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Agility: 6 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 4
Appraisal 5 Boating 4 Climbing 6
Cooking 2 Driving 4 Enhanced Agility -
Enhanced Physiology - Escape Artist 5 Gambling 7
Hypnotic Charm - Kinetic Acceleration 4 Kinetic Charge 8
Martial Arts 7 Mental Static 8 Professional Thief 8
Quickdraw 7 Security Systems 8 Stealth 8
Throwing 9
Body Armor Contacts Motorcycle
Personal Effects Telescoping Staff Throwing Weapons
Alcoholism Bad Temper Code of Honor
Enemies Greed Hates Being Cold
Loner Overconfidence Secret
Smoker Space Sickness Unnatural Appearance
Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau Always on the move, constantly in search of the next big score, and never afraid of anything but boredom.
Position: Professional thief/adventurer.
Team: Now accepting applications.
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Jared Leto
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: "Remember, mon ami... Winning isn't everyt'ing, it's de only t'ing."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Remy Etienne LeBeau was born in New Orleans and was kidnapped by the Thieves' Guild when he was still an infant. They called him 'Le Diable Blanc" for his red-on-black eyes, a pseudonym that he's embraced on more than one occasion. For a time, he was fostered to a gang of street thieves who taught him the tricks of the trade. More than that, they showed him how orphans survive in Louisiana. Thus began Remy's career as a thief.

When he was ten, he mistakenly attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, the leader of his own clan. This led to the boy's adoption and eventually to a favored position within the family.

Remy's bio-kinetic abilities first manifested early in his teens, though he kept them a secret from those who were close to him, choosing instead to practice privately and hone his powers. When he wasn't practicing, he was being trained as a thief by his surrogate father, as well as learning Savate and Bojutsu from masters of the arts.

Just before his sixteenth birthday, Remy and one of his cousins were sent on their Tithing, a ritual that marked adulthood and full membership in the Thieves' Guild. Though his cousin was killed, Remy successfully completed the ritual and began taking on Guild contracts.

Later in his teenage years, he was approached by Dr. Nathaniel Essex and commissioned for a freelance project. Namely, stealing the Doctor's diaries back from a foreign intelligence agency. It was during this expedition that Remy discovered his extreme distaste for cold weather. Though he was able to retrieve the diaries, he read them and deemed them too dangerous to be returned to Essex, who he didn't trust. He chose to destroy them and abandon his contract. When he returned to his own life, his actions left him distanced from the Thieves' Guild and estranged from the Doctor.

Soon after, Remy married Bella Donna Boudreax, a childhood friend and prominent figure in the local Assassins' Guild. It was a valiant attempt to reconcile differences between the Thieves and the Assassins, two groups who had been deadly rivals in the past. Unfortunately, his marriage was doomed to failure. Bella Donna's brother Julien challenged him to a duel just after the wedding. Julien was accidentally killed, prompting Remy's expulsion from New Orleans and ending his relationship with his new wife.

Remy became a wanderer, honing his skills as a thief at every opportunity and resolutely refusing to root himself in any one location. He made many friends, solidified many professional contacts, and crossed paths with some very dangerous individuals. During this time, his power began to grow beyond his ability to control it. Desperate for a solution, he sought out Nathaniel Essex once again.

The Doctor's solution was to remove a portion of Remy's brain stem, using experimental surgery to control what nature couldn't. After his recovery, Remy was once again in command of his kinetic abilities. However, he owed a debt to Essex that had to be repaid. He became the Doctor's agent, carrying out missions for him and serving as his personal retainer.

The last of these missions was to lead a super-powered task force into the tunnels below New York City. Though Remy wasn't fully aware at the time, their goal was to wipe out an underground group of innocent mutants. By the time he knew his team's true plan, he was unable to prevent what is now known as the Mutant Massacre. This is a secret that he holds very dear, sharing it and his burden of guilt with no one.

Having successfully extracted himself from the Doctor's clutches, he's once again immersed himself in the identity of Gambit and returned to his life as a professional thief, spy, and agent provocataeur. He's developed a bit of a reputation, also using the pseudonym of "Le Diable Blanc" when it suits him. He's taken on many unique jobs, often prioritizing entertainment and new experiences over profit. He's even stowed away aboard a space shuttle, though he found out the hard way that zero-g makes him cranky and ill.

