Antihero New York City
Wilmer Valderrama as Gabriel Togashi 1 Wilmer Valderrama as Gabriel Togashi 2
Agility: 3 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 5 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 3
Acting 3 Con-Artist 3 Sleight of Hand 4
Streetwise 4 Street Combat 3 Urban Survival 4
Unaging N/A Visual Shapeshifting N/A Tactile Mimicry N/A
Cool Headed Friends Down Low
Disjointed Identity Newbie Soft Hearted
Name: Gabriel Togashi Another face in the crowd. Gabriel is a young man that has been running away from himself since he was 15. Learning to live on your wits alone in New York City can be enough to turn anyone into a monster. And since turning into a monster is Gabriel's biggest fear he clings to the ideals of his favorite boyhood story, Robin Hood, using them as a compass in the concrete jungle.
Position: Gold-Hearted Pickpocket
Team: N/A
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Original Character
Actor: Wilmer Valderrama
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: People Are Strange - The Doors
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social, Angsty
Tone Dislikes: I have no objections to it but I prefer minimizing Angsty RP as much as possible.


Gabriel Togashi was born January 20, 1995 to Matsuhiro Togashi and Rosalinda Ferara. Both of his parents were second generation immigrants so he carries the look of his heritage but no real knowledge of the cultures either side of his family comes from.

His childhood in Sebring, FL was perfectly normal in a 2.5 kid family sort of way. He played all the common childhood sports, never excelling in any of them. He did well in school with grades that were above average but nothing to make him exemplary either. And since he was a little better at academics than at sports he became one of the 'nerds' of his high school becoming one of the less frequent targets of the bullies in school. And that was what ruined his middle-class American dream life a little after his 15th birthday.

Not realizing that a couple of the school bullies were behind him he decided to cut through an alley to make his walk home from school shorter. And the bullies saw a chance to have some fun. Following him into the alley they cornered him and started having the kind of fun bullies usually have. Shoving him, pushing him, demanding any money he might have. That day Gabriel decided to fight back and things went from being 'fun' to turning into a real beating. All Gabriel can remember from that day is laying on the ground in a fetal ball, looking at a discarded poster for a circus that had come through town a few months earlier. On the poster was, among other images, the picture of a silverback gorilla and Gabriel started imagining what he would do to his tormentors if he had the size and strength of one of those huge animal. Then everything went... wobbly. And next thing he knew Gabrielle was towering over the two bullies, roaring a challenge and tossing them around the alley like they were rag dolls. The whole thing lasted no more than one or two minutes and at the end of it everything went wobbly for Gabriel. He was now standing over two batter and bloodied young men, to afraid to check and see if they were dead or alive.

Being aware enough to grab his things Gabriel ran the rest of the way home and took advantage of both his parents being at work to change his books for some clothing and all the money he had saved away and running. First, running just to get away, then deciding to head for New York City. Far away from his home in Sebring and big enough for anyone to get lost into in his mind it was the perfect place to hide from what he'd become.

Walking, hitching rides, and infrequently buying a bus ticket he finally made it to the Big Apple and... Had no idea what to do from there. Survival in a situation like that depends as much on luck as knowledge and he was lucky enough to run into the right kind of denizens of the street in his first few weeks. People that taught him where to look for places to sleep, which areas of the city to avoid, how to tell if food in a Dumpster was still edible, the shelters that were trustworthy, and enough other tidbits for him to start building upon it one his own. Two months later, huddled under some cardboard between a Dumpster and a wooden wall he was woken up by a commotion in the alley he'd picked as a sleeping place for the night. Peeking around the corner he saw a scene so similar to the one that had started this whole adventure that he felt impelled to intervene. On his way to New York Gabriel had finally come to the decision that if he was to avoid becoming the monster his beating of his two bullies hinted at he had to practice and gain control of these new abilities. So at the point he witnessed the beating of Ricardo Yamagushi, whom he later would come to know as Yama, he was good enough to be able to flip through the pages of the discarded Dog Fancy he had been entertaining himself with and come out from behind the Dumpster a few seconds later as a large, growling, slobbering Rottweiler. Once the other young man's attackers had been scared away he shifted back and helped the young Yakuza member sit up against the wall of the alley. As he recovered they exchanged stories and, in gratitude for his actions, Ricardo decided to take Gabriel under his wing.

As the months went by the time the two younger men spent together, which started off just as a way to pay off a debt as Ricardo taught Gabriel to improve the necessary skills to survive on the fringes of society, especially how to pick pockets and a few cons, a true friendship developed. Thanks to Ricardo's contacts and help Gabriel has managed to get some fake paperwork and put enough money together to be able to rent a dilapidated apartment that is barely better than living on the streets, but better none-the-less.


