viper. He flourished as a Viper and became a promising Cobra operative specializing in demolitions and sabotage. This led to an encounter with the Original Firefly. The Viper cut all ties with Cobra becoming an agent and protege of Firefly. It's at this point he would have been declared dead and possibly had all records of his existence erased. It is noted that the Viper worked in the shadows providing support for the Original Firefly.

The current Firefly took over approximately a year ago. Firefly sighting and work drastically dropped for a six month period before starting up again abruptly. Some of his bomb making practices and preferred materials changed. His calling card and his business model didn't. He will work with anyone willing to pay him, especially against organized governments. He makes no guarantee of his success. He only accept payment up front in a number of off shore bank accounts. He always places his bombs where they can cause the most devastation. He is hardly ever seen planting the explosives. The original Fire Fly never worked exclusively for Cobra. The new one seems to have retained the previous one's working relationship but is working to expand it to other organizations and individuals.


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Cobra is a terrorist organization that wants to take over the world. Founded during the Cold War, it is currently ran by Baroness. It has an active alliance with HYDRA currently.


A group for criminals, villains, mercenaries, and anyone else with ties to the seedy parts of the world.


Firefly's Wanted List
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