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Gorilla Grodd

Grodd is the leader of Gorilla City, a master scientist, a telepath, and not someone you want to upset. Oh, and right now, in addition to the supremecy of the ape race and snuffing the Flash's pretty pretty lights out; he'd love to end all life in NYC, Metropolis and one.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Body Swapping: 6, Intellect: 7, Memory Manipulation: 6, Mind Control: 7, Psi-Combat: 7, Pym Particles: 5, Telepathic Defense: 7

Abilities: Skill

Ape-Robatics: 7, Brawling: 6, Leadership: 5, Occult Knowledge: 4, Science: 9

Advantages: Backup Body, Base Form, Combat Size, Drones, Environmental Tech, Gorilla City, Healing Tanks, Manpower, Master Plan, Mr. Simon Doors, Reputation, Teleporters

Flaws: Beastial, Ego, Hates Three Cities, Sam, The Flash, The Long Game

Languages: English, French, Kree, Latin, Machine-Code, Mandarin, Mythic-Speech, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Wakandan, and Zulu


Power: Body Swapping (6)

Grodd, with the use of his lab, can put himself into other bodies. He needs the equipment to do it. Without his lab's psi-enhancers he can't move from body to body and if the energy field around the brain of the body he is inhabiting is disrupted he is snapped back to his original body. %r%rHe can also use the technology in his personal lab to project his consciousness into his Construct bodies and walk among the humans as a human for the purpose of gathering information. This transfer is not permanent and is more of a relay system built from stolen Mad Hatter technology.

Power: Intellect (7)

Grodd's intelligence was always far beyond even the advanced minds of the other Gorillas in his home city but he has developed a rather unique way of absorbing more intellect. He eats brains. Absorbing the psionic energy of the brain he uses it to enhance his own intellect. This has also lead to a greater and greater ability to multi-task but risks creating instability so he usually only eats the best brains. It's an honor have your brain eaten by someone like Grodd... really!

Power: Memory Manipulation (6)

While Grodd has shown the ability to manipulate memories, it is not his best skill. He can erase memories or even plant fictional memories but he can't do it in combat. He has to have time to concentrate on his victim.

Power: Mind Control (7)

Grodd can directly control the mind of an individual or with technological assistance a group of individuals making them do whatever he instructs them to do until they do it or they suffer sufficient trauma to break them out of the mental control. %r%rOne of his favorite tricks is to turn his enemies against one another but this takes time and can't be done in combat. It is a form of hypnosis so the victim may do it without even realizing it. If done properly they think it is their idea.

Power: Psi-Combat (7)

In combat he can only do simple mental manipulation such as creating intense pain, emotions or forcing someone to relive a memory in their mind. One of his favorite torments is to make someone relive their worst fear. This is like a waking nightmare and with sufficient physical stimulation they can be woken from it so he can't just lock them in a memory then beat them to death. They would wake up from the memory immediately.

Power: Pym Particles (5)

Though Grodd invented an organic version of the technology ant-Man uses to harness Pym Particles, Grodd is not a recognized scientist so they don't call them Grodd Particles! Grodd still rants about how he discovered them first.

The Pym Gland allows Grodd to enhance his body to be up to 14 feet tall increasing his density and physical strength much like Giant Man. His technology is limited by it's organic nature. Pushing himself to be too large can damage his brain. This is one of the reasons he gives this power to other people. He wants to see what the long term effects are before he uses the ability to it's full potential himself. This is another reason he created a clone body for himself. In case his long term size alteration kills his original body. Science can be messy.

Power: Telepathic Defense (7)

Grodd has a psionic cloak that makes his mind undetectable by most telepaths and if you can't target it, you can't attack it. He can extend this psi-cloak to a wider frequency of minds and psionically cloak himself rendering him un-noticeable to those without powerful telepathy. Like hypnosis it is the mind of the subject creating the effect. If your mind works differently, like in the case of the Flash, the illusion can be faulty. %r%rThis power does not make him invisible to cameras or other forms of technology. As a fun little side effect if someone is looking through a video camera recording him they will purposefully not see him until he is out of range. The range of un-noticability cloak is a few city blocks worth. %r%rThe cloak works not as invisibility but a need to not see Grodd. He can stand right in front of someone and they will mentally block him out however if he does something to draw attention to himself like touching them the spell is broken.

Skill: Ape-Robatics (7)

Like all gorilla soldiers he is able trained in advanced physical combat and acrobatics. He can leap, swing and fall from great heights without hurting himself. Parkour has nothing on Ape-Robatics.