Gambit's never in one place for too long. Sometimes it's a job. Sometimes he's running from an enemy. Sometimes he's just looking for warmer weather. Whatever the reason, he likes to stay on the move. At least for now.


Skill: Appraisal (5)

Time spent as a thief has given Gambit a natural sense for what certain items are worth. His areas of expertise are gemstones, jewelry, precious metals, artwork, weapons, and other contraband.

Skill: Boating (4)
In the part of Louisiana where Gambit grew up, knowing how to operate a small watercraft wasn't a luxury skill, it was a near-necessity. Though he knows little about yachts, battle ships, and the like, he's very familiar with the operation of small boats, rafts, and similar craft.

Skill: Climbing (6)
Largely due to his activities as a thief, Gambit not only knows how to scale just about any kind of wall, chances are he's already done it a time or two before and owns the equipment to get the job done. It's an operational necessity in his line of work.

Skill: Cooking (2)
Though he's far from being a professional chef, Gambit has a great love for food (and needs to eat a lot of it!). He specializes in delicacies from his home region, but has grown especially fond of baking pastries and cakes as of late.

Skill: Driving (4)
While he's certainly not a race car driver, Gambit is a qualified wheelman. He's very good at getting from Point A to Point B without getting stopped, even if he's being chased. He prefers to ride a motorcycle, but can and will drive a car if necessary.

Power: Enhanced Agility (N/A)
Due to the extreme level of kinetic energy contained in his body, Gambit enjoys a level of agility far beyond what the average person is capable of. He can literally sprint across tightropes and surf on the backs of moving cars if the need should arise. This is shown through his Agility stat.

Skill: Escape Artist (5)
Unfortunately, Gambit has had occasion to end up in handcuffs, tied up in a bathtub, duct taped to a chair, and other similar situations. He's gotten very good at quietly freeing himself from conventional bondage. No pun intended.

Skill: Gambling (7)
A gambler in addition to being a thief and adventurer, Gambit had to learn to be good at gambling so he wouldn't end up broke. Sometimes that means counting cards. Sometimes that means stacking the deck. Sometimes he has to play it straight and make do with good observation and solid instincts.

Power: Hypnotic Charm (N/A)
This consent-based power allows Gambit to exert a certain level of influence over the minds of others. It's a combined effect; his silky voice, his roguish charm, his piercing eyes, and some stray element of his mutant ability all working in tandem. Under the right circumstances, he is able to persuade others to his line of thinking, to convince them to offer assistance they otherwise might not, or to favor him with gifts that might not be considered under other circumstances.

Limitation: Can only be used with OOC consent.

Power: Kinetic Acceleration (4)
By tapping into an object's potential energy without transforming it into kinetic energy, Gambit can accelerate it to move very, very quickly without it exploding on impact. He most commonly applies this technique when using his bo staff, after which he can easily crush a cinderblock or smash down a door with a single strike. (Arsenal 5)

He can also accelerate an object to throw it extremely far and extremely fast, but never more than Distance 1 and Speed 3.

Power: Kinetic Charge (8)
Gambit has the ability to tap into any inanimate object's potential energy and transform it into kinetic energy. When Gambit charges an object and throws it, this energy is released explosively on impact. Accumulated kinetic energy allows charged objects to travel approximately three times the distance they could normally be thrown. The size and intensity of the explosion and the length of time it takes to charge an object are directly proportionate to its size and mass.

A dart, coin, or playing card each take a fraction of a second to charge. They have a damage level of 3-4 and a blast radius of around three meters. A cellular phone, a full deck of cards, or a small knife each take one second to charge. They have a damage level of 4-5 and a blast radius of around five meters. A football, brick, or bicycle chain each take three to five seconds to charge. They have a damage level of 5-6 and a blast radius of around eight meters. A trash can lid, a full bag of groceries, or a large cast-iron skillet each take up to ten seconds to charge. They have a damage level of 7-8 and a blast radius of around twelve meters.

Larger objects can be used, but Gambit is limited by the time it takes to charge them and how far he is able to throw them or distance himself before the explosion occurs. Damage levels and charging times for large objects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)
A highly skilled practitioner of both Savate and Bojutsu, Gambit is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Even without the use of his powers, he's a match for all but the most seasoned veterans in close combat.

