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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 1
Perception: 8 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5
Nature's Wrath 7 Lifesight 2 Healing Touch 6
Calm Eidetic Memory Street Healer
Blind Death Sickness Innocence
Limited Healing Uncontrollable power
Name: Emira Orenda Emira Orenda, A.K.A. Gaea, is a blind mutant living in New York City. At a glance she is harmless, and even helpful, but efforts to hurt her have been met with an extremelly violent response from nature, ranging from the sudden onset of catastrophic storms to the rapid growth and animation of plants and animals. She does not seem to be able to control the violent responses. The only power she seems to be in direct control of is her ability to heal with a touch, and her ability to sense living things with pinpoint accuracy, despite her blindness.
Position: Blind, Nature Protected Healer
Team: N/A
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Original Character
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: I'm Blind... Not stupid
Tone Likes: All
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Emira Orenda was born as the youngest daughter of a large family, mostly populated by girls, and the only member of her family to be born with a clear abnormality. As the youngest, and the only blind girl among her siblings, she was often treated as the baby of her family. At the age of 5, her oldest sibling, her brother, a mutant specializing in a combination of memory theft and potent illusions, left home and effectively dropped off the map, pursuing his own goals and not involving the rest of his family with his concerns. The rest of her family was scattered when Emira was 16, following a raid by anti-mutant activists... That was the first time that Emira's connection with Nature presented itself, destroying the little suburb that she lived in, and the majority of the residents, along with every member of the group who attacked her home. It was the event that put her on the list of several unofficial organizations, who mostly just observed her from then on.

After being separated from her family, Emira managed to quietly get back on her feet, selling her services as a healer on the streets to enable her to make a living and live peacefully at home. She has had very few notable episodes that have ended in mass destruction, and what few she has had have been thankfully short lived.


Power: Nature's Wrath (7)

When threatened with any sort of violence, Emira herself is mostly incapable of defending herself. However, due to some quirk of her birth, or an unknown power of her own, nature itself seems to fight her battles for her, with brutal, unforgiving ferocity. This can take several forms, from the sudden onset of a category 5 hurricane with a rain of lightning to back it up, to the sudden growth and animation of plants and animals, which rush to Emira's rescue immediately. While the exact details vary wildly, the widespread destruction that takes place until the threat has been neutralized is nearly constant.

Power: Lifesight (2)

Emira is physically blind, but part of her mutation involves a sort of second sight, that allows her to pinpoint the exact location of living things, and determine their size, and rough dimensions. The second sight, unlike normal sight, is not limited by physical obstacles, but it can only see living things, making the undead, robots, and inanimate objects invisible to her. Emira's lifesight can sense life up to a mile away, but cannot make out any fine details, making telling exactly who someone is next to impossible.

Power: Healing Touch (6)

With a touch, Emira is capable of restoring a person back to normal at an incredibly rapid pace... She can't regenerate lost limbs to a person, but she can purge disease and poison from the body, as well as bring someone back from the dead, as long as their body is still intact, and they have been dead for less than a full day.


Advantage: Calm

Emira is nearly always perfectly calm and collected... and it's led a few to believe that perhaps she is a bit slow on the uptake; but when you've never been in serious danger, being calm in the face of things you can't see comes naturally.

Advantage: Eidetic Memory

Though her memory isn't photographic, thanks to her lack of conventional sight, Emira has an impeccable memory. She can memorize everything from exactly where she put the sugar, and what's in front of it, to the layout of a city block that she's wandered around all of once. It enables her to move around familliar areas without the use of a cane or other aide for her own blindness, and also allows her to know when something is even a little bit out of place.

Advantage: Street Healer

Emira heals indiscriminately, and doesn't ask questions... this, along with the catastrophic consequences that it would bring about, has kept her safe by keeping her from being the target of various villainous sorts who might need her services later.

Advantage: Watched

Emira, after her first episode displaying Nature's power against the things that threatened her, is being observed by several official and unofficial entities, most of which are of a mind to keep a disaster like that from happening again. Though Emira can't call on them to protect her, most of them, if they're able to gather intel on a potential threat, will actively work to keep that threat from ever reaching Emira.


Flaw: Blind

Emira is physically blind, her lifesight notwithstanding. She cannot make out details about living things, and cannot see dead, or inanimate objects at all.

Flaw: Death Sickness

Emira is very closely tied to life and nature, as a result, anything that dies, or is profoundly unnatural within the scope of her lifesight makes her physically ill. This usually takes the form of extreme nausea... and may trigger a response by nature, if it's a dangerous sort of unnatural presence.

Flaw: Innocence

Emira tends to think that there is good in everyone, no matter who they may be, and often operates under the assumption that they have no bad intentions, toward her or anyone else.

Flaw: Limited Healing

Though Emira can heal others with a touch, that power does not appear to extend to herself.

Flaw: Uncontrollable Power

Emira is unable to control nature, even though it comes to her aid when she's in danger. As such, she can't really turn it on or off either, and nature appears to have a very arbitrary way of determining what is, and is not a threat, and tends to deal with those threats in an exceptionally harsh manner. Nature does not appear to discriminate between Emira's friends or her enemies, and doesn't seem to care about collateral damage.


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