Skill: Brawling (6)

Trained and experienced in hand to hand, Grodd may be a super-genius but he still trains and practices. Some times you have to just do things the old fashion way and the training helps him stay connected to his larger artificial body.

Skill: Leadership (5)

When Grodd speaks, people listen. He is a good leader. He knows how to inspire his people and how to bring out the best in them. He tries to inspire loyalty in the most psychotic, mistrusting, people on earth and that is no small task. He knows the secrets to being a good leader, when to be harsh and when to speak words of praise. He knows that helping people succeed makes them want to help you and he is willing to play the game as long as he gets his way in the end.

Skill: Occult Knowledge (4)

Grodd is by no means an expert on spell casting. He knows a lot about occult lore, however. He knows of legends, artifacts, stories, and histories. In his spare time he has read many books and aquired a small but impressive library that can lead him to ancient sources of power. He has become particularly adept at theocratic magic and finding strategic ways of countering it or rendering it void.

Skill: Science (9)

Cloning, ray guns, space ships, Grodd is a hyper-genius. He can do it all pretty well. He's especially fond of genetics and bio-manipulation however. He is one of the smartest creatures on earth. He could even understand what Mr. Fantastic says most of the time.


Advantage: Backup Body

Grodd keeps his pre-enhancement body in storage so that if his enhanced body malfunctions or is irreparably damaged he can slip his mind into it and start again. The body is stored off sight at a secret location. If Grodd is killed his consciousness returns to the clone body and the increased brain activity triggers the resuscitation process.

Advantage: Base Form

When Grodd is not charged up on Pym Particles and chemicals he is much smaller and weaker but thinks more clearly. The stats for his base, normal body are as follows: Dexterity: 4 Strength: 4 Toughness: 4 Stamina: 4 Perception: 3 Intellect: 7 Speed: 1

Advantage: Combat Size

Given the proliferation of super-beings across the planet Grodd has felt the need to move beyond his natural body to be competitive with the general hero population.

Using a combination of the Pym Gland to enhance his size and other organic technologies he has given himself an new, larger form. Effectively he has the following stats:

Dexterity: 5 Perception: 3 Speed: 2 Toughness: 6 Strength: 7

Advantage: Drones

Grodd has a series of watcher drones, small electronic orbs that serve as flying cameras and listening devices. The robots are simple and disposable. They work through a series of relays built into the cellular communications networks of major cities. He will have drones available in the major metropolitan areas but not out in the rural or suburban areas. The drones work with a simple, silent anti-gravity system.

In each city he maintains a few advanced probes with robotic tools and the ability to act as a remote interface for technology allowing him to hack into a buildings and use the security system to his advantage or disable alarms, cut phone lines, etc.

Each of them is programmed to self-destruct if they are captured.

Advantage: Environmental Tech

Grodd has designed several devices to clean the earth's air and water. From nano-carbon (Glass) that bonds to pollutants and floats them to the surface of water to be collected to a sonic air purifying device which uses a chamber filled with sonic technology and thousands of tiny resonance crystals made from crystallized vibranium to strip the carbon and toxins from the air making them fall into a collection bin to be compressed.

Advantage: Gorilla City

After the recent savage attack on Gorilla City, Grodd finally has the backing of the city. He has been elected Leader (Tyrant) of Gorilla City in order to find out what caused the destruction of their beloved home and deal savage justice on all those who achieved it.

Advantage: Healing Tanks

In Grodd's home as well as his back up hide-outs he keeps healing tanks which allow him to recover from injury at an accelerated rate. This allows him to heal between battles far more quickly.

Advantage: Manpower

Grodd's plans often involve effecting the DNA of the public on a massive scale so he uses a temp agency called Manpower to get blood samples from the general population in the name of drug testing. Also it lets him get resources inside agencies which he might later need to steal information from. He purchased the company under an alias of Mr. Simon Doors and uses one of his false human identities.

Advantage: Master Plan

Five years go Grodd used the shields of Gorilla City to create an energy wave which turned the humans of the world into Gorillas. A group of heroes stopped him of course but that was the plan all along.

Secretly, the wave actually created a small genetic mutation in humans which prevented the offspring born after that day five years ago from being able to reproduce effectively. With every passing generation normal humans will find it more and more difficult to breed while mutants, and those who have the potential to produce mutants, will have no problem at all.

All Grodd has to do it wait. Eventually the lack of human reproduction will weaken human society and make it easy to conquer. However, Grodd will need an army to maintain control over the human population in that distant future so he specifically designed the virus not to work on humans who carried the X-Gene. Children who carry the potential to breed mutants or are mutants themselves will still be able to breed. In the distant future the humans will simply be unable to stand against the mutant army Grodd plans on leading.