Power: Mental Static (8)
Though it doesn't provide true immunity against psychic attacks, Gambit's body generates a field of charged kinetic particles that screen out most mental assaults and invasions. It would take a concerted effort over a sustained period for even a gifted psychic to cut through his defenses. However, like all defenses, his walls will crumble if they are attacked strongly enough and with the right tools.

Skill: Professional Thief (8)
Picking pockets. Filching small objects from plain sight. Hiding the things you've just stolen on your person or in your luggage without getting caught. Skills like these are a thief's lifeblood, and there are few thieves in the world who can match Gambit's prowess.

Skill: Quickdraw (7)
On a good day, Gambit has his bo staff, several decks of playing cards, and an array of small, easily thrown objects tucked into his many pockets. He's gotten very good at readying them quickly. Especially the cards, which he can seemingly produce from thin air.

Skill: Security Systems (8)
Modern theft on a large scale generally involves bypassing some sort of security system. Intricate locks. Infrared beams. Complex alarms. Deadly traps. Not only has Gambit seen it all before, he's beat it all before. Were he truly determined and highly motivated, it would take a ironclad security system with many redundancies to keep him out.

Skill: Stealth (8)
Gambit knows when and where to scale a wall without being spotted, how to move silently, which shadows will best conceal him from a passing patrol, where to hide, when to flee, and all the other tricks that let a person seem invisible. If he doesn't want to be seen, chances are that he won't be.

Skill: Throwing (9)
While he has other combat skills, Gambit prefers to use his kinetic charging ability whenever he's in a pinch. As a byproduct, he's gotten very, very good at throwing just about anything. While he will always be the most accurate with darts, knives, his ever-present playing cards, and any other small weapon designed to be thrown, he's more than skilled enough to hit his targets, even when his thrown objects are large, awkward, or otherwise cumbersome.

Power: Enhanced Physiology (N/A)
The high level of kinetic energy that constantly flows through Gambit's body boosts his strength and endurance to the limits of human potential, but not beyond. This is reflected in his Strength and Toughness stats.


Advantage: Body Armor

Gambit wears a suit of flexible, highly articulated body armor that was crafted specially for him. Though it's very light, it's highly resistant to damage from bullets, blades, conventional energy weapons, and energy-based mutant abilities. The suit has a collective Toughness rating of 4 when it comes to resisting battle damage.

Advantage: Contacts
Gambit spends a lot of time mingling with the less desirable elements of society. He knows his way around dark rooms and back alleys that most people haven't heard of. He knows who sells drugs, who buys stolen goods and who is likely to accept a bribe. Most importantly, he knows who trades in information and where to find them.

Advantage: Motorcycle
Wherever he goes, whatever he's doing, Gambit always keeps his motorcycle close at hand. He has a classic Indian that's been lovingly restored and carefully modified. It now boasts a nitrous oxide booster, a button that alters the fuel and oil mix to produce a smokescreen, an electrified security system, a reinforced frame, and armored gas tanks.

Advantage: Personal Effects
The coat. Everyone loves the coat, including Gambit. It's fire retardant, keeps him warm in the winter, and has big lapels that women like to tug on while he's flirting with them. It also has a number of cleverly concealed pockets for things like his staff, his breaking and entering tools, loaded dice, and decks of cards, none of which is he likely to leave home without.

Advantage: Telescoping Staff
One of Gambit's signature weapons, his staff is a treasured possession that he keeps with him at all times. Not even he knows what metal it's composed of, but it is highly resistant to damage of all types. When fully collapsed it is small enough to be concealed in the hand. With a single flick, it can be extended to a four-foot staff suitable for close range combat and utility purposes. Two flicks will extend it to its full seven foot length, at which point it is more suitable for long-range attacks and can be used as a pole for vaulting.

It has a Toughness of 8 and is Arsenal class 2.

Advantage: Throwing Weapons
Playing cards, darts, loaded dice, and poker chips are Gambit's weapons of choice when it comes to charged projectiles. They're fast, effective, and he can carry a lot of them. He also owns a wide selection of throwing spikes, knives, and shuriken for when he needs some heavy artillery.