Power: Visual Shapeshifting (N/A)

Gabriel can physically shift into a perfect copy of anything he can see, including size, mass, and abilities based on perceptual cues. For example, if he is watching Godzilla on the big screen and uses his power he can transform into a 50 foot tall mega-lizard. But if he were to watch the same scene in person as it is being filmed his Godzilla would be a live version of the 5 foot miniature used in filming. In addition he can not mimic powers beyond those attributed to a physical form. For example, he could mimic Colossus' armor by looking at a picture of him but he would not be able to mimic Cyclops' eye beam just by seeing a picture of Cyclops shooting it at something.

Power: Tactile Mimicry (N/A)

Gabriel can shapeshift to become a perfect copy of any living creature he can touch, as long as he can remain in contact with his subject for a minimum of 15 seconds. This includes copying any and all genetically based powers. For example, becoming a tactile copy of Charles Xavier would give Gabriel all of Xavier's mental powers, along with his physical handicaps. However, past an instinctive base usage of the copied powers he does not inherit any of the original's ability to use their powers and skills. For example, if he were to mimic a hawk he would be able to take flight, fly around, and land without trouble but he would not be able to catch another bird in flight or engage in aerial combat without doing some extensive practicing as a hawk.

Power: Unaging (N/A)

Aging and death are a result of cellular degeneration. The morphability of Gabriel's cellular structure has the fortunate side effect of voiding said cellular degeneration which ultimately means that Gabriel is particularly resistant to sickness and toxins and has the potential of forevermore existing as an 18 year-old. This, however, does not mean he regenerates. Physical injuries heal the way they would on a normal human and will remain regardless of any shapeshifting, carrying across forms, although they leave no scars upon healing.

Skill: Acting (3)

Since running away from home and coming to grips with his mutant abilities Gabriel has come to realize that at times just looking like someone isn't enough. So he has been practicing his mimicry skills and has become fairly competent at imitating people once he has had time to study them.

Skill: Con-Artist (3)

Gabriel has become pretty adept at lying and making it seem like the truth, mostly as a way to get some pocket change by tugging on some fat-cat lady's heart strings or to talk his way out of trouble. Although he's learned a few easy cons too he feels like that taking blatant advantage of someone good will or gullibility is too much like a real crime, especially since the people that will usually fall for a con are the true innocents and not the ones that would deserve it.

Skill: Sleight of Hand (4)

Out of necessity Gabriel has had to learn a variety of tricks depending on the speed and finesse of his hand movements, some perfectly legitimate, like coin vanishes and manipulations, others less so, like picking pockets.

Skill: Streetwise (4)

Even if you are not a criminal yourself (or at least don't see yourself as one) living on the streets creates some necessities that sometimes can't be taken care of without dealing with some of the seedier characters out there. Gabriel's contacts are fairly low level but he has learned where he can get fake IDs, how to spot gang turfs, where to find grey-market good, and other tidbits necessary for surviving on the fringes of society and treading that fine line between doing-what-needs-to-be-done and becoming an outright criminal.

Skill: Street Combat (3)

Gabriel is not a violent person my nature but sometimes you are forced to defend what is yours or to help people that can't help themselves. The changes Gabriel has gone through since his mutant powers surfaced have given him an edge in a physical fight but not a big enough edge so he has learned how to fight, the hard way. He is also becoming more and more aware that he has a lot more to learn.

Skill: Urban Survival (4)

Knowing where to find edible food and shelter when you're in the middle of the big city and without a cent to your name can be the difference between life and death, especially in the middle of winter. Gabriel has developed a fairly comprehensive knowledge of where and when the best food is to be found in Dumpsters as well as the best places to look for a warm place to sleep if he doesn't make it to a shelter before curfew.


Advantage: Cool Headed

Gabriel is one of these people that doesn't seem to panic, no matter the circumstances. He gets angry, he gets sad, he gets scared, but he never looses his cool.

Advantage: Friends Down Low

Soon after his arrival in New York Gabriel befriended a low level member of the Yakuza, a fellow Japanese-Hispanic named Ricardo Yamaguchi. Yama, as Gabriel has taken to calling him, has served as both a mentor and a contact to the underground culture of New York while being a good enough friend not to push him to go any deeper into the city's underworld than Gabriel feels comfortable with.


Flaw: Disjointed Identity

Imitating so many personalities and people is taking its toll on Gabriel. He is slowly starting to realize that he has less and less memories of his original life. And the scariest part of it to him is that he can't seem to bring himself to care.

Flaw: Newbie

Even after three years Gabriel is still learning the limits of his powers and how to control them. This means sometimes... accidents happen. Especially when he touches other living things. Or when other living things touch him.

Flaw: Soft Hearted

Gabriel genuinely cares for others, which at times leads him to take unnecessary and even dangerous risks to help people in need or people that he sees as being innocent or helpless. Sometimes this has positive results, like his meeting and subsequent friendship with Yama, but most of the time it just gets him in trouble.


Gabriel Logs

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