Grodd has already won. He just has to outlive his enemies. That is why he is facilitating the Legion of Doom. To make sure the world's to busy to notice until it's too late.

Advantage: Mr. Simon Doors

Simon is a identity that Grodd uses when in his human identity to conduct business. Doors is a multi-national business man who works out of a home in New York. He is a heavy investor and stock trader as well as running several small businesses.

In the business world he is a small fish mostly going un-noticed however he's got little pink synthetic fingers in many pies and uses it to get access to information and resources.

Mr. Doors back ground is fairly common as success stories go. Nothing unusual about him unless you look at the trends of his investments and realize that when ever he invests heavily into a stock it does well, either because of a break through in research or because it's competitors suffer a tragic loss of some kind. No one is as lucky as he is in money, unless he is making his own luck.

Advantage: Reputation

Grodd had a bad reputation among criminals early whenhe started. He tried to turn all humans on earth into Gorillas and after that no one took him seriously. He has meticulously formed alliances and quietly done favors for many of Earth's most powerful villains and villain organizations in the mean time, and has developed a reputation as someone not to be crossed and good to his word. If you slight Grodd, he will make good on his promise good or ill.

Advantage: Teleporters

Grodd has teleporters set up in his house to he can teleport back home from any non-shielded area. The teleport network will let him port home from almost anywhere in America or teleport to one of the safe houses he has set up in each major city. He however can't just teleport into banks. He has to have a landing pad for the technology to work for sending him places.


Flaw: Beastial

Grodd pretends to be an enlightened criminal mastermind but at heart he is still an animal and this leaves him often blind sided by his instincts. He still has animal instincts for territory, as well as claiming women. Through out his history he has always kept a female companion. If you capture his female companion he will drop everything until he finds another one.

Flaw: Ego

Grodd's greatest weakness is his ego. He has to win, he has to be the best, he has to be the greatest. As shown in the comics when he said, "Aquaman sinks half of Venice and he's global enemy number one. I take over Africa and no one even knows my name.." his ego is one of the things that drives him. He needs to be the superior creature and this clashes horribly with the clown like reputation he has had to foster over the last five years. Now his climb to criminal renown must be brutal and glorious to sooth his ago. "Killing this Justice League in a warehouse? No, I have a far more grand stage in mind."

Flaw: Hates Three Cities

Grodd has developed an intense hatred of Gotham, Metropolis and New York and wants to see them burnt to the ground. Short of his desire for dominance of the ape race and his hatred of the Flash, this is his fury and his passion.

Flaw: Sam

Grodd has a human loving grandson named Sam. He lives among the humans in New York so Grodd's plans involve a contingency to extract Sam before he is hurt in any way.

Flaw: The Flash

Grodd hates the flash. Seething, boiling, choking, roaring hate. He would pay any price short of his own life to see the Flash completely and totally destroyed. He can't pass up a chance to hurt the Flash. He even ignores other heroes to have a chance to beat on the scarlet speedster.

Flaw: The Long Game

Grodd doesn't actually want to win. He doesn't actually want to kill off all of earth's heroes. He wants to keep the battle raging, the revolving doors of justice revolving and to stimulate chaos. He will some times purposefully make a 'mistake' which lets the heroes escape alive like assigning an easily manipulated guard to watch the heroes allowing them to escape. The heroes will think they caught a lucky break but Grodd wants to keep the players in the game as long as possible.


Grodd has a reputation for savagery. There was an alien probe that came from the heavens and evolved the apes sixty years ago during the great war. They formed a city, Gorilla City, and Grodd was one of its pioneers, but his savage ways and bloody tactics soon lost him face with the other factions in the city. Slighted, he used his vastly superior science skills to try to TAKE by force what he could not win by acclaim three times. He was foiled by an early Flash, and has since hated anyone with the speed force or that name. He was force to expand his quest outward, and has attempted some fairly outlandish schemes to take over the world or destroy humanity, underestimate Earth's heroes every time.

Lately, he got his behind handed to him too many times, and agreed to limited parole in Gorilla City. He was not at peace, but at least he was with his own kind. His slow technological improvements impressed many, and he hoped in twenty or thirty years he might win their willing acceptance. All that changed when an unknown presence sent a massive negative magical surge into Gorilla City killing thousands and wreaking massive destruction on much of the city's infrastructure. The city's few magicians cast a spell and determined that the source was somewhere in the area of New York. Determined to have revenge, Grodd united the disparate factions of the city and now has their backing.


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