Flaw: Alcoholism

Though he's no Tony Stark, Gambit is definitely a man who enjoys his booze. He carries it well, mostly due to his years of experience. Though he frequently indulges, especially in the mornings, he rarely puts himself in a position where too much drink could ruin a job or cost him his life.

Flaw: Bad Temper
Though he's normally cool, suave, and collected, Gambit has buttons to push just like anyone else. Unlike most people, he finds it difficult to walk away if someone has poked and prodded him too far. Generally, his reactions are proportionate to how far he's been pushed. Unless it involves his coat. Never touch the coat.

Flaw: Code of Honor
As it turns out, there /is/ still honor among thieves. There are certain things that Gambit simply won't do. He fastidiously avoids killing unless it's absolutely necessary, and would never take on an assassination contract. When it comes to personal gain, he only steals from those who can afford to lose whatever is being taken, at least in his estimation.

Flaw: Enemies
Though he's developed many rivalries and feuds as a professional thief, gambler, and ne'er-do-well, Gambit has a few enemies who stand out from the crowd.

Having been exiled by the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds, he must stay one step ahead of both groups any time he visits Louisiana. More than that, there's a higher-than-average risk he may bump into members of either guild in his line of work. At this point, any confrontation is likely to be a violent one.

Though no one can guess at Nathaniel Essex's thoughts or motivations, it's never smart to betray a man as powerful as he is. Gambit has betrayed him twice. As a result, there's an entire cadre of mutants and villains that Gambit avoids as much as possible. Any one of them could be trying to kill him, or even to recruit him. It's notable that not even Gambit knows Essex's true identity as Mr. Sinister.

Flaw: Greed
Though he rarely lacks for money, Gambit is the type of man who can be tempted by the right offer. He would never betray a friend or kill an innocent person, but pretty much anything else could be open to negotiation if the price were right.

Flaw: Hates Being Cold
During a visit to Canada, Gambit discovered that he has a deep, abiding hatred for cold weather. It sinks into his bones, biting into him far faster and deeper than it does the average person. This is partly due to growing up in steamy Louisiana and partly because he hadn't started wearing his signature coat until after his Canadian expedition.

Flaw: Loner
Though he's not incapable of being a team player, Gambit is a man who requires a great deal of personal space. He's also inclined to believe that bringing other people with him into dangerous situations will slow him down. It's a byproduct of his upbringing, his profession, and his personal history.

Flaw: Overconfidence
While Gambit is a tough, capable person, he is not quite as dashing and deadly as he believes. He sometimes acts like a man who holds the entire world in his palm, to use as his plaything or discard as he desires. His overconfidence can be amusing, annoying, or life-threatening, depending on the circumstances.

"Overconfidence is like megalomania on a smaller scale. Robin Hood was overconfident - he challenged strangers to quarterstaff duels. Hitler was a megalomaniac - he invaded Russia." - GURPS 4E.

Flaw: Secret
Only a few individuals know that Gambit was involved in the Mutant Massacre. He tried stop it, but was unsuccessful. No amount of denial can erase the fact that he has worked for Nathaniel Essex, or that he was the leader of the team that was directly responsible for so many deaths. It's a secret that Gambit protects fiercely.

Flaw: Smoker
Nothing complicated about this one. Gambit is a smoker. He won't live as long as some people. Lots of folks think it's gross. He gets irritable if he's stuck in a situation where he can't smoke for several hours. Pretty much what you'd expect.

Flaw: Space Sickness
Yes, Gambit has had occasion to stow away aboard a spacecraft. To his dismay, he found the sensations caused by zero-g to be... unsettling. In space, or in any other situation where gravity is negligible to nonexistent, you can expect that Gambit will be plagued with headaches, nausea, and extreme crankiness.

Flaw: Unnatural Appearance
Though some find them intriguing, others find Gambit's eyes to be piercing or even frightening. They're how he gained the nickname 'Le Diable Blanc' as a child. Red-on-black and infused with a subtle glow, there isn't another pair of peepers like them on the planet.

Flaw: Womanizer
Gambit has been the recipient of a great deal of female attention in his time. For some it's the accent. For others it the coat, or the eyes. Whatever draws them in, Gambit is always happy to oblige. If faced with an opportunity to indulge in a little coed interaction, he's likely to take it as long as it won't endanger himself, a friend, or a job.


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