The Eternal Warrior
Gilad Anni-Padda
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Gilad Anni-Padda

Quote-open "I expect no quarter from you-- nor should I give you any." Quote-close

With over ten thousand years of serving as the Fist and Steel of the Earth, Gilad has seen civilizations rise and fall, dealing out justice as an undying veteran of wars waged through time.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Healing Factor: 9, Superhuman Strength: 4, Tracking Sense: 7

Abilities: Skill

Combat Knowledge: 10, Field Medic: 3, Weapon Master: 9

Advantages: Geomancer, Living History, Omnilinguist, The Boon

Flaws: Fighting to Live, Immortal Enemies, Mortal Enemies, Sense of Duty, Sibling Rivalry, The Boon

Languages: English


Power: Healing Factor (9)

Limitation: It's unclear as to what limits there are to Gilad's healing, but the prevailing theory among his enemy is that even an Eternal Warrior cannot come back from having his atoms discorporated. There is also a suspected limitation that the longivity of Gilad's immortality is dependent on a 'spirit of the Earth', but it has, as of yet, not shown itself.

Since the Great Cataclysm, which caused Gilad to be reborn as an immortal, Gilad has been able to heal from grevious wounds, from being stabbed through the heart to being maimed, burned, slashed. Only wounds to the head seem slow to heal, as evident from the right-to-left claw-scars left on his face.

Power: Superhuman Strength (4)

Gilad's 'gift' from the Great Cataclysm that granted him immortality left him with heightened stamina and strength that allows him to punch through thicker walls, and he can quite often fight literally for days.

Power: Tracking Sense (7)

Limitation: For whatever reason, Gilad cannot track things that are not in contact with the Earth or of this Earth - and so he can lose things that are kept in constant flight.

Thanks to an affinity with the Earth, Gilad can apparently find his target and wherever he need to be in order to fulfill his duty

Skill: Combat Knowledge (10)

With over ten thousand years to hone his skills at combat as the 'Fist and Steel of the Earth', Gilad has spent millenia wandering across the globe fighting in wars, learning various methods of fighting, as well as tactics and strategy. He may not necessarily be the master of -all- combats, but knowing what he confronts gives him at least a chance of responding and the knowledge of when to retreat and when to stay and fight.

Skill: Field Medic (3)

Although he cannot heal people, he's experienced in field medicine, having needed to treat various people on the battlefield until the doctors can tend to the wounded.

Skill: Weapon Master (9)

Having encountered many weapons through the ages, Gilad is well-acquainted with the various use of weapons he's come across through the ages - bows, swords, clubs, and even his own bare fists.


Advantage: Geomancer

For as long as there has been a Fist and Steel of the Earth, there have been Geomancers - ordinary individuals who can communicate with the Earth and act on its behalf. They share information with Gilad, all in the name of stopping the Null and other threats to the Earth.

Advantage: Living History

Having lived through millennia, seeing kingdoms come and kingdoms fall, Gilad knows of where treasures can be found and hidden, of the fallacies of man, of figures in history and of true stories, as opposed to the legends and myths that have given rise through the centuries. He has a good analysis of human nature -because- he has seen humanity at its best and at its worst.

Advantage: Omnilinguist

Gilad's longevity has allowed him to pick up multiple languages, including dead and foreign languages, since before recorded history.

Advantage: The Boon

The Boon is an exotic artifact found in prehistory which granted him ultra-dense structure, super-human strength and endurance, healing and immortality, and placed him in contact with the spirit of the Earth.


Flaw: Fighting to Live

If Gilad ever lays down the burden of being the Fist and Steel of the Earth, or uses his abilities for selfish purposes, he begins to age and weaken like any mortal man, subject to the ravages of time.

Flaw: Immortal Enemies

Through the ages, Gilad has accrued many enemies. He has fought against many sects that threatened the Earth, run afoul of religious leaders whose influence extend beyond death, and even his own children, who apparently inevitably end up insane or power-hungry. He has fought against those who wanted to end Earth, those who sought to control... and prevent entropy and nothingness from taking over. Among the most fearsome is the Last Enemy, an eternal agent thoat takes over bodies, seeking, as an agent of the Null, to reduce the universe to zero.

Flaw: Mortal Enemies

There are those who seek the secret of longevity, and those whose mortal desires run afoul of the Fist and Steel of the Earth. Gangs, scientists, various religious sects... they seek him for various reasons.

Flaw: Sense of Duty

Gilad's sense of duty can often lead him to be unyielding and stubborn about things he register as enemies, and anything that prevents him from accomplishing his goals can often be treated as enemies or obstacles to be ignored or fought through instead of the spirit of cooperation.

Flaw: Sibling Rivalry

Gilad has always held his brothers in contempt - partly because he finds them to be dreamers and idealists, rather than pragmatic and realistic. As much as he cares about them, he clashes with them frequently over duty and responsibility...

Flaw: The Boon

What the Boon gives, it comes at a great cost - the Boon granted immortality to the Anni-Padda brothers, resurrecting Gilad, but it came at the lives of the people of Ur and of many others. To prevent The Great Cataclysm from ever happening again, the Boon was disassembled and hidden, spread across the Globe. But certain forces crave the power of the Boon, and seek to re-assemble it...


Gilad Anni-Padda was born before recorded time. As the middle of three brothers, Gilad always was the taciturn one, the one who waged war while the other brothers pursuited different interests in science and arts. Together, the Anni-Paddas were heroes to the people of Ur.

And then Gilad died, and torn by grief, his oldest brother, Ivar, sought to bring him back with the Boon.

It did, but at a cost - the Great Cataclysm.

Ever since then, Gilad has served as the Fist and Steel of the Earth, seeking to protect Earth from another such devastation, as the Eternal Warrior.

Ten thousand years... and still fighting.


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